I am a black, 30 something political junkie residing somewhere in the Carolina’s.


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  1. Yo Skep. Thanks for the link on your Blog Roll. And of course you are on mine. I love your writing, and your conviction.

    Keep it up my man; you are changing the world one reader at a time.


  2. Nice references for topical issues.. You might find some useful resources over my way (i.e. in ShanyWorld).. as I discuss public policy as it affects communities, planning, culture, socio-econimics, class, race, design and of course, architecture.

  3. Thank you for your post to my blog. I just read your post about Abu Graub prisoner abuses. I never heard anything about rapes of prisoners being commited there.

    If you want to know my definition of abuse read my post at http://tommy49646.wordpress.com/tag/war-on-terror/

    General Pattons Ghost. I think there can be no mistake what we are fighting for. I am a disabled Viet-Nam vet and I do believe that the only thing we can do is to wipe them out.

  4. Thaddeus Henry Hale Jr.

    I’ve just discovered your blog and want to tell you that it is one of the best out there. You’re very thorough in your writing and impressive. Keep up the good work. If there’s a newsletter link or alert to new posts for your blog, please include me on it. If not, let me know how I can make sure I keep up with your work. Oh, I see the RSS Feeds below and will subscribe. Contact me if I can be of any assistance; I live in the VA suburbs of DC.

  5. Of course, we have shared views many times before I discovered your blog. I am a regular visitor and love the post. Congratulations on the number of hits. Not bad for a Democrat!

  6. I’m new and not (or wasn’t) into politics..Until I fell upon your blog. Now I visit a few times a day.

    Keep writing.
    Keep informing.

    I’ll keep listening and learning.

    BTW- Love the new design!

  7. The team that conceived Black Commentator, edited all and wrote the bulk of its regular copy over the last three plus years left that building at the end of August. That would be Glen Ford, Margaret Kimberley, me — Bruce Dixon, along with Leutisha Stills and the team that produces CBC Monitor, the only outfit that rates and grades the Congressional Black Caucus.

    We bring our best game to this new name, and expect we’ll be doing some stuff we could not do under the regime back at BC. Do check us out when you get the chance.

    I ran into your blog for the first time today. Not bad. Not bad at all. When we get around to putting up links to blogs — probably in Tuesday night’s update, we’ll have a link to yours. Bet on that. Do keep up the good work, bro.


    Bruce Dixon

  8. shari

    you stupid liberal a homophobe is someone who has an irrational fear of gays thats what a phobia is, an irrational fear. “right wingers ” dont fear gays they j ust dontagree with their lifestyle. they way you right about dr. rice is disgusting.

    and by the way I am a black woman and I have NEVER voted so dont assume I am some koolaid drinking partisan your blog is not good looking and only black racists probably like it

  9. Shari: My mama always told me to think before I speak. I think the same applies to writing. Think before you write. That might prevent you from making an ass of yourself.

    SB: I’ve been checking out your blog for a while. Very good writing… I’m informed and entertained. That’s a great combination…

    Keep up the good work. God bless…


  10. Kelechi

    Poor Shari… I was a bit more kind and willing to overlook the gross lack of attention to rules of grammar and punctuation – that is, of course, up until your seemingly boastful declaration against the basic act of civic duty and political participation. Sad.
    SB, I usually disagree with your views, but I very much appreciate your writing style, eye for detail and attention to the issues. Keep up the good work. You keep me and many others on our toes.

  11. 2007march16

    Hey there Skeptical Brotha,

    I think my dad will get a kick out of your blog. I’ve only read half of the Obama Pastor entry, featured today at WordPress.com. I sent it to my father.

    The title of your blog elicited a heartfelt chuckle from me. My dad’s a skeptical brother, too. Then the one liner “about” followed by these enthused comments got me: Dad’s gonna LOVE this.

    Thank you. I’ll get back to work now. I hope he visits and reads and comments. He’s a writer, too. He’s wonderful. All the best, Your sister in skepticism! 🙂 Nia.

  12. rightwingdog

    I am a white, 60 something political junkie residing somewhere in the midwest. I read some of the items on your BLOG and agree with others that they were interesting in content and well written.

    You will be able to tell by my blog name on wordpress that while we may discuss, I trust in a non-hostile manner, we probably will not agree on too much.

    I look forward to reading more of your postings.


  13. eddwin t johnson,md

    Dear Skeptical Brotha
    My Daugnter, Nia, was right. Your blog is a wonderful find for me thanks to Nia. Independent refreshing observation of the political scene at home and abroad is so needed in these chaotic times. Press on and keep your eye on the prize.
    Doctor ET

  14. Anthony Withers

    The Runner
    Written by Anthony Withers
    (c) September 5, 1989

    *Sometimes the runner stumbles, but the goal remains the same.
    *If in your heart you’ve fought hard, in losing there’s no shame.
    *Sometimes the runner stumbles, even though he ran with all his might.
    *To know what truly makes one a winner, is to keep the
    goal in sight.

