Are y’all going to D.C. Open Thread?



Are y’all going to D.C. ?  I is, a friend of mine got a hook up with tickets to watch the Inaugural parade.   I’ve been busy preparing myself mentally and just chillin’.  I’ve been trying to stay abrest of current events and have been lurking from time to time.   Given the responsibilities I’ve taken on in the new year I’ve been wondering if it would be acceptable to you if I started turning over moderating duties to someone else from time to time?  I have never done this because I am a real control freak with issues.  I’ll be contacting you individually to see if your interested.  I love blogging, but I need a life.  Staying glued to this laptop ain’t attractive to no potential brown sugar plum.  Not at all.  I’m pushing 4o, y’all, and I don’t have no youngins to carry on my name.   It depresses me.

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  1. imhotep

    Hey man I’m in Las Vegas now, on the other side of 40, get your grove on now, cause when you get to my side the pickins is slim, and the waistlines aren’t. The only good thing is now a good brother is appreciated quicker, than when I was younger. Always had to prove my fiscal prowess in the 20-30’s, now if a brotha is walking and got a JOB TOO, he’s getting treated like fresh meat by the cougars, and a cougar for an over forty brother ain’t pretty son.
    The younger ladies are too stupid, they don’t know it and you can’t tell them, but if your not an athlete or rapper they automatically dismiss your knowledge., I mean really, they’ll cost you either time, money or grief. 32-36 is the sweet spot, but that is also the marrying age, so the best are snapped up or coming out of divorce with the kids and about 35 extra pounds. Or you see something ya like but all your moves are used up or retreads. Do your thing now Skep, while the getting is good.

    I’m not going to DC but I will take the day off to see BO in his full glory.


  2. Hey SB,

    You have a fun time. Take pictures. You, Jack & Jill are going to be there. I’m jealous, but wish you a safe and fun trip. If you take pictures, please send me some copies in my email. And, I hope you blog and tell us all about it.

  3. As for no younguns, you’re gonna have to try harder to get me to feel bad for you. Your troopers are still good, while my 30-something eggs are getting older by the day. Talk to your fellow men on the board for sympathy..LOL

  4. Chesapeake

    🙂 Sounds like SB and rikyrah could … hmmm.

    Enjoy the inauguration, SB, and please blog your experience. Hopefully your experience will include your progress in picking a brown sugar plum which will be pleasingly plentiful in Chocolate City. Take your game, brotha.

    We had our second son (the first is 20) a month before I turned 40. You got plenty of time.

    However you run your excellent blog is fine with me so long as it’s “your” blog and it exists and continues to thrive.

  5. Andrea

    Congratulations on snagging tickets. You deserve it. You worked really hard to promote DEMOCRACY here and give progressive Blacks a place to come. Inauguration is for all citizens–even those who hold feet to the fire.

    Your blog was intense for a consistent amount of time and I could see the fiscal value, if you wanted to cash in, amount to a rare intellectual property: your voice, your writing skills, your biting humor, and your balanced tenderness. But your blog like everything in the Black Community has hit another threshold. You challenged us and most resisted. That becomes exhausting when you are the only one with the insight and fortitude to challenge. It’s also had to be exhausting to be only of a few who of our generation had the foresight and courage to perservere and challenge our logic and said spiritual testimonies about who we said we are and what we want.

    I gave up awhile ago when I found out how much different I am from most in my generation and the younger generation who are Black to realize that we are not as great as we think we are and that no amount of blogging is going to save us from ourselves. Everyone is trying to cash in on being connected or proving their worth for being aligned. That’s the proxy. We love this moment and it will take time for reality to settle in that the paradox of the Israelites reaching the Canaan Land in the Bible is the equivalent to know. We, Blacks, need real Joshuas like you (not the Joshua impersonator, Barack) but Joshua does need a balanced life. You do need fruitful results in other areas of your existence. This blog was a success. You gave of yourself to take risks to carry-on the work of our ancestors although most of us don’t really know them or what really, really went down and how much it cost.

    Give it time. Our people are high at this moment. They have yet to mature and understand what and why you advocated so hard for them. We are so lost.

    We are not that enlightened to “get it” and understand what you don’t say and why you withdrew. I know. Oh, I know. It’s hard to love the people and lead them when they fight you and make you realize you are an endangered species among them. Who do you turn to? Whites that reward you for being a species like Barack and Michelle and the other speciated Blacks that were supposed to be like us. The reality is harsh.

