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For the last twenty years I have struggled with a lifelong desire to be a political figure and the realization that American politics is infected with what bell hooks terms “White supremacist capitalist patriarchy.”   Trying to navigate shark infested political waters in a way that preserves my integrity has been a tough slog.  I’ve tried volunteering on campaigns, I’ve even run some for people I thought brought something special to the public arena.   I’ve tried writing and blogging.   None of it quite fits me even though I had some success.

I’ve been contacted by national writers from the Washington Post to the Los Angeles Times.  During the 2008 campaign I even saw my blog mentioned on CNN.  None of it was enough though.  I allowed myself to become disillusioned with politics and watched passively as life passed me by.

I need more.

I’ve wasted a lot of time and I’m not getting any younger.  Next year when I hit forty I need to fulfill what I’ve always thought was my purpose: running for public office.  I ‘ve been obsessed with politics and  policy for as long as I can remember and life is too short not to try and make the world a better place.  I realize that I am just as fucking flawed as some of the politicians I despise and looking for perfection in this life is a fool’s errand.

I am a progressive that believes in what the good people of Black Agenda Report call “The Black Consensus.”  In sum, what that means is that we do no harm to the political, economic and social viability of the black community and that we do our level best to strengthen black institutions.   The last thing we need is a dependant and prostrate black community willing to sell out for the crumbs of imperialism.

Capitalism, for the most part, operates to the detriment of people of color.   Not always, but mostly. It is the obligation of African American pol’s to level the playing field in any way possible.   Some of you will complain that this explicit racial consciousness is un-American, but I can assure you that as a dreadlocked skeptical brotha, nobody allows me to forget my race.  The knee-jerk apprehension when I enter white spaces is palpable.

President Obama is the main example of this phenomenon.  Since the day it was apparent that he would defeat Hillary Clinton, it has been open season.  Conservatives have been ringing the bell and sounding a disturbing racial alarm.   The sound and fury of conservatives signifies discomfort with everything Obama symbolizes.   They refuse to accept his legitimacy as president and displace that into rhetoric questioning his citizenship, patriotism, and religion and they smear him as a socialist, Marxist, and Muslim.

Their thinly veiled racism and full throated hatred ain’t fooling nobody, honey.    They want to “take their country back” from the unwashed hoards of Negroes, Latinos, Asians, and Gays of all persuasions and turn back the clock to a simpler time when they knew their proper places in the underclass.

Some of us have gotten sidetracked the last 18 months worrying about these attacks, but it really isn’t about Obama, it’s about us, people.   Obama is just the proxy, y’all, conservatives are attacking progressive progress in general and the black community in particular. Obama is a very flawed politician despite his many gifts. I admire him tremendously, but his penchant for defending an unacceptable status quo and softening the edges of America’s harsh imperialism is not really admirable. TripLBee said it best:

When any President, including this one, glamorizes and sanitizes warfare, I will be offended. I found his speech offensive; especially because he knows he was spouting nonsense. Does he really want his daughters buying into his blather about the sanctity of waging war against the poorest country on the face of the Earth? He is sounding like every other emperor. It’s pathetic.

Lastly, I feel compelled to run because l feel an obligation to do something more than bitch and complain on a keyboard.   Some folk can effect positive change that way, but I don’t think that is really my gift.

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  1. Franko

    Believe it or not brotha, what you do here IS your gift. That doesn’t mean you wouldn’t be gifted in public office too. I’ll support you, no matter who you’re up against. What office you running for?

  2. Race has nothing to do with the way Americans feel today. I couldn’t care less what President Obama looks like. I care what he believes in. And once I saw his beliefs are rooted in socialism, and that his policies will destroy the country, I turned against him. I think I’m not alone, but one of millions. The more we see what his beliefs are, the more we want to undo the mistake we made in electing him.

    • Lex,

      You need to sit down somewhere and be deprogrammed. Socialist, really? He just proposed a 100% tax cut for office equipment, more than the Republicans proposed, and he also proposes to keep the Bush Tax Cuts in place for everyone making under $250,000–that’s a tax cut for 97% of Americans.

      You need to know WTF your talking about if you’re gonna comment here, buddy.

      Just be honest with yourself and everyone else. You don’t like the fact that the president is a black man and you feel that your grip on the reins of power is slipping.

      I appreciate any and all comments. Welcome to Skeptical Brotha, but understand that if I find something objectionable, I will respond and I have a tendency to be cutting.

      • First of all, Skep, let me also wish you success in your run for office.

        The office equipment tax-cut is merely a ploy. Businesses aren’t investing in new equipment because there isn’t enough demand for their goods and services to justify it. Small businesses don’t have enough profits against which to use these credits and deductions, and large corporations are sitting on big profits and don’t need them.

