To-wit: The Man is a volunteer slave, house Negro, shameless minstrel, handkerchief head and Republican mouthpiece expert at camouflaging the agenda of racist conservatives against his own people. He is also a former Maryland Lt. Governor and failed Senate Candidate who attempted to bamboozle bourgeois Whites and Negroes with his empty charm and good looks. He is 6’4 and goes by the slave name Michael Steele. He is probably well dressed and given to misappropriating hip-hop expressions in a lame ass attempt to make right-wing conservatism look cool. Has an aversion to the Oreo which is curious given the fact that he is one. A reward will be paid to anyone who can apprehend him so that his master can beat the defiance out of him for daring to be uppity and question  a white man’s divine right to rule the racist plantation better known as the Republican Party.



  1. imhotep

    LOL! On point SB. Where do they find negroes like Burris and Steele? I thought they closed the Sambo Factory back in the 1930’s. Steele sounds as phony as they come, at least Bobby Jindal believes that crap he spouts “americans can do anything” bull, good thing his dad didn’t believe in the tooth fairy. Steele has this uncanny ability to project arrogance and incompetence at the same time, he’s almost as good as GWB, the supreme master. But his attempts at being cool and hip is so painful to watch. He reminds me of the older gentleman who hangs out at the bar trying to pick up girls half his age. Or the white cop in Sanford and Son reruns that always get the slang wrong. “What’s goin’ out, homo?” “how’s it dangling, my pimps” No no no its “What’s going down, homie” “how’s it hangin’ my peeps” Bryant Gumble and Wayne Brady need to roll up on Steele and Burris, and take them on a “Training Day” ride. “Is Gumble and Brady gonna hafto choke a bitch? Steele, Burris you makin us look bad, your street cred is null and void, you have been stripped of your Brotha Card, so tapdance yo behind back to your masters as dark white people.”

  2. Well let’s see, the Republican plan was to appeal to a younger, more diverse demographic who voted for Obama. Apparently the pathetic spectacle of having the first Black RNC chief APOLOGIZE to a racist wingnut shock jock is going to accomplish this. Well, mission accomplished…the Bush version of “mission accomplished” in this case.

  3. feckless

    I think Mr. Steele’s response to Mr. Limpbaugh was inadequate.

    Words of contrition are not enough, there should be penance.

    Mr. Steele should have to wear a racing equestrian’s silks and cap and stand on Mr. Limpbaugh’s front lawn holding a ring.

  4. rage

    I’m with Bill Maher. I’m stunned by the shameless depth of the GOP-douche baggery. Most political teams make some concerted effort to limit that obtuse ugliness to maybe a couple positions on the second or third string, tops. But, the ReThugniCons have devoted ten whole strings to the likes of Steele, Palin, Jindal, Boehner, Gingrich, Frist, Bushes, Dick Vader, et cetera! That’s got to be the lowest low since Hitler. What’s tragically comic, however, is that these idiots actually think they have a snowball’s chance in hell of beating Obama in 2012 with a candidate scrounged up from this ten-string abyss of loathsome losers. That, and actually thinking that Michael Steele is cool enough in the eyes of the real hip hop crowd to draw that demographic away from Obama in 2012.

    The truth is I’d actually buy front-row tickets to see Michael Steel take his lame oreo-ass to the actual ‘hood to drop some of that wack ig’nunce he’s passing off in the GOP community as hip hop fresh Blackness. I just want to see Steele get his bought-n-bossed ass thoughly whipped by that demographic right in front of the GOP owners for whom he’s so pathetically Tommin. Steele aint one of US, and the GOP needs to know WE still aint stud’nin them, even with Michael Steele over there Tommin like a chattel buffoon.

  5. the man really has no shame. it’s fascinating how the US protects the weasels and amoral. forget about Honor. thank you for calling it HOW IT IS with this klown. actually we really should stop saying GOP and call it what it is…”The Grand Old Party”. the same people who wanted to make Sarah Palin the VP because WE had Hillary. i won’t ask the question because we know the answer….they really do have no shame. Mean, hate filled, confused, greedy bastards, each and every one!

  6. Chi

    Michelle Bachman to Michael Steele at the CPAC crap:
    “Michael Steele, you be da man; You be the man…”

    Prety much sums it up…no?!

  7. scott

    Its border line tragic really,given the great strides made by Obama to drag America into the 21st Century that this Steele clown has made himself a willing dupe of the racist GOP.
    Mr Obama certainly will have his work cut out for him,but given what I’ve seen so far,and in spite of those forces aligned against him,rooting for him to fail,he will succeed come Hell or High water.

