Another exercise in futility



These “Debates” and I use that term loosely, are colossal wastes of time.  Did you really learn anything? Did they really say anything of import?  What we really have here a two establishment politicians engaged in an obligatory battle in a long war that is all but over.  John McCain has lost the biggest prize in American politics to a Negro, an establishment Negro, but a Negro nonetheless.  He’s obviously having trouble coping with that.  Ignoring the humiliating finality of his impending defeat, he launches into the long telegraphed salvo of Ayers and ACORN.


William Ayers, 63, the 60’s radical who blew some s*it up to stop the Vietnam War and in solidarity with his oppressed Negro brethren-harmed nobody,  and was allowed to re-enter society without doing any jail time and become a part of the Chicago establishment as a member of the faculty of the University of Illinois.

Victims of COINTELPRO, Ayers and his wife got off on a technicality when they were able to prove prosecutorial misconduct.   Ayers and Obama met up later when Barack was an adult and they served on two community boards. One board distributed grants given by Ambassador Walter Annenberg, a Reagan era Republican, to Chicago schools.   Ayers later contributed $250 bucks to one of Barack’s legislative campaigns.   That’s it.  There is nothing more.

Ayers is this year’s boogie man, a latter day Willie Horton in whiteface.  Never before has a white senior citizen been used to make a young black man seem dangerous.  It is absolutely ridiculous.  Running with the terrorist meme, they have managed to whip the white party’s adherents into a frenzy over this lame bit of deliberate, racist character assassination. 

Delegate Jeff Fredrick, the Chair of the Virginia GOP, a wingnut I have personally campaigned against, made the absurd assertion that both Obama and Osama Bin Laden had friends who had bombed the pentagon.  The lynch mobs that double for McCain-Palin campaign rallies have gotten carried away calling Obama an “Arab,” a “terrorist,” or my personal favorite, “Kill him.”    Frederick now claims to have been kidding and McCain made a big show of being offended by being called on the carpet by John Lewis for their calculated attempts to stir up white resentment against Obama.


The ACORN allegations are straight outta of the Fox News playbook of red herrings recycled from 2004.  McCain’s attempt to link Obama to this group’s sometimes sloppy voter registration methods are both laughable and pathetic.  Lazy people’s attempts to pad their paychecks by submitting bogus voter registration forms do not constitute a conspiracy to commit voter fraud.  Voter fraud is when you deliberately purge 57,000 people from the voting rolls, 88% of whom are black,  for the “crime” of having names similar to those of convicted felons in state and out of state with no other identifying data.

For those of you who are slow, Republican, or both, I am referencing Florida in 2000.     Finally, voter fraud is when you deliberately screw up elections administration so that Democrats of color have to wait in the rain for 4, 6, 8, or 10 hours on Election Day to cast a ballot like they did in Ohio in 2004.

Nobody pushing the Acorn meme should be taken seriously-especially John McCain.  

This is all McCain had against Obama and its why he is losing.

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  1. You know, I don’t have anything to say, because this mofo wouldn’t take responsibility for the Klan rallies he and Caribou Barbie are generating. To be blunt, once his old ass had the nerve to even utter than John Lewis should apologize to HIM, I was done.

    Fuck him.

  2. This was the only one of the four debates I found engaging. McCain appeared to be on the verge of insanity and Obama calmly attempted to bring the discussion back to big ticket items such as the fact that we’re in the worst economic crisis in 70 years. When that didn’t work he coolly tore to shreds McCain’s pathetic attempts to smear him. If anything, this debate provided a stark contrast between the intellectual skills and the emotional maturity of these men.

  3. Mstate

    As someone fairly new to this blog, I have a question for Skep. Since you are not a big fan of Obama, who would be your “dream candidate” at this time?

    About the debate; One pundit suggested watching it with the sound off. You could tell who won just by watching McCain’s facial expressions throughout. He’s an angry old man.

  4. Koz

    Finally, voter fraud is when you deliberately screw up elections administration so that Democrats of color have to wait in the rain for 4, 6, 8, or 10 hours on Election Day to cast a ballot like they did in Ohio in 2004.

