Hate First


Video Hat Tip: Ta-Nehisi Coates, Crooks and Liars

The mainstream media has been talking around this for weeks now, but Al Jazeera, the Middle Eastern news channel, lays it out plain and shows White voters spewing out the racist, sectarian, xenophobic, Anti-Obama talking points of the Republican Party.  The Republicans have been playing a ridiculous game of denial with the media and everyone else that calls them on their bullshit–thus, the histrionics by Republicans over John Lewis’ open letter calling out McSame and Failin’.  They know exactly what they’ve been doing because they’ve been doing it for over 40 years.  They have been masters at the non-denial denial and the art of deliberately stoking the racial resentments of their white constitutent base against the liberal enemies of the moment.  Southern Strategy, anyone?


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  1. I guess I was disappointed to see that the GOP is going to continue getting away with this crap, even after so much of this hate-mongering has become public.

    I had hoped that after the tapes were released showing McCain/Palin supporters- at rallies- crying out for the death and decapitation of Barack Obama that people would finally begin to see that this is a damn problem.

    Yet every time I so much as mention the racism, bigotry and hatred at play in this election on my site, I get the crap kicked out of me (figuratively, of course!).

    It is more than shameful…

    Thanks for letting me weigh in!

    Obama/Biden ’08

  2. There’s no question that Obama’s opponents—including and especially Hillary Clinton—have been trying to stoke up white fear of black people as their primary political strategy. But here is the thing: it’s not going to work this time. We can twist and turn and come up with all sorts of reasons about how this is a unique moment in history, about how Obama is the perfect black person to run for the presidency, and on and on and on. But the fact is that white racism is not what it used to be. It is still powerful and ugly, but it is no longer an unquestioned mantra amongst the vast majority of white Americans. In fact, this video is precisely the sort of thing that enrages white liberals and pushes lots of white independent voters towards Obama. I think we should be celebrating the fact that white racism has lost some of its power.

  3. zeitgeist9000


    What Hillary politicked over was Obama’s comment about some white working-class people “clinging” to guns and God, which he recently admitted has been his most boneheaded comment in the campaign. AND, the fact that Hillary made such a ballyhoo out of it basically sucked all the bad air out of the remark and insulated him from further pointed attack; McCain/Palin have been unable to convert or get traction out of that comment!

    This video is despicable in its display of some Americans’ views on race and politics. I need to see stuff like this every so often to be reminded of the vitriol and backwardness which still exist in society. Thanks, SB…

    Obama was blessed to run against Hillary because the protracted primary basically exposed Obama to the electorate in EVERY corner of the country. Also, Obama’s fifty-state strategy coincides and dovetails with Governor Dean’s tactical plan for expanding the Democratic Party.

  4. zeitgeist9000

    Oh, and the one item that infuriated me was the GOP mailer from Virginia which cropped Osama bin Laden’s face to look like Obama with a comment about looking evil in the face and not flinching.


  5. Cliff

    Joe Six-Shooter: Boy your Negra ass has raised a lot of noise within the neighborhood, you aint a FIRST STRINGER, YOU ARE A SECOND STRINGER. A Boy who was enslaved by our FIRST STRINGERS could never be our President. Booooy if we could just get you to wink at white woman, then lock you up, so you can make you commit suicide. Booooy if we could just get you to dog faiiight with our best friends so we can continya’ ta’ sho’ you and your type what it means to compare you with the rest of the good folks of society. Boooy that wife of yours, sho’ gotta big mouth on her. She’s only been happy as a SECOND STRINGING NEGRA for the first time this year. I’ll bet ma’ bottom dolla’ that you, her, and that loud mouth preacher thank alike. I guess you and her is thankin we, the good law bidin’ folks, gonna let some Negras in our house, who don’t thank they are less the value of the filth on the bottom of our shoes, to get in our house, and somehow run our run our country huh?

    Obama: Look, I’ve reasoned with you. I’ve laid out a basis for you to achieve the American Dream, even within my term as President. It seems like you are, uuhhh, neglecting to look over the big picture. This country has been the victim of bad policy, and poor decision making on the part of the Bush administration.

    Even though you have inflicted evil on my people in slavery, you still have a chance to reap the benefits of America. You are, not to blame, but your government is what is using you for the sheep that you are. One of your own white brothers has sold you out for a few pieces of silver, and you are feeling the brunt of this burden, like a collapsed economy, a stock market crashing war, the war on Main Street, lack of health care. Do you really want to stick with a policy that has already sold you out?