  8. Fogy

    It has to be purposeful. No political apparatus as long-toothed as the Republican Party can possibly be this inept and clownish.

    There’s a plan afoot. There has to be.

  9. jstheater

    Tell it, brotha, Michael Hanky Head done shuffled right on up to the mic and groveled and apologized to Obese Drug-Addict White Massa Limpblob, and he gone be shuffling right off the stage soon enough when the rest of the GOP massas get tired of his clownish ass, which is just around the corner (cf. all the investigations into his shaky financial practices during his various electoral runs). Sho nuff!

  10. franko

    Anonymous, shut your ass up!

    SB, this is why I come here everyday!!! Thank you for taking the time to post the very thoughts I share.

  11. This is really on point! I live in Maryland. Michael Steele was a token Lieutenant Governor for Bob Ehrlich who is a known bigot and racist. Michael Steele is a true “Steppin’ Fetchin”! Are there any known statistics about this 20 million listeners that Rush L. claims to have? It is my understanding from reading another blog that the vast majority are truck drivers who listen for entertainment purposes and most of them do not vote.

  12. Cliff

    “What’ goin’ out, homo?” how’s it dangling, my pimps” No no no its “What’s going
    down, homie” “how’s it hangin’ my peeps”

    LOL. Imhotep, one time I was watering my grass, and there was a brotha who came out of nowhere, walked up to me with raggedy clothes on, and said “Hey man, do you know where I could find a nickel?” Now the average person who lives in my community would know that this brotha is working undercover. The undercover brotha may know that he is working undercover, but he may not know that his working for the interest of increasing their #1 GNP (The incarceration and deaths of black people). A black man who does not want to help rectify our problems, but would rather work to help the police, sheriffs, federal agents increase our problems are very injurious towards our people. Some of us may be ignorant though.

    SB, Michael Steele could be a Safe Negro who does not know that he is being used to camouflage the ideas of racist conservatives.

    He may not know that when they look at him, they want him to be in chains in that oooold south.

    I think we can still cause separation between the Safe Negroes and the outwardly racists like Rush Limbaugh.

    Steele is still a compassionate Safe Negro, who may not know that he is working to increase their tyranny against our people.

    Now Larry Elder and Alan Keyes are a different story. They are of a different profile. They are not ignorant at all. They know exactly what they are doing. They are not compassionate at all. They are not SAFE. They are the real Uncle Ruckus Negroes, who don’t try to straddle the fence at all. They are very aggressive with their agendas, to destroy the idea of black empowerment.

    I still see a divide between the compassionate Safe Negroes and the Uncle Ruckus Negroes. The Safe Negroes can still be swayed to help the terms of the black agenda.

    The Uncle Ruckus Negroes, well we have just about given up on them.

  13. dslunlimited

    Looks like Obama and the Dems are using an old school reverse Judo-Chess move on the Repukes.
    I’m lovin’ it. Wasn’t it Chris Matthews that seemed perplexed the other day when Obama purposefully called out El RushBo. Well now we see the intent of that strategy played out. Very impressive of Obama to intuit the flame-out of Mike “Feet of Clay” and “trap of” Steele. I wonder what other prescient attack strategies are being cooked up by our Commander in Chief?
    Pass the popcorn folks…this is going to be a good one.

  14. imhotep

    Cliff on point. Yes I agree there are levels of Uncle Tomfoolery. And Steele could be turned around at some point, perhaps after large dosages of disillusionment, that eventually hits every brother that bumps his head on the expectations of his masters. This public groveling to Limbaugh is a start. Somewhere in there is a Black man getting pissed. And once that inner Black man gets smacked around long enough, to the point where his wife and kids start asking him.. “Are going to let him get away with that daddy?” Then he will be ready. Right now money, power and prestige are glimmering in his eyes. Steele is about getting paid (probably just crumbs in the big picture), and hanging with people who get paid. But once he reaches that Denzel moment:

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lzf_QEstvIU ,

    when the whip isn’t as painful as the loss of his dignity, then that brother will be selling bean pies
    and wearing bow ties. But until then “What’s your party boy!” Whiptach! “Republicannnnnnn!” “I can’t hearya boy!”
    Whiptach! “Tooobbbeeee Master”

  15. Chi

    Oh the tragicomedy continues to play out…

    Ada Fisher is now calling for Michael Steele to step down as RNC chairman;

    According to her, Steele has “broken the 11th commandment – thou shall not criticize or contradict a fellow republican…”

    What sort of drugs have these shameless people pilfered and overdosed on…?

  16. elliot

    Can you guys tell me what your thoughts will be after 4-8 years of the Obama admin. if nothing has been done to improve the black communities across America?

