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When Skeptical Brotha regular Zeitgiest9000 posted yesterday that the Atlantic’s Marc Ambinder is reporting that the Obama Administration is vetting Tennessee Governor Phil Bredesen for Secretary of Health and Human Services, my head exploded. I damn near stroked out, y’all. A diehard Hillarycrat, this is his transparent way of saying that we would have been better off with the Queen of Triangulation, and by extension, her approach to health care reform. I don’t know if that’s true, but if Barack Obama gives a mutha%$#*ing bastard like Phil Bredesen the reins of HHS, I do know we’ll all wish we had been volunteer slaves on the Clintons neo-liberal plantation.

Placing Governor Bredesen in charge of the Administration’s health care reform effort is analogous to giving a pedophile unfettered access to children. At least an establishment tool like Tom Daschle has a few scruples left; a capitalist pig like Phil Bredesen has none. It’s my moral obligation to sound the alarm so that this capitalist piggy screams “wee, wee, wee,” all the way home.

I know what you’re thinking. “Damn, Skeptical Brotha has gone off his meds.” If you must know, I ain’t on no meds, at least not for that, but if I were, and I depended on Tennessee’s Medicaid program, for example, a mutha%$#*a like Phil Bredesen would be rationing my sh*t to “2 name brand drugs and 3 generic prescription drugs monthly, the lowest in the country.” This is done without any regard for the maladies people have or what doctors say their patients need. Thanks be to Gawd that my therapist thinks my depression is situational and not clinical. That is a conversation for another day and I need to stay on task.

Let me be clear so there can be no misunderstanding. Phil Bredesen is a corporate pedophile whose unconscionable greed as a former HMO executive made him a multimillionaire and unscrupulous politician who elects to balance Tennessee’s state budget on the backs of sick children and vulnerable adults by using the spurious pretext of cost to deny them access to proper medical care.

Old habits die hard and Bredesen’s unconscionable greed was made manifest by the deliberate denial of medical care to an unsuspecting public covered by his HMO. His private sector “success,” in turn, made him the type of slimy prick the corporate power structure encourages to run for public office. He began his career as the Mayor of Nashville and subsequently became Tennessee’s Governor. If I do this right, he’ll never receive a cabinet appointment in the Obama Administration because of his shameful record as the business lobby’s nefarious servant directing the state of Tennessee to follow his callous and right-wing business model.

Before Bredesen eff’ed it up, TennCare was the most generous and cost-effective Medicaid program in the country. Not only did it cover indigent care, its intended function, it also drew down ample federal subsidies to expand coverage to adults who couldn’t gain access to health coverage because of pre-existing conditions or prohibitive cost. The subsidies kept hospitals and clinics operating in areas that provided essential care to the isolated rural poor and reduced the rate of uninsured to one of the lowest in the country. The program operated in the black until a Republican governor started messing with it. Bredesen was (s)elected by the power structure in 2002 to finish the job.

The NAACP Legal Defense Fund wrote to the Governor in 2004 about their fear that Bredesen’s “reforms” would give the state or its contractors “sole discretion to decide whether a service is covered, without meaningful regard to widely accepted standards of medical care or appropriate deference to the professional judgment of the treating physician.”

“…This invites physicians and/or the TennCare Bureau and its contractors to apply a standard of care to an already vulnerable population that could threaten a patient’s health and cause ‘life-threatening consequences.”

Given the terrible way in which the black poor were and continue to be treated and the fact that forty percent of the African American population of Tennessee was dependent on the state’s Medicaid program for basic access to medical care; a number, which included at least 50 percent of black children, the NAACP’s fears were well founded.

Bredesen ignored the concerns of his detractors and they sued the hell out of the state. They attempted to make the Governor and his minions accountable for a draconian, bare bones Medicaid program that cut over two hundred thousand elderly and disabled people off from assistance they formerly received resulting in “an increase in preventable deaths by a rate that equals an additional death every 30 hours.”

A federal Court found in 2001 that the state and its managed care contractors were systematically violating quality of care standards governing the treatment of low-income TennCare children, including those in the state’s troubled foster care system. There was extensive evidence that children suffered serious harm as a result of those violations. In 2006, state officials claimed to have fixed the problems. But a panel of court-appointed monitors issued a lengthy report last year (2007) finding that the state had not proven that claim, and there remained evidence of widespread problems.

In June last year, a federal appeals court authorized a computer expert to determine whether the Bredesen Administration had altered computer records to evade court orders to produce records documenting the state’s systematic denials of care to 650,000 children covered by the state’s Medicaid program. According to the Tennessee Justice Center, “the Governor and other officials disclosed that they had used Bredesen’s personal email system and their personal computers for state business. They claimed that by putting the public records on personal computers, officials could shield them from inspection.”

