George Allen’s defeat, a post-mortem


Having come down from the elation of watching George Allen concede Virginia’s Senate race to Jim Webb, I am struck by the realization of how close the Commonwealth came to re-electing him and placing its imprimatur on an unapologetic racist and homophobe. The stark reality of Allen’s strong vote totals make Doug Wilder’s election as the first Black elected Governor seem like divine intervention.

Were the revelations surrounding his gratuitous use of racial slurs not clear for the 1.1 million people that voted for him?  I am trying to wrap my mind around the ideology that allows a person to vote for an unapologetic racist and homophobe in good conscience.  Do they feel protected in the anonymity of the voting booth in exercising their racial animus?  Do they give in to these urges to support racism on a regular, daily basis? 

Are they rationalizing these allegations away or do they just not care?  More disturbingly, are they comforted and confirmed in their own prejudice by voting for him? These nagging questions floating around my head have a way of sapping my strength and stealing the joy of his defeat away from me.

Given the questions swirling around in my spirit about him, I cannot fathom why any sentient, sane African American would endorse him for any reason and provide him political cover, especially after several white professionals and collegues came forward to confirm his prejudice by recounting his unchecked use of the most virulent, anti-black, racial epithet in the lexicon.

What kind of twilight zone are they living in.  It’s as if these Negroes have ignored the entire sorrid racial history of this nation and believe that it doesn’t matter.  It has always mattered and always will. It mattered to Michael Satcher and Ronald Bennett, two African American men George Allen allowed to be executed by the Commonwealth after exculpatory evidence of innocence was brought to his attention and ignored for reasons of political expediency and probable racial animus.

Finally, despite everything, how can anyone profess to like a racist? Chris Matthews said that crap today before Allen’s concession speecch.  Can somebody help me understand that?  Was this “like” a factor in people’s vote to support a racist? Do they think, “Yeah, I know he is a Klansman, but he is really personable, I think I’ll vote for him.”  Somebody please explain that thought process to me so I can sleep at night.


Democrats retake both houses of Congress, Hallelujah!!!!!!!!!!!


Praise God, from whom all blessings flow;
praise him, all creatures here below;
praise him above, ye heavenly host;
praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.

Let’s check our predictions, shall we?


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According to MSNBC, Sheldon Whitehouse defeated GOP Senator Linc Chafee 53%-47%.  Skeptical Brotha called this race 54%-46% for Whitehouse.  Skeptical Brotha’s Prediction: Correct.


According to MSNBC, Bob Corker screwed the Whore, 51%-48% .  I predicted a Whore win 50.5%-49.5%. Skeptical Brotha’s wildly optimistic prediction: WRONG.


According to MSNBC, Auditor McCaskill defeated Richard Nixon clone, Senator Jim Talent, 49%-47%, a two-point spread.  I predicted a McCaskill win by two points, 51%-49%. Skeptical Brotha’s Prediction: Correct.


According to MSNBC, Appointed Senator Bob Menendez, was elected to the U.S. Senate from New Jersey over Tom Kean, Jr. 53%-45%. I predicted a 53%-47% win for Menendez.  Tom Kean, Jr. didn’t hold up his end of the deal.  Damn him.   Skeptical Brotha’s prediction: Correct.


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According to MSNBC, Auditor Casey beat Rick Santorum’s ass somethin’ awful, 59%-41.  Praise the Lord, everybody. I didn’t know how high this was going to go;predicting he would get nothing under 55%.  I truly revel in this one because Santorum was such a sanctimonious and contemptable wingnut.  Skeptical Brotha’s prediction:  Correct.


Again, according to MSNBC, Congressman Sherrod Brown defeated GOP Senator Mike DeWine, 56%-44%.   My prediction was dead on.  Skeptical Brotha’s prediction: Correct.


