Kendrick Meek defeats billionaire


Miami Gardens Congressman Kendrick Meek,43, defeated billionaire Jeff Greene for the Democratic nomination for U.S. Senate by an impressive 25%.  Meek will face Gov. Charlie Crist running as an Independent and Republican Mark Rubio in the fall.  Leading prognosticators give him little or no chance to win.

With Republicans divided, it should actually be easier for Kendrick to win if he is able to keep Democrats together and focused.  Gov. Crist will be stiff competition to keep White Democrats in the fold but it can be done.  Democrats know where Kendrick stands because of his record.  Until his polls went south, Crist was still a conservative Republican.  Now he is supposed to be “Independent” and sending private signals that he will caucus with Democrats should he be elected.  That is a weakness that can be exploited by Meek and should be.

In the race to Meek in Congress, voters selected State Senator Fredericka Wilson, 68, over a field of  eight other candidates.  Wilson defeated Haitian American Physician Rudy Moise and Miami Gardens Mayor Shirley Gibson by a wide margin to become the newest member of the Congressional Black Caucus.

Senator Wilson was always the front runner in this race despite being vastly outspent by millionaire Rudy Moise by more than three to one.    Moise dropped a million into this race and came up very short.


15 thoughts on “Kendrick Meek defeats billionaire

  1. zeitgeist9000


    Good to be back and see you doin’ what you do best.

    You’re about the only Netroot pulling for Meek right now.

    Markos, Swing State Project and basically Kingdom Come have been dissin’ Meek since he put his name in the mix.

    We’ll see–Crist and Rubio would have to split Republicans and all Dems would have to come home for Meek.

    I’m rooting for him, but it’s a tall order.

  2. TripLBee


    I’m not trying to goad you bro. I just think that he has zero chance in the general. I think Crist—who has suddenly found his inner-Democrat—will steal some of his Dem votes and most of the Independent votes. Rubio has the right wing loonies on lock down. There simply isn’t enough of the pie left in FL for Meek to win. And you can take that to the bank.

  3. Burroughston Broch

    While Skep and TripLBee rumble at each other, let’s look at the returns.
    Meek received 522,942 votes (57%) of the 911,113 votes in the Democratic primary.
    Rubio received 1,059,513 votes (85%) of the 1,252,970 votes in the Republican primary.
    Rubio received twice as many votes as Meeks.
    Crist will draw votes from both.
    Meeks will not win in November.
    Skep, speak softly and sweetly because you will eat your words on this one in November.

  4. Credulous Brotha

    reading through your archives. struck by the pettiness similar to what i see when i watch MSNBC. again, not quite as “skeptical” as masthead announces.

    could you rename the blog “petty echo chamber” ???

    • What’s the point of your comment? If you have something to add to the conversation please do so. Otherwise, go write graffiti on a bathroom wall.

      • Credulous Brotha

        if you’re not getting it, consider the possibility that you’re not the intended audience. it now seems (quite) apparent that considering alternative possibilities is probably not something you can credibly claim as a strength.

        you see, “skeptical” brotha and i had a conversation on another post, which you probably didn’t read. he quite maturely, to his credit, asked me to peruse his posts. i did. i commented, thusly adding to the “conversation.” if you need a conversation to insert yourself into, i’m happy to have provided you with such a venue. but what was happening here wasn’t as much a conversation as it was a circle jerk.

  5. Burroughston Broch

    Skep, the Miami Herald is not as positive on Meek’s chances as you:

    Remember the saying “Anyone But Bush” among Democrats in 2004 who feared a second term by George W. Bush?

    Florida Democrats are slinging a variation on the slogan for 2010: “Anyone But Rubio.”

    To liberal voters, Republican Senate candidate Marco Rubio is a right-winging, tea-partying, oil-drilling, stimulus-hating, Obamacare-shunning, taxes-on-the-rich-cutting nightmare. And these Democrats are determined to stop him from winning on Nov. 2 by any means necessary, even if that means bailing on their own party’s nominee, Kendrick Meek.

    A vote for Meek is a vote for Rubio, the thinking goes, because Meek can’t win. He’s a lackluster Miami congressman lacking money, profile and oomph.

    Read more:

  6. Burroughston Broch

    Latest Florida Senate race poll by Reuters/Ipsos:
    Rubio 40%
    Crist 26%
    Meek 21%
    Poll showed a decided shift to Rubio.
    Meek should have a day job.

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