Bredesen’s heartlessness is borne out by numerous horror stories documented by Families USA:

Could you sleep at night if your budget cuts eliminated an elderly woman from receiving treatment for schizophrenia and lung cancer?

Could you cancel a prostate cancer operation for an elderly senior living on less than $1000 a month just days before the procedure?

Could you look at yourself in the mirror if you prevented anyone suffering from emphysema or some other respiratory condition from getting round-the-clock oxygen?

Could you face the public knowing that you cut off insulin dependent diabetics from their medication?

Phil Bredesen can because he is a monster. The cumulative impact of his evil is unfathomable. It doesn’t take a genius to understand why Republicans vote for him or why my favorite neo-liberal ass clown’s at the New Republic fetishize his massive cruelty.

Any sentient Democrat who believes that a bastard like Phil Bredesen merits consideration for Barack Obama’s cabinet should be fitted for a straight jacket and locked away forever in a padded cell. I am compelled to write today. I am ringing the bell and sounding the alarm. Let the word go forth, from this time and place, that the progressive blogosphere finds a Bredesen appointment totally unacceptable. It is the highest insult for progressives for him to even be vetted by this Administration. His appointment would be a stench in the nostrils of God and a sick joke on the most vulnerable among us, especially sick and disabled children and adults, like the elderly and the uninsured, the people his green eyeshades target as the expendable poor that are socially acceptable to kill.

27 thoughts on “Phil Bredesen, Corporate Pedophile

  1. davisoftheapes1

    I am a 52 year old insulin dependent diabetic. I’m a heart patient. I bet if I tried, I could probably qualify for disability. I go to work “EVERY DAY” What we ought to do is disenroll the ones who are too damn sorry, lazy and more capable of working than I am. This should have happened way before the collapse of the current economy. B4 you go off the deep end and rant about me being a mean, dirty rotten, uncaring, son of a bitch, I want to point out that I didn’t say that we should not help the ones that cannot fend for themselves like the ones you listed. Cut the alcoholics. Cut the drug addicts. Cut every friggin body that “chooses” to drink, do drugs etc. as opposed to being a responsible human being. Don’t want to starve to death? Don’t drink damn it! Make a decision. If you’re sane and physically able, you have the responsibility of doing for yourself instead of being a parasite to the rest of us.

    I’m also a Republican and wouldn’t vote for Bredesen to kiss weenies at Oscar Mayer. Take him or leave him, either way, we’re equally fucked.

  2. davissoftheapes,

    I hate to sound mean and judgemental, but Type 2 diabetes is just as “voluntary” an illness as alcoholism and drug dependency, to the extend that it is the result of poor diet. In my view, drug addiction and alcoholism are diseases. In fact they are prevalent diseases that should be addressed through caring, sound public policy. Simply “cutting off” as you say, those who some deem to be “lazy” and “capable” (since when did crack addicts become capable?) is the sort of thinking that got us into this mess. Also, who exactly would be tasked with determining who is capable? It seems that the health insurance companies already do that, and we see where that’s gotten us. In any event my friend, be careful what you wish for.

  3. Bredsen makes me cringe and vomit. He’s been the worst thing to happen to our state since Bill Frist. Obama should pick Howard Dean, Maxine Waters, or Dennis Kucinich.

  4. rikyrah,

    Thanks, sweetheart. I couldn’t be more pleased about Artur running. Now we can finally be rid of him. I look forward to watching his blue dog bitch arse lose in a landslide.

  5. Ian M.

    The worst thing about Bredesen is that Tennesseans eat his shit up. My coworker said something like “Well, he made some tough decisions in order to save TennCare.” To which I replied, “He effectively executed a bunch of poor people so we don’t have to have an income tax.” The dude is scum, but he does have support in the state – from shitheads.

  6. I’m beginning to wonder who has gotten to our president. With the appointment of Gregg for commerce secretary, and now you’re telling me he’s considering this man to lead HHS, well, I’m beyond baffled.

    Is he being blackmailed?

  7. Chi

    Asolutely NO on Bredesen!! Simply scum…

    Yea for Arthur Davis!! Great guy…great potential!

    The Clintons continue to play your black community – There’s Bill Clinton at Hank Aaron’s 75th Birthday still trying to spin and con black folks and they in their delusion continue to lap it all up – Sorry people, black folks are their own worst enemies; they need absolutely no help in destroying each other…

  8. Candace



  9. Candace



    And, in the same breath, you pull the CLINTON out of your ass…What does Hillary or Bill have to do with Bredesen?


