Richmond set to face Cao for Big Easy Congressional seat


Hat Tip: New Orleans Times Picayune

State Rep. Cedric Richmond won two of every three votes cast in heavily African-American precincts and nearly half of all votes in heavily white precincts in Saturday’s Democratic primary to advance to the Nov. 2 general election for the 2nd Congressional District, an analysis of ballot results shows.

Cedric Richmond

Richmond, a three-term legislator from eastern New Orleans, will face incumbent Republican Anh “Joseph” Cao, also of New Orleans, and three little-known independent candidates to represent the district that covers most of the city and a swath of Jefferson Parish.

Cao, the first Vietnamese-American elected to the U.S. House, won the seat with strong Democratic support two years ago when he ousted nine-term incumbent William Jefferson, who campaigned under the specter of a federal corruption probe. After a trial last summer, Jefferson was sentenced to 13 years in prison and remains free on appeal.

Joseph Cao

Richmond got 60 percent of the vote on Saturday, when a dismal 8 percent of the district’s voters turned out, a poor showing that was likely a result of rainy weather and the distraction of the fifth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina.

State Rep. Juan LaFonta came in second, with 21 percent, followed by former Jefferson chief of staff Eugene Green, with 10 percent, and newcomer Gary Johnson, who served a stint last year as research director for the House Rules Committee, with 8 percent.

In a district where six of 10 registrants are African-American, Richmond’s strong showing among black voters — especially in Jefferson Parish — helped secure his victory, according to an analysis by University of New Orleans political scientist Ed Chervenak.

I believe that it is a certainty that Cedric Richmond is the next Congressman for New Orleans.  His win will be the sole defeat of a Republican incumbent this cycle.

4 thoughts on “Richmond set to face Cao for Big Easy Congressional seat

  1. Paul

    We will see what Cedric can do. He hasnt done much yet for us out here in the east. And evrybody says hes going to go down for taking some money from a poor kids program. Juan LaFonta tried to take him out with , , but he survived that. Maybe Congresmman Cedric Richmond – Maybe COnvict Cedric Richmond.

    • Franko

      Cedric Richmond won’t go down for taking money from a poor kids program just like Bill Jefferson didn’t go down (immediately) for taking millions of dollars in bribes from defense contractors. New Orleans’s politicians are as corrupt as the voters allow them to be. Accountability has historically been less important than name recognition in the Big Easy (although the last election cycle produced a different result). SB, you’re right. This will be the only change from Republican to Democrat come the fall.

  2. I’m living in New Orleans right now, and have always wondered if Cao was a Republican in name only. I haven’t researched his record, but from the few things that I’ve seen on the local news about him, he seems to have dissented on some key Republican pushes.

    Also, if you check these posts out (, you’ll find even more on Cedric Richmond setting up dummy non-profits to collect funds. If I lived in New Orleans East, I’d prefer Cao, but unfortunately, a lot of older Black folks here still think that just because a politician is Black means that he actually cares about his Black constituants.

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