Roland Burris: Rod Blagojevich’s Magic Negro



I seriously doubt that the Wayans Brothers or the writers of MAD TV could have written a funnier spoof than yesterday’s orgy of idiocy featuring Rod “Governor Soprano” Blagojevich, Roland Burris and Bobby Rush. To borrow a phrase from the always-quotable Christopher Hitchens, this appointment is a “ludicrous embarrassment.”

The presser was a comedians dream and the clumsy injection of race by Congressman Bobby Rush was sadder than it was despicable. First, seeing how Bobby has physically suffered from throat cancer was heart breaking, but his reasons for supporting Blagojevich in his bulls*it was even more tragic. Poor Bobby is clearly suffering from chemo brain because Blagojevich’s bipolar antics have grown more outrageous with time, and his latest stunt is as disingenuous as it is insane. I’m with Mary Mitchell in believing that Rod Blagojevich dosen’t give rat’s arse about fair representation and he is desperately trying to disprove the allegations of extortion and contract fraud against him. It won’t work. His career is over and nothing he says or does will ever change that.

Unfortunately for Rod Blagojevich, Roland Burris is not a Magic Negro capable of absolving his manifold sins although he would like him to be. (One needs to be a palatable, focus grouped, establishment Negro creation of David Axelrod capable of raising $750 million dollars to be a proper receptacle for white liberal fantasies of racial absolution.) Burris is an uninspiring and irascible functionary that has let his ego get the better of him.

Burris has had a damn chip on his shoulder ever since he was defeated for the Democratic Nomination for Governor in 1994, a Republican year in which no Democrat would have prevailed. The people of Illinois don’t owe him a damn thing and yesterday’s cartoonish spectacle was clear proof that he has taken leave of his senses. The Lieutenant Governor, a Burris friend of 36 years, clearly would have considered appointing the 71-year-old lobbyist and former Illinois Attorney General as a caretaker Senator once Blagojevich was inevitably removed from office.

By all accounts, Roland Burris is an honest man and probably won’t ever be charged with any wrongdoing. However, the facts surrounding his lobbying firm’s acquisition of $700,000 in state contracts are worth investigating and probably will be given the Governor’s propensity for awarding state contracts to his politically connected contributors and fundraisers regardless of actual merit.

Burris gets points for running against Rich Daley for Mayor of Chicago, a man I’ve always opposed and regarded as White Chicago’s plantation puppet master, but he won’t ever receive my endorsement for the U.S. Senate. I hope the Illinois Secretary of State, Jesse White, and Senate Democrats stick to their guns and don’t certify this appointment and seat Burris.

I, too, wanted an African American to replace Barack Obama in the Senate given the dearth of Negroes in that body, but it just goes to show that the aphorism “Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it,” is a warning black Democrats should have heeded.

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  1. I’ve been LMAO ever since I read this in the Open Thread over at JJP.

    It’s like I’ve been transported back in time to Council Wars.

    What Blago did was brass knuckles – without the glove- Chicago politics.

    The Irish Gang thought they had taken all of his weapons away, but they didn’t check everywhere, and lo and behold, he had this grenade left.

    All I know is that Fitzgerald better have Blago dead-to-rights in that indictment.

    Because, the growing sense is…..unpopular or not….the impeachment proceedings don’t seem to be such a slamdunk anymore.

    If they had gone on and done ‘ the right thing’, and gone for a special election, we wouldn’t be in this place right now.

    Massa Madigan thought he had Blago, but Blago showed him that he actually learned something on the Northside under Daddy Mell.

  2. rikyrah,

    Girl, the entire African Diaspora was shamed yesterday, I don’t care what anybody says, it was a fuc*ing minstrel show. I just can’t get with the buffoonery and fall in line. Where was Rush in 2004 when Barack was tryin to hold it down and represent? He was making excuses for a millionaire alcoholic, crook, professional gambler and wife batterer seeking to represent the good people of Illinois. No, ma’am. I’m not buying these woof tickets.

  3. Happy New Year!!!

    I pray that the Lord brings you all more than enough love, happiness, peace, personal growth, success, and wisdom.

    Here’s to 2009!

    NuVision for a NuDay

  4. Hello there,

    I am happy that Roland Burris was selected!! He’s 71 years old with a solid track record of integrity and he’s a seasoned politician who is a consensus-builder. We need more charismatic black leadership in the Senate and I expect that Burris will make a phenomenal impact.

