When I last posted, the topic of conversation was Adrian Fenty and Michelle Rhee. The last time I wished to post was around the same time the Eddie Long controversy broke. Then I got sidetracked. I’ll get back to those topics ASAP, but what occurs to me today is that Deval Patrick is presidential timber.  If he wins in November, and it looks dicey right now, he could mount a campaign to succeed President Obama. This question of succession is one that has concerned me for some time even though it is decidedly premature.

Two people immediately came to mind, neither was Hillary Clinton. Both were women. Homeland Security Janet Napolitano and Senator Claire McCaskill are two logical choices in my view of logical successors to Obama. First, both endorsed him over Hillary Clinton, and both are younger than she is. Both women are centrists. Both women are natural executives and highly decisive people. McCaskill, the conservative of the two, is a radical centrist and her Senate votes are a little more to the center right than I am comfortable with, but it positions her perfectly for re-election and a national run.

Claire is articulate, no nonsense and a commanding presence. My favorite example of her leadership style is the way she scolded an enormous crowd during a health care forum for their churlish disrespect.  She came across as an angry mother that one should be wary of attempting to cross. McCaskill credits one of her daughters for pushing her to endorse Senator Obama and reassess his potential to lead the nation. Today, if I had that child’s ear, I’d be whispering that she should be telling her mom to prepare herself to run for president.

Janet Napolitano, by contrast, is the single and childless professional woman that Americans have been bred to fear. Napolitano is a kind of female Obama because she is a trailblazer. The first Democratic woman to be elected Governor in the Southwest, she was also the first woman appointed both U.S. Attorney and elected Attorney General. She is now the first woman to become Secretary of Homeland Security. The agents of patriarchy tell us that we have something to fear from such a woman as Napolitano because she apparently is fearless, competent, but more importantly, single and childless. Stepping into the role of national father as President will supposedly be problematic for her. With a fairly deep and resonant voice, she oozes authority. She even sounds Presidential. I can think of no real problems with her being President and can think of no woman better prepared for the job of leader of the free world.

Neither of these women, however, leads with her heart. Neither is known as a progressive. At my core, that is who I am, and that is who I want to lead my country. If I ever write a book, it will not be about Harold Ford, Jr. It will be about making the case for electing a progressive to the White House. That is the book I was meant to write, not a negative screed, entertaining though it may have been, about a corporate whore like Ford.

Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick is the kind of progressive candidate I could enthusiastically get behind. Most of us Negroes never seriously entertained the possibility of electing a black president much less two brothas from Chicago, but Patrick is capable of being elected President because he is so damn talented. First, the brotha is a compelling public speaker that rivals the President in his ability to move people. Second, he is blazing a path of progressive governance that Obama, bless his heart, is not. I do not know what his foreign policy views are, but Deval Patrick would make an excellent President because he is all of the things progressives projected onto Obama that he never was. I respect and admire Barack Obama and will work hard to get him re-elected. However, after two years, I realize that he is not the president I wanted, despite his extraordinary gifts and stunning accomplishments.

For awhile I’ve been telling friends that Obama is the only black president we’ll ever live to see or that there will ever be so we might as well be happy with whatever he does, even though I have not been happy bout a number of things. Today, I feel as I might have been wrong about that, and that gives me hope.


Gov. Deval Patrick to endorse Obama


 Hat Tip:  By Glen Johnson, Associated Press 

BOSTON (AP) — Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick, a one-time Clinton administration aide, has decided to endorse Barack Obama over rival Hillary Rodham Clinton in the Democratic presidential primary, The Associated Press has learned.

Patrick planned to make his declaration next week during a rally with the candidate in Massachusetts, according to a top administration official who spoke on condition of anonymity prior to the official announcement.

While Patrick served in the 1990s as head of the Justice Department’s civil rights division under former President Clinton, husband of the New York senator, he also shares a strong connection with Obama from their mutual Chicago heritage and experience as black student leaders at Harvard Law School.

Last fall, Patrick became the first black governor of Massachusetts and only the second black state leader in the nation’s history. Obama has the potential to become the nation’s first black president. He also visited Massachusetts on Patrick’s behalf during last year’s gubernatorial campaign and his endorsement returns the political favor.

In an e-mail sent Wednesday to his supporters, the contents of which were read to The Associated Press, Patrick praised Obama’s “unifying, visionary leadership.”

He added: “As a Democrat, I am proud that the field of Democratic contenders is so strong. Many are friends and colleagues with whom I have worked over the years. But frankly, I believe the importance of this election transcends friendships and party. I believe we need unifying, visionary leadership. I believe we need a president who would level with the American people. I believe we need Barack Obama.”

The governor declared that “not just national policy but the national character is at stake.”

Clinton spokesman Phil Singer said the campaign was mindful of the long-standing friendship between Obama and Patrick and of the fact that they share a chief strategist.

