16 thoughts on “Sharpton on Olbermann

  1. Rick

    the suggested protest march is ok.

    putting pressure on the NY Post’s source of revenue streams (e.g. its sponsors/advertisers) would be best.

  2. imhotep

    Let’s flip the script, NEW PUNCHLINE:

    “I guess we’ll have to find someone else to do
    racists cartoons for the NY Post.”

  3. Cliff

    “The cartoon is a clear parody of a current news event, to wit the shooting of a violent chimpanzee in Connecticut. It broadly mocks Washington’s efforts to revive the economy. Again, Al Sharpton reveals himself as nothing more than a publicity opportunist.”

    – Col Allan


    Lock !


    One day I was having a debate with a white guy and he looked at me straight into my eyes and said “I Know Father.”

    Years later these words are becoming more relevant today. A whole race of rebellious children who are diseased with WS, disgracing their own fathers


    “The Nubians are believed to be the first human race on earth.”

    What is the penalty disrepecting your parents like this?

    What is the penalty for denunciation of your Father?

    How about killing your Father?

    How about killing hundreds of millions of your Fathers?

    How about killing your Mother?

    How about raping you Mother?

    How about killing hundreds of millions of your Mothers?

    How about portraying your Father as an animal in a cartoon?

    Are you trying to switch characters, all of a sudden?

    Col Allen, Sean Delonas, Rupert Murdoch have been bad little boys.

    Al Sharpton: These guys came from my testicles, and I need to discipline my children.

    Sometimes the behavior of bad little boys can be animalistic.

    Sometimes the behavior of bad little boys can be similar to monkeys or chimpanzees.

    It is quite natural for bad little boys to accuse their Dads of being on their level of barbarianism.

    This comment is a clear parody of the truth, not of false satire, or accusation.


  4. Cliff,

    Have you seen this video from Countdown of Keith discussing the situation with Michael Wolff of Vanity Fair. Wolff goes into great detail about Col Allan (about 2:30 in) who appears to be one heck of an ass—and one on his way out. (Don’t let the door hit you on the way out, Allan!) this was on last night’s show, with Wolff saying we wouldn’t hear about it again, yet by the end of the show there was the breaking news that the Post delivered their ‘non-apology’ apology.

    Not sure if a video will show here, so here’s the URL and embedding code.

  5. Chi

    I was not in the least bit surprised or shocked by this cartoon nor the increasing manifestation of the subtle and not so subtle hate-filled rhetoric.

    Whether we want to admit it or not, this is only just the beginning of the effects of the attempts of many at demeaning and diminishing President Obama and by extension hardworking black people in general, after what has been a few seconds of dignified living in a warm and fuzzy alternate universe.

    This in my opinion however, is no different from the articles and blogs (including those by BLACKS!)that claim to offer required “criticism” and “demand for accountability” from Barack Obama and his administration, but end up insulting, dismissing and denigrating the man and his efforts-

    In just ONE month in office and under the very worst of circumstances, Barack Obama has not even been afforded a minute to sort out his thoughts without being pounced upon and subjected to the most inane and resistance building of attacks explicitly designed to ensure systematic chipping away at his credibility and ultimately the failure of his presidency.

    President Barack Obama’s popularity has been nothing less than frustrating and annoying to many and I watched today as Wolf Blitzer not surprisingly, announced with much glee that “Obama’s support is steadily diminishing as newly released poll numbers show”…At 69% positive still by the way! While of course the ubiquitous Clintons continue their posturing, auditioning and positioning…

    Those who perpertrate these attacks and incidentally encompass the white, non-white, liberal, conservative and “other” spectrum, feel further emboldened, heartened and validated by the very loud and crass voices of blacks prematurely attacking Barack Obama in the name of “balance”, “criticism” and “holding his feet to the fire”.

