Skeptical Brotha to Martha Coakley: Thanks, Byotch


Her Imperial Majesty Queen Martha I, Empress of Massachusetts

Your Imperial Majesty,

On behalf of the 45,000 Americans without health insurance who may die this year because you sat on a 30 point lead. Thanks, Byotch.

On behalf of the dozens of unemployed men I pass on the way to work everyday that viewed Ted Kennedy as a hero and needed another one to look out for the rights of unemployed workers. Thanks, Byotch.

On behalf of those who revered Teddy Kennedy as a progressive champion and are thankful to God for his 47 years of service. Thanks, Byotch.

On behalf of the Kennedy Family—particularly Vickie and Teddy Jr. who deferred campaigns of their own and instead wasted their time raising money for you and cutting television ads on your behalf.  Thanks, Byotch.

On behalf of all the judges Barack Obama could have appointed to reverse the right wing B.S. that reigns supreme in the federal courts had you won.   Thanks, Byotch.

On behalf of the struggling taxpayers at the mercy of the banks and credit card companies that could use a consumer protection agency that will never materialize because you were to %*& # busy vacationing in the middle of a special election campaign.  Thanks, Byotch.

On behalf of the struggling homeowners who were targeted by banks and mortgage companies as suckers to saddle with predatory loans.  Thanks, Byotch.

On behalf of those sickened by the smiles you put on the faces of racist miscreants like Sean Hannity, Glen Beck, and Rush Limbaugh for making their dreams of total Republican obstruction come true.  Thanks, Byotch.

On behalf of those who saw through Scott Brown’s campaign of fear and ignorance because they know that mindless obstruction is no substitute for creating jobs, and standing strong for peace and economic justice.  Thanks, Byotch.

On behalf of those who took the time to vote for your imperial candidacy even though you couldn’t be bothered to actually come up with a coherent campaign theme and tell people who you were and what you stood for.  Thanks, Byotch.

Sincerely Pissed,

Skeptical Brotha

34 thoughts on “Skeptical Brotha to Martha Coakley: Thanks, Byotch

  1. Memphis Fly,

    It was a conspiracy of ignorance on the part her incompetent campaign team and the voters of Ma ssachusetts who thought that the best way to change something was to vote for a mindless obstructionist. I guess Massachusetts thought that the best way to honor Ted was to piss on his grave by voting for this empty suit. I am appalled beyond words. They voted for him after Chappaquiddick and this fool can’t even master a simple special election with her impressive record of accomplishment.

  2. Well there is one silver lining. Joe Lieberman can now be told to go fuck himself and stripped of his committee chairmanships. Too bad Harry Reid probably still won’t do it, though.

    • Ernesto,

      The Senate will not pass another significant piece of legislation backed by Obama this year. He is dead in the water and Health Care Reform is DOA. Now that the Republicans have drawn blood they will go in for the kill. The House is in danger of slipping into the GOP column if nothing is passed on Health Care.

      • SB…I am beyond disillusioned, and I never had too many illusions to begin with. Even with 60 votes, health care had been whittled down to virtually nothing but an insurance company give-away with a few crumbs thrown in to placate the unions. This country is fucked, and nothing will change until we pass a Constitutional Amendment for 100 percent publically-financed campaigns. We also need strict conflict of interest laws that prevent an industry shill like Max Baucus from having single payer advocates arrested at supposedly “open hearings” and then letting lobbyists write legislation for him.

  3. Ernesto,

    I don’t like the Health Care Bill either. It is definitely a giveaway to the insurance industry, but procedurally, there are no real alternatives for reform. The Senate framework can be altered in a progressive fashion. Taking our ball and going home is not an option. They need to pass it and fix it later.

  4. The Dems hold an 18 seat majority in the Senate, a large majority in the House and they own the White House. If they can’t get anything done with the largest majorities they’ve had in 42 years, then they don’t deserve to be in power.

    Plain and simply, the Democrats fucking suck. Obama—a great presidential candidate—is a timid, weak, indecisive, pathetic president. Harry Reid is even weaker than Obama. Only Pelosi shows actual leadership, and she got her folks to pass a somewhat reasonable health reform bill.

    I give up. I will consider voting for a third party.

  5. Elie

    David Gergen must be congratulated for his part in this…the dog whistle heard all around Massachussetts…The peoples seat my arse…

  6. Elie

    By the way, anyone who ever thought the Dems ever had a 60 vote majority must be seriously deluded and I’m not talking Joe lieberman either.