    I think however we will start to see no matter how much we will try to relive the campaign season’s emotion of feeling connected to think that we had to defend everything about Barack because he is Black, Michelle is Black, and we know how ruthless racists are against them by default of their skin-tone like ours and what we go through.

    I am happy you are going to Inauguration because you worked just so hard.

    I know Barack means well for as much as his White Approval-seeking self is trying to still find a balance within himself to end the two races internally fighting as well he sees only this trickery of shifting the concocted paradigm to promote our narrative to be the same as all seeking salvation in nouveau, White Approval while trying to balance being authentically Black. We don’t “get it” because it is so complicated and most of us are too afraid to tackle it. We think we are traitors or dogmatic if we question this new order because they look like us. It is blasphemous to even think about for so many but we are so used to wanting to be down with winners that we will not ask questions. And for most, we really don’t know anything…really.

    You had the courage to challnege us and piss us off. I love you for that.

    You deserve streams of happiness and grace. And a vacation is deserved.

    I have to honest with you, your work is not done. Maybe this is your destiny to die fighting and to be tired. Build out your life but don’t give up while on vacation. Sabbaticals and extended leaves cannot relieve you from duty. Also as much as you may strive for what seems like an ideal life, you may…you may…I think you were born to fight and real fighters (Spartans) go into a fight knowing they may not return alive. Our systematic conditions on our lives promote self-preservation at all costs of living longer and more comfortable than our true beliefs. If we measure ourselves against those who are winning, we will think it was all a waste and that our lives was distracted by our idealistic want for truth.

    Like Bonnie Tyler sings, “Where have all the good men gone and where are all the Gods? Where’s the street-wise Hercules to fight the rising odds?

    I think Barack knows anthropologically that my kind and your kind is not fated to make it. To him he sees that those that assimilate will make it and Blackness is fading. Our people who choose to assume his lead can try to hold onto all that is easy or default in being Black–like skn-tone but we don’t have to be aligned to our odds against us anymore. We can be these new types of people he says we can be. You however will not. You will remain the same.

  6. Cliff

    Andrea, a Safe Negro is a Strategic Negro. Assimilation can be used as a strategy to take a position of power. I know they are sick, and I know they need that WS virus to be cleaned, and I know you probably want to take this approach,

    🙂 LOL JK

    but I appreciate his intelligence. Since he is safe, and strategizing for empowerment, he can’t come out and say…

    “I Love my wife’s 1st time comments!”

    “I Love Reverend Wright!”

    “I Love Minister Farrakhan!”

    SB, like Rikyrah, I’m only going to be jealous of you, for three days. 🙂

  7. Hey SB:

    January 17, 2009 at 8:24 am
    Sounds like SB and rikyrah could … hmmm.


    Chesapeake, you read my mind, and that’s not because I noticed the chemistry from WAYY back!

    Someone told me that 40 is the new 20, and 60 is the new 40. Sounds like Bush administration calculation parameters if you ask me.

    But seriously SB, if rikyrah is too intimidating, as most intelligent women are to most men, and you need some yungins to carry your name I know this dark chocolate sistah girl around the corner they call Shanaequa (Shu-knee-kwuh) or somthing black like that. And you don’t even have to worry about somebody to carry on your name because this sistah is so prepared, she comes with ‘your’ new legacy of kids in tow.

    I got dibbs on being the best man though!!!

    Happy New Year all.

    Peace, Phil

  8. By the way, I am wondering if you would let me write some things, after your approval of course. I’ve had some thoughts about the race since the election. Let’s stay in touch


  9. The next few days will see at least one record set that will NEVER be broken: a record number of black folks standing around in sub-freezing temperatures for a record number of hours. (Un)fortunately, I won’t be one of ’em. Have fun, SB and I hope you find your sugaplum at the fete, dressed in a cute pink parka.

    I’m looking forward to you and others contributing to this blog in the future. Keep skepticality alive!

  10. Andrea

    Who writes this mindless shit thinking it’s funny about Skep and Rikyrah procreating? I woke up to read this shit. It gives me the Heebie-Jeebies. That shit is nasty. If Skeptical Brotha’ hooked up with Rikyrah I would throw up. I would fucking throw up. (I love her blog though! Not the Jack and Jill…it is too bougie and too Pro-Obama. I loooved Mirror on America though. It seems to have a spine and a sensibility.)