    Chi, I think you are ENVIOUS/JEALOUS of the CLINTONS…that’s why you can’t get them off your brain…FYI :ENVY IS MORE HARMFUL TO THE PERSON WHO ENVIES, THAN IT IS TO THE PERSON YOU ENVY.

    I do feel that BO can find a better HHS tah Bredesen….However, SB, I didn’t know about his actions against Tenncare…

    Why in general is there a lot of debate regarding healthcare in this country? I don’t get it!!!

  10. Candace

    Also, SB, what is exactly wrong w/Artur Davis?..Ya know every black democrat can;t be LIBERAL (for klack of a better term).

    Davis for the most part VOTES w/the democrats,sooooo why is he a COON, but Maxine Waters, Barbara Lee, Charlie Ranget aren’t? hmmmmm

  11. Anon 1

    Hawaii had similar health care insurance to Massachusettes. But late last year Hawaii had to abandon that type of insurance because people who could afford to pay, were scrapping their private health insurance and signing up for the government one. Hence, it became too expensive for the Hawaii officials to continue this subsidized form of health care.

    Why would anyone pay for healthcare, if the government giving it out free?

    It seems the Democrats are more concern about insuring chidlren of illegal immigrants, than they are of children of legal immigrants. And by the way, when is it that a child is now defined as under 30 years old. SCHIP is not a bad piece of legislation as first created by the Republican run Congress and later signed into law by the CLinton Administration. President Bush refused to implement it after many expansions by a Democratic run Congress and now we see why. SCHIP has been hijacked and expanded by the democrats and Obama administration that those who truly need help may not get it. It might be bankrupt before it gets off the ground.

    I agree health insurance is too expensive and we have to look at ways to make it cheaper. But government run health care is not the way to go. There must be someway we can make it as competitive and affordable as auto insurance.

  12. Anon 1,

    Are you trying to win the gold medal for the most embarrassing post in this blog? You’ve got some stiff competition in here today, but you’re a strong contender. SCHIP covers the children of LEGAL immigrants. Legal immigrants pay taxes. Why shouldn’t they get public services?

  13. What’s the scoop on Sebelius and health care? And why is Howard Dean radioactive to this administration? Did he pee in Rahm Emmanual’s cornflakes or sumthin?

  14. We’ve known this here (in TN) for some time. Most people were expecting Bredesen to get something. But when he didn’t make it past the first round for anything (he even thought he may be considered for VP), we were relieved. I think his cuts to TennCare were wrong, however, I think Bredesen may surprise as much as he would disappoint given that he’d have a greater pot of money to work with.

    Being a realist, any of the choices named will surprise as much as disappoint if they tried to move on health care reform. Is there anyone with big enough balls and clout to take on the Pharmaceuticals? Insurance companies? No, not even Dean. Even if we had a filibuster proof majority there are several Dems who would fold like a beat up suitcase in the face of having a medical industry supported candidate running against them.

    My guess is is that Bredesen wants to oversee the current budget crisis the state is experiencing (on the verge of tens of thousands of jobs lost) before moving on to a new job. If stimulus passes with aid to states, he may jet by the summer.

    A hint as to what might happen, his chief aide left for some as yet unknown DC job about a month ago.

  15. RisingTide

    Dean and Rahm got in a shouting match a while back.
    I’m 99% certain that has NOTHING to do with anything.

    Passionate adults get into shouting matches about intelligent policy debates. That’s what happened. Rahm knows how to let things drop.

  16. christianslayer

    Trip L Bee,
    You are a voice of reason in the midst of insanity..The only disagreement I have with you is your need to apologize to that judgmental moronic republican.I am surprised he is even visiting this blog site..Same as only the idea of a devil keeps people tied to the church,only racism keeps people tied to the republican party.They have been proven to be liars when it comes to every other topics..Only their hate for poor folks and Blacks remain true….The question which needs to be asked is why are so many people still supporting Obama in spite of all these dark clouds he is hanging over our heads?Why,,,,,,,DAMN IT….,MYSELF,I HATE PEOPLE WHO MAKE ME WORRY NEEDLESSLY

  17. Jen

    My 19 year old stepson is on tenncare or whatever the program is now and found out a few months ago after a visit to the ER that he has possibly cancerous lung cysts. He has a month left on treatment and they have dropped his coverage for Specialty Visits meaning he cannnot go see his oncologist for scans but he can see his PCP for scans who is not a cancer doc. He cannot find a job in this economy not even at McDonalds.

    He is checking into Bridges to Care to get his last months or so of treatment covered so he can find a job save money and move to CA and attend college.

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