Devil’s Advocate bows out


The unspeakable evil that is Harold Ford, Jr. has formally ended his “exploratory campaign” challenging Democratic Senator Kirsten Gillibrand.  Let the Church say, Amen.  There has never been a corporate whore more skilled in the art of seduction as Harold Ford, Jr.  He was so close to regaining a foothold on power. Ford’s bid collapsed under the weight of his opportunistic lies, galactic narcissism, rank hypocrisy and the threat of a general election challenge from the right in the person of Billionaire New York Daily News Owner Mortimer “My-Only-Concern-Is-Israel” Zuckerman.   I hope The Devil’s Advocate slithers back to the pit of Hell and den of Wall Street thieves from whence he came.

The Devil’s advocate made a triumphant return to MSNBC’s Morning Joe today. Mika all but threw her panties at Harold as he walked on set and eagerly complied with her request for a kiss in a way that made it seem there might be an assignation in their future.  It went downhill from there.

Wall Street’s crown prince of deception put on a brave face as he gravely recounted his brief foray into the rough and tumble of New York politics. Harold laid it on thick as he described his harrowing trial by fire as the victim of party bosses and unnamed insiders maneuvering against an altruistic bid to push Kirsten Gillibrand down a flight of stairs so that he could better serve the people of New York.

Joe Scarborough and Newsweek’s John Meacham played their assigned roles as keepers of the flame of Harold’s burning ambition. Poor Melissa Harris Lacewell could hardly get a word in edgewise and never laid a glove on the pedicured prince. Mika, delirious with jungle fever, acted as though MSNBC hired her to play footsie with Harold under the table. After it was over, I ran to the bathroom and blew chunks into the toilet.

The Devil’s advocate is biding his time.    I see a UN Ambassadorship in his future.  If Hillary is serious about serving just one tour as Secretary of State, and Susan Rice is elevated to succeed her, there will be a vacancy at the UN. Harold would be the perfect fit.  The UN Ambassador’s stately Manhattan residence has cachet and is the perfect place to cement his ties to the powerbrokers of New York. Moreover, he could shamelessly showcase his fealty to Israel’s war crimes and seal the cracks left by Kirsten Gillibrand’s brief flirtation with J Street, AIPAC’s moderate rival for the leadership of the Israel lobby.

Kirsten’s foolish schoolgirl flirtation with a dangerous J Street thug and Harold’s brief challenge left the door open for Mort-My-Only-Concern-Is-Israel-Zuckerman to challenge Gillibrand from the right.  It is clear that the Devil’s Advocate expects Gillibrand to lose and for a 78-year-old Mortimer Zuckerman to stand down in six years.

Senator Gillibrand just appeared on Andrea Mitchell’s MSNBC show in rebuttal to the Devil’s Advocate.  The gloating over her vanquished Negro rival was short lived and she had no real answer to the question of how she could defeat a billionaire’s bankroll. Andrea’s questions stripped Gillibrand naked in front of a national audience and her manifest weakness as a candidate was made plain. Girlfriend is doomed.

The battle is not over and the saga continues.

21 thoughts on “Devil’s Advocate bows out

  1. Memphis Fly

    The Dark Sith always brings the best out of you Skep. Thank you for exposing this fraud. Don’t EVER lighten on him.

  2. Came to see if you knew SB.

    Glad you heard the good news.

    I was quite heartened at the folks that have joined your chorus against the Dark Sith in the blogosphere.

    Good riddance to bad rubbish.

  3. franko

    This was hilarious! Very revealing of his interests:

    Washington (CNN) – There is, apparently, an “I” in Team Harold.

    In his 764 word New York Times op-ed outlining his reasons for not running for the U.S. Senate in New York, former Democratic Rep. Harold Ford, Jr. used the word “I” 27 times. He averaged use of the personal pronoun about once every 28 words.

    In that context, he uses the word “I” far more than he mentions “New York” (seven times), “New Yorker” (six times), “constituents” (one time) and “voters” (zero) – combined.

  4. Skeptical Brotha, I expect Ford, Jr., to run for NY State Governor in 2018 if Cuomo serves the maximum of 2 terms or runs for the United States Senate when Schumer decides to retire in 2016.

    He’s still AMBITIOUS for statewide office.

