You is kind, you is smart, you is really playing a damn Mammy in 2012?


Sorry Y’all, I just can’t get over black women of my generation willing to lower themselves to play mammies that whitewash the Jim Crow subjugation of our people while Barack and Michelle Obama are living in the White House.  There is something profoundly deceitful about that which completely ignores the struggle to go from the slave quarters to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Secondly, I can’t give a pass to these admittedly gifted actresses who collude with an unscrupulous author like Kathryn Stockett in her deliberate theft of a real black woman’s name, image and likeness just to make a buck.

While I applaud the Academy for selecting the incomparable Meryl Streep for Best Actress, any organization that could nominate The Help for a Best Picture nod is irredeemably evil. It is almost criminal that Black actors can only be recognized for roles that debase & defame black people as pathological and dysfunctional stereotypes.

I realize that it is hard out here for black actors, but on some level don’t Whoopi, Halle, Taraji, Gabourey, Monique,Viola, Octavia and their Black brothers, have a responsibility for the characters they’re willing to portray given the blatant racism in Hollywood? Is the validation of Whitefolks really that valuable?

13 thoughts on “You is kind, you is smart, you is really playing a damn Mammy in 2012?

  1. While i didn’t name any of the brothas, we know who they are and why they are just as complicit with Hollywood’s grotesque efforts to turn black actors into blackface minstrels. Again, I know it is hard for blackfolks in Tinsel Town, but that doesn’t remove the responsibility to be careful about the images of blackfolks they’d be willing to project to the World.

      • Franko

        I don’t know about you Renaldo, but the brothas who “dress up like women at one point in their career” are the least of my worries. The “offense” of cross dressing for comedic purposes is not racialized and is mostly harmful to the image of the hypermasculine black male. I’m ok with its destruction.

        It’s always good to hear from you, Skep. Glad you posted and actually took a side. It’s nice to see a position rather than the same old fence-riding comments like, (I hate to see that role but I hope they still win).

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  3. Speaking of being deceitful about the struggle of going from slavery to the White House, how many people know that Republicans have led the charge on the passing of every civil rights legislation in American history? Or that Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King, Jr. were Republicans? Or that the KKK was the militant arm of the Democrat Party?

    The truth shall set us free. Time to empower the individual. Time to preach about how the quest for personal liberty is through personal responsibility.

    • i really don’t know why u people feel the need 2 inflict your ignorance on people of color. Go away. Your ahistorical rants are NOT appreciated. Just be honest enough to own up to your racism and stop trying to pretend that your victims are the ones with the race problem. Shit.

    • TripLBee

      You are confused…on many levels it seems. First of all, the vast majority of Civil Rights legislation was passed under a Democratic President (Lyndon Baines Johnson) who enjoyed large majorities in both chambers of Congress. And yes, it’s true that many Democrats opposed that legislation. But those Democrats can more accurately be described as Dixiecrats. And they migrated to the Republican Party long ago.

      • TripLBee,

        You are misinformed or intentionally disingenuous. Please read the last article on my blog and you will see I covered all of this already. Easier for you to read it there than for me to repost it here.



  4. skepticalbrotha,

    I just want you to live up to your name and do a little research. Be skeptical. I’ll bet if you spent one afternoon truly researching history you would be agreeing with me. You wishing to bury your head in the sand is your freedom of choice, but I hope better for you. I know it takes courage to challenge the status quo, especially when the status quo is perpetuating a false narrative.

    You can choose to perpetuate the problem, or be a part of the solution. The truth shall set us all free. Including you.


    • G,

      I’m forty years old and I’ve lived long enough to know what I believe and that I don’t appreciate your right-wing condescension. You’re wasting your time here.

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