    What if the grades in schools are no better(still not cool act white by making good grades), father-less children stats stay the same, black-on-black crime..the same, poverty rates…the same.

    Who will you blame?

    Look, I’m very aware that none of you will ever give a black person who happens to be Conservative a chance…regardless of what kind of a person he truly is…you’d rather take the easy, knee-jerk response that you were taught by prejudiced people you grew up around or that you currently hang with. It’s so easy isn’t it? To be judgemental while asking everyone else to be tolerant of opposing views. You guys have always done that very well here and I know that is the purpose of this website. But, it’s a free country (for now)…so carry on with your hate of all things white (and Black if they have their own minds).

    Does it not bother you that you are just the “Black Vote”. How silly. Could you imagine white people being told by other white people what they have to believe or how they have to vote, as if the decision was made for you at birth? Which for you it was apparently.

    But, keep supporting jokes like Sharpton, Jackson, Wright and other hypocrites while the Black community stay exactly the same. Also, keep condemning successful Black leaders who happen to have different views than you so that your children grow up to be as ridiculous as you all are.

    Good job guys!! You’re really doing the Lord’s work. Sad.

  17. elliot, it is quite ironic that a Republican would accuse any other group of people of being monolithic in their worldview. Let me just ask you one question. Why do “successful Black leaders” like Michael Steele have to kiss the fat, pasty white ass of a bloviating racist like Rush Limbaugh? That is the very definition of ridiculous!

  18. Chi


    “Conservative” is merely code for “Rabid racists and a handful of opportunistic, self-serving and seriously deluded/self-loathing minority people who’ve agreed to be exploited in a cash- inspired mercenary partnership” –

    You really ought to spend more time preaching to and converting your hate-filled “Christian, family values, conservative” stalwarts like Rush Limbaugh, Tom DeLay et al.

    By the way, my hope after a 4-8 year term by President Obama is that ALL of America is moving forward again after the devastation of 8 miserable and divisive years under his predecessor!

    I’d hope that ALL communities and ALL school children’s grades (and not just that of blacks), are greatly improved; And I’d hope that ALL statistics for socioeconomic problems including poverty and crime regardless of demographics, ultimately reflect greatly diminished negatives-

    President Obama could not possibly undo a lifetime of damage done to America, but he would have made some serious headway…And that’s good enough for me!

    But, that’s not why you’re here is it…?

    Your utterly shallow, shamefully simplistic and right wing talk radio inspired post is at once insulting and condescending all the while even arrogantly presuming to understand…

    You pathetically attempt to “convince” while hurling what you think might be dent-making, hurtful but ultimately seriously silly and lame crap like “don’t you hate being the black vote…” – And in the end, it all comes across as incredibly childish and poorly reasoned, undeveloped and painfully contradictory dribble-

    Any so-called “black person who happens to be conservative” in today’s America with the consistent hate speech spewed and encouraged by revered “Conservative” leaders such as the racists Rush Limbaugh, Tom DeLay, Newt Gingrich etc. has to be absolutely desperate, lacking in self respect and seriously bonkers and off their rockers!

    In one breath you accuse blacks of acting like sheeple and voting for and in line with other blacks; And yet in another, you throw a pity party on behalf of the “black conservatives” who have not being able to secure the support of this same sheeple “black voting block”-

    You do need much serious training in articulating or attempting ridiculous and obviously silly manipulation in what is already an incredibly weak argument for any black/minority support of the brazen and blatant racist-laden so called “conservative” movement-

    Indeed, only utterly masochistic blacks/minorities, so depraved and twisted in their delusion, could possibly embrace or begin to argue for any black/minority support of this your so-called “conservatism” as it is presently practiced and played out in America-

    And blatant delusion and depravity in any form, shape or packaging, does not exactly engender any sort of respect or regard, or inspired curiousity…not even half grudgingly…

    Much scorn and pity…maybe-

  19. Chesapeake


    You should have asked the questions in your first three paragraphs to yourself and your co-conspirators eight years ago. You have history to answer for the last eight years.

    Even though “black communities across America” are a priority for me, you should know that not only did “black communities across America” suffer under your inept regime but also the whole world suffered. Who do YOU blame? … nevermind, y’all don’t take responsibility for no’n!

    “Who will YOU blame?” The progressors or the stonewallers?

    Now, back to the subject of this thread … In light of Steele v. Limbaugh, it’s a free world – defend your party!!

  20. Elliot


    You are so predictable. I feel very sorry for you. Actually…I don’t. If you happen to have influence on young people…If feel sorry for THEM. Your predictable victim’s mentality is pathetic. Are you a self-loathing….nevermind.