    Joe Six-Shooter: I just don’t know if I’m able to trust a SECOND STRINGING NEGRA who has not got on his knees and has declared that he has been happy wit’ being a slave in our country for all his life, not justa’ first time. Gotdamitt, we’ve been hurtin’ since we lost that ooold south. A 2008 Negra is a new type of Negra, we need ya’ll to come back and serve us like y’all used to do.

    Obama: You know, look, the ignorant white middle class is just as subservient to the rich as their slaves are to them. This has been the way it was in the past. It’s like a chain reaction. The rich, uhhhh, pass down to you the crumbs off their table, then by “the trickle down theory,” you pass on the molecules to your slaves.

    This theory has not worked. It’s has shredded the true values of this country. We have to get out of the mind state that there is a first string, and a second string in this society. Slavery has been one of the worst atrocities that this country has ever faced, and although I won’t help you bring your old south back, I will help you realize how you are also a slave under this
    “trickle down theory.” In the eyes of the rich, you the “Joe Six Shooters” are also considered animals. This is why I must use a scalpel to remove this infectious theory from our country. You are going to have to look past the fact that a Brotha is the one who is in possession of this scalpel.

    “LET ME SAVE YOU!!!!!”

    “I CAN FIX THIS!!!!!!”





  6. RisingTide

    The main problem is that Obama buys into the New, colorblind, Racism which says that white folks don’t need to take responsibility for their discrimination against colored folks. We can talk subprime mortgages, we can talk excessive friendliness — but Obama’s busy supporting the frames.

    Not that that matters. I want my fucking civil service back, and that’s all I want for Christmas (which I dont’ celebrate, being Jewish, byut you get my point)

  7. Koz

    That’s the problem with most of you on this blog you want your civil service back. Most people I know want civil service to go away.

    Oh and I’ve never discriminated against any colored folks and won’t take responsibility for anyone else’s actions.

  8. Here, in Rogers Park, a very “liberal” corner of Chicago, it has been common for eight years now to hear otherwise seemingly rational people casually say that they would not hesitate to shoot VP Dick Cheney if they had the chance. Even more common, as you might expect in an overwhelmingly liberal neighborhood, has been the easy way in which those same people openly advocate killing President Bush. More…. http://rogersparkbench.blogspot.com/2008/10/how-hateful-left.html

  9. akech

    On whose behalf is Jesse Jackson speaking?

    Based on the racial overtones launched by the McCain/Palin team, one would think a person of Jesse Jackson status would understand the implication of what he utters. I am tempted to conclude that Jesse Jackson has teamed up with Bill Clinton to undermine Obama chances of winning the general election. The question is how will he personally and professionally benefit from Obama’s loss.



  10. TripLBee


    Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, and Clinton surrogates were appealing to white racism well before Obama made those comments during a San Francisco fundraiser. This theme has been beaten like a stubborn mule, so I doubt that I need to review her/their commentary. Whether or not the Clintons appeals to white racism helped or hurt Obama during the general election campaign, is a matter of speculation. But I think we need to be honest about the fact that such appeals are not confined to the Republican Party. I actually think that the Clintons invoked the “race card” more aggressively than McCain is doing. I’m not in the business of defending John McCain’s character, but he has explicitly declined to let his staff raise Rev. Wright. Hillary Clinton decided to paint Barack Obama as a dangerous, radical black man in order to appeal to the cultural racism still prevalent in working class white communities across America. She did this in anticipation of the Ohio, Texas and Pennsylvania primaries—even though the nomination contest had essentially been decided at that point. She invoked plain, unvarnished racism in the run up to the West Virginia, Indiana and North Carolina primaries. It was an amazing and pathetic spectacle. If she ever attempts to run for the presidency again, I hope that well intentioned people of every ethnicity recall her base and dangerous attempts sully black Americans. She can take this up with her maker at some point in the future.

  11. Koz

    McCain has not invoked the race card. If anyone has used it, it’s Obama, here straight from the messiah’s own lips:

    “so what they’re going to try to do is make you scared of me. You know, he’s not patriotic enough. He’s got a funny name. You know, he doesn’t look like all those other presidents on those dollar bills, you know. He’s risky…And did I mention he’s black?”

    Joe Biden said that choosing a black candidate would be a “transformative event in American politics and internationally.”

    Democrats are the ones aggressivley invoking the race card, including Hillary and Harry Reid and others.

