Addressing Jobs


The President’s address introducing his jobs bill was a masterstroke of simplicity and cunning I’ve come to expect from this White House.  If Hill Republicans are serious about job creation, they will pass the Obama jobs package which is heavy on payroll tax cuts and tax credits for small business—an approach to job creation that no Republican can object to philosophically. If they refuse they reveal themselves as charlatans hell bent on sabotaging our nation’s economy for political advantage in 2012, no matter what the cost. Either way, Obama wins.

6 thoughts on “Addressing Jobs

  1. Burroughston Broch

    If the Republicans try to sabotage the nation’s economy for political gain, they will be doing nothing more than the President and his Democratic cohorts did for two years prior to the 2008 elections. If the Republicans do it, let’s hope that they will not be as successful as the Democrats were.

    Beware of answered prayers.

  2. TripLBee

    Obama’s speech was great political theater. No doubt about it. Politically he has boxed in the Republicans. And he’s upped the ante by calling today for taxes on the rich to fund the program; thus taking away the GOP’s central argument that this program will add to the debt, and daring them to coddle their wealthy masters.

    But as public policy, his proposal sucks. It’s almost as if Ronald Reagan returned from the dead to pen this legislation (minus the tax on the wealthy of course). Supply side economics has been a resounding failure for 30 years. Cutting taxes in order to create jobs and spur economic growth does not work. This “voodoo economics” as George HW Bush once famously called it, is officially a debunked myth.

    I’ll tell you how bad this proposal is. For the price tag Obama proposed, we could employ every single unemployed American at $45,000 a year. That’s right. We could fund infrastructure and other important projects and have an unemployment rate of 0%.

    If Obama had the courage to present this much more sane approach to job creation, he could really box in the GOP. But apparently scoring political points continues to be more important than good policy in the bizarro world of Capitol Hill.

  3. Burroughston Broch

    Skeptical Brotha, the Congressional Democrats don’t seem to agree that the President’s address was a masterstroke. In particular, the Senate Democrats have shoved it down the priority list and say that they might try to pass parts of it this year.

    Perhaps they don’t recognize or value simplicity and cunning.

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