    People like Evan Bayh and his ilk who are nothing but vile republicans masquerading as Dems will always throw kinks in any process. (Bayh always fancied himself President you know)-

    Personally I think Progressives do themselves and others a hell of a disservice when they pile on and insult and demean President Obama. He’s not perfect but he sure as hell is better than the next republican president you guys are paving the way for.

    Diminishing this President alongside the republicans who’s plans consisted solely of raising his negatives (ala James Carville – primaries) and taking the “shine” off him, guaranteeing that he’s seriously handicapped and unable to wield any power or influence, has pretty much gotten us where we are today.

    If Republicans will rally around Sarah Palin as idiotic and dumb as she is and refuse to publicly criticize her little less disrespect her, how is it possible that Liberals will help put the nails in the coffin of their own?? Amplifying (consciously or unconsciously) every talking point pushed by the repubs: he’s weak, he’s pathetic, he’s indecisive, he can’t protect us…the only difference is they call him socialist-

    You help emasculate and weaken this President within his FIRST year in office and then wonder why he can’t get your various pet causes accomplished??

    This man was up against hell from the very start with a united Republican party determined to destroy him and some within his own party actively working to undermine and sabotage him in a bid to prevent him from exceeding their own perceived legacies and to position themselves for a run in 2012.

    Then there are those within the black community – the self-annointed black power brokers who always benefitted immensely from previous white Presidents posturing as deliverers of the black votes…they are out in the cold seeing as there’s not much need for black interpreters this time around; And they are mad as hell and very resentful-

    I listened very carefully during the elections and Obama said he was going to raise the political bar in this country. He is doing just that and even when it has cast him as weak and pathetic (because the only way americans know to do things is to try a bit, give up and dive right back into the mud) – I respect him more than ever. The other way is so much easier – the Dick Cheney/james carville way…but decent people around the world who see clearly really appreciate this man and the seeds he is planting.

    But it’s seemingly all Obama’s fault these days nevertheless…

    Arnold destroys California, it’s Obama’s fault; Democrats run weak candidates and lose, its Obama’s fault;

    Yet when he tries to intervene early on like he’s done in New York asking a potentially weak candidate not to run, everybody screams that he should mind his business and stay out of State and local politics…but when they ultimately lose…it’s his fault! Of course…

    It’s too crazy…It’s getting to a point where I’m expecting people to start complaining he hasn’t been by to vacuum their homes and make their beds..

    What’s worse is that the same people demanding everything of him still begrudge him even the most basic perks of his office as President; When did Americans ever care about how much it cost to secure or move the President and his family around??? Suddenly they now do-

    Just barely a year and half ago in the thick of 2 wars and an economic meltdown, we the taxpayers paid for 36 members of the Bush extended family to attend the Olympic games in China!!! Not to mention ferrying guests in and out of Crawford on airforce one for the daughter’s wedding etc.

    Where was the outrage then…??

    And as pissed off as we all were with George Bush, NOBODY ever insulted Laura – but yet unprovoked they heap endless insults on Michelle Obama – Is that self-inflicted too??

    Now Cindy McCain’s doing ads for same-sex marriage…Yeah right!! If progressives fall for this scam I’ll be so done with them!

  7. The campaign-finance corruption just got a whole lot worse. The Felonious Five just gave corporations the same rights as individuals when it comes to financing politicians. It will now take about 2 billion dollars to buy the White House and 100 million or more to buy a Senate seat. Goodbye, middle class.

    Please take a moment to fight this by going here

    and asking Congress to pass the Fair Elections Now act.

  8. COAKLEY- 19 campaign events

    Cosmo Poster Boy- 66 campaign events



    her worthless ass TOOK A FUCKING VACATION during an election season that was over if you blinked.

    she was pathetic.

    • rikyrah,

      Thank You for having my back on this one. I know this post was a little crass. I know it was a little mean, but I am furious with this lady. She had a good record to run on. She had the kind of profile that women candidates do well with–a tough and caring prosecutor and she totally blew this election off like it was already won. People needed to feel like she wanted this, they needed to know her story. They needed to know what got her out of bed each day and what she would do to fight for them. They needed to know if she gave a shyt about them. She never communicated what she had to offer and they fell for the self serving bullshyt of Scott Brown.

      • I have nothing but contempt for her. all people wanted to know was if she would WORK FOR THEM. she acted as if they had nothing better to do but vote for her. if she didn’t want to do the WORK for the seat, she shouldn’t have run.

