Harold Ford Jr: Rotten Apple


The “news” broke yesterday that former Tennessee Congressman Harold Ford Jr’s three year effort to revive his flagging political career in the cesspool of New York politics has borne rotten fruit.  Since leaving the congress, Ford has kept busy with a few media gig’s on Fox News and MSNBC as a “political analyst,” Chairman of the Democratic Leadership Council, and most important, a corporate executive at Bank of America Merrill Lynch—a bank that acquired the largest predatory lender, Countrywide. These corporate entanglements coupled with his unabashed support of estate tax repeal for the wealthiest among us make it clear to all sentient beings that Harold Ford Jr is nothing but a shameless corporate whore with an insatiable lust for power.

The day began with an appearance on “Morning Joe,” MSNBC’s corporate sponsored Salon of establishment propaganda. The Whore played coy as Mika and Joe held forth on the NY Times story detailing Harold’s courtesan seduction of powerful and prominent Jewish fundraisers and corporate heavyweights in an effort to line up enough cash to mount a serious primary challenge to Hillary Clinton’s designated successor, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand.

The Whore even got Mayor Michael Bloomberg to say he would “take a look” at supporting him.  Y’all can believe what you want to believe, but the Whore is serious about this sh*t.  In one fell swoop, he has damn near neutralized Chuck Schumer, a man not to be trifled with.

Schumer considers himself the godfather of New York Politics and certainly the top Jewish pol. When he couldn’t control Mayor Bloomberg, he put his wife, Iris Weinshall, in his administration as one of Bloomberg’s commissioners.  Former Governor Spitzer was Schumer’s top rival  and his downfall in a tawdry sex scandal was relished with glee.  Harold is playing this political game of chess like Bobby Fischer.

All of this inside baseball is important considering his unmistakable fingerprints in clearing the field for Gillibrand.  As a former Senate Campaign Committee Chair, Schumer modis operandi is to clear the field for his favorites and to dry up the money for their opponents. Threats are exchanged and favors extended. It always worked.  It worked for Gillibrand up until now. Steve Israel and Carolyn Maloney dropped their bids after being passed over for appointment after being threatened by the White House at the behest of Schumer.

But after looking at the love in these two men’s eye’s, I seriously doubt whether a call from the White House will be forthcoming this time.


20 thoughts on “Harold Ford Jr: Rotten Apple

  1. I’m just glad that whore Ford is no longer in my state. I’m glad Corker beat him in 2006. At least with Corker we know where he stands all the time. With Ford, not so much. NY can have him.

  2. Memphis Fly

    Welcome back Skep!! Your favorite nemesis is back on his game. Does not appear that your tongue is as sharp as it use to be(giggling). Don’t lighten up on this predatory politician.

  3. zeitgeist9000


    I knew the one disturbance in the Force which would bring you out of exile and retirement was the triangulating Sith Lord himself, Harold.

    I am happy to see you back; you are arriving just in time.

    Kirsten Gillibrand is nearly too-conservative to serve statewide in New York herself!

    Why would Ford, who’s pro-life, anti-tax, pro-gun, and anti-gay believe that he is entitled to the Gillibrand’s senate seat?

    He’s already started issuing press releases.

    I always maintained a shred of sentimentality in my heart for this man, who in ’06 came so close to capturing the heart of Dixie in his senate race. Don’t hate me, Skep, but I even donated money to him. For a few years, I thought he was the Great Black Hope.

    Now, he’s just the Manhattan reverse carpetbagger who’s marital “sitiation” ain’t exactly kosher south of the Mason-Dixon…

  4. franko

    It’s so good to have you back! It seems timely too.
    I just read this posting by Melissa Harris-Lacewell on the blog “The Kitchen Table,” that talked about the victory of Obama and other national elections not being enough- that we need to get to work on electing progressives in local politics to see the actual change that we need. This is why I always came to your blog; you had all the information about who to trust (Karen Carter, Donna Edwards, Cynthia McKinney) and not to trust (Bill Jefferson, Harold Ford and all the other [corrupt] handkerchief heads).

    I hope to see you back at on a regular to keep us informed and engaged in the good fight! Your style is like no other.

      • Darrell Mitchell

        Lacewell is one of those black, bougie, limosine liberals.

        At one point she had the jungle fever, married to a white man, has a zebra baby, then he left her.

        Now she is coming back to black, used goods and wants a brother – after the white husband strung her out. Now she is blacker than black.

        They can have her.

      • Darrell,

        Actually, it is Melissa’s mother that is white. “I’ve never thought of myself as biracial,” she says, “I’m black.” According to the data I’ve compiled and where he works as a Vice President for Academic Affairs for a private academy for black males, I don’t seriously that he is white. The man even gave a contribution to Roland Burris’s doomed re-election campaign in April when the corporate media was eating him alive for his connections to Rod Blagojevich. I’m almost 100% certain that he is black. Even if he isn’t, which doesn’t matter to me, he’s doing more for black kids than most of us so-called Negroes are doing. Thanks for commenting. That was interesting info to find out.

  5. Harold Ford is a renegade mavericky rogue who goes his own way…. Just kidding. He’s an opportunistic asshole.
    By: TBogg Saturday January 9, 2010 10:31 am

    Ford moves towards running.

    Harold Ford wants the people of New York to know that he’s just like Sarah Palin: a commonsense lone wolf who will not toe the party line. Also, a grifter.


  6. YES! Oh Hell Yeah. Lord have mercy and hallelujah! I came here for a link on your old posts about The Corporate Whore when I heard he was running for Senate again. And see you’re back in action. Yeah!!

  7. alphagirl

    When I first held of Ford’s entrance into New York mix, I immediately thought of your previous articles on him. Glad to see you back. I have continuously checked in on you. And ditto to Enesto.

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