    So if White democrats had to wait in the rain for hours this would not be voter fraud?

    If Republicans of color waited – not voter fraud?

    If it wasn’t raining? Not voter fraud?

    I guess Republicans control the rain or God hates democrats?

    Even if there was voter fraud, you just threw too many things into this statement that really don’t make one bit of difference.

    To be blunt, once his old ass had the nerve to even utter than John Lewis should apologize to HIM, I was done.

    Some people act like John Lewis is untouchable just because he was friends with MLK. Read my lips, John Lewis is a racist, just like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and the rest of their crew.

    As much as I dislike Barack Obamunism, I’m happy that he is not in this same group of racists that have been leaders in the Black community for the past many years. He actually tries to separate himself from these buffoons.

  5. RisingTide


    I’m off to go get lunch at the Center for Race and Social Problems. Maybe then I can discuss your post with some nice links to scholarly research.

    Until then, you’re just full of bullshit. Racism is a systemic ECONOMIC problem passed down from many sources, including the Homestead Act.

  6. TripLBee


    I wouldn’t characterize Obama as an Establishment politician. I think it’s more accurate to describe him as a mainstream politician. Mainstream Americans are furious with the Establishment. They are finally realizing in the most painful ways, that the conservative doctrine has allowed the Establishment (i.e. people and institutions with money and influence) to screw them completely. As a mainstream politician Obama has a once in a century opportunity to remind mainstream Americans of the dangers of unregulated capitalism and do something about it, without being accused of being a leftist, fringe lunatic. He can provide moral and hopefully legislative support to unions. He can promote trade legislation that supports the rights of workers (as he described last night per the free trade agreement with Colombia). He can promote universal health care, as he has been doing for his entire political career. He can actually make progress on many of the things we as progressives care about precisely because he is a mainstream politician, who does not come from the Establishment.

  7. Koz

    Center for Race and Social Problems? Is that the place where everyone blames everyone else for their problems but no one can take personal responsibility. Oh no wait, I have that confused with the Democratic Party.

  8. imhotep

    McTwitch has finally done it, he’s thrown the last shovel of dirt on this otherwise morbid campaign. I happened to watch CNN version of the debate because i like to see them tracking the feelings of the uncommitted voters (how you can still be uncommitted is a mystery to me). One thing is clear WOMEN LOVE OBAMA! McBlink killed himself with women after that mocking gesture behind his roe v. wade comment. But one thing that blew me away was when McKlan
    was referencing Goldwater and JFK, I’m surprised none of the pundits caught it, but I swear he gave the high sign
    when discussing what happened to Kennedy, then made a nose swipe move that looked like he was pointing to Obama?
    Am I being over sensitive? It was the same thing Hillary tried. Mention someone who was assassinated then, cough,sniff or scratch, then mention Obama.It look like a subliminal signal to the right-wing nuts. I jumped out of my chair when I saw it!

    Something is very wrong with McCain, seriously. In dual screen shots, McCain was twitching and blinking, didn’t even look like he was even paying attention. He has the eyes of a shark, a erratic shark. Cold, black and blinking too much. If he was being questioned by Mike Wallace on 60 minutes or To Catch a Predator, with all that twitchin’ and blinkin’ he would look guilty as hell. PTSD is real. I just wondered how other national leaders would deal with all that twitchin and blinkin when dealing with McCain in serious negotiations. He has a terrible poker face.

  9. RisingTide

    Racism is a social system, koz. Where the whites make out, and the blacks and browns don’t.

    Obama ain’t gonna change that.

    Skep — what is it with you guys in North Carolina?? Do they breed you ornery down there?
    I was just at that lecture with a guy from Duke (the PuertoRican Black guy who writes on Race) — he claims electing Obama will make Racism worse, not better.

  10. “John McCain has lost the biggest prize in American politics…”

    I’d like to think so too, but no, he hasn’t yet. It ain’t over til it’s over. Don’t count your chickens, etc. etc. Please, everyone, no gloating until Nov 5, ok? 🙂

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