Happy Birthday, Mrs. Obama



Today is the birthday of Barack Obama’s “rock,” Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama.  Mrs. O is 45 today. If you could wish the beautiful, vibrant, dynamic, sophisticated and accomplished First Lady Happy Birthday in person, what would you say to the sistah whose sacrifices gave us the first Black President?


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  1. That, in 8 years:
    1. Her mother will still be with her.
    2. Malia and Sasha are well on their way to be strong, confident, self-respecting Black women
    3. That she has her health.
    4. That she will be able to see her husband hand off power to the next President after 8 years.

  2. I would say thank you for holding it down on so many fronts with style, grace and pinache. Thanks for being that rock, that anchor and thanks for being real. Thanks for your shining example of what it means to sacrifice, work hard and persevere. Happy birthday and congratulations for reaching this politcal mountaintop while keeping a true perspective on what’s really important.

  3. SB,

    I was wondering if you ever went back and reread that letter you wrote to Michelle Obama when it was first circulated that he might run. Maybe you should re-post it.

  4. Andrea

    What is this?

    You are slippin’. You’re weak! Unless you tell every Black woman “Happy Birthday” on their birthday, this here is part of the fanaticism.

    What has Michelle Obama done anyway? Quit working at a law firm to work as a VP at a hospital? Yeah! That’s heroic.

    The sad thing is that she has so much more class and gravity that she would not ask anyone to celebrate her birthday that did not know her. There are other ways to celebrate the Black Woman beside deification of a Black Celebrity. It only reinforces glorification of hero-worship to force variables to try to fit the narrative of proving someone is a hero.

    The only thing Michelle has done heroic is to put her children first which should be natural for women but Michelle does it heroically. She “gets” that Black Girls need a mommy that would fight for them. Other than that, she is just a regular woman trying to get by in being a little bit more but she is still one who wants it easier even if it outpaces others. People don’t like to realize that she is not some deliverer that ever trying to feel our pain, really. We don’t get that because we live by the same pageantry to compete to look altruistic while not really doing it all the way. And if we advertise it, it’s our narrative others should respect and repeat. Well, I say, “Bullshit!”

    She is a human being who is just as flawed as her husband and just as flawed as all of us.

    Gawker has a great feature about this issue. They are making a case for us to stop deifying people like the pilot who was just doing his job. His heroism was in the way he built out his life to study and train in safety and try to empower others on regular days of everyday life. We are products of being raised on commercialization to want to rewrite narratives and Gawker has it right: http://gawker.com/5133340/why-we-should-leave-sully-alone?skyline=true&s=x

    Michelle is pretty and she means well but she has yet to prove any distinguished heroism for this type of hero worship you too have engaged in. Now you have to celebrate every Black woman’s birthday to either make us feel equal or revered or you are telling us that we are not as special than Michelle’s celebrity (because…).

  5. Cliff

    I am psychologically inspired to see a black woman in this position. I love her courage, wisdom, foresight, stratagem, understanding, and there is not many women like her.

    I am psychologically inspired by this phenomenal woman.



  6. Andrea,

    Breathe, girl. Wow. A relationship between rikyrah and I ain’t even on the table. Won’t no need to get personal. Speaking of personal,as a personal favor to me, I would appreciate it if you were to dial that hostility back and apologize to rikyrah. I appreciate the fierce defense of my skeptical bonifides, but I consider rikyrah to be a personal friend. A friend I’d like to keep permanently, just like you.

    As for Obama hero worship, you’ll feel differently when I drop my Inaugural piece on you. Michelle, though, is my damn girl. I love me some Michelle. Her class is effortless and her style and grace are peerless. Without Michelle’s consent, there would have been no presidential bid. If you’ll recall, his loosing congressional race against Bobby Rush caused problems in the marriage and he had to work overtime to convince a sistah about running for the Senate.

    Michelle is his partner, like it or not, her opinion matters to our president and he would not have been here without her love and support. She is important. She deserves our praise and our props for being the good role model that she is, I find no fault with her. Barack, on the other hand, is a different story.

  7. Tyren McGruder

    Happy King Day 1 and all. Off Topic.

    Just heard Colin Powell speak here in Minneapolis. All I could think of is he really does get it. I think he’s through being a Republican token.
    My next question is Black Republican??? I really don’t get it. If you got big money cool. Did you make it or was it bequeathed to you? Religion? OK. Do you realize some in the “good book” was used against us for so long. How many of your churches have pictures depicting a “white jesus?” How can you be down with a group that only wants to send you backward? Voting Rights Act. Sec. 5 in Roberts Supreme Court. et al.
    The best thing Powell said was that “the dream isn’t complete.” He mentioned as long as they (California) uses 3rd Grade Reading Tests to predict future prison population the dream isn’t complete. I had mentioned poor schooling and our unemployment rate to a sister I sat with.

