8 thoughts on “Tiger Apologizes

  1. Tiger has a bald spot I noticed when he was hugging his mother. Anyways, he better start fixing his marriage and fast.

    You would think after the tragic death of Steve McNair last year would cause folks to wake up, but didn’t.

  2. Blue Dogs,

    Tiger is the epitome of the spoiled rich kid. He is a self-absorbed a**hole that nobody should feel sorry for. I don’t think he has what it takes to be faithful to the trophy wife he claims to love.

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  4. I heard from one of Tiger’s friends that after his father passed away in 2006, he went really nuts and started seeing other women besides his wife of 5 years.

  5. I only feel bad for his mother and children. His wife knew the deal, and her sticking around after 20 hos have come out of the woodwork will show EXACTLY her deal is. I thought his press conference was pathetic and refuse to watch any coverage about it.

  6. Why is his private life any of our business? He’s a golfer. He’s not a moralizing politician. He’s not someone whose fame is predicated on his moral character. He is merely the best golfer of all time. Why do we care who he is sleeping with?

    • Trip,

      I don’t care who he sleeps with. However, in a later post, I’ll tell y’all why I think Tiger is relevant. The thumbnail is this: He is the richest athlete of all time and this is so because he earned so much in product endorsement income. Nike, for example, pioneered the method through which shoe and apparel manufacturers closed down their domestic factories and reopened them in countries with no labor regulation. The result is the sweatshops that Naomi Klein talks about so eloquently in NO LOGO. That makes Tiger a slave master of sorts who lives the good life on Nike’s corporate plantation. Nike’s second largest concentration of sweatshops is in Thailand, his mama’s native land. I don’t know about you, but there is a lot hypocrisy in that. It is immoral. Tiger is not only addicted to sex, but to the vast wealth that his slaves provide. Tiger talks a lot about his foundation and its charitable outreach, but what about living wages for the people whose penury supports his profligate lifestyle?

  7. Skep,

    Tiger’s corporate whoring is a public matter. He endorses slavery by pushing Nike products. THAT IS RELEVANT. But his sexual peccadilloes, are, I believe, a private matter.

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