    Peace. blessings and DUNAMIS!

    Happy New Year!

  5. Lisa,

    Babygurl, Roland Burris might be honest, seasoned, and well-connected, but he ain’t too smart. Accepting an appointment from a corrupt, crazy, megalomaniac like Rod Blagojevich is just crazy as hell. Any so-called black leader who supports the brotha makes us all look desperate and silly.

  6. As far as Blago and this Senate seat is concerned, if you want to blame someone, don’t blame Blago, or Roland Burris, or Bobby Rush.

    Blame Speaker of the Illinois House and Chairman of the Illinois Democratic Party MICHAEL MADIGAN.

    Who MORE than had the authority to pass legislation to ok a Special Election. In that time between Blago’s arrest, and when he got his bearings by hiring R.Kelly’s lawyer, he could have rammed legislation about a Special Election through. Don’t let ANYONE lie to you that he couldn’t. He runs that place with an iron first. I don’t call him Massa Michael Madigan for nothing.

    But, he didn’t. He thought he was slick. He thought that he had taken away all of Blago’s weapons. He forgot that Blago was from the street, and had no shame. So Blago kept ahold of his last grenade and threw it.


    Either we are a country of laws again or we are not.

    Here are the FACTS.

    Blago is the Governor. He’s not the impeached Governor. He’s not the convicted Governor. He’s not even the indicted Governor. He’s still the Governor.

    Blago has the power to appoint the Senator.

    Burris IS qualified. He’s more than qualified for the position.

    They could all back Burris, who has been a loyal Democrat, telling him that they will remain neutral in 2010. That means he’d have to do everything on his own, and that means he wouldn’t be in any position in 2010 for any possible win.

    The time for a special election is OVER. Madigan had the chance to make it happen and it didn’t. We’re not going to have a special election, because if Blago decided to challenge it, which NOW he would, they’d lose, because, ACCORDING TO THE ILLINOIS CONSTITUTION, BLAGO WAS WITHIN HIS RIGHTS AS GOVERNOR.

    The next election for that Senate Seat will be the Democratic and Republican Primaries of 2010.

    once Blago did NOT resign immediately (which I never thought he would), I knew we were in for a drama.

    a caretaker is what takes this away from being a NATIONAL story (and hurting Obama) to it being a LOCAL story (which doesn’t hurt him as much).

    I’m going to remind folks.

    Patrick Fitzgerald just asked for a 90-day extension to the deadline for his indictment.

    90 Days.

    It’s not being reported in the national media, but the folks that the folks in Springfield were depending upon to testify at that Impeachment Proceedings..well, they’re not all that excited about testifying, because if it’s between pissing the Illinois House off and pissing off Patrick Fitzgerald, they’re choosing to dis the Illinois House.

    These impeachment proceedings are not going to be the slam dunk that people outside of Illinois seem to believe that they will be. It’s beginning to look as the phrase goes ‘ – not even close’. Without that indictment from Fitzgerald, the Illinois House doesn’t really have things to hang on Blago. They have the same things they’ve disliked about him before. BUt, that wasn’t good enough to impeach him with 6 months ago. So, what has changed. An arrest without indictment doesn’t give them the meat for the impeachment.

  7. rikyrah,

    Honey, whatever happened to Lisa Madigan’s emergency petition to the Illinois Supremes to temporarily remove Blago so they could ram through a special election bill? I guess they decided they were gonna be like Bennett and won’t gonna get in it, especially since the LG flipped flopped on whether he favored a special. I blame the supremes, not Massa Madigan.

  8. SB,

    The Supreme Court of Illinois WOULDN’T EVEN HEAR IT. They told her to go away. She had no grounds. He wasn’t incapacitated because of medical impairment. This is a political problem, and they wanted nothing to do with it. There’s a way to get rid of Blago – impeachment. Nobody thought Madigan had any standing to make the case in the first place – that was only a pipe dream.

  9. I do not find the selection of Burris embarrassing. Perhaps the “race” card was inappropriate, but this entire election cycle has involved more race and gender cards than I have seen in a decade. Rather than bashing Burris because Blagojevich picked him, I think it is more appropriate for forward thinking people to exampine his politics. You hold him in less esteem because he is a “functionary,” but, assuming you are correct, that type of person is well equipped to serve as a filler until the next election.