    I have a question for you. Why aren’t you outraged that your boy(Obama) is still waging war even though he campaigned against it furiously? Innocent civilians are dying at the hands of Obama’s military. You know that, right? You also know that one of his many lies was that the U.S. would be out of Iraq in 16-19 months, right? Up to 50,000 troops will be left there AFTER he ends combat missions there. Where’s the outrage, Chi? Can you even keep straight how many times Obama has lied in the past two months? It’s a joke how many campaign promises he’s broken already. Transparency? Post everything on the web before being voted on? Fiscal responsibility? Post-partisan? Pay as you go? No more politics as usual? What a joke.

    Sadly, lies don’t bother you. Mindless sheep.

    And trust me…I know that I’m not “making a dent” with people like you. B/c we believe in much different things. Victim mentality vs. get it done mentality. Two different schools of thought, obviously. You blame everybody…I take responsibility.

    Tell you what, Chi…I’ll give you credit when you not only denounce Rush Limbaugh, but also, Al Sharpton (Tawanna Brawley, Duke Lacrosse), Jesse Jackson (illegitimate children, while claiming to be a man of God), Charles Barron(slap closest white person), Maxine Waters(where do I start with her?)….should I name more racists?

    Why is it that the racist white people’s oppressive effects only apply to blacks? Why do so many Asian-Americans prosper in the U.S. within one generation? Why is that? I wonder…could it be work ethic, drive, determination? Nah…couldn’t be that. I’ll give you a hint, Chi. They could care less about “keepin it real”. They don’t encourage stupid ass saggy pants. They don’t encourage “Ebonics” be taught in high school. They don’t encourage a victim mentality. They are actually accountable.

    Back to Limbaugh. I’d like to know what he’s said that is so different that all of the racists on your side. Again, Sharpton, Jackson, Barron, Waters, Erich Holder, Rev. Wright, Clyburn, etc., etc. Limbaugh makes a Conservative argument…and very well based on the nation wide reaction for months now. I understand why you’d want to silence someone as influential as Rush…I really do. He’s got you liberals dialed in.

    Keep making excuses while nothing changes in your community. I’ve been watching for decades…and trust me….I know what’s coming….more of the same. Excuses, whining, reparations requests.

    Grow up.

  21. Elliot


    First of all. Michael Steele shouldn’t have let himself get tricked into that by a couple of has-beens like D.L. Hughley(cancelled show, predictably) and Chuck D(irrelevant since the 90’s). He needs to understand that there is no chance that prejudiced hacks such as those will ever try to have a serious conversation. His show is cancelled b/c he is void of objective shows. Many more liberal shows on radio and tv will follow. Trust me.

    If you participated in the non-stop Bush attacks for 8 years. Nazi, murderer, bigot, racist, homophobe, xenophobe, nativist, etc., etc…..I could care less what you think about Rush’s legitimate attacks on Obama. How much money can Obama throw away in two months? Seriously.

    I hope the attacks on Obama escalate to the level that Bush endured. I know that I will be doing all that I can to make sure that I point out every lie and broken promise to EVERYONE that I know.

    His willingness to let free speech be attacked is embarrassing….but why would your side care? Limbaugh is white.

  22. Elliot

    By the way….can someone enlighten me on where the Democrat stood during the Civil Rights movement?

    Alabama Governor, George Wallace(segregationist) was a Democrat.
    “Bull” Connor(dogs and water hoses) was a Democrat.
    JFK (Democrat) wiretapped MLK’s phone calls

    Does your hate-filled rhetoric include the other side of Malcom X? After Mecca, which led him to change his ways….and repudiated his white-man-is-the-devil routine?

    “No man who continues to add something to the material, intellectual, and moreal well-being of the place in which he lives is long left withoug proper reward” – Booker T. Washington

    I can’t even imagine what someone like you would call a black man who said that today. Uncle Tom, Sambo, House Slave. You are so sadly predictable. People like Booker T. are ridiculed. Responsibility, accountability, etc. should not be required…after all black people were oppressed hundreds of years ago. Why should T-bone or Lil Half Dead have to put in work, when white people hundreds of years ago owned slaves? That is still affecting outcomes today…for sure. Idiots.

  23. Elliot


    One more thing. Don’t thing that everyone doesn’t know why you and your ilk are causing such a seen for your boy (Obama). He is destroying wealth like it’s his job. The people with “skin in the game” are saying no thanks….keep the “Change”. I can’t wait to ride Obama’s ass for all four years….trust me, that will be all America can afford of this loser. He can take Joe Biden(idiot/jester), Geithner(tax cheat), Clinton(walking conflict of interest), Holder(racist), Pelosi/Reid(ultra-radicals) with him.

