A few thoughts on the Tavis Smiley controversy


I’ve seen some interesting commentary on Tavis Smiley deciding to bring back a black discussion forum on Obama’s. CPL over at Jack and Jill Politics and also Shanti over at WEE SEE YOU. Here is my take:

Given the remorseless hate, vitriolic racism and disingenuous histrionics that rain down on President Obama from the right, it is hard not to give in to the impulse to rally around the flag and reflexively defend his every action. Some on the left, especially the gay community, seem to think that projecting their hostility and frustration onto their Negro president, instead of fellow whites that have rejected every marriage referendum, will magically produce the civil rights they long for.

The same could be said of the “fauxgressives”—yawl’s word, frustrated by the health care stalemate. White fear, stoked by misinformation, is killing the progress that could be made in a progressive direction by this president. He has made some mistakes along the way. For example, he’s allowed himself to believe that he could work toward consensus with the insurance industry and bad actors on the right, but what really seems to be driving the debate about all things progressive are the ridiculous fears of some whitefolks that President Obama is somehow out to get them.

Support is collapsing for health care reform in some Democratic quarters on Capital Hill because some members of congress don’t have the intestinal fortitude to push back against the smears and are reluctant to confront the ignorance, racism and fear enveloping their constituents back home. They would rather cut and run or just plain cave in and validate the fear.

It is easy to be lulled into a sense of false security that an urbane, sophisticated, and intelligent President will come out on top no matter what happens, or that the compromises he inevitably makes will preserve the progressive change that people overwhelmingly voted for—that would be wrong. President Obama will only be as good as the pressure we apply. Holding the President accountable, as Tavis suggests, doesn’t mean that we don’t love and admire him and Michelle; it is that our love for them is not a substitute for progressive policy and will not sustain black and brown communities under siege by recession and centuries of racism and economic injustice.

While it is true that Barack Obama has done some great things, like the stimulus package, we need him to do some truly astounding things because times are so damn bad. In order for him to be the president we need him to be we can’t be afraid of criticizing him when it is warranted. Agreeing to a bailout of Wall Street with no strings attached was not the best move, lets be honest. Failing to stem the foreclosure crisis which is hitting black and brown communities particularly hard is yet another. Nobody has to like Tavis Smiley, you don’t even have to agree with him, but you should at least listen when he makes a valid point about a black agenda.

Let’s not mimic some whitefolks and project our anger and frustration over a lack of progressive progress onto those that don’t deserve it. We really ain’t mad at each other or Tavis Smiley for pointing out the lack of a black agenda. We’re mad at those on the right attempting to stymie what little progressive progress this president is willing to fight for. And, if we’re honest with ourselves, we are a little peeved with Obama for not fighting harder.


Blogging the PBS Debate with Tavis Smiley at Howard University



It is on and poppin’ at Howard University.  Share your thoughts.

What we do without long Negro introductions?

First question: Does race matter as it did for Du Bois at the  beginning of the 20th century?  Hillary-strong.   Obama-weak.  Couples personal responsibility with institutional racism.   Richardson looks uncomfortable talking about race.  Dodd-surpisingly strong.   Biden-strong.  Gravel and Kucinich hearts in the right place.

Now the journalists get a crack.

Dewayne Wickham questions Biden.  What do you attribute the inequity between the unemployment rate of black high school grads and white high school dropouts?  Biden starts rambling and unfocused.  Richardson-higher teacher salaries, at risk programs and parental involvement, full day kindergarten and pre-k programs and college education.

Edwards-No one single cause of poverty.  When young brothas surrounded by poverty and hoplessness its reinforcing.  Work needs to pay for young men-raise min wage, right to organize. 

Obama- early childhood education is key.   Parents and counselors needed.   $ left behind for No Child Left Behind.  The reason we have consistently had underperformance from our children is because we haven’t had a president take ownership and recognition of all children.

Kucinich-need to see connection between war and education.  need to cut 15%.

Gravel-people on this stage are all guilty for not placing enough emphasis on education rather than war.

Michel Martin’s question-69% of African American teens are HIV positive, what is the plan?

Richardson-rambles.    Edwards has facts together and has visited treatment center.  1, find a cure.  2. Fully fund Ryan White AIDS program, 3. Fully fund HIV/AIDS drug treatment.

I may remove all this stream of consciousness stuff later on, but for now I will leave it.   A lot of time was wasted intially with the long and unnecessary Negro introductions and perorations about their importance.   Did anybody mention reparations?