In what has to be the sweetest victory of all, the would be President-in-waiting, got his damn ass handed to him by a man who endorsed him six years ago.  He warned him a few years back that Iraq was a mistake.  He didn’t listen.  Then he proceeded to show his pure ass, as revelations of his poorly concealed racism were revealed for all to see.  Even though the Ignorant Confederate has refused to conceed this race until the Board of Elections certifies it, the party is ovah.  According to him, he was bored with the job anyway.  I predicted a comfortable 52%-48% win.  I underestimated the comfort level some Virginians had with bigtory.  I won’t make the same mistake twice.  The important thing is that the Ignorant Confederate lost his seat. The razor thin margin will hold. Skeptical Brotha’s prediction: Correct.


MSNBC just called this race for Jon Tester, the Montana state senator over GOP U.S. Senator Conrad Burns. Burns has refused to conceed the race.  It does not matter because his time is up.  Tester won a squeeker 49%-48%.  I predicted a more comfortable win with 52%-48%.  However, the state is extremely Red and Bush is still somewhat popular there. Skeptical Brotha’s prediction: Correct.


One of the most interesting of the year, this race ended where it started: For Joe Lieberman.  Now that the Senate majority depends on Lieberman’s vote, I shall refrain from calling him out as the Lieberwhore.  MSNBC reports a 10 point spread ,which I also predicted.  Skeptical Brotha’s prediction : Correct.


MSNBC is reporting that Congressman Ben Cardin was elected to the Senate over Lt. Gov. Michael Steele, 55%44% which is right in line with my prediction of 55%-45%. As I postulated earlier, the general public was not impressed with Steele’s ex-con and crackhead parade of black endorsements.  His content free campaign was deceptive and the electorate peeped it in time to avert disaster.  Good Riddance. 


The House of Representatives is what had me shouting, dancing, and speaking in tongues for the majority of the evening.  Praise the Lord, Everybody.  Hallelujah!!!!  Thank you, Jesus!!! I predicted a win of  35 seats and the Democrats are sitting pretty with a projected 32 seat gain.  Skeptical Brotha’s prediction : Correct.


Skeptical Brotha’s House and Senate Predictions


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Rhode Island Senator Lincoln Chafee, a New England Republican patrician in the George Herbert Walker Bush tradition, will lose to former RI Atty Gen, Sheldon Whitehouse.  In effect, switching out one patrician for another.  Appointed to this seat after the death of his predecessor, his father John Chafee,  the Senator has been suffering from a considerable stature gap.  He is not revered by the electorate like his daddy and seems like a lightweight.’s average of the last 5 polls has Chafee at 41%.  6 points down from his challenger.  The party is over.  Whitehouse wins 54%-46%


Harold Whore,  Jr has run the race of the year.  He has left his hard-right opponents with hard-ons because they cannot defeat him.  There is no issue on which he is out of the mainstream with Tennessee voters, the race boils down to just that: race.   Does the electorate of Tennessee want to exorcise the ghost of Jim Crow?  My gut feeling is that they do and will chose as their representative in the patrician chamber, a young brotha on the make.  Bob Corker is a hapless redneck out of his league who shoulda had this seat in the bag and has struggled since the primary.  I can’t wait to see the look on his face when he concedes to a Negro. I can’t stand Harold, but I will not let that stand in the way of praising his political skills.  He’s almost as smooth as Bill Clinton, a complement I don’t give out lightly.  This race will go down to the wire and will be a nail biter.  The last 10 polls on this race have Harold down four which is in the margin of error and well within the margin of  hope.  The Whore wins 50.5% to 49.5%


Senator Jim Talent of Missouri defeated the widow of former Gov. Mel Carnahan, to win this seat 4 years ago.  Governor Carnahan was running for this seat in 2000, held by John Ashcroft, Dubya’s first Attorney General when he was killed in a dramatic plane crash that also claimed the life of one of his sons.  The acting governor told the people that if the Governor was posthumously elected, he would appoint Missouri’s first lady to the Senate.  The people rose up and elected a dead man and his widow was appointed.  Never comfortable with the spotlight, or with the role of a senator, Mrs. Carnahan suffered when compared to her opponent, a Richard Nixon clone if there ever was one.  Anyway, Claire McCaskill, our nominee this time, is the sitting state Auditor and a lawyer and former DA of Jackson County.  Miss Girl knows how to kick ass without coming off like a bitch and messing up her hair.  She defeated the sitting Democratic Governor two years ago to claim the nomination for herself.  She almost became the first female democratic governor.  The last ten polls have the two separated by a single point.   McCaskill wins 51%-49%.