  9. RobM

    Skeptical Brother

    I don’t disagree w/ you about Ms Coakley, except this. Why do you believe this “health insurance’ reform bill would stop 45,000 people from dying? Do you believe it would allow them to buy healthcare?
    The bill would allow you to buy health insurance regardless of your health condition. People can’t buy health insurance now because they don’t have the income. If the bill passed you have to pay the premiums for a year. Then at tax time based on your income you will receive a tax credit against your taxes paid and it is substantial amount. My question to you is if they don’t have the money to buy insurance now how can they buy it in anticipation of a tax credit?
    As a result this bill only helps if you have insurance. and it does it well. But it fails completely to get health care for those 30,000,000 w/o health insurance. Knowing that many of those are AfricanAmericans, many men of all ages unable to qualify for either Medicaid or medicare, it is repulsive for the President keep saying that it helps them.

    • RobM,

      Thanks for your thoughtful comment. I understand full well that the Senate Health Care bill is a sick joke, however, from a political standpoint, action is required. There needs to be a framework in place for Health Insurance that can be built on and hopefully reformed in a progressive fashion with more subsidies to help people buy insurance. Intelligent people understand that a single payer, Medicare for all system, is the only one that makes sense. Hopefully we’ll get there. In the meantime, I just can’t stomach allowing people to stomp Teddy Kennedy’s dream of universal insurance to death with a fillibuster. I just can’t stomach allowing Rush Limbaugh and Michael Steele to win on this issue. I cannot bear it. I DON’T WANT TO GIVE THEM A FU*KING INCH.

  10. Burroughston Broch

    Whatever it is that you folks want, you should realize that neither the Dems or the Repubs is going to get it for you. The Repubs had control of the White House and Congress for 6 years under Bush 43 and screwed things up even more than Slick Willy and the Dems when they had the same control for 4 years. Then the Dems have the White House for a year and TOTAL control of Congress for 3 years, and they scare the daylights out of the voters with their policies and general “let them eat cake” attitude. Nobody in his right mind wants to turn this country into a European-style social democracy with vastly increased taxes and debt, while handing the keys to the unions. And don’t forget about our little brush with fascism in the banking and auto industries. The largest block of voters in Massachusetts are and have been independents, not Dems or Repubs, and after 8 years of Bush they decided to give the Dems a shot in the White House. After 1 year of Obama and company, they had had seen enough and decided they had made the wrong choice. If Obama and company had done a quarter way decent job, the Dems could have run a corpse in Massachusetts and won. Obama wins by 20 points and Coakley loses by 5, and you all blame it solely on her campaign? Think again.

  11. SB,

    This is what Craig Hickman said tonight:

    This is a repeat:

    B-Serious said that something about this election doesn’t add up. Well, let’s see here…

    Ted Kennedy’s seat. Hmmmm….

    Who put the final nail in the Clintons’ coffin?

    Who has the lack of morality to exploit a man’s death for political gain?

    Who are some of the first Democrats out and about telling the nation that the party needs to move back to the right?

    Lanny Davis. Evan Bayh. Harold Ford.

    What do they have in common?

    Why was Coakley so chipper in her concession speech?

    The left is doing what the left does: bickering about whose fault it is that this seat went red.

    Meantime, the GOP just found their next populist candidate, this time in the body of a charismatic youngish attractive white man with an All-American name and a beautiful family who can speak intelligently and connect with rednecks.

    And he’s from New England.

    We’ve been had.

    • rikyrah,

      The idea that these fools think that Brown is their Obama is ludicrous. He is barely articulate and when he does speak he does intelligent shyt like put his own children’s business in the street. I have come to the conclusion that the fickle white folks (let’s be honest) who voted for Brown are confused and ignorant if they think he represents reform.

  12. TripLBee

    Those of you who think that we shouldn’t criticize Obama, merely because some on the right (not all by a long shot) support the likes of Sarah Palin, are, in my estimation, symptomatic of why our country is so politically regressive. This is not a football game. I do not vote for candidates based upon their party affiliation. I vote through some calculation of their policy positions and their ability to win. Obama’s policy positions are starkly different than the platform upon which he campaigned and I have every right to complain, and will continue to exercise that right. And if were only the fringe left who were complaining, then Coakley would have won easily. But Obama has completely isolated his base—who account for roughly 30% of voters—in less than a year. So he’d better start listening to us or the Dems will get wiped out in November and he will be a one term president. And you can take that to the bank.