    Sorry for rambling, just wanted to share.

  8. I would give Michelle a hug and thank her for being a woman of class, distinction, and grace. I believe that this woman is a powerful example to the world how beautiful, strong, dignified, and peaceful an African American woman can be. The girls are blessed to have her as a mom. But all of our little children are blessed to have her as a first lady. She truly is a positive role model.

    I’m glad that my Jasmine, Gabby, and Joseph will grow up the next 8 years with Michelle as an American figure to be proud of.

  9. Skep, “brown sugar plum”? LOL
    Now, you know that is truly NC, don’t you?

    BTW: I knew you had grown distant with this blog. I could feel it.
    I don’t blame you though. Doing this level of writing is hard work and emotionally draining at times.
    Yes, I think it is a good idea to find someone to moderate for you. That’s a good idea. I would certainly hate for this blog/forum to die. And to be quite honest, if you hadn’t started writing again here recently, I think that it was slipping into a coma. I’m glad that you’re back. But by all means, get you some rest.

  10. Tyren McGruder,
    I caught that speech on C-span. I think Colin Powell is still haunted by the ghosts of Iraqi and American dead from a war he did his part in making happen. But bless his heart, he was the ONLY major political figure I know of to speak up during campaign 2008 about the virulent Muslim-bashing and he did it very directly without pulling any punches.

  11. Chi

    To Michelle Obama I would share that there are so many of us cheering and fervently praying for her, the kids and Barack…That God who allowed this magnificent feat will never leave their sides even for a moment…That our good lord continue to instruct and bless their hearts, their minds and their spirits and continue to enrich them both with wisdom, discernment, brilliance, grace, integrity, dignity and authentic goodness-

    I also pray that black folks stop tearing each other down under the guise of holding them “true to the black experience”.

    Anyone who feels that Obama isn’t being “true” enough should by all means get out from behind their safe anonymous internet rants and run for office on their preferred platform and agenda-
    Any qualifying adult could afterall; so if Obama lacks your idea of “black truth” in politics and isn’t exactly living up to your percieved black standards and “principles”, by all means stop bellyaching, run for office yourself and BE IT…

    I pick Barack Obama over George Bush, The Clintons, John McCain and Sarah Palin any day; but it appears that there are those who would rather the substandard white candidate over a Barack Obama who is by the way already being held to much higher standards than his predecessors simply because of his skin color, including by those who incidentally completely let George Bush slide for eight years! and now suddenly insist that it is their job to “hold Barack Obama’s feet to the fire”…What a joke!

    And in the end, Barack can’t win for losing; and so he will do exactly what he feels works best because there is simply no pleasing some…

    We will savor this amazing moment in history and absolutely nothing or nobody can or will rain on this parade no matter how hard they try-

    We will continue to support Barack and Michelle Obama not because they are “black”, but because they have worked incredibly hard to get elected to this highest of offices in our land (a feat in itself); and truly earned their stripes and of course this office.

    But most importantly, Barack Obama is already positively impacting young black children around the world to strive much higher, do better and be better…That indeed is good enough for me…

  12. Angie this is for you:

    Hey Angie,
    well, for the Inauguration, the First Lady wore Isabel Toledo. They call the color lemongass. It was a dress with an overcoat. The overcoat had brocade on it. She had a chiffon scarf that was sort of greenish, and also a chiffon bow that tied in the front. I have to backtrack. It was really a 3 piece ensemble. A dress, then a shorter jacket/sweater that you only got to see for the Inaugural Luncheon, and the brocade overcoat. Now, the sweater was held together at the top by a jeweled collar that looked like diamonds, but weren’t. She wore green gloves, dark limeish color from J.Crew and matching Jimmy Choo heels (not too high, I would say 2 inches, max.)She even wore stockings.

    While some might not have liked it on TV, I can assure you from the newspapers I bought this morning, and looking at the front pages online from all over the country – that outfit was probably chosen for how it would photograph.

    Now, for the Inaugural ball, the President was in White tie. Lord, I love a man in White tie.

    Michelle Obama wore a one-shoulder flowing gown by Jason Wu. Now, it’s hit or miss too by some. I thought it framed her body perfectly. He used textures on it too, and had crystals all over it. It was Ivory, which you know just popped against her skin tone. Listening to the people on tv this morning, they said tv didn’t do it justice. To see it up close and see the detailing on it, it was stunning.

    The First Lady wore her hair down the entire day.