Obama strategist David Axelrod, a Chicago-based political consultant, was a media adviser to Patrick during his gubernatorial campaign.

Deval Patrick sworn in as Mass Governor


Last Thursday, Deval Patrick was sworn in as Governor of Massachusetts, the first African American so elected and the second elected Governor in the history of the United States.  Above is an excerpt of his address and below is the conclusion.  Deval is a good brotha and a progressive politician.  After 16 years of divisive wedge issue politics and presidential posturing by a fraud like Mitt Romney, I am glad the people of Massachusetts will be able to refresh themselves with what good government feels like.

“To the earliest settlers of this Commonwealth, as we have been reminded on a couple of occasions today, this Commonwealth was their shining “city on a hill.”   To this kid from the South Side of Chicago, Massachusetts is my city on a hill.  For every mother living month to month; for every student struggling to get through school; for every dad working two jobs and wondering which one is going to be shipped overseas; for every fisherman wondering whether this year’s catch will do; for every immigrant wondering whether the American Dream is a myth; for every teacher, every bus driver, every government clerk, every firefighter, every small business owner doing your best and wondering whether anyone appreciates you; for every one of God’s children who calls Massachusetts home – let’s rebuild our “city on a hill,” and make it shine again.”

Governor Deval Patrick D-Massachusetts


After 16 years of divisive wedge politics and trickle down economics, the people of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts are clearly yearning for something and someone different. They want hope, and the promise for a better future for their families.  They are tired of seeing the world through the rose colored glasses of race and are willing to give an outsider a try at steering the ship of state.  It’s about time because Massachusetts is a mess.  Its high cost of living and deteriorating schools and infrastructure need an overhaul.  As Deval Patrick stands on the precipice of what seemed to many an impossible dream, listen for yourself to hear what has the electorate of Massachusetts so captivated.

Kerry Healey just can’t let the rapist wedge issue go


Healey AD : Here’s a question: if a teacher at your kids school, or a friend, or a co-worker, or anyone you knew actually praised a convicted rapist, what would you think? Deval Patrick did. Here’s what he said about brutal rapist Ben Le Guer: “He is eloquent, he is thoughtful there’s no doubt about that.” Here’s another question: Have you ever heard a woman complement a rapist? Deval Patrick, he should be ashamed, not governor.

That’s quite an ad.  Massachusetts GOP Lt. Gov Kerry Healey essentially smears democrat Deval Patrick as being soft on crime and soft on rapists.  Here’s a question for Scarlet O’ Healey: Where the hell was your concern for victims of rape and the civilian enablers that turned a blind eye when women and children were raped by American service men and contractors at Iraq’s Abu Ghraib prison? Why did you endorse George W. Bush for re-election at the 2004 Republican National Convention? Of the 600 personnel implicated in prisoner abuse, only 74 military personnel have had court martial charges brought against them.  

Did you watch the videotapes of the rapes and other sexual abuse Scarlet? Did you read the Taguba report? Did you stand up on principle and demand accountabilty from the Cheney/Bush Administration? No. Instead, you co-chaired the Massachusetts campaign for George W. Bush’s  re-election despite his egregious incompetence and gratuitous ignorance, and yet you deign to cast aspersions on, and assassinate the character of Deval Patrick.  Wingnuts like Scarlet O’Healey affirm the words of Benjamin Disraeli: A conservative government is an organized hypocrisy. 

I guess the victimization of white women by men of color is the only thing sufficient enough to get your dander up and arouse the slumbering giant of white fear of black and brown crime.

GOP wedge issue du jour: Illegal Immigration


Massachusetts GOP Lt. Gov Kerry Healey has another racist wedge issue ad out bashing her African American opponent Deval Patrick for his stand on in-state tuition and drivers licences for Illegal Immigrants.  Scarlet O’Healey is intent on exhausting the right wing treasure trove of wedge issues before the campaign concludes.  This bigotfest against immigrants, mostly directed at undocumented mexicans, is a popular device this year for the trust fund racists in the republican party.

Being a Florida native, you’d think that Scarlet O’Healey would be used to Latino’s and their manifold contributions to our nation.  There are over 11 million undocumented immigrants in the United States and they ain’t going nowhere.  When the campaign ends and the histrionics die down, all of them will still be here trying to make a living and raising their children. 

Anybody want to put down a bet that Kerry has Latino help in her expensive mansion estate in Beverly?  How bout’ the $2 million dollar vacation home in Vermont? Or their vacation home in Florida? No takers?  Damn. Silly rabbit, tricks are for kids down in the polls by double digits

Also today, the California GOP announced that it is demanding the withdrawal of their Congressional candidate Tan D. Nguyen, also an immigrant, for conspiring with his campaign staff to send a deceptive filer “threatening Hispanic immigrant voters with arrest”.  He was running against Loretta Sanchez, a Democratic Congresswoman from Orange County, formerly a GOP bastion changed by an influx of immigration.  I knew God was still on the throne when she defeated Congressman Bob Dornan, a racist wingnut to the tenth power, in 1996.

