Laura Richardson coronation today


The run-off election to replace the late Juanita Millender McDonald will take place this evening and California State Representative Laura Richardson can take her place as the newest member of the Congressional Black Caucus.   There has been little news to report in the last several days and I’ve been trying to put some finishing touches on a few opinion pieces. 

This past Sunday’s debate was interesting in that it didn’t really make any news.  Obama did quite well and Hillary held her own as usual and tried to stay above the fray.   The state of the Iowa race is still in flux but it now appears that from two of the latest polls that Mrs. Clinton has opened up a lead in both Iowa and South Carolina.   Her South Carolina lead is statistically insignificant over Obama.   If Iowa doesn’t go Hillary’s way, South Carolina will become a significant battle ground.

Tell me what’s on your minds.   Consider this an open thread. 

13 thoughts on “Laura Richardson coronation today

  1. The debate was basically boring, repetitious and George spent most of his time trying to pick fights between the top 3 candidates.

    I miss Jim Lehrer.

  2. Hey SB.

    Steven A. Smith was terrific on Hardball today, against one of those weasel sports columnists from Richmond. It was hilarious to see Smith give him a smackdown on the Vick situation.

    I thought Obama did well at the debate.

    I see the DLC trickery in the recent Novak column on why Obama shouldn’t be the VP nominee and Mark Warner should. …..bite me.

    Went to ‘Camp Obama’ this weekend – interesting experience.

  3. I didn’t add in that I tried to have conversations with every Black person that I could there. I got to half of them.

    There were two young men from Mississippi. They went to college down there, and they were just so ‘ Southern’…LOL Trying to do the right thing, and they just wanted to help Obama.

    Then there was another young Brother from CA who gave a powerful testimony about his life, and he just felt it was something he had to do – come help Obama.

    There was the Texas college student who wanted to go help in Nevada. (Male)

    A young engineer, and another recent college grad, both of whom just wanted to help him. (both men)

    Professional Black guy who was there to find out how to organize his friends.

    There was a Black mother from North Carolina who was there because she wants to help in South Carolina.

    There were two Iraq soldiers’ wives (one from Colorado, the other from North Carolina), who wanted to organize in Nevada and South Carolina.

    Then there was the young girl from Cincinnati who just got on a bus to come because she wanted to help.

    There was an inter-racial group from Oakland, California, and they brought 3 Black women with them from there…they have been really organizing out there.

    I met three other professional Black women from Chicago, who all expressed utter shock at there being so many Black folk there.. 🙂

    One of the women had been to a session for just volunteers, and she was like, ‘ I was the ONLY one that day’. But, we were pleased that there was a nice group of folk there for Camp Obama.

  4. Man, I should be in bed…LOL

    But, SB, you should. I LOVED the pictures in Essence…no matter the lowering of quality in content, they STILL know how to make a Black woman look absolutely beautiful, no matter who she is…Essence knows how to bring out her personal beauty.

    And, I’ve come to the conclusion that I DO like the picture of her in Vogue…simple, elegant, and powerful.

  5. Denise


    I’m curious about the diversity of the campaign reps. You know me, I got a THING about that 😆

  6. Rikyrah:

    I’m curious about the diversity of the campaign reps. You know me, I got a THING about that


    The woman over Camp Obama, and pretty much all volunteers is a Sista.

    The 12 year old from Students for Obama ( I need to stop picking on him, but damn he was young – but, he knew his stuff) – White guy.

    The Two Policy People – One White Guy, One Black Guy (Both mid-20’s)

    The Communications Guy – Black Guy

    Illinois Director – White Guy in 30’s

    The two people dealing with Iowa volunteers, you know, getting them to Iowa – One Black girl in 20’s, One White girl in 20’s.

    There you go..LOL

    The 4 Interns dealing specifically with Camp Obama were 3 Black and 1 White, 2 male and 2 female.

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