Jeremiah Wright: the clips you will never see


Deliberately misled by the corporate media, people have fallen for the “mash-up” of video clips of several sermons of Rev. Dr. Jeremiah Wright which attempt to defame, deceive and misinform people about the life, ministry, and character of Barack Obama’s pastor and by extension Obama himself.

This is nothing more than a propaganda trick and transparent hatchet job and one, which some ignorant Negroes and many Whites have fallen for. I resent the criticism engendered and the disavowal that political expedience required of Barack Obama. In an effort to inform, I offer you a fuller depiction of the sermons in question by Dr. Wright and leave it to you to judge for yourself.

If you are so inclined, share these sermons with some brain dead Negro content to sit like a child in front of the idiot box and perhaps the scales will fall from their eyes when they realize the truth.  If they don’t realize that these attacks are attacks against the prophetic black church and those who believe in God’s truth, then they are truly lost.

The Christmas Message

“God Damn America”

“America’s chickens are coming home to roost”


Fox News Obama propaganda backfires


Brian Kilmeade became frustrated in his admirable and futile attempts to break through the propaganda talking points on Fox and Friends because he’s delusional enough to believe that he works for a real news organization. Bless his Heart.

After a week of round the clock racist programming against Barack Obama, surely he understands that he works for a fascist propaganda channel whose agenda and purpose for being is to be anything but “fair and balanced.”

Storming off the set in protest shattered the chipper façade of insidiously racist chatter and revealed Fox’s malevolent agenda for what it is. Steve Doocy and Gretchen Carlson tried to play the shit off but Brian left the malevolent clown and his Stepford wife sidekick looking defensive and crazy. For that, Brian Kilmeade is to be commended.

We don’t often see dissention in the ranks at Fixed News and so it came as a pleasant surprise. Chris Wallace’s comment, “I have been watching the show since 6 o’clock this morning when I got up, and it seems to me that two hours of Obama bashing on this “typical white person” remark is somewhat excessive, and frankly, I think you’re somewhat distorting what Obama had to say,” was just the icing on the cake.

The idea that Steve and Gretchen give a damn about Mrs. Dunham, Obama’s grandmother, is patently ridiculous. As they say later in the program, they really just work off of “talking points” probably issued from the bowels of Hell, the purpose of which is to poison as many minds as possible against anything and anybody progressive.

As they maliciously continue pushing the Barack disses his white grandma meme and quote Obama calling his grandmother “a typical white person,” out of context, hopefully they’ll also play a clip of Brian Kilmeade storming off the set. Juxtaposing the quote and the protest is the only way in my mind that these bastards can ever claim to be “fair and balanced.”


Is Vice President Ford Billary’s out


Washington Post columnist Colbert I. King raised the specter of a Harold Ford, Jr Vice Presidency yesterday.

I blew chunks and messed up some good shoes.

I have feared this for some time and my nightmare scenario is confirmed by a serious black columnist speculating openly about this possibility.

Upon further reflection, however, there is a certain logic to his elevation to the meaninglessness of the Vice Presidency in Billary’s triumvirate of neo-liberal tyranny because his career demonstrates the willingness to be nothing more than an empty vessel and high-yellow corporate whore willing to prostitute himself for the white power structure.

How else can one explain his slavish support for the Iraq War and the elimination of the Estate Tax for huge estates in excess of $10 million dollars while representing the urban poverty and decay of black Memphis in the U.S. House of Representatives. It gives new meaning to the plantation epithet of House Nigra.

Now a Vice President for Merrill Lynch, the Whore represents an investment banking firm and corporate parasite responsible for Enron and ImClone, two companies whose implosions were the result of the de-regulation of the financial services industry advocated by Merrill Lynch.

It should come as no surprise that Merrill Lynch has been a generous contributor to Senator Clinton’s presidential campaign. Her twelfth largest contributor, its employees and executives have given a munificent $165,000 to Billary’s royal restoration bid and the securities and investment industry has given her more than $5.8 million. To ensure compliance with their nefarious neo-liberal economic agenda, they’ve also broken off $5.3 million to Barack Obama.

Merrill Lynch has invested a pretty penny in the Fox News Democrat and they intend to recoup their investment. Perhaps they can surreptitiously suggest that Billary make Harold Vice President if she wins the nomination to guarantee the furtherance of their dictates on financial policy and deflect the racial animus of blackfolks sure to be generated by her defeat of Obama.

Barack Obama, a proxy for racial equality



Barack Obama is a proxy for some people for the conversation about race that they have no courage or inclination to have.  At best, he is a denatured Negro and political centrist acceptably black and mainstream to the white power structure chiefly because of his moderate Senate record and because he refused to discuss the incendiary, racial polarization games of Bill Clinton. After sweeping 13 states from coast to coast and running up 7,369,798 votes, 41% of white voters, and 48% of white males, some pundits, like Juan Williams, are still calling Obama, “the black candidate,” a charge I find both ludicrous and offensive.  