Michael Steele’s endorsements: a killer and a thug


Scraping the bottom of the black credibility barrel, Michael Steele produced the endorsements of Don-I-will-rob-your-dumb-ass-blind-King, and his former sad sack, mentally unstable meal ticket, Mike-I-like-the-taste-of-human-flesh-Tyson .  Don King has the kind of credibility that all Republicans covet, having been convicted of manslaughter in the stomping death of a hapless gambler in the 50’s.  They parade this evil minstrel around as if black folks trust anybody who loves the ignorant dry drunk in the White House.

Are these endorsements supposed to make white folks feel comfortable and black folks assured of Steele’s street cred?  Are white people supposed to say with a straight face, “Yes, I support Michael Steele because a convicted killer and a convicted rapist-thug do?

What in the world are these people thinking? To make matters stranger, Mike Tyson was formerly married to Michael Steele’s sister.   That makes the negro some kin, don’t it? 

Massachusetts GOP Lt. Gov. Kerry Healey is trying to make racist hay out of her black opponent’s work as a defense attorney defending a cop killer and rapist, as if doing his job makes him unfit to be Governor. Conversely, Black Republican Michael Steele is touting the support of a black killer and black rapist as if their support makes him more fit to be a U.S. Senator.  Strange Ain’t it.

Down in the polls, I find it more than odd that Steele thinks the endorsement of a malevolent clown and a psychotic thug will bring him closer to winning.

Kerry Healey’s racist ad campaign


Not satisfied with casting aspersions on Deval Patrick’s character for defending a capitol defendant on appeal, she has attempted to assassinate his character for defending a Hispanic defendant in a rape case involving-you guessed it, a white woman.   In case the voters of the Commonwealth were too stupid to pick up on it in the last ad , they will not be safe if that negro becomes governor.  Kerry sure is subtle.  She’s about as subtle as an AK-47. 

The racist subtext is crystal clear. The women of Massachusetts are in danger of being ravished by colored men if a strong white woman isn’t elected Governor.  We cannot let weak minded Deval let rapists go free.  The fact that Patrick paid for the post trial DNA test that proved his former client’s guilt, or the all white lynch mob impaneled as a jury are left unexplored.

Kerry Healey thinks the fear of black and brown crime is the wedge issue she can ride to the corner office on Beacon Hill.   Poor Kerry, there are not enough trembling, weak- minded, scared of their own shadow suburbanites to make her dreams come true.  On November 7th, all Kerry Healey will have are dashed hopes and a permanent scarlet R on her chest that means RACIST.

Kerry Healey’s racist Ad


Tearing a page out of Lee Atwater’s Bush/Quayle 88 playbook, Kerry Healey launches her own Willie Horton ad in which she in essence morphs Deval Patrick into Horton.  Her contention that Patrick, who defended a man in a capitol case, is unfit to become governor is both ludicrous and racist.

Way to go Kerry, just when people thought you might stick to the high road, you take the lowest one possible.  So much for issues. 

Why not just call Deval a Macaca and get it over with, girl.  Or better yet, sweetie, why don’t ya don colonial attire, a cocked hat, mount a horse and ride up and down Massacuhsetts screaming “the niggers are coming, the niggers are coming, the niggers are coming.”  Isn’t that what you really want to say, dear?  Isn’t that what this soft on crime business is really all about?

Deval Patrick wins Massachusetts Primary


Deval Patrick, Democratic Candidate for Governor of Massachusetts

Deval Patrick, a former Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights in the Clinton Administration, has won the democratic nomination for Governor in the commonwealth of massachusetts.  A traditional progressive, Patrick ran a strong, concilliatory campaign that spoke of a social contract for all that is both forward thinking and ground breaking. 

With 49% of the precincts counted, Patrick leads with 48% and 227,348 votes.  His nearest gubernatorial challenger, Chris Gabrelli received 29% and 136,505 votes.  He faces Lt. Gov Kerry Healey, a republican and Independent Christy Mihos in the fall.   After four years of wedge issue politics and crass political positioning by Mitt Romney, it is time for a change in Massachusetts.

The long knives of the GOP are already gunning for Patrick. Right-wing Boston Herald columnist Virginia Buckingham has already written a column thanking primary voters for,  “selecting as Kerry Healey’s opponent a guy who not only wants to give tuition breaks to illegal immigrants, but whose plan to licence illegal immigrant drivers may just ease the path  for a terrorist cell to cloak themselves legitimacy as they plot and plan.”

The republicans will stop at nothing, and will use any tool to do their swiftboating: xenophobia, homophobia, or racism. Massachusetts general election voters beware.