Oval Office Address Open Thread


President Obama addressed the nation on the occasion of the official withdrawal of combat forces in Iraq.  I am interested in your thoughts regarding the address and ask that you consider the following questions:  (1) Do you believe that the combat mission in Iraq was worth the cost in blood and treasure to the American people?  (2) Do you believe Bush’s trillion dollar imperial crusade improved Iraq in any way at all?  (3) Did the President reassure you that he is sufficiently turning his focus to domestic concerns–the economy in particular?  (4)  Does Obama look comfortable sitting behind the big desk and if not, why not? (5) What didn’t you hear that you expected and needed to hear?

Talk to me.  Don’t be shy.


20 thoughts on “Oval Office Address Open Thread

  1. “(2) Do you believe Bush’s trillion dollar imperial crusade improved Iraq in any way at all?”

    Yes, especially for the formerly oppressed Shia majority of Iraq who suffered under Saddam and his Sunni co-conspirators.

    • American Delight,

      The Iraq Body Count website estimates that between 97,568 and 106,466 civilians were killed as a result of this war. Are you including the dead Shia in your group of folks who benefited from this war?

      24,865 civilians were reported killed in the first two years. Women and children accounted for almost 20% of all civilian deaths. Are you counting dead Shia women and children in your group of folks who benefited from this war?

      Post-invasion, the number of civilians killed was almost twice as high. US-led forces killed 37% of civilian victims. Are you counting the Shia that our troops killed in your group of folks who benefited from this war?

      • Were the lives of Union soldiers who died during the Civil War “improved” by the Civil War? Obviously not. Is that the point? Obviously not.

        Oppressing a vast number of people is not a good thing. A war that frees them is not automatically or exclusively a bad thing.

      • Jon Lyles

        SB: Of all the questions asked in your original blog post I was asking myself why no mention of the sacrifice of the Iraqis themselves.

    • Jon Lyles

      I don’t know where to begin. The low estimate for civilians deaths is in the hundreds of thousands. Was it worth it for them as well?

      • The estimate for civilian casualties is probably way low but it is the best I could come up with on short notice. The estimates are based on reported casualties I believe, which is why they are low.

    • Dear Wingnut,
      Yes, bravo for the Shia majority because with them being liberated and Saddam gone, Iran is that much stronger.

      This is generally believed to be worse situation for Israel, hence the constant Neo-Con/Isreal lobby drumbeat to attack Iran.

      Mission not accomplished, even after our treasury has been looted to the tune of a trillion dollars or more.

  2. rikyrah

    never should have been there. we went there for oil- period.

    we need to get the hell out of Afghanistan – the time for that has passed.

    • rikyrah,

      I can’t believe he had the audacity to put up a picture of him skinin’ and grinin’ with Obama. I guess he thinks that makes this exclusionary B.S. kosher. This is appalling, rikyrah. In the wrong hands, the GOP would have a field day.

  3. rikyrah

    ps for another ot- I wish you would comment on the Ground Zero mosque that:
    1. isn’t a mosque
    2. isn’t at Ground Zero

  4. Montana

    Honestly, the surge was a battle for improving a War, not winning it. Thank God we are getting out, what a waste of our Youth and Treasury set on a bed of lies.

  5. The speech consisted of typical political blather. It was embarrassing. Why do all President’s feel compelled to have their speeches dripping with blood? It’s sick.

  6. rikyrah


    what was the President supposed to do?


    ‘ y’all were stoopid to support this war in the first place, don’t you feel like idiots?’

  7. Folks, stick a fork in California state Attorney General Jerry Brown (D): he’s DONE politically and will LOSE to Meg Whitman (R),who will be heading to the CA Governor’s Mansion on January 3, 2011.

    Brown maybe 4-1 in statewide elections (Secretary of State-1970, Governor-1974, 1978 and State AG in 2006), but the anti-Democratic sentiment maybe too much for him to overcome.

    I noticed that Obama NEVER held a fundraiser for Brown for some reason, hmm…

    • Brown is not done, he’s very much alive. The governator is evidence that Califorinia is not a sure thing, but he is very unpopular now and all Brown has to do is tie Millionaire Meg to Arnold. Voters want change, not more of the same.

  8. Rikyrah,

    When any President, including this one, glamorizes and sanitizes warfare, I will be offended. I found his speech offensive; especially because he knows he was spouting nonsense. Does he really want his daughters buying into his blather about the sanctity of waging war against the poorest country on the face of the Earth? He is sounding like every other emperor. It’s pathetic.

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