  12. Suzer

    Well, this white girl in Georgia is voting for Obama. And most of my friends are, too — white, black, Asian, Latino. I did early voting, and there was a long line of folks there, many of whom were speaking very positively about Obama.

    The racism and fearmongering is despicable, but I think and hope it is confined to a smaller subset of conservatives, not the majority. Of course, I could be wrong.

    I’ve heard that Obama is only 4-6 points behind here in Georgia — that’s GEORGIA, y’all!!! I hardly dare let myself believe that maybe even in Georgia we could see the state go for Obama. I do hope and pray that will be the result on Nov. 4th.

    The important thing is we need to not be complacent about getting out the vote for Obama. I fear that some people will stay home when they hear he is 10 points ahead of McCain, and they will think the election is all wrapped up. It is imperative that every single Obama voter get out to the polls, either in early voting, or on Nov. 4th!

  13. Suzer

    S’ok, Koz! That’s what the democratic process is all about — we each get to have a say. We’ll find out on Nov. 4th who ultimately wins. Of course, there’s an argument to be made about the electoral college, and that one person-one vote might be a better way, but that would be totally off topic.

    Still, good on you for voting. I think it’s important for everyone to vote, regardless of party affiliation, otherwise our freedom to vote means very little. But of course, I do hope to see Obama win. We’ll just have to wait and see.

  14. RisingTide


    Do you live in an all White Neighborhood? 50% of home lenders in Massachussetts discriminated against black people. I’d wager the number is more in retail — sometimes even the black security guard gets reported for acting ‘suspicious’ by the staff…

    If I told you that we were going to give you $50,000 on the basis that you’re white, would you feel guilty about it? Would you take responsibility for the people who never got that step up like you did?

  15. Cliff

    “McCain has not invoked the race card. If anyone has used it, it’s Obama, here straight from the messiah’s own lips:”

    “so what they’re going to try to do is make you scared of me. You know, he’s not patriotic enough. He’s got a funny name. You know, he doesn’t look like all those other presidents on those dollar bills, you know. He’s risky…And did I mention he’s black?”

    Koz, let him fix this.

    We are looking for that alternate ending. 🙂


  16. I blame Fox News and right wing talk radio for embracing the neocon agenda of a Middle East takeover. They have further polluted the heads of an already ignorant racist group of people to hate Muslims and Arabs, sending them – and all of America – deeper into the Dark Ages.

  17. I suppose it goes without saying that the reporter in the video didn’t let the folks he interviewed know that he was with Al Jazeera. Then again, I AM giving them some credit for assuming the might–just might–know what Al Jazeera is. 😉

    It scares the beejeebers out of me to see this racism exhibited, to hear it at the rallies, and to see how practically “proud” these folks are of their viewpoints, because if these folks can’t/won’t take the time to research the information behind the ridiculous accusations (I know, I know, I’m giving them some credit again assuming they might research anything instead of just parroting the vitriol the ultra-conservatives spew at them) then they appear to be the same folks that will go off half-cocked and take the next step–violence. If they can get THAT upset about utter nonsense and TRULY believe that it’s accurate, then in their warped way of thinking they’d probably feel like they ARE defending the country by doing whatever it takes to keep Obama from becoming president. Scary stuff, Maynard, scary stuff.

    Self-disclosure time–I’m one of those folks that has a few bumper stickers on her car (yup, I’m one of THOSE ;)), and when I finally found my Obama ’08 sticker from MoveOn and my “I’m straight, not narrow” sticker and slapped them on my car, I have to admit I wondered about the less-than-pleasant reactions I’d get from them. How sad is it that I have to worry about what folks might do because they don’t agree with my viewpoints that I’m sharing with others on my own vehicle, than to assume I’d get the “thumbs up” from folks who agree. And sure enough, “Mr. Pick-up Truck with his NRA and Al Queda Hunting Club” bumper stickers felt the need to holler some negative Obama-related item to me as he sped past me and cut me off. Well my gas-guzzling Suburban is as big as his truck, so this “I know you weren’t talkin’ to me!” gal had to act her stupid self and get right up next to him, stare him down, and then enjoy the fact he slowed his truck down and decided to stay away. Yes, I know this smacks of utter stupidity on my part and doesn’t do a damn thing to further the cause on any front, but I’ll admit it made me feel better. (Hey, sometimes you need those silly moments.) And it makes me feel GREAT to see folks all over this country, but especially in the basackwards-thinking areas like the one in the video SB shared with us, standing up to the narrow-minded folks and voicing their support for Barack Obama. THOSE are the heroes of this campaign and the ones who deserve a huge pat on the back.