What’s the matter Juan, Fox News looking to replace you with a more rabid right wing Uncle Tom?  Wasn’t your recent softball interview with Dubya enough to prove your fealty to the dark side? Somebody else got their eyes on your prized perch of televised Negro servitude?   

All last year, I mined the depths of my ambivalence for Barack Obama, and exposed and explored his politically expedient positioning for this White House bid.  I was brutally honest and as fair as I knew how to be.  The crux of my criticisms, in a nutshell, was his departures from the consensus of black opinion regarding slave reparations, voting to confirm Condoleezza Rice, and voting for tort reform and free trade-which seems like slavery to those ensnared by it.   He is most certainly not “the Black Candidate” and Black voters, not known for reading the fine print, know little about that record.

Instead, Black voters support Barack Obama because of the extraordinary marketing campaign being run by his team and the compelling power of surrogates like his wife Michelle and Oprah Winfrey.   It also didn’t hurt that Clinton surrogates tried to smear Obama with a criminal label and the epithet of “Black Candidate” like Bill Clinton and so many others have tried to do. The brotha makes us proud and lets us hold our heads up high for a change.  

Truthfully, this is as good as it gets.  We won’t have a chance like this again for some time-if ever, we know that, and we’ve fallen in line.  The power structure has allowed this brotha to compete as long as he is clear on a few ground rules:  no material changes will be made to the racist global economic order, Africa will not be liberated from its economic dependence on the World Bank and the IMF, and incremental changes in domestic economic institutions like the health care system will be permitted within certain limits.  

Race and the deleterious effects of institutionalized racism are not on the white power structure’s agenda of sanctioned items for the next President because his very election will be misinterpreted to mean that this nation has moved past race.  It will be up to us to put it on the agenda where it belongs until it is properly dealt with.  We’ve got to be realistic as a community.  A candidate who risks political suicide by having a truthful discussion about race will never be the progressive champion we envision without pressure.

While not hostile to black interests per se, Obama will probably be less than helpful in implementing a “black agenda,” as defined by the esteemed Black Agenda Report.  A President Obama will need to be treated like any other president and held to a high standard by the black community.  

Most of us are hopeful that the example of a black man as President will change things and change people in positive ways.    I am sure that it will but I am less sure that the positive change will be lasting or that he will be able to implement a transformative agenda.   Tom Bradley was Mayor of Los Angeles for twenty years, a mentor to good brothas like Tavis Smiley, and still gangs and drugs are prevalent in our community.  

Ten years ago, Gary Orfield, a professor of Education at UCLA, speaking on a panel with Michael Eric Dyson in Dyson’s Book “Debating Race,” said, “There are tremendous inequities in our society today, [measured] by race and by poverty.  They’re growing. We have the most unequal distribution of income and opportunity of any major democracy.  In the mid 1960’s and 70’s we developed a set of policies to try to make that work better.  We’re now dismantling them on a very large scale under the leadership of a Supreme Court that was constructed by Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush.”   

“We do not have an alternate plan.  We think it will just work out automatically, and it won’t.  And we have to face up to that.   We have not cured the problems of our history.  We have not achieved equality for even one day, in terms of outcomes in this society.  We can’t deny that, and we have to try to resolve it.  And we have to resolve it, those of us who are white, before we become the minority, and minority rights become not just a theory but something we have to worry about also.”   

Nothing has changed under this President Bush.  His malevolent agenda has made things even worse than those that came before. This week, speaking to my Grandma, I reminded her to caucus this weekend for Barack Obama.  During the course of the conversation, Mama told me that she went to a mall in my Midwestern hometown to have her blood pressure checked.  An older white man from the Carolinas checked her pressure and then broke down crying asking Mama for her forgiveness for all whites had done to our people.  

I was speechless.   

While confession is good for the soul, I don’t know how good that confession really was for Mama.  She had the conversation about race that I wish we all could have but it lacked any discussion of remuneration. I would have preferred that she’d been paid what she was worth as a nurse for 37 years at a Veterans Administration hospital.  

Mama never did make the top pay grade after all that time, a fact I found out when I worked as a nursing assistant at her hospital during college. She would be getting more in retirement now if she had and could rest a little easier. Rhetoric about hope aside, which we desperately need, we still need to get down to brass tacks about the inequity in this society.    

