President Obama: Dazed and Confused


Embracing his inner Jimmy Carter, President Obama revealed a heretofore hidden personality yesterday: deficit hawk.   Green eyeshade firmly affixed, the president has the audacity to believe that his proposed $477 billion dollar spending freeze in the middle of the deepest recession in more than twenty-five years is something that will work.  It never has. He coulda asked President Carter.  Better yet he coulda looked in the mirror and asked himself.  Candidate Obama campaigned against John McCain’s spending freeze.

To the consternation of many, President Carter insisted on spending cuts to domestic discretionary programs as unemployment remained stubbornly high.  Like Obama, he had an electoral mandate that he squandered and Democratic majorities in both houses that he wasted.  He produced no lasting domestic policy accomplishments and presided over a large defense buildup that Reagan continued and took credit for. Ideologically, President Obama, like Jimmy Carter, has been all over the map and it’s hard to keep track.

Obama was against the war in Iraq and then took office and escalated the war in Afghanistan. He railed against the greed on Wall Street and proposed a targeted tax on the banks, but facilitated the bailout of the worst hedge fund speculators and the unconscionable greed of investment banker con artists.  He has done next to nothing to confiscate or put the breaks on record bonuses and payouts to the banksters as they tighten credit to small businesses and profess a let them eat cake attitude to the victims of their predatory loan schemes.

Both Presidents are decent men.  Both are gentlemen and scholars with a flair for the written word. They also have a moralistic predilection for making self-defeating statements or addresses like Carter’s Malaise speech or Obama’s statement that he’d rather be a good one-term president than a mediocre two-term president.  We’ve seen this movie before and this is one celluloid disaster flick I’d rather not sit though. For the sake of the tender feelings of my dear Elie, I’m, not the only one that thinks so.

In his continually futile attempt to be all things to all people and to just simply be liked, Barack Obama has embraced the conservadem me-too approach that has helped many blue dog democrats blur the lines between Democrat and Republican and appeal to fickle independent voters unhappy about the sad state of the economy and the nation’s burgeoning debt.

That is a loosing proposition.  No matter what he does, the Republicans will scream bloody murder, call him a socialist, and blow dog whistles to the troglodyte right.  The Republicans are the enemy.  Period.  The President should stick to the somewhat progressive platform he campaigned on, get off his damn knees, stop kissing arses and tell the Republicans and their conservadem handmaidens to go straight to hell.  He does not have to submit to the hazing of the corporate media and the right-wing.  He controls the message. Its time the Obama White House acted like it.  I pray for all our sakes that they stop channeling a dazed and confused Carter Administration.

13 thoughts on “President Obama: Dazed and Confused

  1. MT Fan

    And now Obama is a movie star. He is featured in a movie– exposing greedy hedge funds and market manipulation called “Stock Shock.” Even though the movie mostly focuses on Sirius XM stock being naked short sold to hell, I liked it because it shows the dark side of Wall Street. DVD is everywhere but cheaper at

  2. TripLBee

    I’ll give him credit for elevating Volker and Elizabeth Warren. Perhaps he will finally move in the direction of re-implementing Glass-Steagle. But the discretionary spending freeze is just bizarre. Any Econ 101 student can tell you that the worst time to worry about deficits is in the middle of a major economic downturn. Just ask Herbert Hoover how his spending freezes worked out.

    More to the point, I just don’t know what to think about Barack Obama. He was a brilliant candidate. But he’s been a terrible president and bizarre ideas such as this spending freeze simply depress me. It’s gimmicky and dangerous. He is a weak leader. It’s very sad.

  3. You did not have to go back that far. This is more like Bill Clinton’s third term. As someone else said: President Clinton was not the first Black President, but Barack Obama is the first Black President Clinton.

  4. Scott Banbury

    I love it when someone pulls off “troglodyte”. I was very much a youngin’ but paid some attention to Carter–I do believe he was a bit more the Progressive than Barack. The parallels are amazing.

  5. Aud

    How strange that you black guys are all pretty much the same.
    Here we have skeptical brotha permanently perched behind a computer all talk, all bluster, so much hot air and nary a whiff of ability beyond cheapshots,finger pointing and a whole lot of weak stabs at sounding half knowing.
    Can hardly wait for obama to be on his merry way out of that place so we can all be spared this endless tripe from every corner.
    Scott Brown, you great white hope, you’re up next buddy. Get cracking.

    • Blue Dogs

      Aud, Scott Brown is likely dead politically in 2012 once the MA Democrats find a strong candidate, but Obama’s buddy, Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick is in BIG TROUBLE in his re-election campaign this year.

      You might want to tell Skeptical Brotha that Patrick could be on his way out of the governor’s mansion due to the Martha Coakley disaster.

      • Blue Dogs,

        I never believed he could be re-elected from the beginning. After 16 years of GOP Governors, Deval always was going to be climbing up hill. The economy and his sour relationship with the Mass Legislature is really hurting him.

        Moreover, I always viewed the Mass electorate as extremely fickle. When Dukakis ran for re-election in 78, the same thing that is doing Patrick in is doing in Deval: a sour economy and a right-wing backlash. It was also the same year that former Senator Ed Brooke R-Mass, was defeated for re-election. Even though 78 was a Republican year, Brooke was defeated. He was the first African American to be elected to the U.S. Senate in the twentieth century.

        Brooke had no ethical issues or corruption charges pending against him, Kennedy had Chappaquiddick and was re-elected. That made me doubt they would cut Patrick any slack.

  6. Blue Dogs

    Jimmy Carter served in the Georgia State Senate from 1963 to 1967, and was later elected Georgia’s 75th Governor in 1970, serving from January 12, 1971-January 14, 1975, so he had executive experience, unlike Obama, who went from the legislative branch to the Presidency.

  7. Skeptical Brotha, on Massachusetts, you’ve got a former Democrat in State Treasurer Tim Cahill (Independent) running as a 3rd Party candidate while the GOP has yet to decide who their nominee is going to be between Christy Mihos (R) and Chris Baker (R), so with the combinations of the anti-Patrick vote being split up between Cahill, the GOP nominee and a Green party candidate, Patrick may survive, but he may get 39 percent for a re-election victory (see 2006 Texas governor’s race).

    On NY State Governor David Paterson (D): he’s obviously all but gone, Andrew Cuomo has the Executive Mansion in Albany almost certainly locked up and Paterson is taking Kirsten Gillibrand down with him as well (lots of folks hate her as their junior US Senator).

    • Blue Dogs,

      It is plausible for Deval to win. It just ain’t likely. He will definitely need a strong third party candidate to siphon votes away from the right. It is his only chance. Gillibrand is in trouble on both the Democratic front and a General Election front if Mort “my only concern is Israel” Zuckerman, runs.

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