The only democratic held seat that is competitive, New Jersey looked like a GOP upset in the beginning.   The wave dynamics of a backlash election have taken hold now and having the sterling GOP political name of Tom Kean, Jr. son of 9/11 commissioner Tom Kean, Sr. ain’t helping.  Appointed Senator Bob Menendez, the senate’s third Hispanic and second Cuban will win his first statewide race 53%-47%


Two term GOP Senator Rick Santorum’s career is ovah, Baby.   Stick a fork it, honey.  It”s done.     Bob Casey takes this seat with nothing under 55%.


The GOP collapsed in Ohio faster than Dick Cheney’s approval rating after he shot a man in the face on a duck hunting trip.  There is probably no statewide race winnable for them here.  Senator Mike Dewine’s career is ovahand his successor Sherrod Brown, a congressman, gets the promotion.  Brown wins 56%-44%.


The Ignorant Confederate’s career is ovah as well.  Remember this summer when the likelihood of a George Allen Presidential campaign was a sure thing?  It all seems so sad.  Forgive me while I wipe away a bitter crocodile tear.  I will treasure the look on the face of this insincere bastard as he concedes defeat to a man he isn’t fit to hold a jockstrap for.  His racism and unbelievable denials make the confederate bandwagon of confused colored folks that endorsed him look like the fools that they are.  With the power invested in me by this blog, I hereby revoke their membership in the race.  Webb wins 52% -48%.


It seems like the people will be pruning the U.S. Senate of some of it’s racist deadwood this year.  Another unnecessary Bigot will be removed when the Senator from Big Sky country is removed by the State Senate President Jon Tester.  In one fell swoop, he will become the most famous crew cut on Capitol Hill.  The last 10 polls separate these two by four points.  Tester wins 52%-48% in this deep red state.


Unfortunately for the blogosphere, and the people of Connecticut, Joe Lieberwhore will be re-elected to the Senate as an Independent against his democratic challenger.  The last ten polls have Lamont and Lieberwhore separated by ten points.  It just ain’t gonna happen.  Lieberwhore 52%-42%-6%.


This democratic open seat will be held by Congressman Ben Cardin.  Michael Steele’s ridiculous and empty campaign is about the same thing Seinfeld was about: nothing.  I don’t really care how many discontented Negroes he gets to jump off a moving train for him, Black folk will not be persuaded and white folk will be put off by his endorsements from Don King and Mike Tyson.  Cardin will pull this out 55%-45%.


The GOP will lose the House before the count ever leaves the Northeast.  New York, Connecticut,  Ohio, and Pennsylvania will lose it for the GOP.  The GOP will lose every single toss up in the aforementioned states.  The Democrats could come out of this thing with a 46 seat gain.  I will go more conservative and predict a 35 seat gain. 

Before we celebrate we must do our duty and vote and remind others to do so as well.  Don’t forget y’all’s kinfolk and your play sistah’s cousins and them.  Y’all hear me? Vote.

Democrats will control both houses before the night is done.  I will be miserably drunk, and hopefully, I can get laid.

Allen associates drop the dime



After holding back for 30 years, three former Allen associates from his UVA football days, took some time out this week from their busy schedules watching Allen’s nascent Presidential campaign to kill his ambitions in the crib. How nice. Isn’t it wonderful that these people knowingly allowed an unapologetic racist and confederate enthusiast the freedom to climb the political ladder holding four different offices: state legislator, congressman, governor, and U.S. Senator while they held back politically damaging information about his poorly concealed racial animus against African Americans. 

It does my heart good to know that for over a quarter century, a racist had free reign to make decisions on behalf of all Virginians in the general assembly and as Governor, and all Americans as a member of both houses of Congress.

These people allowed a racist the latitude to end parole in the commonwealth of Virginia.

These people allowed a racist the latitude to make non-revocable decisions on restoring the voting rights of African Americans felons.

These people allowed a racist the latitude to make clemency decisions on death penalty cases involving black inmates.  The damage is done and Michael Satcher and Ronald Bennett are dead.

