Hansen Clarke to Challenge Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick


Michigan State Senator Hansen Clarke, according to his facebook page, is gathering volunteers and gearing up to challenge Michigan Congresswoman Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick, the mother of scandal plagued former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick. It is my contention that Mrs. Kilpatrick is in serious danger of losing her seat in the August Primary.

Mrs. Kilpatrick’s favorable ratings are in the toilet. According to the last poll taken in August,  her re-elect number is 27%, which is beyond toxic.   The recent headlines surrounding her son’s refusal to pay restitution to the city following the sex-scandal that drove him from office and the imminent joint indictment of her son and ex-husband, cannot possibly have helped matters.

The former chair of the Congressional Black Caucus is facing a formidable challenger.  Clarke, 52, a biracial brotha of East Indian and African American descent, is a gifted, low-key politician with a progressive record of achievement in the Michigan Legislature. Clarke sponsored legislation to impose a two-year moratorium on foreclosures that disproportionately plague black and brown communities.  Moreover, he introduced a bill to expand hate crimes laws to protect those targeted on the basis of sexual orientation or gender expression.   Clarke challenged Kwame for Mayor in 2005 and made a brief run for Governor this year before he ended his candidacy.  This is a race he can win.  If he goes forward and files, and has the field all to himself, the odds are heavily in his favor.

I’ll have more to say about this in a later post.

15 thoughts on “Hansen Clarke to Challenge Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick

  1. I like Hansen, I really do but the brother has a knack for coming in last. He starts off with a nice ground swell then it fizzles out.

    If he does decide to go head up against Carolyn, I hope that he puts her to shame. A loss would look very bad for him especially after being pummeled by Kwame when he ran against him for mayor of Detroit.

    Ever since Carolyn traded in her braids for those wigs, she’s been up to no good!

  2. Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick does need to GO AND FAST! That whole family is corrupt, IMO, and all those Negroes going cause is more foolishness from this point forward. She knows her son is a bad seed and her ex-husband isn’t any better, so much luck to Hanson Clarke! I sounds like he is more progressive and less controversial than Cheeks-Kilpatrick and would be a change for the better for Southeast Michigan in Congress.

  3. Only thing I disagree with is that Clarke is low key. He is anything but. Most important thing he needs to do is make sure he doesn’t have another challenger which is the only reason Kilpatrick survived 08.

  4. Just a quick update. I heard Hansen yesterday on WDET 101.9 (local Detroit station) and he sounds like he is in full battle mode ready to make it happen.

    He was talking much sense, so I hope that he brings the pain & HARD!

  5. Tafari, if the GOP takes back the House and Senate in November, they’re going to be pushing for TERM LIMITS, so that folks like Cheeks-Kilpatrick will be termed out when the next election comes up.

    • What? Term limits was part of Republican gimmick called “The Contract With America” back in the ’94 election cycle. It immediately bit the dust once Newt and the gang got in. Learn your history or be doomed to repeat it.

  6. TFern

    Hansen Clarke belongs in the seat held by “Cheeks” period. I met him a number of times and he worked on a community event that I was working on. Meeting him, I believe that he truly wants to do what the people and the community want and need. That’s enough for me!

  7. Stephen A

    I believe that it is time for Kilpatrick to leave, as well as Conyers. There is a man named Glenn R. Plummer who is running for the 13th Congressional District and he has a great plan called the Plummer Plan” which focuse on an economic turn=around for Metro Detroit. I will stil vote for Hansen Clarke as the Michigan State Senator but Glenn R. Plummer is the best choice for Metro Detroit at this time.

    http://www.plummerforcongress.com Go and check out his “PlummerPlan” it will excite you and it is workable!!!

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