I want the public option, dammit


I want the public option, dammit.

I’m tired of sharecropping on Blue Cross Blue Shield’s corporate plantation.

I’m tired of weak politicians that don’t have the courage of their convictions.

I’m tired of the lies, misinformation, ignorance, and racial fears that stupid people cling to for dear life. Some folk would opt to place their lives in the hands of corporate predators hungry for excessive profits rather than trust Barack Obama or a public option no different than the Medicare they trust already.

I’m tired of people dying unnecessarily.

I’m tired of being sick and tired. My patience is damn near gone.

I’m tired of trusting Negroes who believe that everything will be alright as long as a Democrat is in the White House.

But most of all I am tired of politicians with two faces telling the public that they support the public option at the same time that they’re a cutting deal in a Capitol Hill backroom to kill the very thing they say their for.

This is your life, y’all. Don’t let your member of Congress get away with lying to your face and stabbing you in the back. Fight. Support the public option because your life, or someone you love, might one day depend on it.


12 thoughts on “I want the public option, dammit

  1. TripLBee

    The bill that is about to pass is better than nothing. But it depresses me that our country turns over more and more critical sectors, like health, to the private sector. The private sector is and always will be about profits. HIV + people are not profitable for health insurance companies. Neither are elderly people, or people with diabetes or heart conditions. That is to say, people who actually need medical care are unprofitable for the health insurance sector, so they find creative ways to drop them. AND WE ALLOW FOR THIS!!!!

    Why is there even a debate about health insurance reform? One out of every six Americans doesn’t even have insurance, and another 100 or so MILLION are underinsured. This isn’t an issue that has the potential to get bad. IT IS A CERTIFIABLE DISASTER ALREADY! I am startled and depressed that any elected official, let alone almost half the members of Congress, think that the status quo is working in health insurance. It goes to show that the legalized bribery we call lobbying and campaign donations, are more important to politicians then the literal health of their own constituents. God bless America. We sure do need a blessing right about now.

    • Trip,

      While there are millions praying for Health Care Reform because their lives depend on it, what they’ll end up getting is a system engineered for the financial benefit of big Pharma and the insurance lobby. I support Health Care Reform, but I have serious reservations about the Senate Bill and the incremental changes to the bill being proposed through reconciliation. If there is no public option placed in the bill, there will be no effective cost control. If there is no public option, what stops people from being priced out of the market? I don’t trust insurance companies. Period. Subsidizing insurance premiums only strengthens the stranglehold of for-profit insurance companies over our health care. Making a profit off of other medical misery is not ethical and never will be. I understand why this bill must pass. I understand that we have no choice at this point if we want to cover folks that don’t have a lifeline, but I don’t have to like it.

      • TripLBee

        I’ve wrestled with this for a year now, just as you have. I am not defending this bill. Not at all. I think the bill sucks. But it does ensure that people like my 380 lb, diabetic brother, can get some form of health insurance, at the same rate I get it. That is better than what we have now. It’s not even close to the type of reform we need. But it’s better than what we have now.

  2. Skeptical Brotha, the Public Option is all but DEAD, it aint’ coming back because the Obama White House doesn’t want another VA, NJ, MA backlash already.

    I’m predicting the House will pass the Senate bill by the weekend barely, with the Democrats losing the House for sure in November, but keeping the Senate (they’ll lose Arkansas, North Dakota, Nevada, Indiana and maybe California-Boxer’s poll numbers are tanking into KBH territory=see 2010 TX GOP primary for governor).

    • Burroughston Broch

      Blue Dogs, I agree that the public option is dead, but not because the White House fears a potential November backlash. The President, Sen. Reid and Rep. Pelosi are obsessed with passing any sort of a health insurance legislation now, in any form, and by any means possible. The President wants to say that he fulfilled a campaign promise. He senses that his window of political opportunity is likely to close in January 2011, and he must push through his agenda before then. I believe he feels that, if gets the first piece of legislation enacted, then the others will come in a rush.

    • “the Public Option is all but DEAD…because the Obama White House doesn’t want another VA, NJ, MA backlash already.”

      This is completely backwards. The public option was the most popular part of the Health Care reform process. It’s exclusion will cost the Democrats the House, if anything. Obama went against it because he cut a deal with the big money donors. Catch a clue someday, please.

    • Actually, I’m not sure the public option is dead. Reid swears that he’ll bring it up as an amendment to this bill, which will require a simple up or down vote. ANd the Dems won’t lose the House or the Senate in November. They’ll lose seats in both, but they’ll keep their majorities.

  3. Ernesto, Obama knows it’s now or never for Health Care Reform and if the Democrats don’t pass his baby this upcoming weekend, the President will not get anything done by 2011 assuming the Republicans regain the House and Senate in November’s midterm elections, which could make his last 2 years a lame duck.

    My father really believes Obama is one and done in 2012 by either Romney or Huckabee.

    By January 20, 2013, we may see Mike Huckabee as the 45th President and the second Arkansas governor to go to 1600 PA Avenue.


    Palin is NOT running in 2012, she’s got too many skeletons including the rumors she greeted McCain’s staffers naked wearing only a towel in her hotel room.

    • There’s no way to make a prediction about November, 2012 in March, 2010. There is a political eternity between now and then. If the economy improves and unemployment goes down significantly, Obama will win handily. If we have the “V-shapped” recession that many economists are predicting, then he could be in big trouble; especially if the GOP is sane enough to nominate Romney or Pawlenty. If they select a regional, religious fanatic like Huckabee they lose big.

      • TripLBee, I’m hearing Palin had a habit of greeting people naked.

        She probably didn’t even want to be Alaska governor since she used them as a stepping stone for a talk show she’s trying to get now.

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