    Here’s a link to another video to get your blood boiling about a sign in Missouri…disgusting.

  18. SB,

    I came over here to read, as only you can, your thoughts of the Powell endorsement. Yes, I know, you wrote about this before, but come on…your thoughts are original.

    I do have a suggestion, though…you could go through the endorsements of Obama by newspapers, especially GOP papers, and give your own comments on those.

  19. I alredy blogged about Powell’s endorsement of Obama (AKA his indictment of the McCain campaign), so I’m sitting here right alongside rikyrah impatiently waiting to get the SB (and readers) take on things. Just watching the Chargers and snacking on some M&Ms…ya want some rikyrah?

  20. Koz


    I live in a mostly white neighborhood but my county is about 50% white. I mean, I do live in Atlanta.

    I’ve been passed over for jobs because I was white, I’ve been passed over for colleges because I was white. So don’t give me that should I feel guilty stuff. Does the black person that took a job I was equally qualified for or took my spot on a college campus feel guilty? Probably not. “All things being equal…,” the EO policy at my old company said, “…you should choose the person of color for the job.”

    So I got a step up?

    I’m not saying it doesn’t happen in both directions, I know that it does. But I don’t play the victim. I didn’t cause a big stink because I disagreed with an EO policy. I just moved on.

  21. TripLBee

    You’re lying. The EO policy you state is illegal and would lead to a wave of lawsuits. It’s frustrating to see unqualified, uneducated white people whine and cry that they’re being passed over for jobs and college admissions. You should have studied harder. Your posts in this blog–which are rife with historical and grammatical errors—are proof positive that there are many black people (like everyone in this frigging blog) smarter and more qualified than you. Pick up a book, study, and quit your whining. If you are a white male who cannot hold a job or earn a college degree, then you have no one to blame but yourself.

  22. Koz

    No I am not lying. I saved a copy of the EO policy in case I ever needed it. I worked closely with the EO department and they did not publicize the policy but it was available. It’s called affirmative action, and it should be illegal. You are right that I should have had better qualifications, that way the EO policy would have never come into play.

    I know that there are many people smarter than me (I’m not so sure about everyone in this frigging blog). How uppity of you to think that I would think that there are black people that aren’t smarter than me. Saying that my comments have a bunch of errors, how ridiculous, I’m not writing a research paper, I’m writing comments on a blog. Just because you might not agree with me doesn’t mean you have to result to insults instead of trying to make thoughtful points relative to your beliefs. Oh and sorry to tell you I have an excellent job and more than one college degree.

  23. RisingTide

    koz is what Dr. Bonilla-Silva would call a racist. why must we have racists posting on the black blog? Because they’re ignorant shits who don’t know that they’re racists, that’s why!

    Kos, you do us a favor, you go read some of the good doc’s books, and then you come back here, you hidebound, “can’t see the forest for the tree in my eye” racist motherfucker, and you APOLOGIZE.

    Shame too, you had some good ideas.

    But FUCK YOU if you wanna come over here to a black blog and be RACIST. That makes you an abcess, all teaming with green and purple pus and refusing to heal.

    Take your medicine, child, and get back to us.

    I KNOW The black neighborhoods in my city. That’s where the murders happen. That’s where I Can’t Live because I have NO CAR, and would be walking about after dark where people pack heat. It’s where the bloodstains lie on the street. AND YOU WONDER WHY IT’S FUCKING DISCRIMINATION WHEN PEOPLE WON’T LET BLACKS AND WHITES LIVE TOGETHER?????

    Koz, I’m sure you got your job by “knowin’ someone” — 80% of people get jobs that way, and you don’t quite frankly sound bright enough to work in a meritocracy like our beloved civil service USED TO BE.

    Blacks ain’t got homes, ain’t got jobs, ain’t got the money to get through college, ain’t got wealth at ALL (a TENTH of the wealth of an average white family, and that’s conservative), and you mofo are the fool buying into this SYSTEMIC RACISM.

    Quite frankly, I’m surprised you didn’t vote for Obama. You’d do that, and then try to remove affirmative action, now, wouldn’tcha.

    You a fucking priest, prayin to the cesspit of urine and poo that is capitalism, unfettered and raw up your behind.

