liddy dole’s fallen and can’t get up


The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee’s relentless television assault on freshman Senator Elizabeth Dole,73, has laid the Plastic Magnolia low. Politically speaking, Liddy Dole has fallen and can’t get up. I can show you better than I can tell you.

The folksy old men are devastating, but the man on the street testimonials in Salisbury, her hometown, nail the coffin shut on her chances for re-election. Person after person and even the people on the street where she claims a residence have never seen her.I have a friendly wager with a co-worker that she’ll lose Jesse Helms’ seat. He vigorously disagrees, but with 400 paid Obama staffers on the ground in dozens of offices throughout the state mounting the most aggressive grassroots campaign in nearly 50 years, I have no doubt that she’ll lose.

State Legislator Kay Hagan, 55, a Greensboro Democrat, is running a top notch campaign with the assist of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee ads running non-stop. She vows to send Bob and Liddy Dole back to Kansas because she believes that there is no place like home. During some years in her tenure, Liddy Dole has spent less than two weeks in North Carolina. Ranking 93rd in effectiveness and voting with President Bush 92% of the time, Mrs. Dole, just like her plastic surgeon, hasn’t delivered on what was promised. Her tenure has already been a bad joke and if she’s re-elected, nobody should be laughing.

7 thoughts on “liddy dole’s fallen and can’t get up

  1. zeitgeist9000

    “She vows to send Bob and Liddy Dole back to Kansas because she believes that there is no place like home.”

    Oh, snap!

    Yeah, this race is all over but the shouting.

    Ironic, because two years ago, Liddy Dole was in charge of the NRSC, the committee in charge of getting Republicans elected and re-elected to the Senate!

  2. TripLBee

    I keep hearing pundits declaring that Dole is dead, but I haven’t seen that reflected in the polling. I’ve read dozens of polls from NC, almost all of which have this one falling within the margin of error. I’m rooting for Hagan but I’m not ready to put this one in the win column yet.

  3. zeitgeist9000


    When an incumbent Senator consistently opinion polls below 50% and there’s a week left to go till the GE, that’s a sure sign they’re a goner!

    If Obama doesn’t win NC, Hagan definitely will.

    It’s gonna happen in the South: white voters are upset with the way things have been going but not to the point of voting for Obama so they will just take it out on their Republican senators: Hagan (NC), McConnell (KY), Wicker (MS), and Chambliss (GA).

    And the fact that Ted “Tubes” Stevens just got convicted and is entirely unrepentant doesn’t help the GOP brand either….

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