    • Hey Trip, you seemed to have missed the news, so let me break it to you. Thanks to the right-wing judicial activism of John Roberts and his merry gang, who have declared corporations to be living, breathing entities with the same rights as individuals, Obama will now have to raise at least a billion dollars to get re-elected. Needless to say, his base voters don’t have a billion dollars to spare. Guess who does? That’s why Bernanke, Geithner, Summers and Rhambo aren’t going anywhere, despite all the loud populist noises coming from the President the last two days. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse…

      • Ernesto,

        I’m not so sure that’s true. In fact, my guess is that Obama has sold out on health reform and banking regulation (before the disaster in MA anyway) because he calculated that corporate donations were more powerful than the voters. The trendlines for now, show exactly the inverse. Populist rage is so powerful, that the vote in MA was a backlash against Obama’s inaction. He has a bully pulpit that is essentially free. If he gets off of his ass and actually does something that benefits average Americans, he brag about it for free in the national media. That is the advantage of incumbency.

        And of course the Supreme Court’s decision increases the already substantial power of big corporations, but come on, we all knew this decision was coming. If Obama re-asserts his leadership and wins a second term, he will have 7 years to wait for one of those five clowns to leave the court.

  13. Elie

    So if Obama has “sold out” and is useless, why do we need to bother then?

    It’s this same crappy doomsday story that kept many people at home in MA: People like TriplBee telling us it’s all over in one breath and wanting us to get out and vote in the next.

    Again I repeat, you guys have done a great job of amplifying the Repub message instead of using your voices to positively nudge people forward and doing everything to rally and build support for your various causes.

    And then you wonder why people are so demoralized & disillusioned – it’s just been whine, whine, whine, gloom, gloom, gloom, doom, doom, doom instead of serious rallying calls.

    Obama can’t do it all by himself and frankly at this point Sarah Palin is exactly the President you guys deserve.

    • Elie,

      I respect your point of view and welcome your opinion on any subject because it is brutally honest. However, what the President campaigned on and how he has governed are two very different things. While we knew he had to campaign as a centrist, he has bent over backwards to mirror the corporate consensus. The sh*t ain’t working. The essence of Democracy is dissent and I refuse the muzzle you think his supporters must wear because of the propaganda games the Republicans play to undermine the president. I am not responsible for their lies nor am I required to defend the president. Robert Gibbs has that job and that responsibility. Besides, anybody who is afraid of me really shouldn’t have his finger on the button.

    • People are demoralized and disillusioned because our country is in a terrible mess and our President is unwilling to help. That’s the fact of the matter. If you’re embarrassed, infuriated or otherwise perplexed that people are honest about their rage, I’m not sure what to tell you. But if Obama is as smart as I think he is, he will listen to this rage and do something for average, middle class people. That will make a big difference in November. Sitting around pretending that everything is okay would be insane.

      • Elie

        Insulting and demeaning the man is not exactly the most effective way to get any person to respond to or live up to your “expectations” of them.

        No different from a nagging wife who perpetually harangues, castigates and demeans her husband in front of the kids and then turns around and demands that he discipline said kids and also love her while he’s at it. LOL…

        The “terrible mess” you speak of took aeons to create and will not be undone in 11 months and especially not as easily as some armchair quarterbacks would have everyone believe and certainly not with so many opposing forces who created the mess in the first place and stand to benefit immensely from obstructing, blocking and ensuring that Obama fails.

        It’s amazing the disdain that seeps through your posts. I can’t comprehend anyone who demands or expects anything from me treating me with such disdain and disrespect and seriously expecting that they will get my attention.

        Is it really too much or impossible to convey disappointment with a fellow human being in this case the President of the United States, without resorting to the blatant disrespect and endless castigation? And this after just a year…??

        Like it or not, this is not Obama’s battle to fight alone.

        The Repubs have done a fantastic job of setting, shaping and controlling the narrative and message. Their talking points rule the airwaves and they have done a superb job of rallying around their own (no matter how crappy.)

        They’ve embedded their people everywhere – every t.v channel and radio station and any place there’s a microphone to be found and they never deviate from their well-rehearsed talking points typically delivered in unison and with such selfless discipline.

        Every “political analyst” on CNN and even on MSNBC is a former Bush or Cheney staffer/crony and nobody ever contradicts them. Even Liz Cheney(!!) now has a permanent seat on most Sunday morning shows determined to push their version of revisionist propaganda with Obama cast as villain and Dick Cheney as hero and protector of America.

