Labor Day Open Thread


The President  opened the fall campaign in his customary way today with a barn burning speech in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  Continuing the piecemeal approach of incremental change that our political system allows, President Obama announced a plan for $50 billion of infrastructure investment.  The plan is weighted heavily toward roads, bridges,  high speed rail, smart investments and limited job creation.  Shrewdly, he performed the obligatory ass kissing of organized labor to create enthusiasm and excitement for the Democratic ticket in the fall. Moreover, he sold his plan with the customary feel good rhetoric and American Dream cliches.

Obama’s scathing criticism of the failed policies and right-wing propaganda of the Republicans was what some voters needed to hear.  Too bad white voters are not listening to reason this year.  Republicans understand the power of fear and are using it to their advantage, Democrats should be taking Republicans faces off for their hypocrisy, lies, and distortions on every front.  Fear about the future of Social Security is particularly potent, unfortunately, Obama has no credibility on that issue.

Lastly, the President gave what amounted to a middle class call to arms in this address but  he’s done precious little to address the foreclosure crisis that is decimating the middle class–particularly the black and brown middle class. We’ll see if it works. What is on your mind today?

6 thoughts on “Labor Day Open Thread

  1. I think we definitely need a Republican majority in Congress. Oh yeah, THAT would really make the economy better, based on the great things they did last time they were in power. Can the American voters attention span be measured in nano-seconds?? WTF!

  2. rikyrah

    enjoyed the speech.

    about the housing crisis – strategic default….should be taught in every barbershop, beautyshop, and Sunday after church gathering….let the chips fall.

  3. rikyrah

    the GOP has some crazy mofos running for Senate and Governor….would love for you to put your spin on their lunacy.

  4. zeitgeist9000

    I’m interested Skep in learning how many seats in Congress you think we’ll lose. Then again, your forte has always been process and policy over nuts-and-bolts politics. So maybe you don’t care to offer a specific number? (Which is okay, too.)

  5. zeitgeist9000

    Michael Steele is non-existent these days, which is funny as hell. The Republicans don’t want any coon to stand in their way as they claw their way back from electoral oblivion.

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