History has arrived



I am headed to my poll location now to work.   Share your thoughts with me as history is being made.

After several hours at the polls, I wanted to share some of my thoughts.

The Grandmother of Barack Obama, Madelyn Dunham, has gone home to see the King.

This is a bittersweet moment for all of those, myself included, who prayed and asked the Lord to allow Mother Dunham to see her grandson elected President. Unfortunately, it wasn’t in God’s plan.

Barack’s tears touched me.

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They took me back to the death of my grandfather.

I don’t know what it is like to lose a grandmother and don’t want to know. My maternal grandmother is my heart. She is the matriarch of our family. My grandmother is sweet potato pie and peach cobbler. She is quiet dignity and unconditional love. She is collard greens and cornbread. She is my rock, my anchor, my role model. I cannot imagine life without her love, her prayers, or her presence.

Fifteen years ago, Grandma discovered that her husband of 35 years had slipped away quietly in his sleep after a long illness. She called the sheriff to pronounce the body and the funeral home. While waiting for momma and me to arrive, grandma had a massive heart attack. She was right in the middle of it as we arrived. She rocked back and forth on the foot of the bed as she prayed softly. We called her name and rubbed her back. Mama continued rocking back and forth and praying softly. She finally fell out as they lifted her onto the gurney and transported her to the hospital. It never dawned on me that she was having a heart attack. The whole thing felt like a bad dream that I couldn’t wake up from.

We waited helplessly for several hours with other family as they worked to stabilize her in intensive care. When they finally let us in to see her, she was hooked up to a respirator and there seemed to be tubes coming from everywhere. I lost it and quickly dissolved into tears. Grandma gestured for a pen and scribbled a note that read: God told me it is not my time. Stop crying.

That didn’t reassure me.

I spent the next five days on my face, fasting and praying. Nearly a week after being on the brink of death, Mama walked out of that hospital and buried her husband with the characteristic dignity and resolve she’s always displayed. She never had another heart related incident. God spoke to my grandmother clearly and told her it was not her time. There was nothing more to fear. God said it. He did it.

For those of you who believe that we cannot predict an Obama win because you are superstitious, there is nothing to fear because this is his time and nothing will change that. I look forward to April 27, 2009 when the 44th President of the United States, Barack Obama, writes to my grandmother and wishes her a happy 80th birthday.

Y’all be good and go vote. Do it for all the grandmothers who couldn’t be with us and whose sacrifices made this moment in history possible.

60 thoughts on “History has arrived

  1. sfokc6125

    Homeland Security is hoping for McCain to win. I have proof of that .
    If you are in the coal mining bizz then vote McCain because Obama has you in his sights to shut you down. PA needs to remember what happened when the steel plant shut down. How many ghost town will Obamas make. If it wasnt for company’s like Phoenix Glass that part of PA would have gone out . You dont kill jobs ,You dont raise taxes and spend more on a weak dollar. YOU CUT TAXES YOU SPEND LESS AND YOU KEEP AMERICANS WORKING.

    When he shuts them down not just the states the mines are in will suffer great economic collapse but the state surrounding them. WAKE UP Ohio, Pennsylvania. Wake UP Virgina . WAKE UP AMERICA. One after another will be ether you do it the Obama way or I will shut you down. That is not free enterprise thats control for the good of the party . The on change he is selling is control .

  2. devildog

    let’s face it. Obama is a socialist and that won’t be good for anyone. no jobs means no jobs for anyone, black, white, purple no matter. We better wake up or we’ll all be in the bread line together.

  3. Angie

    These damn commercials that the Rethuglicans are running are getting on my nerves. I don’t know why Obama didn’t purchase more ad time to tell the truth about McCain. I’m not saying he had to go negative. All he could’ve done was just shown McCain saying the things that he likes to quote when he is giving speeches on the stump.

    For instance, they need to show the speech when McCain said that Americans needed to deal with the consiquences of bad decisions and face their mortgages. Yet he turned around and supported a bail out for the financial organizations.

    These lines at the poles are scaring me. I’m hoping people won’t walk out of the line and go home.

  4. Suzer

    I’m glad I voted early. All I have to do today is sit back and watch history being made. I will weep tears of happiness and gratitude if Obama wins tonight. What a wonderful thing to be able to tell generations to come – – that our country woke up and was able to put our differences aside for the greater good. What a wonderful thing that fear will not win over hope. I am truly blessed to witness this great day.

  5. RisingTide

    Angie — show up with sodas! Show up with hot chocolate! Show up and sing. Keep the voters entertained singing “We Shall Overcome” or whatever’s popular today.

