Happy Birthday, Mrs. Obama



Today is the birthday of Barack Obama’s “rock,” Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama.  Mrs. O is 45 today. If you could wish the beautiful, vibrant, dynamic, sophisticated and accomplished First Lady Happy Birthday in person, what would you say to the sistah whose sacrifices gave us the first Black President?


Are y’all going to D.C. Open Thread?



Are y’all going to D.C. ?  I is, a friend of mine got a hook up with tickets to watch the Inaugural parade.   I’ve been busy preparing myself mentally and just chillin’.  I’ve been trying to stay abrest of current events and have been lurking from time to time.   Given the responsibilities I’ve taken on in the new year I’ve been wondering if it would be acceptable to you if I started turning over moderating duties to someone else from time to time?  I have never done this because I am a real control freak with issues.  I’ll be contacting you individually to see if your interested.  I love blogging, but I need a life.  Staying glued to this laptop ain’t attractive to no potential brown sugar plum.  Not at all.  I’m pushing 4o, y’all, and I don’t have no youngins to carry on my name.   It depresses me.