    Can you even name 3 hacks on your side that have the listeners/followers/fans whatever you want to call it than Limbaugh? Of course you can’t…but your side doesn’t have any ideas other than “we hate Bush”, “Republicans are racists”, etc.

    You guys are crying wolf far too many times with your racism bullsh**. I’m encouraging everyone I know to completely disregard any claim of racism. I’ve been fooled too many times (Brawley, Duke Lacrosse, etc.) I won’t be fooled again.

  24. Chi

    “And trust me…I know that I’m not “making a dent” with people like you.”

    And yet here you remain still feverishly rambling on with your amusingly shallow posts of contradictory inarticulate dribble…so much comic relief!

    Poor, poor, poor, misguided, sad, depraved Elliot…

    He spouts all the stereotypical lame crap he’s imbibed through talk radio and (incredibly!) to the so-called “mindless sheep”…

    Elliot sweetie, buckle-up or better still order up some restraints and book a room at your nearest psychiatric facility …It’s going to be a long 4-8 years for you babe and we’re just 45 days in!

    Viva President Barack Obama!!!

  25. Elliot
    You are confusing the word conservative with the word Republican. The two are not synonymous. As you probably know (you are African American, correct?), as a group black Americans are quite conservative. We are just not Republicans. Because politics has used race as an electoral tool, black Americans tend to vote against the party that bashes them. This is why, as you imply, black Americans voted AGAINST Democrats until the mid 1960s. JFK’s phone call to MLK when he was jailed in Albany, GA, and most especially LBJ’s advocacy of civil rights legislation, swung African-Americans away from their traditional Republican base (a base predicated upon the fact that Lincoln was a Republican) towards the Dems. Not so coincidentally, in 1964 Republican presidential candidate Barry Goldwater implemented the GOP’s “Southern strategy” by expounding the talking points of Dixiecrats and campaigning against civil rights legislation. Nixon continued this straegy and Ronald Reagan mastered it. (Reagan announced his candidacy for the presidency in Philadelphia, MS in 1979. That Philadelphia is known to the outside world only because of the murders of Cheney, Schwerner and Goodman.) So blacks vote against Republicans not because we don’t agree with their conservative platform (look at the black vote in California re Prop 8) rather because the Republicans have intentionally appealed to white racism over the past 45 years.

  26. Elliot

    Tell you what, guys…I’ll be keeping tabs on all of the lies told daily by Barack Obama. I will also be watching closely the Black communities in my city, and across the country.

    We will know, one way or another, what Obama does for Black communities in the U.S. Will it stay the same? Will it improve? One thing is for sure, I’ll be watching. But, in the meantime, I’ll be encouraging my children and others to be responsible, accountable, to stay in school, avoid teen pregnancy, etc. Those things alone, if taught, would solve most problems.

    A Black Republican party chapter was just created two weeks ago in my city and I will support it with everything I can. I’ll be sure to ask all the members how it is that ALL of them are misguided. How is it that all of them are Uncle Tom’s or Sambos? Why do they choose to be House Slaves? And to think….none of them are in Government, yet they all are sellouts. Why is it that you choose to have your own mind? Don’t you know that the hate-filled Black Democrats will do everything in their powere to make sure you are discredited? Don’t you understand that it’s not about Blacks to them, it’s about Black Democrats/Liberals. They would never support a Black Republicans right to believe what they want.

    Do you guys ever get tired of the same old tired accusations and name calling that gets you nowhere? You say you want equality, fairness, etc…yet you are the MOST intolerant of any group in America. You get gassed up over “Hope” and “Change”, yet all you want to do is play the same old blame game.

    Chi, you sound so dumb that it makes me sad. Like I said before, hopefully you don’t have children or participate in any activities around children. We need much less close-minded people like you in this world. Hopefully, we will someday get to a point where fanatic people like you are ignored.

  27. elliot…I would like to see the Republican Party integrated. I really would. It does no good for there to be just one party of choice since that makes it too easy to be taken for granted. But as long as Rush Limbaugh is the face of the Republican Party and as long as Michael Steele has to bow down to him, it just ain’t gonna happen. Does this register at all on you?

  28. Michael Steele didn’t just lick Rush Limbaugh’s boots. He sat there and grinned as Michele Bachmann attempted to humor her audience by referring to Steele in faux jive. You don’t have to be liberal to be offended by such nonsense. More to the point, Steele needs to act like a grown man and stand up to these nit wits, regardless of his political opinions.It’s embarrassing.

  29. Chi

    Ernesto and TripLBee…Just give up on Elliot!