        The few so-called “Democratic strategists” to be seen are mostly Clinton loyalists/beneficiaries still seething and resentful from their loss and still pushing and positioning the Clintons. They do absolutely nothing for the Democratic party or the general cause. And there is especially no attempt to support or defend Obama.

        They do little or nothing to oppose or push back at the Republican opposition and are usually gleefully effusive in agreeing with the negative republican point of view with regard to Obama. Oftentimes one is hard-pressed to pick out the Democrat in the “face-off” crowd.

        The even fewer blacks present are mostly self-serving and mediocre hacks who’ve been invited only because they offer some gratuitous Obama bashing usually better delivered in their politically correct cunning by a fellow black. They spend the rest of the time auditioning for a permanent spot which never seems to come thankfully.

        Every other so-called self-aggrandizing expert (economic, healthcare, etc.) comes on clearly auditioning and posturing looking to be taken on as paid “advisor” by the Obama administration and when that doesn’t happen they immediately turn deadly critics and spoilers. It’s shameful to see grown men act so transparently and sickeningly petty!

        Notice how when things go awry, it’s always Obama’s fault and his problem, but when things work out they go out of their way to find the lowliest person in the administration to credit with the success. No good or successful idea or mission is ever credited to Obama but every failure is his.

        But if Democrats think that abandoning Obama while expecting him to do and go it all alone then blaming him when it all falls apart, is somehow going to cut it, they have another think coming.

        It has all been quite a revelation and an education and as exhausting and off putting as it’s all been, it’s been incredibly eye-opening and an invaluable experience.

        As a registered Independent voter who frankly could never ever vote Republican ever again, I say with all certainty that anyone who self-identifies as Republican in today’s America is in my estimation seriously *********!!

        Democrats have been nothing but appalling in their inability to set aside their various personal and selfish ambitions to focus on and push together as a GROUP for their core “values” (I hate that word now!) and objectives. Everyone is so busy posturing and positioning themselves looking to upend Obama. The Obama-envy is seriously too crazy!

        In the end however and no matter how hard they try to chip away at him, it’s Obama who always consistently comes across as the only adult in the room.

        I am neither “embarrassed”, “infuriated” or “perplexed” by anything and especially not with “people honest about their rage”.

        I see very clearly and remain able to tell who the real villains, enemies and people “unwilling to help” actually are.

        I remain unapologetically and unabashedly supportive of this very brilliant, capable and dignified President; He has to succeed, he must succeed and indeed he will succeed in spite of his detractors and as surely as there is a God…

  14. Elie,

    I live in the real world. After 12 months in office, Afghanistan is Obama’s war, this is Obama’s recession, he is responsible for the banking mess and the health care crisis. Whether or not that is fair or accurate is absolutely irrelevant. He cannot continue to blame Bush, nor can he continue to talk tough without proposing legislation. Progressives gave him a six month pass. He has squandered the past six months being weak, indecisive and has pandered to Wall Street and the health insurance sector.

    Perhaps you disagree with this assessment. Perhaps you think that the bank bailout made sense. Maybe you think Obama has provided sound leadership in crafting good healthcare legislation. Perhaps you agree with the decision to triple the number of troops in Afghanistan this year. Maybe you agree with Obama’s decision to put off his promise to revoke “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” until some indefinite date in the future. You may agree with his decisions to maintain much of the secrecy of the Bush administration. For all I know, you may have admired Obama for inviting to the White HOuse a police officer who arrested a man in his own home after he determined that that man had not committed a crime. Maybe you think that Obama is doing a bang up job. If that is the case, then you and I simply have different points of view. But if you agree with my assessment of his presidency, then I am confused about why you think I should not complain about my disappointments.

    • Elie

      Feel free to complain all you like TriplBee, but when you’re done blaming and demeaning Obama what exactly are you looking to happen next…?? Beyond your shockingly glib and superficial run down of events thus far…what’s next big guy…? We give up & leave the country??

      So Obama’s failed/weak/sold out in your opinion and he sure as hell can’t possibly get anything right – So tell me what exactly happens next in your book..?? More cyber bashing? More whining? More insults?

      The man’s a goner after a year in office as far as you’re concerned and so undeserving of even the most basic respect any man ought to be entitled to; so why on earth are we still having this whine-fest??