Progressives are being drowned out by opportunistic handkerchief heads like Juan Williams who know damn better. They undermine the consensus of opinion in the black community and make it difficult for savvy and pragmatic politicians like Barack Obama to advance by pushing a progressive agenda.  I have been clear that I don’t like the accommodations Obama made to get to this point, but I realize that his candidacy would be impossible without them.   

The tragedy of our system is that corporate accommodation is mandatory for political advancement and I remain hopeful that the inspiration Obama provides to young brothas and sistahs will mitigate the damage our plutocracy inflicts on their dreams and aspirations for the future.

I categorically oppose the CBC/Fox Noise Democratic Presidential Debate



A letter is making its way across the black blogosphere denouncing the Congressional Black Caucus/ Fox News Democratic Presidential Debate.  I don’t think I have to recap the many sins of Fox Noise against the black community.   I signed the letter without hesitation and commend the three leading candidates:  Senators Edwards, Obama, and Clinton for their refusal to appear.

Dear [candidate],

Your decision last month not to attend the debate sponsored by Fox News and the Congressional Black Caucus institute demonstrated truly principled leadership.

Now, a group of CBC members, led by Congressman Bennie Thompson (D-MS) and Congresswoman Carolyn Kilpatrick(D-MI), is asking you to reverse that decision.  But the truth about Fox and its partnership with the CBC institute has not changed.  A Fox-CBCI partnership will use the brand of the CBC—perhaps the most prominent and powerful Black political institution in America—to lend legitimacy to a propaganda network that regularly denigrates black people, black culture and black institutions.  This partnership is bad for Black America, and it is a huge mistake.

Since before the debate partnership was announced publicly, Black bloggers, community newspapers, columnists, and radio hosts have expressed outrage that such a partnership would even be considered.  Over 16,000 members of reached out to individual CBC members and the CBC institute in hopes that they would be responsive and accountable to the community they purport to represent.  But the leadership of the CBC institute has continued to willfully ignore the voices of Black Americans, and amazingly, also dismissed voices of dissent from within the CBC itself (nearly a quarter of CBC members have expressed opposition to the debate, either publicly or privately).  Now, more than ever, it’s obvious that the CBC’s leadership is painfully out of step with Black America.

It has been suggested that by skipping this debate, you are missing a valuable opportunity to speak on issues of concern to Black Americans.  However, the CBC institute debate broadcast by CNN as well as Tavis Smiley’s debates on PBS provide similar opportunities to address these issues without sending the message that you are willing to validate a network that is consistently hostile to Black Americans and Black political interests.

You did the right thing by rejecting Fox.  We applaud your leadership and will continue to support your decision.

Skeptical Brotha

Bill O’Racist has a bug up his arse


Faux News fascist Bill O’Racist has a bug up his arse for “Illegal Immigrants.” This segment is a graphic depiction of the blind and undisguised hatred that underlies the anti-immigration debate.  It is a noxious mix of xenophobia and racism and Geraldo Rivera deftly pushes back with reason.  However, you can see the inner conflict on his face.  At best, Geraldo Rivera is a smooth talking, self-absorbed, shameless self-promoter whose politics lean center-right.  


It pains him to correct Bill O’Racist but Geraldo had no choice when Bill cracked on air spewing spittle and hatred his direction.  O’Racist’s crack up was reminiscent of one of my favorite cinematic characters played by Michael Douglas-“D-FENS.”The put upon D-FENS, an unemployed defense worker, cracks up in LA during a traffic jam and becomes a psycho vigilante attacking colored folks.  Everyone who works at Faux News seems to be channeling this character at some point during the day. To be perfectly honest, I would be too if they paid me what they paid O’Racist.

The Whore loves oral gratification


Skeptical Brotha’s favorite Fox News corporate whore, Harold Ford, Jr has been turning tricks again for his corporate benefactors.  This time he has decided to pleasure them the best way he knows how-orally.  Oral gratification is the Whore’s specialty and the nasty bastard was in rare form as he addressed the Democratic Leadership Council last week.   If there was any question about his self-serving agenda and his transparently obvious aspirations for the Senate, he removed all doubt.   His address was an orgy of self-congratulation and vacuous rhetoric calculated to positon him and the organization he leads at the corrupt nexus of power.  His paen of praise for former President Bill Clinton was downright sappy and starstruck.   Monica-let-me-lift-up-my-dress-and-show-the-president-my-panties-Lewinsky couldn’t have done it any better. 

White Senate, a Trent Lott Christmas Carol



sung to the tune of White Christmas


I’m dreaming of a white Senate
Just like the ones I used to know 
Where the racism glistens, 
and the country listens,
Brainwashed by Fox News and Tony Snow 

I’m dreaming of a white Senate 
With every wingnut bill I write 
I’m for God, against Gays, and not really that bright 
And may all your ballots be cast for a white 

I’m dreaming of a white Senate 
With every wingnut bill I write 
I’m for God, against Gays, and not really that bright 
And may all your ballots be cast for a white 

George Allen’s open letter to Michael Richards


Senator George Felix Allen, Jr.