    He’s not here to have a serious discussion but to attempt in his infinitely brainwashed way, to force-feed and spew his sadly incoherent “point of view”- (that’s what happens when the faux ideas and talking points have been chewed up into little digestible pieces and spoon-fed the likes of Elliot)-

    And when you counter with clear sound arguments, he sidesteps any contrary view, goes off on a different inconsequential tangent and ends up screamingly accusing the differing opinion of being “close minded”!

    He freely throws out accusations and insults -“idiot”, “jester”, “cheat”, “dumb”, “hack”, “mindless sheep” etc; But feigns disgust and whines at the unfair “accusations and name calling” by “you guys”…

    His posts drip blind, extreme, uncritical, unhinged zealotry; the hallmarks of deranged fanaticism; and yet he with strong hints of verging on the seriously psychotic, points accusatorily at others as “fanatic”…

    Elliot is one of many who’ve suddenly “found” their mostly irrational “voice” and simultaneously come unhinged since Obama won the elections – a mere 50+ days ago!

    He relishes his humiliating fringe role in his so called “conservative” group even as he is publicly and unabashedly disdained by his republican masters;

    But he instead focuses on his palpable dislike of Obama – his preferred fall guy! Elliot plans to “ride Obama’s arse the next 4 years” and all with his non-existent analytical skills and limited abilities too…

    Bad news Elliot! There are loads of children within my very substantial and powerful sphere of influence and I’m decidedly wielding that influence to great advantage and making sure that they, God forbid, do not turn out as embarrasingly and shockingly hollow, dangerously myopic and insanely shallow as you obviously have-

    And by the way, I’m a very proud independent who has lived in, and practised medicine and architecture in 4 different continents; lived opportunities and a life so blessed and privileged that you could only dream of…Not exactly a believable or supportive basis for “dumb”?!

    And if you ever bothered to read through many of the posts including those by TripLBee and others, you’d realize that most people who come here are incredibly and independently smart, focused, fulfilled, compassionate, respectfully passionate, socially and morally conscious and mostly highly functional and responsible citizens…many of us have done pretty well for ourselves;

    Sorry, not a whiff of your laughable paranoic, narrow-minded and stereotypical accusations of “victim mentality” nor any hints of “blaming whitey” here…

  30. akech

    This is the popular role for many Africans wherever they may reside on planet earth, playing the role of a rabid tool through whom other Africans are brought down
    Michael Steele is strategically chosen to be the rabid songbird through which poisonous racist lyrics towards Obama can be sung. He is the Republicans fire breathing dragon with a specific mission to handle black folks. To the republicans and some democrats, attacking another black person using his own kind afford them “Plausible Deniability”.

    This method has been applied repeatedly in Sub-Saharan Africa where the leaders are armed to the teeth by resources hungry foreign corporations. Many African countries do not have enemies other than the natural resources sought after by the multinational corporations and the suppliers of arms. The lethal arms are aimed squarely at heads of poor African citizens being slaughtered by the millions! Those who escape the slaughter are stuffed in tenets cities run by World Food Program.

    For some reason yet to be explained, Michael Steele is ignoring the fact that jails of United States of America are ¾ full of young black men most of whom are there because they cannot afford high powered attorneys. Many of these jails are private and traded at the Wall Street as stocks. With the collapse of the markets, the desire to stockpile these private prisons with humans must be sure cash for investors!

    Have you ever thought about those the captured African women who were forced by the slave breeders to have more than 15 babies during slave breeding period? Have you ever thought about the long term psychological ramifications of what was done to them and those offspring they were forced to have and give away? Up till now, many of offspring of these African families have never got the psychological treatment for their ordeal other than being labeled immoral by the same power brokers in Congress and religious right whose missions they promote.

    Elliot, how comes you have never held other previous presidents to the same standard you are now applying to Barack Obama?

  31. TripLBee

    While I am appalled by the bonuses that AIG paid to their executives, I’m not at all bothered by the payments AIG made to foreign banks with TARP money. They made those payments because they were honoring the terms of insurance policies that those banks purchased from AIG. Also, banks are truly global institutions. There are plenty of banks headquartered in foreign countries that have branches within a few blocks of my office. I think the newest theme that “American taxpayer money is being used to bail out foreign banks!” becomes less startling when we examine the specifics.

  32. Chesapeake


    I kinda disagree with you on AIG’s bank payouts. They should not have been paid at face value. As part of the bailout of AIG, those payouts should have been negotiated.

    Some of these companies need to be placed into receivership. They’re rotten from the top.

  33. Chesapeake

    You know Elliot Spitzer has done an interview with CNN. I’m sure that if he were still governor or, better yet, AG, New York would be dealing much more harshly with these “institutions.” They did him in just in time.

