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I’ve always wanted to try my hand at book writing because blogging has become a bit of a chore.  With the release of Harold Whore, Jr’s political memoir More Davids Than Goliaths, I finally have an excuse to write a book on a topic which would give each day a purpose it presently doesn’t have.  I hope to finish by end of the year.

I’ve already got a title, outlined my chapters,  written the preface, begun compiling research and started the first chapter. This book will write itself because it is fueled by the seething contempt I harbor for the bottom feeding Corporate Whore from Memphis.

Wish me luck.  If you have any suggestions, let a Skeptical Brotha know.

15 thoughts on “Writing A Book

  1. TripLBee

    I’m curious to know why you think he’s more of a political and corporate whore than other well known politicians?

    • He symbolizes everything wrong with black politics. His flirtation with a NY Senate run started with him advocating a massive corporate tax cut of 10% from 35% to 25%. Which is same thing McCain was pushing in 2008 against Obama. Moreover, he is a high class corporate whore for the malevolent Bank of America which absorbed corporate vultures Merrill Lynch and Countrywide. Countrywide, as you know, specialized in saddling colored folks with the predatory loans responsible for destroying their lives and this economy in an explosion of foreclosures and bank failures.

      • I don’t think he’s any different from most of the folks in the Black Caucus, except that he’s been more successful. I’m not defending him. I just think he’s a typical politician.

  2. rikyrah

    oh shoot…I thought you were going to give a review – as only you can – of The Dark Sith’s book.

    a gal can hope.

  3. Burroughston Broch

    I wish that you would focus your talents on a more worthwhile, relevant target. Mr. Ford is a known quantity.

  4. Accidental Spittle

    I’m terribly offended by all this nonsense – this is my first time visiting this site and, ergo, my first post here. I am a proud white male of Anglo-Saxon heritage who attends an Episcopal Church! How dare you!

    Anyway, the aforementioned is true with a healthy lick of humor, so this site is kind of interesting, Harold Ford is a typical politician, but whore? Well, OK. I still enjoy his being jibed and commentary on Morning Joe etc. I got tired of being a lawyer in the metro Detroit area (primarily insurance / corporate defense at the time – D&O, EPL) a few years back so I joined the carnival – now I’m doing carnie law I guess. I’m only mildly amused by this site, but I am enjoying searching around and reading the comments. Kind of cool. Kudos dude. Be careful how you whack a mole. Peace 🙂

  5. Skeptical Brotha, I bet you that in 2016 once Schumer hangs it up, Ford Jr., will run and win the Senate seat.

    Or maybe the Governorship in 2018 if Cuomo doesn’t seek a 3rd term.

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