Dollar Bill loses change of venue motion in federal corruption trial



Surprise, y’all. Corrupt “Dollar” Bill Jefferson lost his change of venue motion to the District of Columbia in his federal corruption trial. Now, he’ll hafta face the white folk in Northern Virginia and explain how all dat payola ended up in his damn freezer. Give the Lord a hand clap, y’all.

According to the Associated Press, “Rep. William J. Jefferson, D-La., had argued that the government unfairly brought charges against him in suburban Alexandria rather than the District of Columbia because it wanted a venue where fewer blacks are in the jury pool. Jefferson, who represents much of New Orleans, is black.”

“Prosecutors contend that northern Virginia is an appropriate venue because that is where Jefferson was caught on videotape accepting bribes, and because the alleged victim in the bribery scheme ran a business based in the area.”

I cannot wait until the white jury foreman delivers the verdict and pronounces Jefferson guilty. That moment of ecstasy will be better than an orgasm.



The Jefferson empire is crumbling right on schedule. His baby girl and political protege, Jalila Jefferson-Bullock, a lawyer and state representative, lost her bid for a promotion to the State Senate to the candidate I endorsed, Cheryl Gray, a few weeks ago. Gray beat her like she stole somethin’ 71% to 29%. Give the Lord another hand clap, y’all.

When they finally convict this Negro, sometime next year, I anticipate that my girl, Karen Carter, will be ready to step up and take her place in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Nawlins update


Louisiana has a Gubernatorial election this year and the massively incompetent Governor, Kathleen Blanco-D Louisiana, will not be running.    Speculation centered on chocolate city Mayor Ray Nagin to run in her stead, but, he recently announced, after flirting with a run on the “Tom Joyner Morning Show,” that he would not be a candidate after all. 

This means that the right-wing Indian American Congressman, Bobby Jindal R-Louisiana, is the presumptive Governor in waiting.  Tragic. 

 Jalila Jefferson-Bullock

On top of that impending disaster is the announced candidacy of State Rep. Jalila Jefferson-Bullock for a New Orleans State Senate Seat.   Jefferson-Bullock, the daughter of indicted Congressman “Dollar Bill” Jefferson, is following  Daddy’s example and getting her ducks in a row to succeed him if he is sent to the slammer where his black A belongs.

Jefferson-Bullock is a key lieutenent in her Daddy’s political empire, which also includes his wife, and his brother and sister.  Their corruption as a family is legendary.

Jefferson ‘s re-election campaign last year was a classic in southern political demagoguery and dirty campaigning.   He called his black opponent everything but a child of God, even as he defended himself for pocketing bribes obtained in an FBI sting.  He dipped liberally from the well of homophobia and racial antagonism as he accused Karen Carter of being an agent of the white establishment, which is precisely what he had been, when he voted to repeal the estate tax for the wealthiest 1% while black New Orleanianas were washed away by a flood of white establishment indifference.

Nevertheless, God is good and he always has a ram in the bush.  Her name is State Representative Cheryl Gray, a good friend and colleague of Karen Carter, the candidate I backed to run against Dollar Bill last year. 

Campaign News

Sistah Gray is a progressive who has focused on health care and housing issues in the legislature.  She has also opposed shredding a woman’s right to choose and has voted against banning same-sex marriage.   

A lawyer and state representative, she is a scion of the distinguished Gray family and is the daughter of Attorney James Gray and Judge Ernestine Gray.   Cheryl Gray has Skeptical Brotha’s enthusiastic endorsement for State Senate. I’ll take a Gray over a Jefferson any day because our people in the Big Easy need a champion, not more corruption. Its high time for our people to rise up in righteous indignation and throw the Jeffersons out of the temples of power.

“Dollar Bill” Jefferson’s favorite things, a christmas carol


 [photo of Rep. Jefferson standing on capitol steps]

Sung to the tune of My Favorite Things

Redmeat to the right-wing,
And no whiskers on my women,
Not to bright colored voters,
And warm woolen mittens (full of cash),
Brown paper packages,
filled up with bribes,
These are a few of my favorite things . . .

Cream colored hookers,
An’ crisp apple strudels,
Kickbacks an’ sleigh bells,
An’ no bid contracts with oodles,
Glasses of Wild Turkey that fly with the moon on their wings,
These are a few of my favorite things . . .

Men in white dresses,
With blue satin sashes,
FBI Agents all up in my nose and eyelashes,
Meddling white liberals,
that help Karen Carter
These are not a few of my favorite things . . .

When Nancy Pelosi bites,
When the FBI stings,
When I’m feelin’ sad,
I simply remember my favorite things,
And then I don’t feel so bad . . .

Right-Wing Redmeat….hmmm Bribes…
La dee da, la dee da,
La dee da, da,
These are a few of my favorite things . . .

When Nancy Pelosi bites,
When the FBI stings,
When I’m feelin’ sad,
I simply remember my favorite things,
And little by little my heavy heart sings . . .

And then I don’t feel so bad . . .

Sistas Unite


Rep. Cynthia McKinney

Three outstanding sista’s labored mightily to hold up the blood stained banner of black progressive politics in 2006.  Karen CarterDonna Edwards, and Cynthia McKinney.   It is damning for the CBC to have given monetary and pac support to their two of the ladies opponents and did next to nothing for their colleague, Cynthia McKinney.

Sista Leutisha Stills of Black Agenda Report has an excellent report detailing the greater progressive tendencies of black female Congresswomen than their black male counterparts.  In the case of these particular sistas it takes a woman to do a “man’s job” because the brothas ain’t man enough to stand up for what’s right for America and for their constituents.