    Now, the WeeMichelles.

    Malia had on a royal blue overcoat with black scarf and royal blue satin sash tied pefectly in a bow. Black stockings and shoes. Black gloves.

    Sasha had on a salmon outfit. The satin sash and her scarf were still salmon, but a deeper, richer salmon. And Sasha even had salmon gloves on, as well as shoes and tights.

    The hair in curls, of course. They looked beautiful. And AGE APPROPRIATE.

    The picture of the First Lady and First Daughters was a very colorful one. They looked great.

    Hope I helped.

  13. TripLBee

    My wife and I brought our two sons to the inauguration and all of the attendant concerts and pageantry. It was wonderful. People were cheering on the Obamas for a variety of reasons. As African-Americans my family and I were there not so much to deify the Obamas, but to celebrate ourselves. From what I could see, a majority of the people on the Mall were black, perhaps as many as 70%. While it is easy for us to get carried away with our Obama worship, damn it feels good to be validated in this way. In a sense we were 2 million people collectively hugging ourselves. It was beautiful.

  14. SB,

    what’s up with Paterson? Not only does he NOT choose Caroline Kennedy, but has minions smearing her in the press? and for what? A female Lieberman?


  15. Darryl

    I hope the “bad hair days” are a thing of the past now for Michelle.

    Her stylist “for the past 18 years” needs to be shown the door. As First Lady, pulling the hair back, baseball caps, and the Darth Vader Helmet style are a no-no. A style that can stand up to the wind, like Ms. Biden’s, or the shorter cut worn by her friends Valerie and Desiree, might be the order of the day.

    As for the shining light, I think the people that lost their homes due to the land grab actions or her and that of her employer (U of Chicago and Hospital) and her report on shifting poor patients to the County Hospital instead of serving the community, may think differently.

    And who is her Mamma kidding about having to “think about” living in the White house ? She knows that for the next 4/8 years she is gonna love not having to make up a bed, do laundry, cook a meal, mop a floor. It will be like living in a hotel these next several years. “Think about it” my foot.

  16. Rick

    just coming up for a breath of fresh air from fighting the INFERNO which is the current financial/banking crisis. (I see the topics are as hot in here as ever though! 🙂
    wishing everyone peace and well wishes,

  17. Rick

    I needed a little inspiration this morning and alas, not so randomly, I came across a note you wrote to me in this space way back in April 2008. It was one of the most wonderful notes I had ever received. I actually came back this way to thank you.

    A gentle reminder that words have the power to heal (or destroy) well after they are uttered.


  18. TripLBee


    I don’t throw around terms like “Uncle Tom” very often, but Juan Williams fits the bill. He goes out of his way to be insulting to black people. Stokely Carmichael in a dress? Michelle made one rhetorical slip up during her two years on the stump, and Juan Williams reduces her to Stokely Carmichael in a dress. I think it says more about him than about the First Lady.

  19. Cliff

    The 1st Family has a lot of weight on their shoulders, and a lot of mess to clean. I’m wondering how long this process will take.

  20. Chi

    Juan Williams: One of the new order of token self-loathing blacks exploiting the now extremely lucrative business of doing the dirty job on behalf of their racist white masters…

    Michael Steele, Amy Holmes, Tara Wall, Ron Christie, Joe watkins, Larry Elder…the list keeps growing-

    If they are to fully impress and stay relevant to their masters and consequently well-remunerated for their services, they simply must outdo each other…

  21. akech

    When will Black community everywhere stop becoming vote hunting flunkies for Bill Clinton and Democratic or Republican parties power brokers?

    The private jails in America are busting with young black men while these jails are traded in open Wall Street stock markets.This could be the main reasons why young black men are sent to jails for violatins a white youth would not spend one day in jail for.

    Bright black youths are deliberately targeted for high interest college, the sponsors for the elite clubs like Congressional Black Caucus or give campaign contributions to its members. These people are not representing the core constituents who elect them.

    Michael Steele is promising to recuscitate GOP; he may be is promising delivering African American votes commes next election circle.

    I was just looking at $819 billions ecomnomic stimulation biil. It is loaded with shovel-eady pet projects for the well connected. Disheartening indeed!!!

  22. Dan Rand

    what would you say to the sistah whose sacrifices gave us the first Black President?

    you mean his mother of course, right?


    The private jails in America are busting with young black men while these jails are traded in open Wall Street stock markets.This could be the main reasons why young black men are sent to jails for violatins a white youth would not spend one day in jail for.

    and who suffers most from ‘black’ crimes, besides the perpetrators? ironically it is black on black crime that suffers most by incarceration.

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