  6. Chesapeake

    My family got to the poll at 6:20 and voted at about 9:15. This is the first time my wife, my 20 year-old (who forewent absentee balloting and came home) and 3 year-old boys, and I went to vote, together. It was the most enjoyable and rewarding three hours I’ve ever spent and probably will ever spend just waiting for something … loved every minute of it despite the few voter distress calls I got from Election Protection.

    Rising Tide, I’m in a voting precinct that’s split close to 50/50, so we did the “overcoming” in our hearts (praise the Lord!!) and kept the conversations politically agnostic.

    I’ve got 3 polling stations I’m watching with election protection. Nothing much to report, yet, except long waits which were to be expected, and accommodating elderly. Y’all keep interceding in prayer!!

  7. Chesapeake

    By the way, the polling stations at which I’m working make up for the “politeness” of the one at which I voted. They are electric!! (No slide, yet :-))

  8. We just voted. the folks in line were singing and smiling. There was a very old black woman who came out of the polling booth with tears rolling down her cheeks. This is electrifying! I will rejoice and be glad in it!

  9. Bank another vote for Obama in Michigan. I live in a very Republican area, but the Black youth vote was repping this morning!

    As for the wingnuts hollering about coal…have you ever been to the coal mine towns of PA and WV? I have. Go visit them to open your eyes. The people there are as destitute as a third world country. Extractive, non-renewable resource industries are the bane of the working class, always have been. People are chewed up and spit out. Not to mention the environmental destruction. People in large parts of rural PA have to have water trucked in by the National Guard because coal mining has poisoned the ground water. The sooner coal and oil are replaced by renewables the better for all of us.

  10. Tyren McGruder

    Yes I Did. Si Si Puede!!!
    People were in good spirits. We’re trying to get a Democratic Congressman and Senator in North of Minneapolis. To all who haven’t voted 3 words. STAY IN LINE.

  11. RisingTide

    Pittsburgh PA.
    40 minute line (well, two, because I was in the wrong one at first).

    Thanks to all the poll workers, particularly the ones under 70!

  12. Cliff

    Wifey told me not to smile too much at work.

    Couldn’t help it. Smiling and Laughing all day.

    Smiling and Laughing all day in line.

    Seeing a line I’ve never seen before in South Central L.A. Seeing more young Brotha’s in line than I’ve even seen.

    Smiling and Laughing at work.

    Smiling and Laughing now.

    Sorry, but I just can’t help it.




  13. Mark

    I am white an I have read this blog with great interest all year. Thank you for all your honesty this year and your thoughtful words.

    This is a great moment for America but I suspect that for many who visit this blog it is more meaningful than I will ever understand.

    Enjoy it!!

  14. I will not lie.

    My voice is nearly gone.

    I began shouting when Ohio was announced.

    When he was at 200 EVs and Keith Olbermann did the math, I was stunned.

    I think MSNBC’s coverage has been the most tolerable.

    Did you see Jesse in Grant Park? Nothing fake about those tears.

    This is stunning.

    I’m crying again.


    Mama, born and bred in the Jim Crow South, was skeptical about his chances. She voted and prayed for him, but doubted it. I know, she’s never been so happy to be wrong.

    I can’t put into words what this means.

  15. The girls looked wonderful and so elegant. Both in ‘ Sunday Best’. Sasha in her black. Malia in her power red. Michelle in a black and red combination….ah coordination.

  16. Tonight, I have no words. At least, I don’t right now. I’m still overwhelmed.

    I will leave you with my blog, which detailed in the most recent post why I voted for President Elect Obama.


    Perhaps I will touch bases with you guys later tonight. For sure, I will in the morning.

    God bless my darling family here at Sketpical Brotha. God bless Senator Obama and Michelle. And God bless this country that all of us call home.

    Blessings and victory,

    Angela Braden

  17. Chi

    God is good!!!
    I’m hoarse from crying…

    Thank you again Skeptical Brotha for this outlet you provided…It really helped me though this amazing period-

    God is good!!

  18. longdeshizi

    Now is the time to redouble our efforts to realize the American Dream. I am thankful for an inspiring leader that has emerged from the most discouraging time in the country’s history

  19. Deyvette

    I’m Barack Obama! Michelle Obama is the First Lady.
    I feel exhilarated and I need time to absorb this feeling.

  20. Me

    One thousand Barack Obamas isn’t worth one Rev. Wright. He threw his mentor who made it all possible under the bus to appease racist white people who want to stay in denial, I’ll never forgive or forget that.

    He isn’t black he is mixed race the one drop rule is racist and offensive. If he was jet black he wouldn’t be the new manager of the empire.

  21. Me

    It shows how low black peoples collective slef-esteem is that we feel so grateful for the son of a white woman to become the next president.