I can think of no better example to illustrate the need for Affirmative Action. Do you hear me James Webb? Do you get it? 


James Webb vs. Affirmative Action



“Affirmative action, which originally sought to repair the state-induced damage to blacks from slavery and its aftermath, has within one generation brought about a permeating state-sponsored racism that is as odious as the Jim Crow laws it sought to countermand.”

Jim Webb in the Wall Street Journal

“The original intent of affirmative action expanded, and a lot of different ethnic groups who never suffered state-sponsored discrimination at all came under the rubric of affirmative action,”…the assumption that everyone who was white had a benefit and anyone who was not white didn’t have a benefit, it was not a fair assumption.” –Jim Webb in the Wash Post

“I think it’s time to either open this thing up to poor white groups or just go back to a level playing field–while keeping an eye on African Americans.” …”I’m a strong supporter of affirmative action in its original intent, which is to help African Americans.” -Jim Webb in the Wash Post

“I’m not sure where the real Jim Webb is, …”Why doesn’t he just do the manly thing and retract his statement, admit he was wrong, rather than trying to come up with these bizarre explainations?”

-VA State Senator Henry Marsh in the Wash Post

“He’s essentially articulated a positon on affirmative action that almost no one articulates today.”

-Prof Robert D. Holsworth, Virginia Commonwealth University in the Wash Post

The on again, off again nature of Jim Webb’s statements regarding affirmative action have caused a restlessness in the black community.  Seven members of the Virginia Legislative Black Caucus endorsed Webb’s opponent in the Democratic primary.  I have come to share some of the black members publicly articulated concerns regarding Webb’s conflicting positions on affirmative action.

Stephen Steinberg , a professor of Urban Studies at Queens College, has a stunningly apt analysis of so-called class-based affirmative action, the kind Jim Webb sees as being more fair.

Steinberg relates,…”the idea of class-based affirmative action is the brainchild of armchair theorists and political pundits with no political leverage or constituency.  Worse still, the suggestion that affirmative action should be class-based rather than race-based was advanced, not for its own sake, but as a second line of defense against the right-wing crusade to gut affirmative action.  It provided a rejoinder to the contention that it was unfair to give preference to the child of a black doctor over the child of a white miner or garbage collector. Class-based affirmative action never had a chance of being enacted as policy, but served only as a rhetorical foil in the affirmative action debate.”

“this explains why the idea of class-based affirmative action has been embraced by the very conservatives who spearheaded the crusade against affirmative action: Clint Bolick, Dinesh D’Souza, Clarence Thomas, Charles Murray, Richard Herrnstein, and Newt Gingrich. Essentially they have used the “class card” to trump the “race card.” They feign compassion for the working classes only to provide ideological cover for their assault on affirmative action.”

Advocates for class-based affirmative action conjure up, in Steinberg’s analysis, “the hackneyed argument that it is unfair to give preference to “the son of a black doctor over the son of a white garbage collector.” …”But that son of a black doctor is likely to find himself in competition with, not the sons of the white garbage collectors, but the sons of white doctors, who have not had to cope with the psychological liabilities and material disadvantages of being black in a white society. This is the rationale for giving a leg up even to the son of a black doctor.”

Steinberg continues, “Now let us think about that son of a white garbage collector. Granted, he has many liabilites to cope with in a society highly stratified by class. On the other hand, as a white man in a racially stratified society, he has access to coveted jobs in the blue-collar world that historically were the exclusive domain of white men. Indeed, in cities where garbage collectors were protected by union contracts, blacks could not even get hired as garbage collectors, much less as policemen or plumbers or assembly workers.”

Steinberg concludes, “In short, affirmative action is designed to address inequities of caste, not class.  It gives recognition to the fact, as an oppressed minority, blacks have had to deal with the impediments of race in addition to those of class. This is not to deny that there is a dire need to address the inequities of class as well as those of race.”

Webb’s positions, if taken as a whole, would dramatically weaken the benevolent effects of contemporary affirmative action programs and place them in the politically perilous position of benefiting blacks only, which is a good way to get affirmative action killed.

