The Last Dog Dies: Obama clinches the nomination


Today is a time for supporters and skeptics alike to savor this seminal moment in American history and take a vacation from cynicism. I don’t have many elegant thoughts or well-turned phrases to bedazzle you with this evening. I have many irons in the fire and none are appropriate or ready for unveiling at this time. Today marks the fulfillment of the 25 year-old dream that I have been patiently waiting and hoping for and I feel numb.

It is much like the feeling I experienced when my grandmother informed Mom and I last week that she would have to put down her beloved dog, Homer. Homer, a pure bred Shar-pei, was her faithful companion of nearly 12 years. Mama cried some bitter tears over his inevitable decline in health and the decision was made to humanely put him down.

In the same vein, the indefatigable Clintons campaigned for America’s imperial throne with an air of white entitlement until all hope was gone and the last dog died. Now that her campaign has been euthanized, and they weep bitter crocodile tears, it is incumbent upon Senator Obama to put a stake through the heart of the Clintons permanent campaign and forever remove the possibility of a political resurrection through the lifeline of the Vice Presidency.

The specter of placing the Queen of triangulation and America’s most resilient corporate vampire on the same ticket with Obama is both repellent and counterproductive. I look forward to the coming days as Obama sets his sights on a running mate and shall continue to savor this moment for all its worth.

Just in case you’re not clear about Hillary’s appeals to racism


This picture crystallizes the essence of the arguments that supporters of Obama, and those Obamanostics, like myself, have been saying for months now.   Does anybody really believe that it is necessary for Hillary to demean herself on Bill O’Reilly and rub shoulders with Richard Mellon Scaife, to communicate with White Democrats and Independents if you’re not consciously trying to send racially coded messages to the white working class.  

What was Hillary’s dig yesterday regarding Jeremiah Wright about if not a blatant attempt to give permission to the White working class to punish Obama for his heretical association with Wright and vote for Hillary or McCain.

Her intention to fatally damage Barack Obama or steal the nomination couldn’t be clearer.   At this point, it no longer matters who ultimately receives the nomination because I am negatively predisposed against them.   Nevertheless, the machinations are still fascinating to watch.