    I hope that we as a race, keep our goals in sight. Perhaps what was found in the negative phrase as spoken by Imus, can be looked at as a wake up call for us all as people of color. You see, what is said and seen by the world, when we use the pejorative “N” word, as a term of endearment, leads perhaps to confusion. In this case, we’ve stumbled. Our pop culture, seems to embrace defacing ourselves verbally. Imus found out, that he was not invited to the deface our race party however, I for one – whom is a forty something black American male, want the party to end. The “N” word is a term that keeps in line those who may dare to set a higher standard while in school. I’ve always felt that this term was a yolk that needs to now, in this new century – be cast off. It is time to stop being slaves to this term.

    I hope that

  15. Annonymous

    I am a white 16 yr old female and you are a 30 yr old black man who’s a hypocrite. Is this what you do all day?! Babble on abt how the white man keeps you down? Well- here’s a harsh reality: ready? okay–THERE WERE BLACK SLAVE OWNERS WHO OWNED BLACKS!! Also, just b/c your great great great great great great grandparents may have been slaves-I owe nothing to YOU b/c I wasn’t even alive-and neither were my parents or grandparents, or greatgrandparents! So just calm down, get off your butt, and quit complaining!!

  16. kristl smith tyler

    After a half hour reading I am extremely impressed. As for the 16 year old darling “anonymous” above – I traced the geneology of my niece and nephew on their black side and did not need to go back nearly so far as six greats and a grand to get back to 1865. Their grandmother was born in 1922. Their great grandmother in 1904. Extrapolating birth years back two more generations and we have 3 greats and a grand for them. Assuming you are not 12 years old – it probably only takes 2 greats and a grand to get back to slavery in your lineage. This makes our darling anonymous off by about 100 years. Not strong on history or math. Then again, this is what one might expect from people who so happily and proudly display a flag from a war they lost.

  17. jb1125
  18. Skep…

    Keep doing what you do and know the more they hate you the more they keep thinking about what you have to say. And in the end, all you want them to do is listen and internalize what you have to say. The moment they respond emotionally…you’ve won.

    Keep on winning.


  19. A black female supporting HRC

    I find your pieces about this year’s election to be terribly offensive and just plain racist. Yes, a black man, too, can be racist.

  20. jmoney830

    Seriously…This site is a breathe of fresh air. I’m happy to see it told like it truly is. We need more bloggers like you…I’m gonna have to become a regular on this site…

  21. Ta_ahlikitah

    I’m a Canadian; got home from a trip & trying to keep up on what the Americans are up to.

    Honestly, as I scrolled down the google search you were the first that made any sense. Do the media still honestly think we believe them??? I think the spin doctors are in for a big shock again.

  22. Anon 1

    SB, I like your writing style but seldom agree with your opinion pieces. Nevertheless, I’ve been perusing this blog for sometime. Even posted a few comments. Perhaps it’s time for me to say something more about myself. I’m black, 30 something woman with Caribbean roots living in Minneosta. My political beliefs tend to trend more conservative. As a result, many of the views I disagree with. However, you have a rare blog writing ability that rivals literary works .

  23. Patrice from Indianapolis

    I have to say that your blog is so enlightning and refreshing. I am 31 and was interested in the political arena but never dove deep into it until this years presidential candidates. My co-worker informed me of your blog to educate myself with the opinions of the shall I say “unmasses”. And the experience has been great. I hooked, sprung and and I think I’m in love!

    Thanks for opening my eyes.

  24. Great blog! It looks like Obama is closing in on the nomination. I’ve just hesitated to say so. I’m glad I found your blog again. Take care and have a great weekend!

  25. I’ve been busy lately so I haven’t been able to do much serious writing about politics. But I added you over there so I can easily find your blog. Keep up the great work! Take care.

  26. Wonderful Blog. One tip, I would limit the number of posts that appear on the front page. They are wonderfully written, but the amount of media content you pack into them is too much for a shitty computer such as my own to handle at once. 🙂

    I am a white guy from Seattle who believes that there are divisions and inequities amongst regular people such as ourselves that have not yet been rectified. But I also believe that these divisions are inflamed by the powers-that-be in part to distract us from the fact that our internal divisions now pale in comparison to the divisions and inequities they have exploited for profit. My hope is that by working together we can make progress on both of these situations at once.