    Rikyrah, though? Shit! She’s opposition research for all things Obama. She’d be poisoning SB with the “Kool-Aid” like she did here and on every blog trying to get us all to drink Obama’s blood out of a Kool-Aid pitcher. She got Political Junkie. She is funny though at it. 007 has nothing on Rikyrah. She knows we love the Kool-Aid pitcher almost as much as the Kool-Aid. She is a secret agent!:) The CIA thinks she is great. She works with Obama to get rid of Angry Blacks by assimilating The Angry Blacks.

    Please! She is dangerous, dangerous, dangerous. And I am speaking in the voice of a Malcolm X type of fair warning about dangerous, complicit Black Women who work for a different system which is what unfortunately appropriates authority to approve our compromised softness. She is a fanatic that works for the system to repel anything that is indigenous to SB’s make-up.

    SB is rare. Finding a young, Black man from the South not deny his Southern roots and hold them up as virtue, is rare. And finding that same person to be one of the few who could tussle with our Northern and Mid-Western or worse, Left Coast Black cousins that don’t know the origination of their roots before their people migrated, that is rare. Most of our peers that speak for us and think they are leaders have lives that start off in cities whereas SB’s started off in the same place where our heritage is still rooted. It’s just ignored because we chase the cosmopolitan virtues of life.

    Unfortunately I don’t know any rebellious Sistahs that want to withstand the trending assimilationist identity but maybe that young woman that used to come to this post, BeFree. (Where is she? Spitfire!) She was good and pissed to be yound and she had a great nose for sniffing out bullshit. Rikyrah is part of the system. She is part of the New Order of speciation. Please!

    Most of the Black People I see are assimilationists trying so hard to prove that they are not because they are ashamed to know that you really have to let go and lose yourself to advance at this game. Everyone has given up. None of these people are like our ancestors they advertise they are like. They exploit because they went to school and…did nothing but talk about they went to school for…

    Most GenX Blacks are weak and just want to belong. They are compromised and dangerous.

    Ironically I could see Skep’ ending up with a White Woman out of it all because we, Sistahs, are so compromised now that he might find a White Women with more resistance to call out this era of banality and mindlessness. Every bougie or brokering middle-class Sistah wants to be Michelle Obama as if Michelle and her bourgie crew is a hero. They don’t know the South like SB or know heritage like SB. Are we asking him to give up whom he is to get along? And yeah, I think that is what it is because that is more closer to what most metropolitan Blacks are about as well: speciation.

    I think he will have a time here in DC around all the bougie, beautiful people that he will encounter the next few days talkin the talk about how great they are and how advantageous they were to Obama’s win. I hope he brought pain killers with him because DC should make a killing off of everyone having a headache from listening to so much self-possessive bullshit. Well, Rikyrah can claim that she really was an important component of this historic win because I saw her prowess in action and she could turn the strongest and make them weak. But that is not a good mix to have to hear and witness the day after sex when you realized what you slept with: opposition on each side trying to win each other over.

    :)She would keep crying like she did on this blog for 2 years that SB hurt her feelings each time he dug into Obama’s ass. And he, like a spineless dope, fell for it each time. I remember he asked me to apologize to her. I was like, “Is Frederick Douglass asking me apologize to sniveling Blacks? Is Mr. Douglass succumbing to speciation too?” I wrote a response to say “Hell No, I ain’t apologizing!” and then I kept from sending it because I knew she would cry all over again. I saw that he was weak for her and I was already the bad guy for talking shit about Obama and backtalking Whites on his blog. After sex, he’d see clearly how much stronger she was than him.

    But hey…dangerous sex is memorable.

    At the end of the day, one HOPEFUL fuck in good faith could lead the further annihilation of “Our Kind of People” because “their kind”, who are viral, have taken over.

    Be careful, SB! They want to erase and deprogram your anger. Don’t let them! Watch out for my fellow triangulating Sistahs that say they have our best interests at heart. They only care about phasing us out anthropologically. Our ancestors are depending on you to fight White Women off and compromised Sistahs.

  11. Now you see, this is the same shit my mamma always keeps telling me about!!! I was trying to make this subtle and discreet and all and turn it into a surprise but now the girl done gone and spoiled the whole thing (sigh)…

    SB, I am sure you and Rikyrah have figured my plot out by now…Andrea IS the Shanaequa (Shu-knee-kwuh) I was talking about.

    So my much for trying to re-create ‘flayvor of love’. Guess I’ll have to stick to blogging…

    Peace, Phil

  12. Cliff

    “Most of the Black People I see are assimilationists trying so hard to prove that they are not because they are ashamed to know that you really have to let go and lose yourself to advance at this game.”

