Michael Steele’s crackup


Michael Steele

 “Finally, King Achish said to his men, “Must you bring me a madman?” 

-1 Samuel 21:14

One would rationally expect that when his people brought him the insane idea of endorsements by a convicted killer and a convicted rapist, Michael Steele would have reacted like Achish. In a further sign that Michael Steele is in need of rehab or a padded cell, the endorsements by Don King and Mike Tyson of his Senate campaign indicate the lunacy or substance abuse of his entire campaign team.  Desperate for black endorsements, Steele campaign operatives have stooped to using crackheads as black props in their endorsement press conferences.

Apparently, some of those brothas ain’t clean and are sharing their extra rocks with the campaign staff, or the campaign people are schizophrenics trying to self medicate, because there is no rational explanation for producing two press conferences to showcase these endorsements.

Who in God’s name are these endorsements supposed to sway? White suburban crystal meth addicts? Black Inner city crackheads? Somebody please help me to understand. Steve Gillard is absolutely right, you just can’t make this up.   Similarly, Oliver Willis hit the nail on the head when he asserts that by accepting these endorsements, Michael Steele, “spits in the face of black America”.  Moreover, Steve Gillard is on point when he advocates that Steele’s opponent Ben Cardin should spread this political manna from heaven to every white republican and independent in the state of Maryland.

The great Kingfish, Huey Long of Louisiana, a liberal populist former Governor and U.S. Senator during the twenties and thirties, used to blanket his impoverished state in campaign circulars during election time.  After reading them, the impoverished people would use the circulars as toilet paper.   It suited the Kingfish just fine.  He wanted the state so covered in literature that nobody could wipe their backside without using a piece of paper with his picture on it.

Ben Cardin would do well to heed the example and nuke Steele day and night with his own manifest ignorance.


Michael Steele’s endorsements: a killer and a thug


Scraping the bottom of the black credibility barrel, Michael Steele produced the endorsements of Don-I-will-rob-your-dumb-ass-blind-King, and his former sad sack, mentally unstable meal ticket, Mike-I-like-the-taste-of-human-flesh-Tyson .  Don King has the kind of credibility that all Republicans covet, having been convicted of manslaughter in the stomping death of a hapless gambler in the 50’s.  They parade this evil minstrel around as if black folks trust anybody who loves the ignorant dry drunk in the White House.

Are these endorsements supposed to make white folks feel comfortable and black folks assured of Steele’s street cred?  Are white people supposed to say with a straight face, “Yes, I support Michael Steele because a convicted killer and a convicted rapist-thug do?

What in the world are these people thinking? To make matters stranger, Mike Tyson was formerly married to Michael Steele’s sister.   That makes the negro some kin, don’t it? 

Massachusetts GOP Lt. Gov. Kerry Healey is trying to make racist hay out of her black opponent’s work as a defense attorney defending a cop killer and rapist, as if doing his job makes him unfit to be Governor. Conversely, Black Republican Michael Steele is touting the support of a black killer and black rapist as if their support makes him more fit to be a U.S. Senator.  Strange Ain’t it.

Down in the polls, I find it more than odd that Steele thinks the endorsement of a malevolent clown and a psychotic thug will bring him closer to winning.