  22. imhotep

    I can’t believe I witnessed the impossible. Guess what, the concept of NIGGER has just been retired. No more excuses for treating each other or speaking to each other in that manner anymore. The NIGGER is now officially defunct. Those who still think they are NIGGERS, are suffering from low self-esteem, take a pill. because the NIGGER was a figment of a racists imagination, infecting our own. But today my brother and sisters, that word is dead. For if i hear ONE person, black, white or polka dot call my president a NIGGER, I’m going to whoop their ass like they slapped my grandmother.

  23. zeitgeist9000

    I cried. Then I called home to Michigan and told my parents that Fox News had called Ohio for Obama. I was choking up on the phone, but my dad refused to let his emotions get to him until the networks actually went ahead and made the calls annoucing Obama as president.

  24. Cliff

    I foresaw this, but was still surprised to see what manifested before my eyes. I’m still in the clouds. 🙂

  25. SB,

    Usually I would be asking you to post. But, considering I can’t find any words to write either , I’m not going to ask this of you. Take your time.

  26. RisingTide

    some of those folks who use that word voted for Obama. Can you hold off until after we get him elected to his second term?

    Here’s to hopin’ they learn a little more city talk!

    (I do hear what you’re saying, I’m just rather elated with everyone, today, and I can’t hate anyone…)

  27. Imhotep


    I’m not talking about hate. I’m talking about love. Love of our self, of our people finally. Here a brotha broke through that mentality and did what many thought impossible. Guess what else Black folks (and others) think is impossible? The use of the N-word. Its time we elevate our thinking from the bottom up, my brotha or sister.
    What has amazed me is the reaction of all kind of people all over the world, singing, dancing, just happy. I just want, fervently that we start appreciating each other a little more, starting with the retiring of that word amongst ourselves.

  28. Me

    White America: Boy, disrespect and disown your friend and mentor who tells the truth about our crimes.

    Obama: Yes master.

  29. Realizm

    You’ve offended every other black person in the world but an not an Afican American.
    The problem with your comment is that OBAMA is not a decended of Black American Slavery.
    An African American is a a black American person that doesn”t know their Roots.
    OBAMA is a Kenyan American. He does not have an uncle tom, house nigger, field nigger or anyone that responded to the word boy in his ancestery. So get your facts before you comment next time.

  30. Cliff

    “White America: Boy, disrespect and disown your friend and mentor who tells the truth about our crimes.

    Obama: Yes master.”

    I Shall proceed and continue to assassinate trolls!

    Load, Lock, Fire!!!!!!

    Me: I’m a sheep in a sheep’s clothing, being controlled by a wolf.

    Wolf: “Me, your mission, remember to portray a Revolutionary, monitor their thoughts. Important tool to remember, always cause division by way of emotion.”

    Target: Divide Revolutionary and Intellectual.

    Wolf: “A fraction is better that multiplication. Division is better than addition. Jane Doe, where are you? Can you too, also help us with this divisiveness?”

    Me: I’m destined to incite anger, which hugs division.

    Wolf: Destiny, not yet complete, but in progress!

    Me: I’ll try my best, but you know they are smarter than they used to be.



  31. TripLBee

    During the primaries, Hillary Clinton did her best Karl Rove imitation by attempting to take one of Obama’s greatest assets—his amazing oratorical skills—and turning it into a negative. She regularly made fun of his speaking skills in an attempt to portray him as an empty suit. She said at one point that Obama’s rhetorical flourishes promised that “the skies will open up, the angels in Heaven will sing.” In fact this is exactly what happened all over the world on Tuesday night. It was as if the clouds had broken and there was a spontaneous explosion of joy all across the globe. Sen. Clinton could not have described the day any more succinctly.

  32. Chi

    My thoughts exactly TripLBee…! What a wonderful moment in time shared by the whole world too!
    But lets stay prayerful…Obama will need it-

  33. zeitgeist9000


    Please, please tell me what your thoughts are over some white bloggers’ crisis of experience of an Obama victory vis-a-vis Prop. 8 in CA (denying gay marriage) passing, with African Americans’ overwhelming support supposedly making the difference?

    I voted for Prop. 8. Some black bloggers are trying to psychoanalyze the black experience by saying that we are bigots because there are so few strong, male role models in the community to the point where we denigrate gay men as “queens”, etc., and that our dim view of gay black men is part-and-parcel of our constantly looking for strong male role models. Ridiculous if your ask me.