George Allen

Open Letter to Michael Richards

You’re doing well so far, even though you’ve apologized, an act that I personally would have advised against, if you’d asked me.  Apologizing, in my experience, only seems to underscore what a desperate, disingenuous bastard you really are.  What you need, and what’s worked for me, is to enlist the help of prominent, colored apologists, of the right-wing variety.  Yes, yes I do have names as a matter of fact.  Virginia State Senator Bennie Lambert was a lifesaver as video evidence of my unapologetic racism came to the surface. He endorsed me right after and brazenly sold out the black community for a worthless promise of more money for Black Colleges.  It was like me getting the Louisiana purchase in exchange for some blankets deliberately infected with smallpox, how could I refuse? If he believed my obvious lies, then he’ll have no problem defending your sorry behind.

Have you hugged a colored child today? It will do no good if nobody can see you do it.  Go to your nearest dilapidated, under-funded, gang-infested, inner-city school and invite the press.  Use the children as cheap colored props in your public relations campaign of deception.  Tell the assembled press corps how much you “care about literacy” and read the children “My Pet Goat,” just like Dubya does.  It works like a charm every time, even though, like Kanye says, “Bush don’t care about Black People.” I suspect that you and I share that same trait with the Presnit.

Lastly, don’t forget to attack the people appalled by your obvious racism as racists themselves.  That is a common conservative dodge that has worked well for us throughout the years.  It is always good to mix it up a little and give as good as you get.  Don’t forget to have your trusty colored apologists to join in the attack so that you’re politically inoculated.

Sincerely Racist,

George Felix Allen, Jr.

P.S. Don’t despair; there are second acts in Hollywood and Politics, just look at Mel Gibson and Trent Lott.  Anyway, it’s almost Thanksgiving and time for Fox News to launch a fusillade about the fake “War on Christmas.”  That will be just in time for people to forget about your racism.

fascist Glenn Beck assaults black muslim congressman


Once upon a time, CNN was an objective journalistic organization with a balance of perspectives and an abundance of talent.  What it has become, after a decade of propaganda from FOX News Channel, is a pathetic imitation of its rival with less than A list talent. It’s breathless, demagogic cheerleading for the Iraq War was a true benchmark of depravity in its epic slide from journalism into sycophancy.  It’s toothless interrogation of Bush Administration officials after the lies of expediency were revealed was another sign of their slide to the darkside of the force.  Finally, their hiring of high school educated Glenn Beck to supplement Headline News, is a signal of their alliance with the minions of evil.

Glenn Beck’s questioning of Congressman-elect Keith Ellison, was a trifecta of ignorance that managed to impugn the brotha’s patriotism, castigate his religion, and insult his race. This is a feat rarely seen on any other network besides Fox News.  It is a singular achievement that deserves to be denounced in the strongest possible terms.

FOX NEWS propaganda eruption against Hugo Chavez


Gretchen Carlson

Today, I saw the most outrageously biased, demagogic and jingoistic newscast I’ve seen to date on the seemingly state sponsored news network for the Republican Junta in charge of the country.

Their target: Hugo Chavez at a Harlem event to give away free heating oil vouchers to needy New Yorkers.

Major Garrett, Gretchen Carlson, and Rick Leventhal were in rare form today.  Major and Gretchen were almost frothing at the mouth with seething pronouncements like, “what will he say?” and “what rhetoric will he spew”

They harped on Chavez’s pronouncement of Dubya as the devil again and again and called his remarks toward the ignorant patrician”blasphemous.”

Both Garret and Gretchen called into question American support for the U.N. over and over.  Gretchen, the former beauty queen turned ignorant anchor, interviewed South Dakota Senator John Thune, another blow-dried idiot and asked, “We’ve listened to the dictator ream the U.S., is it(supporting the U.N.) worth it?”

They compared Chavez to Iranian President Ahmadinejad, a Holocaust denier, in an over-the-top attempt to smear Chavez with the taint of Anti-Semitism. They even tried and convicted Chavez in their kangaroo court as someone guilty of “spewing more hate” than Ahmadinejad.

Flashing ominously on the bottom of the screen were ludicrous captions like, “How Dare Hugo Chavez Blast the United States”, or, “Hugo’s Cheap Oil: A Cheap trick on the U.S. !”  and “Should We Stop Buying Chavez’ Citgo Gas?”

They’ve outdone themselves today with this broadcast.  It was a true masterpiece of unconscionable Kafkaesque propaganda that should be studied for years to come.