Obama in the Lions Den


Sorry, y’all.  I am one of the poor people that doesn’t have internet access at home and I messed around and got snowed in.   But if y’all ain’t seen this nearly hour and half long exchange with the President and the House Republicans, you really need to.  It is one thing to know the president is brilliant, it is quite another to see it in real time.  They knew the brotha was coming and they knew his purpose was to engage them in serious dialogue. They brought less than nothing to the table.  These are the fools the good people of Massachusetts sought to empower through the election of Scott Brown.  The Republicans are revealed here in all their ostentatious glory as the ignorant, obstinate, and fact challenged dilettantes that they are.  The president is nothing short of amazing.  This is the president that I voted for.

8 thoughts on “Obama in the Lions Den

  1. That sound you heard was Roger Ailes soiling his drawers. Love the way Faux News cut away quick-fast when they saw the carnage taking shape. Yes, our President has skills. But this was shooting fish in a barrel or as close to it politically as anything you will ever see. The Republicans are dipshits. Corrupt, slimy and absolutely without any morals or a shred of humanity between them, but total dipshits nonetheless. I’m amazed they thought they could come out looking good when confronted with the facts. Maybe they actually believed their own “Obama is helpless without a teleprompter” BS. If so, then they got what they deserved.

  2. So the Obama presidency still has a pulse. After almost being declared dead, they’ve had a hell of a week. First, the dumb ass GOP invites him to debate their whole damn party, and he demolishes them….on live TV. Then Volcker is empowered to propose real, authentic reform of the banking sector. (Why the hell didn’t they do this a year ago?) Elizabeth Warren is holding press conferences with Geithner standing mute in the background. And DADT is finally being over turned. Now that is the president I voted for!

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  4. 1. At first, I just heard it from another room, and even then, I knew he had stomped them.

    2. C-SPAN’s SITE CRASHED, so many people were trying to get their hands on it.

    3. Fox – little bytches that they are – CUT AWAY long before it was done.

    4. I thought it was hilarious.

    5. they truly thought he had gotten his Harvard Law degree in crayon.

    6. Craig Hickman wrote a reply that I pulled out and made a FP post. His thoughts were perfection.

  5. Are you interested in issues facing the African American community? If so, tune into the PBS show Basic Black, the longest running show addressing people of color on television. Watch TONIGHT at 7:30 p.m EST LIVE at http://www.basicblack.org or on channel 2 in Boston. You can also participate in a live chat at basicblack.org starting at 4 pm.

  6. Blue Dogs

    Rikyrah, former VP Dick Cheney says Obama is a one-term President in 2012 since the Democrats are going to lose the House and maybe even the Senate.

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