“Dollar Bill” Jefferson has repeatedly voted to eliminate estate taxes on the wealthiest people in the nation so that they can pass their wealth to their children and heirs tax free.  This, while thousands of his constituents are desperate to come home to New Orleans and there is no affordable housing, no jobs, and inadequate schools.  Slashing taxes for the rich was never helpful before Katrina,and it won’t be after.  It is time for a new direction.  Perhaps the people will have that opportunity after he’s convicted on federal bribery charges. His re-election over Karen Carter is a defeat for progressives and for the people of New Orleans.

Like Jefferson, Al Wynn is also an irresponsible Corporate Whore too wedded to corporate payola to vote the interests of his constituents.  Wynn for to allow the Bush Administration to go to war in Iraq and has placed his vote on the side of wingnuts who authorized the development of “low-yield” nuclear weapons.  Just what the doctor ordered, more weapons to make war on brown people with natural resources America needs.  He has lost his way and it is time for a progressive alternative:  Donna Edwards. 

Finally, Hankerchief Head  Hank Johnson, defeated Cynthia McKinney on a shameless Pro-Israel platform which will allow them to bomb their enemies back to the stone-age, regardless of actual threat or potential loss of life.  He claims to be liberal, but somebody who supports Israeli aggression of the type that we saw this year is no liberal.  The bombing of Lebanon and the killing of innocents is an unconscionable human rights crime that should be condemned not championed.  I pray for a McKinney resurrection, but I am not really  hopeful.

It should be the mission of black progressives to form alliances and Political PAC’S to change the face of CBC into what it needs to be:  A progressive bulwark of freedom for the Nation.  They can start by helping to encourage these sistas and women like them to run for Congress.

Jefferson defeats Karen Carter in landslide


Hypnotized by a steady diet of hate and led around by the nose by a dishonest band of crooks claiming to be men of the cloth, Black folks, in a fog of ignorance, voted against their own best interests and returned a crooked son-of-a-bitch back to Congress where he can continue to vote the interests of the corporate power structure like the good corporate whore that he has proven himself to be over the last 16 years.

Let’s face facts, the same ignorant dynamic that allowed Ray Nagin, the black bastard elected Mayor by a majority of white votes and a flood of corporate cash 5 years ago, the same Ray Nagin who was born in Charity Hospital and who allowed thousands of his fellow brothas and sistas to drown, the same Ray Nagin who couldn’t be bothered to actually give aid and comfort to those he left for dead, the same Ray Nagin that convinced the same black folks he left to die that New Orleans would remain a chocolate city and endorsed a crook for Congress, created a deceptive playbook for Bill Jefferson to follow.  Jefferson followed it to the letter to win re-election.

He pandered to every prejudice and right-wing wedge issue he could.   The last time I checked,  stoking homophobia does nothing to rebuild housing, schools, businesses, or jobs.  The last time I checked, banning Abortion and taking bribes was of no assistance either. He was aided in his panderfest by rival Derrick Shepherd, who hoped Jefferson could be re-elected so that he could walk right into the seat after Jefferson’s inevitable indictment and conviction.

The people of New Orleans have re-elected a charlatan who can do nothing good for anybody from a prison cell and rejected an honest woman.  It is an unfathomable abomination.

Karen Carter Ad


Karen Carter fights back in this ad that keeps the focus where it should be: Jefferson’s hypocrisy and corruption.  In the last month, Miss Carter has outraised Congressman Jefferson by over $250,000. The worm is turning. Adam Clayton Powell had a saying “Keep the Faith, Baby.” That is what we need to do and stick behind this sister until the end.  It is only three more days until the the run-off and it will all be over. The long suffering people of the Big Easy will have their say.  I am hoping and praying that they will opt for change and give a sister a chance to show them what she can do.

CBC PAC backs corrupt “Dollar Bill” Jefferson over Karen Carter


Sister Jill at Jack and Jill Politics has the scoop on the betrayal of the Congressional Black Caucus and the Caucus decision to back “Dollar Bill” over Sister Karen with $5000 in campaign cash.  The hypocrisy behind this move cannot be overstated.  Some of the most prominent CBC members like Maxine Waters, who said, “We have to watch the redevelopment in New Orleans for a lot of reasons, and one of them is to make sure that the shadow government of the rich and the powerful does not end up abusing eminent domain to take property that belongs to poor people in order to get them out of the city,” has decided to add campaign contributions to the campaign kitty of “Dollar Bill” Jefferson.  WTF?  How in the Hell can you claim to be in the corner of Katrina victims when you endorse a corrupt corporate servant like Jefferson, a congressman too busy trying to line his pockets with illicit cash to bother fufilling his duty to constitutents.

I have admired Maxine Waters for twenty years.  Her uncompromising advocacy on behalf of important issues to the community has been inspirational. This latest crap has caused me to re-evaluate her leadership and her character.  This move is simply unfathomable.

Even John Lewis, a hero of the civil rights movement who still bears the scars of multiple beatings, and who couldn’t be bothered to help home state democrat Cynthia McKinney, has given campaign cash to “Dollar Bill.”  I guess he got beat down one to many times.  This is not what the civil rights movement was about.  It was about equal opportunity and equal treatment, not equal opportunity graft for black politicians.  His support for Jefferson is akin to desecrating the grave of Dr. King.

Do these Negroes have no concept of the meaning of bull*#it.  Is it just me? Am I loosing my mind?