    I look forward to reading more, if my computer can handle it. 😉

  27. I have no idea how I found your blog but I’m glad I did. Having a couple blogs of my own I understand the weight of writing so often. But it’s worth it in most cases and, in yours, it’s well worth it.

    I have a feeling my dad would love your blog and I’m going to send him the link.

    Keep writing and I’ll keep reading!


  28. paulie227

    Like the last writer, I found your blog by accident. Not too much into politics, but much into being black. Thanks for posting the Bill Moyer interviews with Rev. Wright – proof positive how the media spins things. One would thinkRev. Wright was an ignorant, ranting, maniac and so untrue. Keep up the good work.

    Just had to comment on the older comment by a 16 year. Whites love pulling out that line about black people whining about their problems which apparently we do instead of working. I guess blacks should forget and so should Jews, I mean WWII was what? Over 50 years ago. Let it go. When did affirmative action come into play? 1960’s. By 1978 white’s were screaming they were being discrimminated against (Bakke lawsuit) and every time they don’t get what they believe they are *entitled* to, the first thing they pull out is the race card – too funny.

  29. newman

    I’m a 40 year old black man.
    I happend to stumble across your work, I like your angle. It gives me great pleasure to see another side of issues besides my own.
    (smile) Do continue with the excellence that you have been blessed with…..


  30. Educated Bastard

    Hey Skep,

    It seems as if you are putting your political science degree(s) or proclivities toward political discussion to good use. We need a cadre of skeptics to increase our ‘skeptical-esteem.’

    People have to realize that skeptical brothers keep the world in balance. We must apply the proper balance to the fulcrum of change.


    If it weren’t for Bamas like us living in the hills of North Carolina without hope, how could the world get along???

  31. Sara

    LAPD handcuffed, shot & killed on March 25, 2008 a 21 year old autistic boy & then notified his family 21 days later! Despite having run is id prior to the shooting.

    They claimed Usman Chaudhry lugned at them with a pocket-knife; but how can that be possible if he was in handcuffs when the coroners examined him? And what was his family notified after 21 days.

    I am telling you all of this because your blog is very interesting & I think you would care about this story & can help me tell others! Because we do not have enough people sticking up for the little guys & Usman was one of those innocent people that brought so much happiness to so many people–especially to those that others saw as outcasts! Now its up to all of us to make sure his story is heard & supported. We are holding a candle light vigil on june 21, 2008 at the place he was shoot check it out on http://usmanchaudhry21.wordpress.com

    Thanks you, hope to hear from you soon!

  32. rebeccaamerocco

    Found your blog by typing in the keywords Nikki Tinker Bitch (haha) seriously though, your blog is GREAT. You are intelligent, thorough, and have a wonderful writing style. You also are historically accurate in your Memphis prose (i’m from memphis). I appreciate your honesty and ability to sift the wheat from the chaff. Keep on doin’ what you do

  33. witt

    Love the quilts. Not sure how reliable the historiography is in Hidden in Plain View, but nonetheless fascinating. Again, love the quilts.

  34. Hey SB,

    Every now and then I go treasure blog hunting and lucked up on yours this afternoon. Your well-written, in-depth articles and analysis are refreshing.

    Come visit my site; I cover a wide range of topics, and like you, do my own analysis. I think you’ll like my political ones a lot.

  35. the irony of the audacious

    65-91% of blacks voted for Obama during the primaries. Is this racism against whites or do 91% of blacks agree with his policies? Racism comes in many colors.

  36. I think any brotha who votes democrat is a sellout and voting for Obama (rubber brotha-aka-white liberal- radical- self loathing 1/2 white idiot)is going to only make the black community suffer even more. White liberals control the puppet strings of Obama and I would rather have john McCain creating jobs, keeping us safe, keeping taxes low, creating incentives to work and to act responsible. Taxes, gay marriages,income redistribution shows no color. Barack Obama is dangerous and it’s a shame that this website trashed a good man like Blackpublican Michael Steele just because his stepsister married Mike Tyson. I guess only real black men need to be concerned at white and black democrats calling him a lawn jockey boy and throwing oreo cookies at him because he gets it. Unlike 80% of the black community who for over 30 years have drank the kool aid and whose lives and community have not gotten better. You go ahead and see what you get.
    IDIOTSFOROBAMA.COM IS A VERY GOOD WEBSITE to see what kind of man Obama really is.
    Blacks should be republican or independants. not democrats that are controlled by, get this, rich white people! Pelosi, Reid, Cliton, Gore, Dean, Frank, Dodd, Biden who convince blacks they are victims at the same time letting you know your place. Bullshit!
    NBRA.INFO good site.

  37. Koz

    Even though I probably don’t agree with you about anything (unless you’re a Duke fan?), I find your blog and the discussion very stimulating. Keep up the good work.