    Okay it’s looks like Andrea is back releasing heat. Let’s all discuss among each other to find out who you really work for and who you’re an agent for. An agent of God or an agent of Satan. Now most of us know that those of us who work for the CIA are agents of Satan. This is a very dangerous time to work for Satan, even if you are living an extravagant lifestyle.

    If you didn’t throw that heat out there, I would hope that even if you are working for Satan right now, and see no other alternative of putting a stop to your work, except by ensuring yourself a death sentence; I would like to intercede into that type of mindset by saying that God has much more power than him, and choosing bow in submission to God would be the better option.

    Putting heat like this out there would normally cause a “Safe Negro” like me to not touch it, but I had a dream about a year in a half ago, that corroborates some of the exact things that you just said. I will not publicly reveal that right now, but I will say that even if you are working for the enemy (and this goes for anybody who is black including myself) to undermine the revolution for the empowerment of our people, you are considered an enemy of God, and trader to your people. This is a very dangerous lifestyle that yields very dangerous results.

    Putting heat out there causes us to go deep.

    Let’s Go.

    Several months ago I had a dream where I heard the words say


    Of course getting up I was confused. I was thinking I know I know don’t work for the FBI, an organization who has almost dedicated its entire existence to the destruction of a black revolution, so these words must have symbolic meaning. I could be doing what I can to help the cause of my people, but according to God’s standards, I’m working for the FBI.

    Sounds crazy right?

    Therefore I have a lot of self-examination to do. A lot of examination is needed for my people as well.

    The number one aim of the CIA and the FBI is to continue to keep us divided. This is only way they win. Now if we could unite as what you called assimilating blacks and angry blacks or Safe Negroes and Radical/Revolutionary Negroes, wouldn’t that be revolutionary?

    Wouldn’t that be dangerous?

    Agent of Satan: Is it more dangerous to quit working for them, and start working for black people?

    Cliff: It is more dangeorous to continue working for them, to help them undermine us.

    I’m striving to be an agent of God, and not an agent of Satan.

  13. WHAT THE HELL?!!!!

    I take a break from SB for a couple of weeks and come back and find this level of hatred and venom towards one that truly doesn’t deserve it?

    You got to be freaking kidding me!

    Really? It’s like that?

    I guess so.

    This only confirms my suspicions that the blogosphere is full of folks that are emotionally needy, hurting, and a wreck.

    Cloaked under the veil of mysterious screen names, African pride, and profanity are some weak, broken, lonely, hurting people. And you couldn’t convince me otherwise… I told Wayne Bennett that 18 months ago. I also told him that many of these blogs attract people that cannot relate to individuals in face to face communication. So basically, the blogs attract people who have emotional problems, interpersonal communication difficulty, and even personality disorders.

    My heart goes out to Rikyrah because I know she doesn’t deserve it. But my heart goes out to Andrea because I know that she doesn’t deserve to be in that much pain.

    On a lighter note…
    Skep, I opted out of going to D.C., and I’m so glad that I did. I have no regrets.
    I figured that the environment would not be disability friendly, especially for a blind chick. Too many people equals danger for someone that depends on people to help her stay safe and to navigate through unfamiliar territory.
    I made a decision to watch television from home. I wish I had a private party to attend. But everybody I know well are in D.C. So, it’ll be me and Mama.
    I don’t feel that bad about not going. I got a chance to see him when he came to Houston. So, it’s cool. Although I would love to have a chance to meet either he or Michelle. I have a sneaky suspicion that I will one day. We’ll see.


    P.S. This is my last post about this. I don’t engage in blog wars. I don’t give a damn that much. I got real problems to deal with. Plus, these Bipolar folks in my fam have taught me how to not respond to nonsense. Feel me?

    BTW: Happy MLK Day to you good folks!

  14. TripLBee

    First of all, rikyrah is my girl so back off Andrea. Secondly, we have room for more than one Joshua. Barack and Skep are Joshuas as far as I’m concerned.

    Anyway, I’m here in D.C.—my hometown I am proud to say—and let’s just say that the original Chocolate City is Chocolate again. There is some serious electricity running through the air. I wish all of you could be here. Peace and love.

  15. janiceenberg

    I feel I might introduce my self here. My name is Kate, I’m a newbie here, someone told me that i might find some good information here so… basically that’s why I’m here, and for any good advice i might get also… hope to have good time here

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