In my mind, this issue is a bone of contention that has not been removed by Barack Obama’s recent visit. Which, in and of itself is a kind of affirmative action program for white democratic candidates with foot-in-mouth disease on matters of race and class.

I, for one, ain’t satisfied.

Safe Negro Report: Jim Webb touches the hem of Obama’s garment


 As promised, The “Safe Negro Report” is on the case, monitoring the exploits of Senator Barack Obama as he continues his trek to seek the validation of white folks from sea to shining sea. 

This week, Senator Obama, as if clad in a holy garment of virtue, came to rescue Jim Webb’s flagging campaign for the United States Senate against America’s most ignorant confederate, Senator George-No-matter-what-Mama-said,-I-ain’t-Jewish-Allen.

Former Reagan Navy Secretary Jim Webb, you’ll recall, is the former conservative Republican turned Democrat that has had a difficult time attacking George Allen over the manna from heaven “Macaca” incident because of his own issues.

Anyhoo, Jim Webb reached out to touch the hem of Barack’s garment yesterday because of a certain Negro state senator who lost his damn mind and endorsed the ignorant confederate. 

Lambert’s switch was indicative of the black political class being restless and what not.  Probably had somethin’ to do with his repeatedly calling Affirmative Action “state sponsored racism” and the triflin little in outreach done in black communities.  In short, the political Negroes weren’t feeling him.

Now, with Barack’s magnanimous blessing, a private anointing and admonition to “go and sin no more”, that’s over and done with.  The Negroes can cease and desist their grumblin’ and Barack, the safe Negro, can go back to his quest to seek the validation of white folks. 

Who woulda thunk that a black man could be brought in to absolve a white man he doesn’t even know of all his sins?

Let us pray that after his magnificent healing and blessing, Jim Webb can keep his damn foot out of his mouth regarding Affirmative Action.


Barack Obama: Safe Negro


Barack Obama has done an excellent job positioning himself for a White House bid. He took the world by storm two years ago and he is still riding the wave. The proof is in the pudding of his being asked to campaign for Jim Webb in Virginia. Jim Webb’s hapless behind could use the help with the African American electorate, given his penchant for calling Affirmative Action “state sponsored racism.”

Why would a conservative former republican want Obama? It’s because he has perfected the “safe negro two-step.” For every step forward, the brotha takes two steps back. Obama opposes the war, but supports the confirmation of Condoleezza Rice and campaigns for the Lieberwhore in Connecticut.

Don’t get a brotha wrong. I will happily support any ticket this cat can get on. It could be worse, we could end up with Harold-I-made-up-a-story-that-my-grandmama-was-white-Ford,jr.

This post inaugurates the “Safe Negro Report”, which will attempt to cover the exploits of Senator Obama in his quest for white people’s ultimate validation, a seat in the Oval Office. 

Jim Davis’ example is one Jim Webb should emulate


It takes a big man to admit his mistakes.  Florida Congressman Jim Davis, the democratic nominee for governor of Florida did so last week.  In 1989, then State Senator Jim Davis refused to vote for compensating two black death row inmates wrongfully convicted of murder.   Convicted by an all-white-jury of crimes someone else later confessed to, the case had all the hallmarks of a Hollywood film. 

Subsequently freed and pardoned by former governor Rueben Askew, Freddie Pitts and Wilbert Lee’s case almost became the political undoing of Congressman Davis.  His opponent used the Davis vote like a sledgehammer in the black community piling up endorsements and large pluralities of black votes.

Without making peace with the black community and its leadership, Jim Davis realized that he would be wasting his time and effort in a race he would surely lose.  An epiphany struck and he found the healing power of apology.  He held a press conference with the two former death row inmates and apologized to both men.  He even sounded like he meant it.

He followed that up the next day by choosing an African American,  former State Senator Daryl Jones, to be his running mate for Lieutenant Governor. 

That is the way to apologize.  Martin O’Malley apparently understood that as well when he chose Delegate Anthony Brown to be his running mate this year in Maryland. 

It is a lesson that former Navy Secretary Jim Webb should take to heart because of his tone deaf comments regarding Affirmative Action and his ineffectual efforts in Virginia’s black community. Having Barack Obama campaign for him is a start, but it is still and incomplete gesture.