    Scales are fucking tilted, man, and if you don’t see that, dont’ bother coming back. I’ll find me some new words to describe what I mean. Words that plumb the depths of ad hominem.

    What’s your college degree in, man?

    I may not be the most articulate person ever (I run more to poetry, myself), but I do have a college degree in physics, and I write a mean C++ and read assembly.

  24. RisingTide

    sorry to anyone who isn’t koz, I was kinda getting a pinch of frustration out in that post. Course, on this blog, maybe I don’t need to watch my language so careful like 😉

    This white fool on a black blog is signin’ out.

  25. Re: The Colin Powell endorsement yesterday. I was surprised that he was so effusive about the hate speech coming from the Republicans and I couldn’t help but be moved by the example he cited of the 20 year old soldier killed in Iraq. It was heavily ironic for two main reasons. First, I wonder if he looked at that photo and realized the part he played in that young person’s death, by greasing the skids to allow Bush/Cheney to unleash the worst crime in U.S. foreign policy in the last 30 years. Then, I was struck by the fact that no one else has come to the defense of Muslim-Americans in such a prominent way. This speaks to the sick political climate gripping this country and a racism so perverse and prevalent that its victims on the national candidate level cannot even speak truth to it for fear of losing an election.

    On another topic: Koz, I am glad you are here because I think you can be “rehabilitated”. You have obviously fallen into the divide and conquer trap so effectively laid by our common enemies. I can’t hate you for that, you are just a victim of a powerful strategy of mind control. Some of my own brethren have also fallen prey to it. So please bear with us and we will show you the light and the way to inner peace and empowerment. 🙂

  26. Koz

    LOL, I’m a racist? Please. It’s obvious by your posts who the racist is. You hate white people it’s easy to see. When someone says something you don’t like you revert to insults and curse words because you can’t get your point across in an intelligent manner.

    Don’t worry though, you’re gonna get your wish. Obama will be president. He’ll take my wealth and redistribute it to poor people. He’ll take my money to pay for healthcare for people that can’t afford it or are to lazy to work for it. He’ll help facilitate murder by making all abortions permanently legal (late term), he’ll try to take away guns so that only criminals have guns, he’ll raise taxes and stifle growth. I could go on.

    Oh and to answer your question, BA Journalism and MBA, and I still have good ideas.

  27. RisingTide

    journalism and mba, and you say you are the one being discriminated against. Probably because you can’t do math. When blacks are worth a tenth of what whites are worth, on the average, you want to say that that affirmative action is doing a blessed thing? Fool. Who you know what got you that job? I had to fight for mine, every single one of them. Every single job I’ve taken has been something that didn’t fit. Try getting a job when you’ve only had three semesters of what should qualify, insteada eight? It isn’t exactly what you call pretty.

    All my friends are white (and in case you missed my last post, I’m white too). I chill here because it gives me a different perspective.

    Problem with you is, you can’t be bothered to do the research that a true journalista would. I ask you to read some books, and you respond with an ad hominem to my intelligently raised point. You are a racist, and not a recovering one, that’s for shure!

    Why not just keep on rolling down the road, you road apple?

    Obama, by allowing abortions, prevents people from murdering babies. What part of this is hard to understand? If my father had forced me to bear his child, I would have killed it, abortion or no. Wiped it’s brains off the wall if I had to.

    So much for parental notification.

  28. Koz

    You don’t know how far from a racist I am. I don’t feel I need to explain it further, but if you knew me you’d definitely never consider calling me one.

    I appreciate your intellectual comments, no matter how much I might disagree with you.

    Words can’t express how bad I feel about your situation, I don’t know how I would have felt if the same thing had happened to me.

    As far as work goes, I worked my way up from the bottom. Even though I was armed with a college degree I didn’t feel that anyone owed me anything. So I worked hard, volunteered time, and slowly worked my way up in the company. I appreciate that you have fought for your jobs, I feel I have done the same thing.

    (I actually wrote a longer post, but it disappeared)

  29. RisingTide

    You consider yourself to have been passed over, for an equally qualified black individual at multiple points during your life. This, ultimately, ignores the advantages you have received as a result of White Privilege. In point of fact, a black person who scores the same on the SATs as you, probably has higher intelligence. That’s on average, of course.

    I am not calling you names, I am referring you to scientific research on the subject of racism, and by that criteria labeling you as a racist. If you were an honest, open person, I woulda figured you’d at least bother to read up before opening your mouth and removing all doubt.