  38. Skeptical,

    If you fancy swapping links, I would gladly accommodate you. Check out “The Writing on the Wall,” and if you feel it, let me know. I like your work on here. Good insight and a biting wit.



  39. Just to start off, you’ve got a great website and a lot of very interesting views. I find that most I agree with. I think Barrack will be a great leader and I especially enjoyed all your blogs about him. I live alone and unfortunately don’t have cable television. I watched the entire election from the time I got home from work on a 5″ black and white reception TV, just so I could feel as though I was part of history.

    I’m a white male in my 20’s from Massachusetts, and I’m proud to say I voted for Obama.

    My 75 year old aunt stopped by a while ago and we started talking politics. It’s unfortunate that she’s stuck in the “Old days” but when I told her I voted for Obama I thought she had a stroke. She couldn’t believe we were going to have a black president. She seemed as though it was the worlds worst mistake. This seemed to me to be proof that discrimination is becoming a thing of the past. Younger generations are realizing that the color of your skin or the land that you come from doesn’t make you different, it makes you unique. I think this is the start of a very prosperous time for America.

    • Ty

      What was that bit about judging a man not by the color of his skin but by the content of his character? If I was adopted by a black family and was half black but with white skin and I ran for president would they say I was white or black? Do people believe Obama represents black folks or do are they starting to realize that he is another Kennedy? Voting for a man simply because he has black skin is racist. Obama is just as white in privilege and culture as any elitist kid, probably just as jaded and fucked up by growing up around white folks who treated him like a black furby instead of as an individual. A novelty on an altruists dashboard.


  40. RisingTide

    I’m more hopeful based on what Silver’s quoting:
    “We’re voting for the nigger” (people actually saying this to Obama canvassers, if you can believe it).

  41. Does it bother any one out there that most of the brotha’s LOL that are talked about here are mixed with white. A few of the mostly black people don’t seem to come off as that well educated, thereby perpetuating the theory that black people are not too bright. I wish our ancestors would have had enough motivation to create a lasting city civilization in Africa like almost all the worlds other races.

  42. farmergirl of Ohio

    I thought Obama was right from the beginning.He is a good speaker with no notes and I think he cares about getting this country back on track. This whole cause is to blame from the last Pres.,war and greedy banks and big business.There must be some limits made. I just saw Maxine Waters on TV today speaking to banks about helping people in trouble and she only got the run around. These banks are not trying to help anyone ,just goble up there property and put them on the streets.They are getting cheap gov. money of 1% or less and using it to their advantage not helping the people one bit.This needs to be looked into. Maxine ,will you help just anyone in financial trouble? e-mail me. MJL

  43. Hey Skep!

    I just found your site and have been perusing it for the last hour or so! May I say BRAVO! I don’t agree with EVERYTHING you post, but heck! 95% ain’t a bad percentage! I’m a 50 year old in DC – I have a blog that started out as a place to post my musing about a whole lot of stuff, but I must admit I got caught up in the campaign. Since September I have been a full-time graduate student at American University so I have neglected to keep up my postings though I still read a lot of blogs. Skeptical Brotha has now made my lists of “must reads.”

  44. dawnsmidnight

    Hey Skep,

    Thanks for dropping by my blog. I thought I’d check yours out as its been awhile. I was reading the post from White Brotha about Obama’s election after reading the one you posted awhile back about your frustrations with liberals complaints about Obama not being “able to wave a magic wand.” So true. I was fortunate both to hear Obama speak at my college while running for President as well as watch the motorcade ascending up Lake Shore Drive on the way to Grant Park where he made his acceptance speech. At the time, I was in seminary and was watching the results at one of my professor’s condos. My home was a block over and 10 blocks south into the corner of Englewood at the time. The next morning at chapel, my fellow seminarians–my brothers and sisters of color–spoke with tear-filled eyes about “finally being able to tell their children that morning that they [the children] could grow up to be anything they wanted to be–including president.”
    Later that same day, we cried again during our Pastoral Care Class when a classmate, whose boyfriend was studying at Baylor in Texas,reported that he had texted her that people where hanging nooses around campus. Two steps forward, one step back. But I’ll keep on walking the line to progress if you’ll keep walking beside me.

    J.D. Rock
    “Dawn is born at Midnight”–Karl Jung.

  45. Ty

    This is amazing. You’re racist as hell. I just read your bit on that Tinker broad. Blew my mind. Where did you go to school? Also, fascinating that an Israeli 35 year old would stumble on your blog looking for hate speech on an anti-Zionist black woman.

    How do you feel about Obama?

    How do you feel about flash mobs and racism among the black community towards peoples absent of color?

    Thanks for the read. You should work for Vice magazine.

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