Shout out to Vivian Paige


This post is a shout out to my girl, Vivian Paige.

Girrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrl, what is wrong with your boy, James Webb?

I saw that “debate” twice last night.  I saw it once before I went to bed and it came on again and woke me up, girl.  All I could do is shake my head. 

I know you feel me because I read between the lines of your blog last night.  It’s times like this that I can really appreciate Bill Clinton. Bill Clinton would have rubbed Allen’s nose in the Macaca like the B.S. that it is, girl.   

George Allen told what the old folks used to call a

“boldfaced lie.” Only in America can a white politician claim to make up a well-known racial slur, claim ignorance, and get away with it.  Then, the Klansman brings up Bennie Lambert’s name in defense as if to say, “see, I have Negro support.”

“Father, I stretch my hands to thee.  No other help I know.  I thy withdraw thyself from me, wither shall I go?”

Your boy, James Webb, let the bastard lie his way through the question.  

Then, to add insult to injury, he attacks Affirmative Action as “state sponsored racism.”

“Father God, In the name of Jesus!!!!!!!!!!” 


Does he not know the facts of life, girl?  You can no more run against Israel in New York and expect to win then you can run against Affirmative Action in Virginia. The numbers simply ain’t there. His potential victory rests on a three-legged stool of moderate white voters, democratic women, and black folk.  Webb did a pretty passable job of sawing off two legs.

“Fix it, Jesus. Fix it.”

We don’t need to explain a damn thing about Affirmative Action.  All the explaining was done on the Edmund Pettus bridge, in Montgomery, in Birmingham in the blood of four innocent little girls, in Memphis on the balcony of the Lorraine motel, in Jackson on Medgar Evers blood stained porch, on the trail of tears from Florida to Oklahoma, in the Japanese internment camps in the southwest, in the career of Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, a Stanford University law grad who graduated in the top of her class but the only job anybody would offer her was one as a legal secretary.        

“The harvest is past, the summer is ended, and we are not saved” –Jeremiah 8:20     

He don’t get it, Vivian. Why doesn’t he get it?  He is damn near sixty. I thought we grew up in the same damn country. Help me understand, girl. 

Webb has got me calling on the Lord and quoting my favorite scripture, girl. 

I read something by Charles Lawrence. He said “ Racism in America is much more complex than either the conscious conspiracy of a power elite or the simple delusion of a few ignorant bigots.  It is part of our common historical experience and, therefore, a part of our culture.  It arises from the assumptions we have learned to make about the world, ourselves, and others as well as from the patterns of our fundamental social activities.”  Or, as Derrick Bell put it, “Racism is more than a pejorative hurled in powerless frustration at an omnipotent evil.” 

It is about a pattern and practice of conduct designed to retard, frustrate, and prevent equal opportunity.  Why the hell doesn’t he understand that Affirmative Action was designed to remedy this in part? 


Is it any wonder that someone who chooses Ronald Reagan to sing his praises in his first statewide ad provokes an incredulous response in democrats, in black folk. I went along with it because I saw it as a necessary redneck inoculation to appeal to moderate conservatives disenchanted with Bush.  But, in concert with his tone-deaf comments yesterday, I am just at a loss.   

“Oh Lord, Our Lord, How excellent is thy name…”

What do we have to do, girl?  Get some of the mothers in the church and lay hands on him? Anoint him with oil? This is the seat that will decide control of the Senate, if you ask me.  Allen needs to go, if for no other reason than to keep his arse off the national ticket.  If Ann Richards had been re-elected governor in 1990, Crawford, Texas wouldn’t have had to give up its village idiot. We might be in the sixth year of a McCain or Gore presidency.   

Webb’s consultants Mudcat Saunders and Steve Jarding have made careers out of appealing to white voters economic interests and getting them to forgo the racial distractions the republicans wave before their eyes in every election. I don’t have a problem with that, but what about us? Where do we fit in?   Right now, I don’t know who the bigger fool is: Bennie Lambert for endorsing Allen, Donald McEachin for endorsing Webb, or me. 

Can you help a brotha out, Vivian?