George Allen’s defeat, a post-mortem


Having come down from the elation of watching George Allen concede Virginia’s Senate race to Jim Webb, I am struck by the realization of how close the Commonwealth came to re-electing him and placing its imprimatur on an unapologetic racist and homophobe. The stark reality of Allen’s strong vote totals make Doug Wilder’s election as the first Black elected Governor seem like divine intervention.

Were the revelations surrounding his gratuitous use of racial slurs not clear for the 1.1 million people that voted for him?  I am trying to wrap my mind around the ideology that allows a person to vote for an unapologetic racist and homophobe in good conscience.  Do they feel protected in the anonymity of the voting booth in exercising their racial animus?  Do they give in to these urges to support racism on a regular, daily basis? 

Are they rationalizing these allegations away or do they just not care?  More disturbingly, are they comforted and confirmed in their own prejudice by voting for him? These nagging questions floating around my head have a way of sapping my strength and stealing the joy of his defeat away from me.

Given the questions swirling around in my spirit about him, I cannot fathom why any sentient, sane African American would endorse him for any reason and provide him political cover, especially after several white professionals and collegues came forward to confirm his prejudice by recounting his unchecked use of the most virulent, anti-black, racial epithet in the lexicon.

What kind of twilight zone are they living in.  It’s as if these Negroes have ignored the entire sorrid racial history of this nation and believe that it doesn’t matter.  It has always mattered and always will. It mattered to Michael Satcher and Ronald Bennett, two African American men George Allen allowed to be executed by the Commonwealth after exculpatory evidence of innocence was brought to his attention and ignored for reasons of political expediency and probable racial animus.

Finally, despite everything, how can anyone profess to like a racist? Chris Matthews said that crap today before Allen’s concession speecch.  Can somebody help me understand that?  Was this “like” a factor in people’s vote to support a racist? Do they think, “Yeah, I know he is a Klansman, but he is really personable, I think I’ll vote for him.”  Somebody please explain that thought process to me so I can sleep at night.


Shout Out to Courtland Milloy


Mr. Milloy,

I could not understand why I had an unexpected spike in visits last week, or why one of the most influential  and trusted black political consultants in DC would contact me an encourage me to continue writing.  I finally figured it out after reading your Wednesday column in last week’s Post. From the bottom of my skeptical heart, I thank you. 

It is a tremendous honor to be mentioned and quoted in the Washington Post, the house organ of the Washington power structure.  I am totally flabbergasted.  I come from the Jill Nelson School of sarcasm, have worked for a newspaper, and consider myself just a small voice in the wilderness.  Thanks again for validating my work and boosting my self-esteem.

Senator “Bojangles” Lambert, as a friend calls him, is truly deranged and confused if he thinks his so-called friendship with George Allen is anything more than a get-out-of-jail-free-card for the ignorant confederate.  George Allen is a racist, a homophobe, and a damn liar undeserving of the support of anyone in the black community, much less people of the stature of his confederate bandwagon of confused colored folks.  Allen has insulted the intelligence of the entire black community with this parade of black minstrels trying to best each other in a buck-dancing contest.

Where were Mayor Holley, Bishop Glenn, Senator Lambert, and Dr. Harvey when Spike Lee was looking for actors in Bamboozled? I am sho Spike coulda used some authentic coons and Stepin’ Fetchit’s.  Seen through the prism of four centuries of oppression, these happy darkies invalidate our collective suffering, segregation, and enslavement.  Their actions are sensless and analogous to slaves endorsing Jefferson Davis over Abraham Lincoln.

Where is the Drop Squad when you need them?

Black Disciples of the Gospel of Macaca


Senator LambertWilliam R. Harvey“…for we have made lies our refuge, and under falsehood have we hid ourselves.”-Isaiah 28:15

George Allen’s confederate bandwagon of confused colored folks has grown by another this week.  His name: State Senator Benjamin “Bennie” Lambert-(D) of Richmond.  (pictured on the right.)

Lambert’s stated reason for endorsing the Republican Senator is some purported heavy lifting by Allen for the state’s black colleges and universities back in Washington.  Lambert wrote his confederate representative and said, “We have worked together for the past 20 years: when we served in the House of Delegates together, during your tenure as Governor, as a Congressman and now as Virginia’s junior Senator. Because we have worked well together over the years on many issues, and especially because you have delivered on your promises to support Virginia’s Historically Black Colleges and Universities, I am pleased to support you in your re-election to the U.S. Senate.”

Lambert omitted the fact that Senator Allen supported a cut of $12 billion in student aid programs in November of 2005. 

The House Committee on Education and the Workforce democrats website states:

• This Republican Raid on Student Aid represents the largest single cut to the federal student aid programs ever.

• The Raid on Student Aid picks the pockets of students and families in order to pay for new tax breaks for the wealthiest Americans.

The Raid on Student Aid puts college even further out of reach for millions of Americans just at a time when they are already struggling with rising college costs.

Take it from me, the vast majority of students at HBCU’s attend those institutions on some form of federal financial aid.   In fact, we disproportionately rely on federal aid. More than 85% of black students would not be in school without it. These cuts will make it harder for their parents and for them to borrow money for the costs of college and will exponentially increase their debt load upon graduation.  

Dr. William R. Harvey, President of Hampton University (pictured on the left) has been confused for the better part of the last twenty years. In that time frame, he has spread his money around to some of the most undeserving of Republican politicians, giving at least $25,000 to GOP candidates according to state and federal databases.

The illustrious right wingers who’ve benefited from Harvey’s generosity are: George Allen $2100, George W. Bush $4000, Fmr VA Atty Gen Mark Earley  $2000,  Fmr VA Congressman Herb Bateman $2500,  Sen. John Warner $1500, Fmr VA Senator Paul Trible $1000,  Fmr NY Congressman Rick Lazio $1000, NC Senator Elizabeth Dole $1000,  VA Congresswoman Jo Ann Davis $1000, and the Republican National Committee $1000.  

Dr. Harvey allowed Senator Allen to use Hampton University as a convenient negro backdrop to attack his democratic opponent’s record on Affirmative Action during Macacagate. 

Dr. Harvey and Senator Lambert have conveniently forgotten this embarrassing episode and the lingering questions about Senator Allen’s undercover racial attitudes.  The bastard didn’t come clean about the Macaca incident nor has he been upfront about his cavorting with the Brooks Brothers suited racists in the Council of Conservative Citizens. 

Moreover, the balance of his record on Bush’s federal judicial appointments is one of the most extreme and is quite inimical to the interests of the African American community.  Both Bush appointees John Roberts and Samuel Alito will be in the majority on the supreme court striking down aspects of Affirmative Action.

For these manifestly fraudulent endorsements, these contemptable black sycophants have earned themselves Skeptical Brotha’s  “2006 House Negroes of the Year Award.”