        If President Obama cuts taxes on 97% of Americans, that does nothing to ease the burden on the heavy lifters (the top 3%). The top 1% of wage earners pay 39% of federal income taxes, which is more than the bottom 90% pay. http://www.taxfoundation.org/news/show/22652.html
        The top 5% still pay 59%, while the bottom 50% pay less than 4%. So shouldn’t we extend all tax cuts during a recession like this?

        As for the reins of power, We the People should have them firmly in our grasp. The problem today is that D.C. politicians—of all races—have turned a deaf ear to us. A key example of this arrogance is Senate majority leader Harry Reid, who last I looked wasn’t any kind of minority.

  3. Burroughston Broch

    Skep, I suggest that you not be too hard on Lex. We all know that the President is proposing the things you list because he wants to attain his agenda. If he loses control of Congress, he will not attain his agenda and he will likely be a one term President.

    I wish you well in your pursuit of political office. Keep us up to date.

  4. Chuck

    Socialist … a handful of racists threw the word out about 3 years ago. 100% of those using the word to describe President Obama, congress, and economic policies have no clue what it really means. Ask them about “a classless society”, nationlism, Engels, or Marx (not Groucho, Lex), and only the crickets will answer. That 100% thinks we can’t see through the thin veil of “socialist” to their racism.

    Mad success to you, Skeptical Brotha.

    • By his every action, President Obama brands himself a socialist, nationalizing entire industries and appointing unaccountable czars to rule over the rest.

      Engels, like Marx (Karl Heinrich, not Groucho, Chico or Harpo) had a utopian vision of a classless society where everything was fair. However, that’s never worked in practice, and I’d love to see one example to the contrary.

      Furthermore, when government redistributes wealth, it’s forcibly taken from some to be given to others. That’s not the answer, Chuck. Americans are generous on their own; all you have to do is ask and friends, family, and community members will help you.

      • TripLBee

        Obama would be run out of any self-respecting Politburo. He gave a $700 billion no strings attached gift to the 19 largest banks in the US. He just fed 35 million new customers to the cartel of health insurance companies that dominates that sector, without committing them to any price controls.

        He nationalized entire industries? Are you referring to the auto industry? He didn’t even place a board member on any of their corporate boards. Which industries exactly is he running?

  5. rikyrah

    I think anyone served by you should consider it a blessing. If you feel you should run, then get out and do it.

    I think what you do here at the blog to be a blessing too, because we need voices like yours.

    oh, and Lex is an idiot. wouldn’t know ‘socialism’ if it came up and hit him upside the head with a 2×4.

  6. Great post. I refuse to call locks “Dreads”, cause there’s nothing dreadful about them. My aunt told me that the prefix was just more white supremest patriarchal crap created to downgrade and displace people who choose the hairstyle.

    Also, the rants and raving of everyone in the teaparty sounds like this; “No minorities get shit until I get some of this white priviledge I keep hearing about.”

    “You’ll tax my fake tits over my dead body.”

    “Bill = tl;dr.”

  7. Jopo

    My brotha! Its been awhile since we’ve spoke. I believe since that four hour journey to see Obama in Orangeburg SC rally before he became a canidate. We’ve had a long discussion about politics on our way back from that trip. I’ve moved back home in the south and there adding two seats across the board from local, state to federal due to census. Please hit me up to discuss.

  8. mark


    Of course, I am a white conservative. Last election though, I voted for barrack. He ran with a grace that I hadn’t seen in a politician, of course that’s all gone now. I also figured that he would come out more moderate at the start, but you strike when the iron is hot and he could get more done now with the house and senate in camp. Now the dems are going to pay, that’s it. You can say we’re all racists and that’s ok, just not very thoughtful, kind of more knee-jerk.

    Meanwhile I saw your comments about my mayor’s fiancée. Is she conservative?

    You have some issues to resolve before you jump into the foray, a haircut wouldn’t hurt either : )

    • This is the classic “I was for him before I turned against him” bullshit from a Republican who voted for (and probably jacked off to) Sarah Palin in 2008. No one believes you. Give it up.

  9. Burroughston Broch

    Please update us as your pursue political office.
    I trust that you will have more to your platform than what you’ve stated here, otherwise you will be seen as a “one trick pony” and your electability will suffer.

  10. Skeptical Brotha, Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick (D) maybe favored to win a 2nd term in November, but his poll numbers are very pathetic and embarrassing for an incumbent Democratic governor this year.

    We’re likely to see Ohio Governor Ted Strickland (D), Iowa Governor Chet Culver (D), and Illinois Governor Patrick Quinn (D) lose their reelection bids (Quinn seeking 1st full term in own right).

  11. Hi SB, long time no read. I haven’t really done the blogging thing for some time (writing OR reading), but did post something today, so figured I’d look up some old favorites and see what they’re up to. Was THRILLED to read this entry that you’re opting to do what seems to be the next logical step for you–elected office! I wish you the best of luck, and one hell of an experience that you’ll (hopefully!) look back upon fondly. Take care.

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