It is finished


Late in the midnight hour, the President addressed the nation basking in the glow of a landmark political triumph over right-wing massive resistance to health care reform. His understated demeanor and measured words belied the enormity of this breakthrough.

Ted Kennedy would be so proud that his dream of universal health care is on the path to reality. His instinct that Barack Obama was the president we needed was vindicated in last night’s roll call. At the president’s side in this fight was the most effective Speaker of the House in living memory, Nancy Pelosi.   She refused to let this effort die and she helped revive the push for reform the pundits thought dead.

Nobody but Barack Obama could have pulled off this legislative victory.  Behind the genial exterior and megawatt smile is a disciplined, ruthless, pragmatic pol equipped with a flawless mastery of policy minutia.

The president’s  politically expedient compromises with the insurance and pharmaceutical lobbies greased the skids of the legislative process and ultimately resulted in the enactment of a recycled package of Republican proposals from the last health care showdown 16 years ago that provide at last a framework for health insurance for most Americans.

While others focused on progressive goals like covering everyone, bringing down health care costs and providing competition, Obama focused on getting a passable bill that partially addressed those goals. This President is interested only in the art of the possible.  Ideology is secondary.

Obama won and left the Republicans sputtering unintelligible nonsense for over a year.  They showed their arses last night, every flat hairy butt cheek. They used every arrow in their quiver to defeat reform: fear, deception, xenophobia, and racism.  They still lost.

Over the course of the next few years, 32 million Americans will finally gain access to health insurance they should have had all along. It is the most expensive in the industrialized world and doesn’t cover what it should, but it is better than nothing at all. 

My hat is off to the Commander-in-chief for this triumph over unadulterated Republican evil.

I still want a public option.

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  1. We’ve had a year to look at this effort from every angle. I finally came around to supporting the bill because I’m hoping that it is the beginning of a real effort to reform a dysfunctional health insurance system. But whatever misgivings I have about this watered down bill, I share your appreciation for Obama’s political skills. He has put the GOP on notice. Perhaps now he’ll act with more audacity.

  2. Skeptical Brotha, Obama just signed the Health Care Reform bill today inside the White House, so forget about the public option brotha.

    Yes, US Rep. Artur Davis (D-AL)’s NO vote on the bill is another way of telling the President and others at the White House: SCREW YOU, I’m running for the Alabama Governor’s Mansion.

  3. you are on spot, SB.

    My hat is off to the Commander-in-chief for this triumph over unadulterated Republican evil.

    I love your writing SB….break it down.

    I still want a public option.

    me too.

  4. Dannie22

    Here are my 2 cents about the public option.

    You will get your public option. I think Obama wanted folks to get used to the idea of government healthcare. Too much change scares folks even if it is good for them. Remember most folks aren’t policy wonks. They get their news from sound bites from ignant pundits.

    When the people start reaping the benefits from this bill and realize that government is not the problem but possibly the solution, then selling the idea of a public option won’t be such a hard sell.

    Also, Obama didn’t want a backlash to his programs such as what happened after the civil rights movement.

    Like I said. My 2 cents.

  5. Skeptical Brotha, can you post the article about Illinois Governor Patrick Quinn (D) alienating African American voters by snubbing State Rep. Art Turner (D-Chicago) and having the IL Democratic Committee pick Sheila Simon as the Democratic nominee for Lieutenant Governor and she looks like Rupaul ?

    I have a feeling Quinn snubbing Turner may cause African Americans to stay home on election day, resulting in a possible Republican sweep of statewide offices in November.

    • I’m not voting for Quinn. I didn’t vote for him in the Primary because of what he did to Todd Stroger. I won’t vote for the GOP, but I’m leaving the Governor’s spot blank.

      I’m sick of Quinn.

      • My cousin who lives in Springfield plans on voting for State Senator Bill Brady (R-Bloomington), who is pushing for term limits for all elected officials in the state including statewide officeholders by limiting them to 12 consecutive years and getting rid of the 59-member State Senate, leaving with 41 members.

  6. TripLBee

    I think Quinn is the first honest governor Illinois has had in quite some time, which would be a stark contrast to Todd Stroger. I’m not saying that Quinn is perfect, but I am just tired of the Ryans and Blagos and Strogers.

  7. I heard that Quinn fired several African American appointees who served under Blagojevich once he ascended to the governorship last year.

    The guy maybe honest, but he’s pissing folks off with his idiotic moves including raising taxes.

    No wonder he’s 1-3 in statewide elections.

  8. franko

    Confederate History Month?
    Supreme Court battle before it’s even started?
    The Fugitive Slave and the G0P’s fetish spending?

    We need our fix! Miss you brotha.

  9. Franko, it’s April the 12th and Skeptical Brotha still hasn’t posted any new blog updates on the political news of the day like McDonnell channeling George Wallace, to Sarah Palin being the KKK spokesperson at their KKK rally in New Orleans this past weekend.

  10. The impact of building casinos in Massachusetts on communities of color, and what this says about the political and economic leadership of our communities are the topics of discussion on the PBS show Basic Black, which you can watch TONIGHT at 7:30 p.m EST LIVE at or on channel 2 in Boston. You can also participate in a live chat at starting at 7: 20 pm.

  11. Mark


    Take care of your brother, get him some exercise, help him with his diet, There’ll be plenty to write about this year.

    Don’t let the handouts of state weaken you. The best rewards are still earned.

  12. Mark, there are numerous reports of Florida Governor Charlie Crist (R) dropping out of the United States Senate GOP primary and maybe seeking an Independent bid, which is bad news for likely Democratic nominee, US Rep. Kendrick Meek (D-FL).

    PS: VA’s Bob McDonnell is officially the GOP version of George Wallace and if McFraud had his way, term limits would be abolished so he can be governor for life and I’m hoping Tim Kaine bails on the DNC gig to run for governor again in 2013.

  13. Mark, Kamala Harris (the SF County DA), who is running for the Democratic nomination for California State Attorney General, has received the endorsements of Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villariagosa (D) and US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA).

  14. Druggies abound! Interesting choice, I don’t think law will get with that.

    Many of our Cal politicians are getting in line with illegal aliens to boycott Arizona…( sorry, couldn’t resist)

    Immigration law, now that’s a job for the feds.

  15. Mark, remember Eva Mazemsom when she got sick on national TV ?

    Poor girl must have either drank too much or had a bout with stomach cramps.

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