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I am fascinated to know what y’all thought about Glenn Beck’s “Restoring Honor” rally on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial.  C-SPAN’s video library has the entire rally and is available if you haven’t seen it.  Let me put a few questions out there to get the ball rolling.

(1) Was Beck successful in co-opting the message and legacy of Martin Luther King Jr?  (2) Were you moved by the vacuous patriotism and empty religiosity? (3) Did Beck erase the stain of his incessant race baiting against Obama by sharing the stage with colored folks? (4) Could you discern anything coherent from his pompous rambling? (5) What did you think of Palin’s remarks? (6) Did Alveda King make a fool of herself, her family, and the entire African Diaspora by lending her name to this rally?

21 thoughts on “Restoring Honor Open Thread

  1. First off: Two Million people? More Blacks than Whites?
    I find both those Fox News “facts” highly questionable.
    And the “divine providence that made Beck take a dukey on one of the most important events in American history?
    You can’t see, but I’m shaking my head in disgust.

    • I haven’t heard much about crowd sizes, but Beck said that media estimates, from media he chose not to name, put the crowd size at 300,000. I think the two million canard is from a previous bullshyt rally on 9/12 last year. An independent organization cited by CBS news puts the crowd size at 87,000 give or take 9,000.

  2. Franko

    Alveda made a fool of herself, not her family. Martin and Coretta’s legacies are too great to be brought down by some foolishness like this. Her message wasn’t completely off though (e.g. the need for America’s repentance of racism, the transformation of white supremacy into human supremacy, etc). Why would she choose that rally to discuss those things? I suffered from a case of second hand embarrassment (for her) when I heard her utter the words “I have a dream.” In no way did it resonate with me the same way as when MLK said it. Did she really think it would? By the way, no one in the background seemed interested in what she had to say.

  3. rikyrah

    1. he didn’t get 100k
    2. they were rambling.
    3. this fool plagerized Obama.
    4. Alvena King is a Slave Catching Coon.
    5. they were expecting this ‘ big confrontation’ – all the Negroes attacking us ‘ real Americans’ – when that didn’t happen, they didn’t have shit to say.

  4. kathyann

    skeptical brotha I love you man. But why can’t you look at things from Alveda King’s point of view. The black community is in serious trouble.The Latino community is doing way better than we are.They own businesses and homes;they are graduating in huge numbers from top colleges and their communities are very safe compare to the black communities. very soon Latinos are going to control everything in this country and black people are going to be left eating dirt. trust me on that one. rise up black people.

    • commonsense

      Alveda’s point of view is that of Fox news. What she is talking about has nothing to do with the upliftment the black community. The majority of blacks folks are in a state of mental illness caused by the food we eat, the constant fear of being unemployed, police terrorism, crime, poor education, etc. Has Alveda addressed any of these problems and come up with a solution? Glenn Beck’s rally was a last ditch effort of trying to restore white priviledge. Alveda was a pawn. They used her in an effort to prove “see we’re not racist”. I watched the rally and boy was it running out of steam. It was a typical Fox news sitcom that failed.

    • Kathyann,

      We don’t have anything to fear from Latino success. We should be applauding it. That is the same zero sum game trap that some Whites fall into and you need to recognize that. Besides, some of us are Latino, baby. Think about it.

    • Latinos make less money on average than blacks and have lower rates of high school graduation and college matriculation. And if you think Latino communities are safe, you’ve definitely never been here to LA.

    • PS—ANd I agree with Skep that black and brown folks should not be at each others throats. We need to start thinking in terms of black and brown coalitions.

  5. Just an observation

    If the attendants at Mr. Beck’s rally are seen as mostly white, racists, didn’t Rev. Al Sharpton miss the perfect opportunity to address them and spread Dr. Kings message? Rev. Alveda King,in her speech, changed hearts and minds by being INCLUSIVE and speaking to some in a group that through their own ignorance may never have heard her speak. God Bless Alveda King for having the courage to stand for what she believes and continuing the DREAM of her uncle and her father who gave their lives for others to be able to do EXACTLY what she did. And shame on anyone that condemns her for it.

      • Just an observation

        My point is, why was he preaching to the choir and not to the people he believes need to hear the message. That is what Rev. Alveda King did. He was invited to join Mr. Beck’s rally and speak to the people. I think it was a lost opportunity,on his part to pick up the mantle of Dr. M.L. King and continue the dream. I watched both rallies and there were some speakers (with Rev. Sharpton)that made valid points and may have changed the way some ignorant people think. It’s sad he felt he had to ‘counter’ a rally that preached love, tolerance, hope, faith, equality,and charity. I think these are some things in which ALL humans can agree. I hope in the future no one will have to pick a ‘side’ or risk being vilified. It is shameful from all sides.

    • TripLBee

      Do you mean why wasn’t Sharpton on the dais at the Glenn Beck event? Probably because he wasn’t invited.

      • Just an observation

        Mr.Beck invited him and the people from his rally to join him and said he could even speak if he wanted. I heard the invitation with my own ears, on several different shows very publicly. That’s why I thought it was a missed opportunity. I do not know if Rev. Sharpton heard it with his own ears or if it was offered to him personally. But with all the coverage I would think someone would have at least mentioned it to the Rev. I think he was even invited to be part of the Black Robe Regiment. But I think he was afraid of being called a traitor,disgrace,Uncle Tom, etc. Sometimes we can be hardest on our own for trying to what is right. No one wants to be vilified.I hope in the future there will not have to be a counter rally to anything concerning civil rights,equality,God, or country. I hope we can all join hands in a common cause even when we differ on others.We can all learn something from those with opposing views. And maybe even teach something.

  6. alphagirl

    Brotha, so glad you’re back just in time for your so critical analysis. I watched bits and pieces of Beck’s rally and could not come up with anything but “incomprehensible foolishness” of the views expressed there. I have tried to locate video of the counter rally, “Reclaiming the Dream”, but CSPAN, has it marked as unavailable. This is really regretable because we needed to see both viewpoints in close proximity. Looking forward to your book and further articles.

    • alphagirl,

      This is sidebar, but it seems to me that Alveda and the sistah next to her need to throw their beautician/colorists off the mountaintop. I can’t for the life of me figure out what the hell color they got on their heads.

  7. Burroughston Broch

    The only thing I could find in the mainstream media about the size of the crowd at “Reclaiming the Dream” in comparison with Glen Beck’s rally is “sizable, but much smaller.” The mainstream media are not showing pictures because they don’t want to embarrass the sponsors with evidence of how much smaller. I found this video on Fox News but you cannot tell much about the size of the crowd:

  8. SoulChild

    I participated in the “Reclaim the Dream” rally…and it was AWESOME, INSPIRING, and reminded all of us in attendance that MLK Dream would not/could not be co-opted. But as Gil Scot Heron so long ago rapped…”The Revolution Will Not Be Televised.” And it wasn’t. It was a cacophony of black, brown, white, red, you name it…every color of the rainbow…unlike the very vanilla-flavored tea at the other end of town. I was there with more than 30K NOT 3K people marching, and singing and swaying to that rhtymic beat…protest in motion…and along with the diversity of color, came a diversity of messages, unions, churches, NGOs, sororities and fraternities, colleges, HU..U Know! It was soo uplifting. And not a story to be found to tell it…but then what else is new. It was wonderful…we didn’t let no nobody turn us round! We kept on walking, kept on marching,

    • SoulChild,

      Thank You for sharing your moving observations of the “Reclaim the Dream” rally. While I declined to watch any of it televised on C-Span, I knew what it was about because of who sponsored it. Needless to say, y’all got it right.

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