  34. Ches,

    AIG’s payouts to banks were insurance payouts. It’s really the same as fire insurance. If I have a $500,000 policy and my house burns down, I would want AIG to pay me that money regardless of where my house is located. AIG accepted the money from these banks when they agreed to insure their accounts, and are obligated to pay out those policies.

  35. rikyrah

    1. I’m missing you.

    2. Tammy Bruce called the First Lady TRASH.

    3. The President has a Primetime Press Conference tomorrow.

  36. Anon 1


    Keep the faith. There are a lot of blacks who support your views. White Liberals think they are cool when they ridiculue black conservatives. But let them do the same to black liberals and Sharpton will be having marches all across the city.

    I’ve listen to Rush Limbaugh for over 10 years and is yet to hear one racist comment. Rush is harsh on all racial groups. He believes in the power of the individual to achieve anything. He does not pander to one group or another. LIberals only see their way out of poverty by government sponsored programs.

    Presdient Obama needs ot listen to the conservative democrats in the house or he will go down as another Jimmy Carter. One of the few Black Liberals who shows intellectual honesty when dicsussing politics is John McWhorter.

    LAstly, Antiwar liberals were oppose to the war and the surge because of their dislike for Bush. It was not because they opose all wars. If that was the case they would be still protesting the war while President Obama has announced more troops fo Afghanistan.

    Black COnservatives need to be fearless and not afraid to admit they are not liberals.

  37. Anon1 the policies you espouse have bankrupted the country, not least of all MORALLY.

    I’m not liberal or conservative, just keeping it real: Afghanistan is a lost cause, just like Iraq. Alas, I was never under any illusions, Obama is beholden to the Israel lobby and to Wall Street. We are all the poorer for it. But attacking him from the right sounds completely ridiculous thanks to the obvious (to all but you true fanatics) disaster of the last 8 years.

    Hey, Angie how you been?

  38. TripLBee


    John McWhorter is a black liberal? Are you drunk? This guy left a nice tenure track job at Berkeley to go work for a right wing think thank in New York. He made his mark producing poorly written, poorly researched books bashing black intellectual achievement. He is quite conservative and the only reason anyone knows him is because—like Ward Connerlly—he is constantly propped up as a mouth piece for racist white conservatives who want a black mouth spouting their talking points.

    I’ve always contended that the quickest route to fame and success for an overly ambitious, moderately talented black person, is to pretend to be conservative. Michael Steele, Ward Connerlly, Clarence Thomas, Shannon Reeves (who is probably not even moderately talented) and John McWhorter are prime examples of this phenomenon.

  39. Just cause I know how to step don’t mean that I gonna fetch!

    How much is the RE WARD for that runaway negro? And I want more than a chicken dinner?
    Cause I know where he is right this moment!
    He is in the bed of Ms. Virginia Lamp Thomas! Its been his fantasy every since Clarence got appointed! You know he’s always been jealous of Clarence!


    yer cousin Spook

  40. newrepublicans

    The intolerance expressed here for blacks that live by Republican ideals is just as damaging as blatant racism or prejudice on basis of skin culture or ethnicity. Think about that. How can you make an argument against discrimination if you discriminate yourself on basis of political ideology? That’s just ignorant and nonsensical, as well as counterproductive.

  41. rikyrah

    Happy Easter, SB!

    And all SB readers.

    I still miss you, SB. But, I’ll keep on checking back and I know one day, I’ll get a happy surprise.

  42. Chi

    “…blacks that live by Republican ideals…”

    Don’t know what’s more hilarious/ridiculous and totally insulting to the intelligence of any thinking person…:

    The idea of any real and tangible present day republican “ideal” – or the concept of any functional, rational, black person worth their salt, embracing what is currently being propagated and endlessly touted as said republican “ideals”…?!

    And when “political ideology” begins with generally excluding your type wittingly or unwittingly; that’s a major “to hell with you!” – whether these so-called “black republicans” understand and appreciate it or not-

  43. White in Detroit

    Skeptical Brotha,

    If you had to choose between ‘equality’ or ‘liberty’, which would you choose? Or rather which concept is more valuable to you?

    Kind Regards

  44. akech

    The reluctance of President Obama to presecute those who carried out various sadistic torturous acts on captured suspected terrorists sends a very dangerous message, not only to the world, but also here in USA where a number of black men have ended up dead while in police custodies.

    Any human being willing to apply any of the methods described in the Bush’s justice department memos to another human must be feared. The people obeying such directives must have been carefully selected, most likely because of their sadistic nature. They should not be allowed to roam the world at will because they have no soul.