    I gotta tell you I voted my conscience. I’m the media minister at my church, and the idea that two professing gay members could legitimately expect my Pastor to marry them and be covered by the law was frightening to me. Don’t get me wrong: in my mind, gay couples should receive all the rights of marriage (hospital issues, inheritance, etc.) without the express privilege of the institution of marriage itself. I believe gay couples should also be allowed to adopt children.

    There have been so diaries on Daily Kos and MyDD expressing various views on blacks and gays that I don’t know where to dive in and set people straight! I think the “No” side is looking for scapegoats, and black, Mormons, Christians in general–anyone will do at this point….

  34. Zeitgeist,

    I just moved to LA (from Chicago…bad timing) and I voted No on Prop 8. There is nothing about Prop 8 that would require your Pastor to marry anyone. Nothing at all. So if that’s your rationalization for voting for Prop 8 you should feel free to vote against it next time.

    I have to admit that I am embarrassed that 67% of black folk voted to strip another despised minority of a basic right. The notion that the Bible required us to vote Yes on Prop 8 is ludicrous. It is the same sham that segregationists and slave owners used to justify their sins. Abraham and Sarah were siblings. Does that mean that real Christians support incest? Countless male Biblical heroes had more than one wife and consorted with concubines. Abraham’s first son—Ishmael—-was born to Rahab, his slave and concubine. Are we to infer that it’s okay for men to have harems and sire children by women we own? Let’s get real. Prop 8 was about promoting bigotry. Let’s avoid the temptation to pretend otherwise.

  35. zeitgeist9000


    Welcome to LA!

    If two gay, self-profressing Christian men who were members of my church wanted to marry, there is nothing that would have stopped them from suing my church and winning if Prop. 8 had failed and my Pastor refused to marry them. Nothing. That’s a fact.

    Of course people in Bible times committed incest to procreate: there was no one else living!

    Your point of concubines and multiple wives doesn’t hold much water either because, again, there were so few people around in some areas (especially after the Flood) that women had no choice but to share the same man.

    I’m amazed that so many have called me a bigot for voting my conscience. I guess the other 33% of black folk who voted “No” are forward-thinking, tolerant and more accepting because they don’t take the Bible so literally?

  36. Zeitgeist,

    As the son of a pastor who has performed hundreds if not thousands of marriages, I can tell you that your interpretation of Prop 8 is 100% incorrect. We have a separation of Church and State in this country. The State cannot mandate that the Church (or synagogue or mosque) change its doctrines in order to adhere to the laws of the State. For example, it is common practice for the Catholic Church not to perform marriages between a Catholic and a non-Catholic. It is also common for orthodox synagogues not to perform marriages between a Jew and a “goyim.” There is no basis for a suit in these practices, since religious institutions have a constitutional right to discriminate.

    Your justification of Biblical sexual unions which are now widely viewed as immoral and anachronistic, assumes that there was some huge imbalance between male and female populations. There is no evidence whatsoever that this was the case. I am a Christian and was raised in the Church, but I also understand that there are parts of the Bible that support bigotry. Misogyny is thematic in the Bible, slavery was permitted, the slaughter of innocents was encouraged, and on and on. Part of my spiritual mission is to try to reconcile these things with my unabiding belief in a kind and loving God. What I will not do is submit to cynicism and justify things that my God has taught me are wrong, even if they appear in the Scriptures.

    PS—I am enjoying LA! I partied in Leimert Park on Tuesday night and had the time of my life! Peace to you.

  37. RisingTide

    singular is “goy” plural is “goyim”

    I favor the Quaker Marriage — no need for an official, just get some witnesses, sign a document, and you’re married!

  38. TripLBee, thanks for putting to words the thoughts rumbling around in my head that haven’t quite made it out yet. Los Angeles, eh? Better watch out, this San Diego gal heads up there every now and again…be afraid, be VERY afraid! 🙂

  39. Cliff

    Thanks for the Shout Out, Chi.

    Trip, if you even want to duck some gunshots a few blocks south of Lemiert Park, please let me know. 🙂

  40. RisingTide

    My husband really hated Michelle’s dress — said it looked like a black widow (red hourglass thingummy and all). I kinda see his point.

  41. Marc


    “I am embarrassed that 67% of black folk voted to strip another despised minority”
    You mean 67% of the people that voted in California… don’t include me in that.

    By the way to the user named ME. The problem isn’t that Obama is mixed race and everyone celebrates that a black man has won. The real issue is that Obama’s policies are recycled and keep morphing every week. Now that he has won I still don’t know what platform he stands on.

    Did anyone hear him mention anything about Prop 8?

  42. Spinster

    Good to read this touching story about your grandparents. All of mine are deceased, the last one leaving us last year. I dedicated my vote and the whole Election Day to them. What joy would it have been for them to witness such a day.

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