Hillary isn’t a sure thing


Clinton-BushBetting against Barack Obama is always a losing proposition, but he’s in a race against history that no Democratic president has won in 74 years.  Only twice in American history has there ever been three or more consecutive Democratic Administrations. Both occurrences happened about century apart. Fourteen years into the 21st Century, no party has held the White House for three consecutive terms and the odds are against it happening in 2016. Presidential elections in this country turn on one thing and one thing only: presidential performance. Barack Obama must accomplish something significant in a second term if Hillary Clinton is to have a second bite of the apple. If he doesn’t, the likelihood of her winning the presidency diminishes significantly and the permanence of health reform is jeopardized.

What is far more likely, unfortunately, is another Bush Presidency, which would be a disastrous apocalypse for everyone not firmly ensconced in the ruling class. Reaping the whirlwind of a Jeb Bush presidency makes me shudder. The reactionary agents of intolerance would be empowered to employ fear, ignorance, and toxic racial stereotypes as the building blocks of public policy. The predators of Wall Street would be unleashed to seek whomever they may devour. Finally, like his father and brother before him, Jeb would, “Cry havoc, and let slip the dogs of war.” If you believe in prayer, now would be a good time to gather all the “prayer warriors” you know and pray for Barack Obama. He needs all the help he can get.

5 thoughts on “Hillary isn’t a sure thing

  1. Interesting article and I must say; I get your point and at any other time in history; I would agree.
    Right now however, I believe the Republicans are in a “difficult spot”.
    Their approval rating is at what? 10%?
    The general mood of the nation this time is much more progressive after the economic disaster brought on by the Republicans and the disastrous Romney campaign which highlighted the elitist nature of the party as well as the complete obliviousness of the party leaders.
    So normally; Yes. Right now? I think perhaps not. I think we have a fair chance of keeping the white house for another four or maybe even eight years if we play our cards right and provide the progressive relief the people (even republicans though they will never say so) need.

  2. TripLbee

    Hillary’s biggest rival may well be Jerry Brown, who has raised California from the ashes like a modern day phoenix. Unless the economy falls off a cliff or some other unforeseen catastrophe befalls us, she will whip any Republican in the field.

    • Thanks for commenting. I thought about you the night that Vince Gray went down. I’m still in mourning. I was wrong to have opposed him four years ago and think the U.S. Attorney, who still hasn’t indicted him for anything, is shady as hell.

  3. I believe the Dems can do so much better than her. I don’t trust her on foreign policy or domestic policy. ANd nobody who supports her can tell me what she would have done better than President Obama. Anything that he’s done that I have approved of, since 2009, foreign or domestic, I can’t point to anything that would make me say, ‘ President Hillary would have done the same’.
    In foreign policy, I KNOW that there’s NOTHING President Obama did that she would have done the same. She would have done the opposite.
    And, don’t get me started on her domestically.
    Does anyone remotely believe that the 17 million people who now have access to healthcare would have gotten it under President Hillary?
    Um, no.

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