    I remember one case in New York in which some police officers inserted a plunger in the rectum of a young black man (Abner Louima)while in their custody. Despite the fact that this young man had done nothing, his colon, small intestines and stomach were damaged in this horrific criminal act. Yet, you could see other people who call themselves humans supporting the destruction of a human being intestines for no reason other than hatred.

    Leaving terror suspect in diapers for days hoping they will give you some information is inhuman. What is ironic is that despite applying these torture methods for almost 7 years, Osama bin Laden and other ring leaders are still at large!!!

  45. ph2072

    I agree with akech. I was very disappointed to hear about that. But, he’s not perfect and he still has to answer to some people so…..


  46. rikyrah

    1. I still miss you, but will check back everyday to see if you’ve posted something new.

    That’s pretty much all I wanted to say.

  47. akech

    I know Abner LOUIMA’s case was prosecuted. However, the damage done to his internal organs due to hatred can never be repaired.

    After the case was settled, the sadistic supporters of what happened to this young African American kid were relentless in trying to find ways to link him to some crime, any crime. This was an attempt to vindicate themselves, like Dick Cheney is doing now.

  48. zeitgeist9000

    Michael Steele’s bigger problem than race at the GOP is the fact that he’s a moderate leading a very conservative, out-of-touch party.

    His days are numbered at this point.

  49. rikyrah

    I thought we’d get a 100 day evaluation from you.

    Or comments about Specter changing.

    Or Steele’s continued troubles at the RNC.

    Still miss you.

  50. Steele’s no fugitive slave. He’s still on the plantation, hoeing the fields and tap dancing on Saturday night.

    He’ll be the first Black man to be evicted from the plantation instead of being a self-determined runaway slave.

    “Manumission”! That’s what they’ll call it when the Republican Party gives Steele his walking papers.

  51. rikyrah

    Something has been on my mind: with all the White Female Politicians out there, when you wrote your piece to Candidate Obama about selecting a White woman, why did you single out Sebelius? Why not Claire McCaskill or some other White female politician? What made Sebelius the obvious choice for you?

  52. Robert Wayne

    What is this, another website for left wing asswipes like that Sambo shoeshine boy Obama?

  53. 1. Still miss you.

    2. May 20, 2009
    Categories: 2010

    Davis, frontrunner?

    There was always an argument to be made that Obama’s personal story, unusual name, and African-American identity would play to his advantage with an American electorate eager for dramatic change, a new beginning, and a racial healing.

    That’s a harder case to make in Alabama, where a black congressman, Artur Davis, is making a bid for governor.

    His campaign, though, is touting a poll that shows him with leads in the primary and the general election, attempting to dismiss concerns about his electability.

    And if Alabama elects a black governor, that would — I suspect — surprise even optimists of the Axelrod school, not to mention Neil Young.


  54. 1 п. “Не имей сто друзей, а имей сто шекелей” тоже хорошо рифмуется 🙂
    8 п. Ты никогда не потеряешь работу. Когда закончатся фотографии можно размещать рисунки (да хоть бы и конкурс объявить на лучший рисунок Одри (-:), аппликации и фотографии поделок из пластилина…
    9 п. Сто пудов ! 🙂

  55. Angie

    Seasons change, and the wind will often blow in different directions. That’s what I feel has happened here. It’s certainly has happened with me.
    However, there’s no doubt about it… I miss yall! Many of us convened here for a couple years and shared our honest opinions and personal experiences. And some of us, even took the risk of revealing their real identity. But we all came here out of love and concern for the community. Even when there was a disagreement, which was often, we stayed connected.

    SB: I don’t know if you check your comments or not. But my prayers go out to you, brotha. We don’t know “you”. But we did get a chance to know your soul. Take comfort in knowing, for what it’s worth, that I care about you. You know where to find me.

    Hey Rikyrah!
    Hey Trip!
    And hey there to everyone else!!!!

    Much love and respect

  56. Hi Angie and Trip!!!

    You know, you all are welcome over at JJP or MOA.

    Skeptical Brotha,

    still stopping in to say hi. Still checking in. Wondering what you thought of Sotomayor, or the President’s speech in Cairo.

    Just drop a note to us, telling us how you are.

    Peace and blessings.

  57. Rikyrah,

    To me it sounded like he was blaming the victim (the Palestinians). I thought the speech pretty much sounded like most speeches made by American Presidents, with the addition of a few Arabic words and quotes from the Quran. If folks in the Middle East were impressed by that speech, they must have a very low opinion of our country.

  58. RisingTide

    It’s shock. It’s an America which isn’t declaring itself at war with Islam. That’s all. Most of the sane are saying, “Fine words. Where’s my damn action!?”

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