    (my situation? I’m not sure what you’re referring to. incest was a hypothetical above.)

    Thing is, your working your way up was not using the meritocracy — not by merit, but by influence games. Not that those are necessarily the worst way of doing things (they ain’t), but it’s far from “a black person screwed me out of the job.” And statistics show that black people don’t get the same access to those social ladders that whites do. (probably as a result of systematic segregation, performed by mortgage companies among others)

  30. TripLBee

    In college, grad school and several jobs I’ve held, blacks accounted for 3-5% of the students/workers. And still we had to listen to white folks like Koz whine and cry that we weren’t qualified and that we were taking a slot away from more deserving white persons. In all of these instances we were such a tiny fraction of the population, I wondered “whose slots are we taking? There are barely any of us here.” It struck me that these kinds of folks assumed that every black person was unqualified.

    It is truly remarkable, as a black person accustomed to seeing the countless breaks handed to white people (particularly males)—that there are droves of white men who think like Koz. They can’t cut it in the real world, so they become Republicans and blame all of their problems on black people. Well, Koz can continue to live in his vitriolic fantasy world and it still won’t get him what he seems to desire–respect and a good station in life. If he came in here asking questions and trying learn, rather than to shit on us for being black, he could at least get our respect. Instead, he comes in here like some sort of Tucker Carlson asshole, and attempts to get us riled up. I get the sense that Koz is desperate for attention (I see him as alone and childless, friendless and without prospects). He gets attention in this blog for inciting anger. If I had more sense I’d simply ignore him.

  31. Koz

    Now that you’ve “informed” me on how things work and how SAT’s are biased against people of color and how working hard is worse that being promoted truly on merit alone. Now that you’ve told me all of that, will you let me know how to explain that to my black (republican) wife and my two half black children? Thanks for any advice you might have. (I didn’t want to go there, as I said above, but some people are just so stubborn)

  32. RisingTide


    *claps quietly*
    Okay, we get why you here. We still think you uppity and racially biased. Trip above makes a great point — if they ain’t there in numbers approportionate to their population, how is it that they are taking your jobs? I do notice that you ain’t sayin that the JEWS be takin your jobs! Nor the Asians.

    If you can’t look at youself and see what’s wrong with you, then I’m afraid I’m gonna turn creative again. And we all know how foulmouthed my poetry gets around here, don’t we?

    Working hard is worse than being promoted truly on merit alone. Duh. You’re being rewarded for social skills, when that’s not all that goes into your job. A fairer system would reward some on that, and some on actual job skills. I get to whine about shit like this, because I got fired for not having enough social skills. Life Ain’t Fair. I’ll live, but don’t go pretending that getting some stupid degree gets you ahead in life. It don’t. You went to college — somebody else went to college. You both have the required degree, and from there it’s all about the social skills…

    You’re stubborner than two mules with their tails tied together.

  33. imhotep527

    What are these people going to do when Obama gets elected? Are they going to be mad and organize, like we did. Or are they going to be everywhere Obama is waiting for their chance “to make things right” ? But what’s really disturbing is the subtext. Is the evangelical wing of the Republican party embracing corporate fascism? The chants of USA, which on the surface seems appropriate, but what’s really lurking under that chant is White Power, Niggers down, white folks up. I’m picking up a Nazi brownshirt vibe from these country hicks. I’ve seen marshall law commercials on MTV, folks being rounded up, taken away at gunpoint. My Negrodamus sense is tingling. Listen to how scared these white folks are, nothings more dangerous than scared, uneducated, poor white folks, shit thats how the KKK got started catering to this mindset. Sarah Palin is dangerous, extremely dangerous because she puts a smiley face on extremism, on intolerance. Calling someone a child molester or friends of terrorists is an accusation that leaves a stain, no matter how untrue it may be. The world has been victim to this ignorance for a long time, but the mask is coming off the Beast. The Beast is showing you what America is about. He’s showing you that the republicans will do what ever they can to keep control. Lie, cheat, steal, incite murder if need be, all to keep them from being revealed for what truly motivates them, greed, selfishness and privilege. These poor dumb hicks have no idea they’ve been played by Bush, and are at this moment continually being played by McCain operatives. Show dumb white folks a carmel toned anything, going after anything above their station in life and they resent it, “cling to guns, religion and xenophobia” is totally on point. Their fear are irrational and baseless, but hey that’s the USA,USA,USA! It almost like saying I’m PROUD TO BE IGNORANT, I’m PROUD TO BE MISLED BY MY LEADERS, PROUD TO BE TRICKED INTO MY OWN DESTRUCTION! How do you work around that?