    Let’s not forget the “he ain’t my president crowd” offended because they weren’t asked to sing at the inauguration and the “how dare Michelle not wear our black designers…this was our moment crowd” who jumped in after the fact as they are wont to mercilessly exploit in typical mercenary fashion.

    And whether blacks like or believe it or not, for the people behind these cartoons, Barack Obama at this very moment is THE metaphor for all things BLACK!

    Their hate, disaffection, disrespect, low opinions, disapproval and general dislike of all things black will be endlessly projected onto Obama and reflected in their ongoing attempts at mischaracterizing him and his presidency.

    (Nevermind that they will sometimes employ the use of blackface in the form of self-loathing Michael Steele, Alan Keyes, Ron Christie, Larry Elder types. These extra special blacks operating in their very own specially padded alternate universe, have long resigned their collective fates to the whims of the wallets that pay their bills.)

    President Obama’s successes or/and failures will have many repercussions for years to come but this cartoon is just the very teeniest and inconsequential tip of the proverbial iceberg. And for better or worse, the best is yet to come – tighten your seat belts folks…

    To those up in arms over this cartoon, your work has only just begun…And to the ever bloviating so-called “progressives”, black blogger’s and critics the warning comes early enough and the message is very simple: Continue to denigrate, emasculate and tear down President Obama at your own peril…Criticize and question if you must, but do not provide fodder and validation for the mindless destruction of this good man and the dreams and hopes of many, many, many people.

  6. Cliff

    SoCal Muchacha

    Michael Wolf stated that it is an educated speculation of his that Rupert Murdoch is livid over this cartoon. May be. May be not. We need to hear this lividness come out of his mouth, not from people who surround him, or speculate him. If this is not what he wants, or where he wants to be, then he needs prove his sincerity in this matter. Otherwise if he does nothing, and sits behind his desk, periodically getting up and cracking those blinds, and watching all those protesters outside his window, then he will have shown us that he does want this, he is happy with this, this cartoon does capsulate the philosophy of the NY Post, and he does not seek a cure for the WS virus.

    BTW OT, on your blog, “I thought I had previously reached the highest level of disgust with Michael Vick’s animal cruelty”

    “The dogs were killed by shooting, hanging, electrocution and drowning, and in at least one instance, according to one of the witnesses, when Vick and Phillips killed a red pit bull by “slamming it to the ground several times before it died, breaking the dog’s back or neck.”

    Sounds pretty framiliar with my people, and what we went through, and are still going through. I just pulled the noose off my neck a few days ago. I just pulled the taser out of my back a couple of hours ago.


    Might be okay to hang, electrocute, and drown black people, but a sin against humanity to hang and electrocute dogs, right???

    I just thought I have reached the highest level of disgust with my people being attacked with people are diseased with WS.

  7. Cliff,

    Give me a break. Because I think what Michael Vick did to animals in his care, was/is disgusting somehow makes you think that such things being done to any human is okay by me? Let me just shake my head for awhile at that incredible leap you made. Now THAT leap is what is disgusting. Yup, this is ripe for opening up dialogue…sheesh.

  8. Cliff

    Okay SoCal Muchacha, I will give you a break.

    I like to leap, to make symbolic comparisons.
    I want you to be just as outraged when you hear of stories of crimes against humans, just as you are outraged when you hear of crimes against dogs. I want to raise the bar of the value of black human life, to make it at least one notch above the lives of “Man’s Best Friend.” I know that in the past Michael Vick would not have been sentenced to 24 months, an angry mob would have been smelling his ashes within 24 hours. So I guess America has advanced a little, in the past 100 years.

    Help us raise the bar of human black life.

    I need to see that same outrage when it comes to police brutality, and economic oppression.

    We want you the Angry White Liberals to be a friend of the Negro. 🙂

  9. ph2072

    This is just the beginning; the subtle quips and musings and doings will never end. The chances of being a “post-racial America” appear to be slimmer than the chances of winning the lottery. I’m inclined to agree with just about all of you.

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