  5. see a UN Ambassadorship in his future. If Hillary is serious about serving just one tour as Secretary of State, and Susan Rice is elevated to succeed her, there will be a vacancy at the UN. Harold would be the perfect fit. The UN Ambassador’s stately Manhattan residence has cachet and is the perfect place to cement his ties to the powerbrokers of New York.

    but, that would mean that a President Obama would have to appoint him. I don’t see Obama appointing him dogcatcher. If Hillpatine does step down and Rice steps up, I believe Samantha Powers would get the U.N. job.

    • rikyrah,

      That broke late last night and is a rich piece of irony. The Whore got psyched out and it was truly a masterful piece of deception. It’s almost better than seeing him go down in the September primary.

      • Blue Dogs

        BREAKING NEWS: Texas Governor Rick Perry (R) destroys KBH in a landslide in last night’s GoP primary

        Our predicts Perry is the heavy favorite to win re-election to a 3rd full term,which begins on January 18, 2011-January 20, 2015, so you can expect the state’s strong Republican trends to prevail in November and Perry will become the state’s 4th governor since Allan Shivers (Jul. 11, 1949-Jan. 15, 1957: as lieutenant governor, ascended to the governorship upon then-Gov. Beauford Jester’s death), Price Daniel (Jan. 15, 1957-Jan. 15, 1963), and John Connally (Jan. 15, 1963-Jan. 21, 1969) and the 1st to serve 14 years in the Texas Governor’s Mansion.

        I predict Perry wins by 12 percentage points at best with 56 percent, with former Houston Mayor Bill White (D) getting 44 percent.

  6. March 04, 2010

    Ford Discussed Switching Parties with Rove
    Lloyd Grove reports that shortly after the 2004 election, Rep. Harold Ford Jr. (D-TN) requested a meeting with Karl Rove to discuss his political future in Tennessee.

    “According to a knowledgeable source, Rove sat for three hours with the young congressman at the Washington home of mutual friends, where Ford floated the idea of switching parties to run for the Senate in 2006 as a Republican — that is, if President Bush could ‘clear the field’ and prevent a contested primary. According to my source, Rove responded encouragingly, but nothing came of the secret session, and Ford ended up running — and losing — as a Dem.”

    A Ford spokesman confirms the meeting but says it was Rove who wanted Ford to switch parties.

    Read more:

    • Rikyah, how long before Ford Jr., bails on the DLC and switches his political affiliation to the Republican Party ?

      He has an ego that won’t stop his political obsession of statewide office.

      Who knows what could have happened if Ford Jr., had joined the GOP we would have never heard of Bob Corker (who wanted to be governor someday).

      • Ford will never leave the Democrats because you and I both know that the Republicans would never take him seriously. SERIOUSLY back him for office?

        the GOP?


        and especially any GOP state party south of the Mason/Dixon.

        Never would’ve happened.

  7. TripLBee

    I think the GOP would leap at the chance of enlisting Ford. Having grown up with him, however, I don’t think he’ll switch parties. His entire social and professional circle consists of Democrats. He’d practically be excommunicated from his family and would lose most of his friends. I don’t think that even he is this blinded by rank ambition. But then again, I never would have predicted John Edwards’ spectacular downfall, so who knows.

    • Trip,

      the only reason Ford HAS a ‘ Black Card’ is because he’s a ‘ Ford of Memphis’. Without that, he’d be nothing more than Michael Steele.

    • actually Trip,

      Steele would have a leg up on him:
      1. he was actually ELECTED as a Republican
      2. Steele actually has a Black wife [yeah, I’m being politically incorrect, but let’s be real]

      Ford switching parties would mean the end of him – PERIOD. Though I’d love for him to be arrogant enough to think that he could switch and find benefits from it.That he thinks he wouldn’t turn into a Black joke.

  8. Hmmm… I’ve always seen Ford as a flip-flopper like Gillibrand, but say it is what it is. On my own blog, I feel like the LGBTs of NY gave him a raw deal because they seem to have pacify white politicos any day of the year over black ones although the white ones are just hypocritical as their black counterparts. At the end of the day, it is a big old clusterf**k for everybody that is progressive in the region because of the dubious, aversion bias, and hypocritical nature of most Democrats in New York. Hence, why I’m not a fan of that state or the NYC Tri-State region’s politics…

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