    Listen to what Koz is saying. He’s mad that his PRIVILEGE is drying up. He’s mad that he has to share his advantage. Shit if I had for 400 years (2000 years) I’d be mad at having to give it up too. But unfortunately that’s the down side to being white in a brown world. I have no animosity toward Koz I feel his pain. Its the pain of the hour glass running out on your way of thinking. It’s having to learn the words to “we shall
    overcome” because the advantage once solely yours is slowly slipping away. Not that the N-word is taking over, but more like, the n-words are getting smarter, faster, smoother, bolder, stronger, gasp, more enlightened. Once the playing field is leveled, and the weights removed from Black folks psyche, your starting to see our real abilities. Now, the problem is, will Black folks see it? Blogs like this help.
    Thanks Skepitcal Brotha for this forum, lets hope it helps let our true abilities shine.
    Koz not trying to start a beef, but you sound like a brotha complaining about how the MAN got you down. I’m sure it’s very disconcerting, but keep your head up, you shall see the light one day, perhaps a negro spiritual will keep your spirits on a even keel, until the day your people can rise up again. May I suggest “Swing Low Sweet Chariot”?

  34. Cliff

    “Listen to what Koz is saying. He’s mad that his PRIVILEGE is drying up. He’s mad that he has to share his advantage. Shit if I had for 400 years (2000 years) I’d be mad at having to give it up too. But unfortunately that’s the down side to being white in a brown world. I have no animosity toward Koz I feel his pain. Its the pain of the hour glass running out on your way of thinking. It’s having to learn the words to “we shall
    overcome” because the advantage once solely yours is slowly slipping away. Not that the N-word is taking over, but more like, the n-words are getting smarter, faster, smoother, bolder, stronger, gasp, more enlightened.”

    Koz I know you’re not just going to let Imhotep527 assassinate your argument like that?


  35. Angie

    Normally, I never stick my toe in a discussion like the one that is written above. But this time, I have to toss in my nickel.

    Koz, Koz, Koz:
    You have to know that having a Black wife and biracial children does not vindicate you from having racially biased opinions that could be easily classified as xenophobic and/or ethnocentric.
    You must know that screwing a Black woman doesn’t suddenly make you aware of the issues, concerns, pain, and history of Africans in America.
    You must realize that slave owners supposedly loved their Black mistresses and their little biracial slave children. But still managed to consider them chattel and deny them of basic human rights.
    You really should realize that although you may have a bit of understanding of your Black wife, you still must do the work to dismantle racist beliefs and attitudes that you were socialized to believe, long before you met your woman.

    In fact, Koz, we all must continue to do the work to cleanse ourselves from the hideous, toxic beliefs that cling to all of us, even those of us who pride ourselves in being progressive in our race relations.

    You may not realize that you have bitterness towards African Americans. But you absolutely do. Bitterness, resentment, and anger are quite evident in your post. And I still think that, even though I now know that your wife is supposedly Black.

    I’m going to cosign with my brotha, Trip. Many of us who went to college were a small fraction of the students that were enrolled. Trust me; we weren’t taking someone’s spot that were more qualified than us. We earned the right to be there. Perhaps that’s what you should have done; earned the right to be there, rather than expect it due to your unconscious possession of white privilege.

  36. Chi

    Thanks Angie!

    Koz pleads his “black (republican) wife and two half black children” and I guffaw…

    Marrying a black woman does not even remotely absolve you of a racist mindset neither does it validate or excuse your clearly presumptious attitude that it’s somehow earned you the right to blather on-

    Interacial relationships do absolutely nothing to quell or silence long held resentments or rage…quite the contrary-

    And finding a black (republican) woman – an oxymoron in my humble opinion; who has clearly suffered/indulged you for any length of time in return for whatever marginal short term “benefits” she’s convinced she’s gotten, tells me so much more about this poor woman than about you-

    When Barack Obama shared about his white grandmother and her occasional racist quips that made him cringe, many republicans (the white ones of course), responded in fake outrage accusing him of throwing her under the bus…

    I strongly suspect that sometime in the future one or both of your 2 “half black” children, if their mother, your “black (republican) wife” has done half the job Barack’s mother did with him; will indeed ultimately echo the same sentiments about you –

  37. Suzer

    Hmmmm. I’m white. I’ve been passed over for a lot of jobs. But I’ve never once blamed affirmative action for my failure to get those jobs. Though I’m well qualified and well educated, there are plenty of other things that could impact my inability to get those jobs — sometimes one’s personality just doesn’t mesh with the company, sometimes I didn’t interview well, sometimes they wanted certain specific qualifications that I wasn’t as able in as another candidate. Why on earth (and frankly, how would you know) would anyone blame affirmative action or be bitter that someone of another color or ethnicity got a certain job?

