From rikyrah: Obama gives major address on Urban Agenda and its gets 0 coverage



I know we go back and forth around here about Obama, and I know that  a lot of folks aren’t haters, but skeptics, but this, to me, is sort of serious. The ONLY Black candidate FINALLY presents an ‘ Urban Agenda’, and it’s not even reported?

When I say that this speech was on par, in importance, with his speeches in Detroit, and his one on foreign policy in Chicago, I mean that. THIS is a major speech. And, if we, as Black bloggers, don’t try and spread the word that it was given, and the contents, then who will?

I count myself as being an informed Brotha and I ain’t heard nothin’ bout it.   Nothin’ in the Post or NY Times or or Huffington Post or Mydd.  These are sites I read on the regular.  What do you think? 


Shout out to Sistah rikyrah


Our beloved Sistah rikyrah has branched out and hooked up with the brothas and sistahs of Mirror on America blog.  She has written an excellent post on Michelle Obama.  Y’all show a sistah some luv.

It seems that Sistah rikyrah isn’t the only one who’s been noticing Barack’s biggest and most effective booster.  The Associated Press has noticed in two prominent stories here and here in which the other Harvard Law grad effortlessly fields questions and sells her candidate in New Hampshire. 

When asked by a voter why she should vote for Michelle’s hubby, sistah Michelle stepped up and said, “He’s a man who has put his values before his profit,” she said. “He’s not running for president because he wants to be president. That’s sort of the irony in it. He’s running for president because he believes we can do better as a country.”  According to the AP, they gave a sistah a standing O.   

As aluded to by Sistah rikyrah, the 21st century Huxtables present a very compelling presence to cerebral and flinty New Hampshire. Style over substance works every time; now let’s see if it will work on us.  As of this writing, he’s behind.