    Now, as for the race card, do you think it was completely random that Obama led the charge against Burris? Basically Blagojevich has “dared” the Democrats to deny blacks a seat in the Senate. But the black president can legitimize their effort to do this by approving the decision. And, of course, because Obama is the first black president, black people must accept every position he takes (from Warren, the economy, to Blagojevich) because not doing so amounts to racial treason.


    Obama intends to be just as much of an obedient functionary to the white power structure as every other president has been. As such, he doesn’t represent the black political consensus. We have no obligation to follow his lead blindly, although many will. This Skeptical Brotha won’t be one of those lemming Negroes.

    Happy New Year and Welcome to SKEPTICAL BROTHA.

  11. Trip,

    you put that bottle down. Folks that should have known better got caught with their pants down. I’m not having any sympathy here. They thought they had an alleycat cornered. They should have known better.

  12. Well, isn’t this interesting: Reid pressured Blagojevich not to appoint Jackson Jr. to Obama’s U.S. Senate seat

    When this all began, ‘the talk’ in the beauty and barbershops was, “Man, it looks like they’re trying to knock out all the Black candidates.” To wit, Black folk were called ‘ paranoid’. And the whole, ‘ well, we just need the most qualified person for the job.’, bullshyt, which always, once that phrase is used, seems to EXCLUDE Black folks. Guess we weren’t so ‘ paranoid’ after all.

  13. read this on Open Left, SB. and it added even more layers to the bullshyt about Jr’s ‘unelectability’

    I was reading on OpenLeft, and someone brought up a fabulous point about the ‘ electability’ of Jesse Jackson, Jr. The likes of Harry Reid, et al, backed Harold Ford, Jr., and damn near everyone in his family had been arrested, indicted or convicted. But, they supported his DLC behind.

    Jesse Jackson only has his father, who, by my account, had never been arrested (on anything other civil rights issues). His brothers are solid businessmen. His sisters have led quiet private lives.

    Quiet as it’s been kept, Jesse Jackson, Jr. has shown a strong independent streak beginning with his quest for his Congressional Seat. There have been some moves by him that I have questioned over the years, but he’s been willing to take risks on candidates that were NOT machine-approved. Some won, some lost, but he still was willing to do it. And, he’s been building bridges and reaching out to other communities from the moment he entered Congress. Jesse Jackson, Jr. wasn’t the ‘Machine’ candidate when he ran for Congress. Neither was his wife the ‘Machine’ candidate when she ran for Alderman. They won IN SPITE OF the ‘Machine’, not because of it. And, there are those who haven’t forgotten that either.

    I’m not buying the ‘electability’ argument. In fact, I believe it’s just the opposite. They were afraid of him WINNING the seat in 2010. And once he did that, it would be hard to get him out, unless HE wanted to leave it.

    Just call me a tinfoil hat wearer.

  14. Burris is nothing more than a seat warmer until 2010, like the non-descript suit that is taking Biden’s place. Yeah this was a crafty move by the Gov, but I don’t care what color ass warms the seat and who appointed it as long as it can vote on all the health care, education, environmental issues that have been neglected the last 8 years. There are many serious issues that need to be tackled immediately and that’s all that matters. The senate as an institution is an ethical wasteland that would put any whorehouse to shame, so hearing any nonsense from the heirarchy there about “tainted” appointees is comical at best. In this case it may well be tragic if it has any effect on what needs to be done with all due speed.

  15. i’m hoping Blagojevich will inspire Congress to finally grow a pair and start doing what’s best for the people they represent (by putting this guy away for a long time)

  16. mitch

    My God what is wrong with some of you people? Blago was doing his job. I reside in Illinois and he is still my Governor until he is impeached or resigns. This is just some typical political mumbo jumbo, which is not going to result in too much.

    Burris did the right thing. He accepted the position and a year from now nobody is going to care if the economy is better and people have jobs. This reminds me of a year ago when everyone and their momma stated “Obama cannot win.” Additionally, we have NO African American representation in the Senate!

    Bottom line, Burris provide all his nay sayers wrong. Stood strong and carry himself with dignity throughout this entire process. It’s time for us to give people the respect they deserve. And, yes it was unfortunate that Jessie Jr’s crew of supporters attempted to offer Blago a deal. Jesse needs to be a little more careful and who he brings into his inner circle in the future.

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