      “Progressives gave him a pass for 6 months”; LOL…

      “Progressives” couldn’t possibly have believed that a U.S President get’s to make and pass laws all by his lonely, solitary self;

      “Progressives” couldn’t possibly have imagined that it was enough just voting in the man and commanding him to get to work on THEIR priorities pronto or else…;

      -All without lifting a finger subsequently in support of the man especially knowing what he was up against;

      Unless of course we assume that the premature nitpicking and endless bash-fest on the blogosphere that further emboldened his enemies and obstructionists and eroded his support is the new kind of rallying and support building that yields desired results…??;

      “Progressives” couldn’t possibly have believed that instead of pressing other Democrats to rally around, push for and seriously and selflessly support efforts that not only would help deliver Obama’s promises but would actually keep many of them relevant, that it was solely Obama who got to be harangued, derided and threatened…

      “Progressives” are their very own worst enemies in my opinion – They always prematurely eat their own alive and then wonder why they can never move this country in that other direction they desperately crave…

      Believe it or not so many of us are so turned off and disgusted not with Obama but with so-called “Progressives” who ruin it for all of us.

      If you don’t get everything you want right now it quickly turns destructive tantrum throwing time…

      Berate Obama all you like but in the end he is America’s last decent shot at turning things around for the better. And handicapping him further from the other side isn’t going to do your country any favors today or for the future.

      And whether you know it or not, America needs Obama more than Obama needs America…but don’t take my word for it-

      Long after the he’s done being President, America WILL miss this man and regret taking him for granted – that’s a promise…

      • A lot of this is the fault of Max fucking Baucus and many other Democratic corporate whores, but Obama must take some blame for hiring Rham Emanuel and adopting the DLC/Bill Clinton technique of pandering to Wall Street while seeing just how far he could go with screwing over his base and getting away with it. This is 1994 all over again. I just hope that Senator-elect Zoolander is the early wake up call he needs. And I mean real wake up call, not just a “let’s talk tough and wag a finger at the corporate assholes” routine while Bernanke, Geithner, Summers and the gang continue to enable the rape and pillaging of the Democratic base.

        There were plenty of warning signs that Obama was the same ole, same ole. The whole “once, I’m elected you have to make me do it” meme was a warning. What bullshit. FDR and LBJ had the cajones to go ahead and DO it, they didn’t meekly ask for anyone to make them do it. BTW…I have written letters, made calls, sent faxes, etc. for health care reform, card check and several other items that our political leaders are way too beholden to the enemy to ever make a reality.

      • TripLBee

        I expect that if enough people who supported Obama’s candidacy complain about his presidency, then he will respond by proposing legislation that serves middle class Americans. That is how a democracy is supposed to work.

  15. Aud

    Barack Hussein Obama the evil muslim foreigner sent to destroy america and its solid values is starting fom the same formerly level playing field as FDR, LBJ etc.?
    Who are we kidding? The man has spent the past year bombarded by *real* americans who insist he’s the antichrist and may be the devil. To pretend that this President just had to slip into the drivers seat and go is so amusing and naïve.
    Give him a fucking break and a fighting chance people.

  16. Aud

    Barack Hussein Obama the evil muslim foreigner sent to destroy america and its solid values is starting fom the same formerly level playing field as FDR, LBJ etc.?
    Who are we kidding? The man has spent the past year bombarded by *real* americans who insist he’s the antichrist and may be the devil. To pretend that this President just had to slip into the drivers seat and go is so amusing and naïve.
    Give the guy a fucking break and a fighting chance people.

    • He was elected on a platform of CHANGE. Where is it? He just announced he’s tacking to the right and will call for a three year spending freeze for social programs in the state of the union address because, get this, WE ARE AT WAR. Kiss congress GOODBYE this year. We been duped, people. Hoodwinked. Bamboozled. There’s your fucking break and fighting chance!

      LBJ was up against the Dixiecrats in the Senate and he beat them down and passed civil rights and medicare. FDR was up against a Supreme Court full of robber baron appointees and he broke them. There’s no reason for Obama to play timid except to keep the corporate cronyism/gravy train going. Just because it’s too late doesn’t mean you shouldn’t wake up.

  17. Chad

    Is this true?

    If so, it is kind of dumb for Obama to criticize the SCOTUS about rules he recently broke himself. That is the problem these days…politicians are having a much harder time getting away with their lies. They’ve always lied about everything, but now everyone is a reporter or has a blog or thinks they are a journalist, so information gets out with the quickness.

    If the Obama campaign was taking donations and being influenced by foreign interests, I don’t see how he has much of a leg to stand on.

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