Ten years ago today, our nation was attacked by a radical band of sociopathic Islamists led by Osama Bin Laden. They were hell bent on killing as many people as possible to propagate their rancid ideology.

They failed.

Two wars, ten years, and one trillion dollars later, it was Barack Hussein Obama that finally brought Bin Laden’s reign of terror to an ignominious end.

God is great.

14 thoughts on “9/11/11

  1. Burroughston Broch

    I applaud your sentiment, and the President for continuing the fight, but it isn’t over. Osama bin Laden’s death didn’t end it. Declaring a premature victory is destructive, as the Brits found out in 1944. Duncan Sandys (Churchill’s son-in-law) announced that the V-2 rocket was not a threat, and the next day they began falling.

    Let’s not celebrate until our troops are home from Afghanistan and Pakistan is no longer a safe haven for Al Qaeda.

  2. TripLBee

    Sadly, I think that Osama bin Laden got more than he could have dreamed for out of the 9/11 attacks. He baited the US into to senseless, destructive, bloody and expensive wars. He essentially baited us into undertaking a 21st Century crusade against Islam. In the meantime, he sowed the seeds of our current internecine political warfare, and he sprung a trap that has made us—according to the Pew Research Center—the most unpopular country on the globe. In ten short years, the US has gone from being the most loved to the most reviled country on Earth. I think this was what bin Laden and Al Qaeda were trying to achieve. I saddens me beyond description that Pres. Bush, Pres. Obama and too many of my American brothers and sisters have aided bin Laden in this sick endeavor.

      • TripLBee

        Obviously we shouldn’t have invaded Iraq. As bad as Saddam Hussein was, he had nothing to do with 9/11. I think we should have immediately undertaken the sorts of covert operations against Al Qaeda that ultimately led to bin Laden’s assassination. I thought the Seals’ ability to take him out after two years of emphasis under Obama, proved that this was the correct strategy—in terms of lives, money and effectiveness.

        But more than anything, I think we blew an opportunity to extend an olive branch to the rest of the world. Had we had different political leaders, we could have leveraged the substantial sympathy we had around the globe to show that we were a country of justice, humanity and kindness. We could have shown that our beef was not with Islam or the Arab world, rather with murderers who annihilated innocent people. We could have emphasized the sorts of pro-democracy policies that may have hastened what has now come to be known as the Arab Spring. Perhaps we should have used the substantial political leverage we had at the time to push Israel into leaving the Occupied Territories and recognizing a Palestinian state.

        Unfortunately Burroughston, GW Bush was our President at the time. He used the occasion to spread blood and terror across the globe, to spy on US citizens and to move our country in the direction of bankruptcy. It was a perfect storm of failure.

  3. Burroughston Broch

    @ TripLBee
    Your explanation in part sounds OK, but it is all based on 20-20 hindsight and not on the available information. All we knew was what had happened and the nationality and religion of all of the perpetrators.
    As far as extending an olive branch to the rest of the world after what happened on 9-11, you have forgotten 10 years ago. President Bush would have been impeached had he done what you suggest, and the Democrat leaders in Washington would have been at the head of the line. We could not have hastened an Arab Spring until the Arabs were ready (it’s taken them about 2,000 years). And the Israelis were in no mood to play nice with the Palestinians.
    So, why not take another shot at it, using the knowledge and situation 10 years ago?

    • TripLBee

      The answer I wrote would have been precisely the same 10 years ago. You and I simply have different points of view. Both in hindsight and at the time, I believe my approach would have been the better one. Wars and killing and senseless crusades against innocent people are acts of collective insanity and evidence of a moral failure on the part of our country.

      • Burroughston Broch

        What about the wars and killing and senseless crusades against the thousands of innocent US citizens who died on 9/11? History has shown that nations that act as doormats get treated as doormats and worse.

  4. rikyrah

    1. thanks for this, SB.

    2. you know what kills them…what kills them is that Obama got Bin Laden, and to be blunt, killed more terrorists in 2 years than Shrub did in 7.

    3. what kills them is the Arab Spring, without putting more US troops on the ground.

    it kills them.

  5. rene

    “…it was Barack Hussein Obama that finally brought Bin Laden’s reign of terror to an ignominious end.”

    -or wasn’t it?

  6. John

    <Ten years ago today, our nation was attacked by a radical band of sociopathic Islamists led by Osama Bin Laden. They were hell bent on killing as many people as possible to propagate their rancid ideology.<

    So America was just innocently minding its own business when these evil men decided to try impose their ideology on the US through violence?

    I also heard we were post racial…

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