    Angie is correct in saying that society is permeated with racist (and sexist, and reverse racist, and homophobic, and age-ist, etc.) attitudes, and even the most progressive among us is not immune. The important thing is to keep trying, to keep challenging ourselves, to get beyond our social conditioning to a place where we can all act as loving brothers and sisters toward each other. That’s my goal, anyway, no matter how imperfectly I might meet it at times.

  38. Angie

    Suzer’s comment was insightful. I failed to include all the other isms when I was pointing out the toxic beliefs that we need to work hard to rise above. Lately, I’ve been challenged to do a lot of self work, self examination, and uncomfortable stretching to help me develop more positive attitudes about individuals and groups of people that have significant differences from me. In fact, Koz, I’ve had to work hard to develop positive attitudes regarding individuals and groups that are a lot like me, even the groups that I am apart of.

    So, suggesting that having a Black wife and mixed children somehow absolves you of doing any self-work is ignorant and arrogant at best.

    I tell my students that respecting diversity is everyone’s responsibility. And the best way to develop appreciation and respect for diversity is by listening, by seeking to understand, by checking your bias opinions at the door, and be realizing that it is indeed possible that you/I possess attitudes and beliefs that are counterproductive to the progression of diversity and inclusion in this country.


  39. Cliff

    Koz, coming here and getting shot up by black intellectuals doesn’t necessarily discount your opinion. You have valid points that may reflect the mindset of the majority of the “good folks” of society. I know, someone didn’t properly warn you before you came here, releasing your alienated opinions. All in all, there is a positive result to this endeavor. This is why we produced a Safe Negro who can also hear your concerns as well. He has declared that he can save you. He can use a scalpel to fix this. The cure is in his blood. With his scalpel, he can not only remove the virus of white supremacy, but he can also remove the viruses which affect the corrupted economy. I know, “BUT, BUT, Cliff he is a BLACK MAN!” Yes, I know, it is a black man who has this scalpel. Look over this fact, and let him work, he can fix these viruses. He can also remove the virus within you.

    Like Dr. Nevel

    Like Obama

    “Across the board spending freeze IS A HATCHET, we DO need a scalpel.”

    Let Dr. Obama work. Let him fix this. Let him use his scalpel.


  40. akech


    I am thrilled that there are quite a number of white people in America who are willing to look at a human being called “African American” and judge him/her on the basis of his/her intellectual abilities. The white American I am talking about came out in full swing on that winter night, January 3, 2008, in the State of Iowa and announced to Americans and the rest of the world that Barack Obama was their man for President of the United States of America. There was a long line of white American males, a female and a Hispanic male.

    Koz, I am sure that a white person with a mindset like yours thinks that those Iowans, the state with less than 3% of black population, must have discriminated against those white dudes, and therefore must be socialists/liberals!!

    As an African who lives in America, I am grateful to those white folks in Iowa because they have affirmed to the rest of the world that there are genuine non-racist white people in America. Those white Iowans are not like Bill and Hillary Clinton who are only interested in using black votes.

    I remember how long it took many Blacks people before embracing the candidacy of Senator Obama. A number of Black elites and elected officials withheld their support for Barack until they were released by the Clinton’s political machines. For many of them, double crossing the Clintons was a political suicide! This attitude by the Clintons is similar to those warnings given to Africans during plantations days to discourage them from escaping from their masters. The governor of New Mexico found out the hard way the prize an elected politician can pay for trying to break the political bondage with the Clintons. To cement their allegiance to with the Clinton’s machine, some of the black elites launched ferocious attacks against Barack on behalf of Hillary.

    There is something very wrong when voters send people to represent them in Washington only to discover that their representatives’ loyalty is hijacked by other political power brokers or hacks who do not give a damn to voting public!

    Koz, people professed in your school of thought are the main reason there is unnecessary turmoil in the world in which many innocent people are caught in the middle. The control power over other people which you think you are entitled to will eventually come to a screeching halt one day!


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