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This week millions of Americans traveled home to celebrate Thanksgiving- a mythological holiday, which propagandizes America’s European colonizers taking a break from genocide to break bread with their savage Native American enemies.  We’ve set aside this holiday to give thanks for racism, manifest destiny, white supremacy and the gross military, economic and political inequality which is responsible for this land of plenty.

As I write this, I’m eating on mama’s succulent roasted turkey, sweet potato pudding with marshmallows and raisins, green bean casserole, cornbread and herb stuffing, and her famous corn casserole.  I’ll finish it off with a piece of pumpkin cake with caramel frosting.  Mama threw down in a twelve-hour cooking marathon which all but guarantees that everything I own will be fitting tight next week, if it fits at all.

As I gorge on mama’s cooking, I am reminded of our singular brand of American gluttony and the insatiable thirst for power and natural resources, which has turned our planet into an even nastier cauldron of poverty, disease, and war.  I am deeply saddened by our nation’s shameful past and its blissfully ignorant present. 

I take comfort in my family and friends during this time and for the outlet of this blog.   For thirty-six years, God has blessed me to be surrounded by my closest loved ones and I cherish them each and every day.  I am especially thankful to God for a mother who has always been such a warm, loving and supportive presence in my life.

Saturday brought sad news that Congresswoman Julia Carson has terminal lung cancer.   Born to a teenage mother, she rose from humble circumstances to serve the people of Indiana in both houses of the state legislature and for the last 11 years in the halls of congress.   A true progressive, she has represented all of her constituents with compassion, fairness, and love.  We humbly ask the Lord’s blessing during this difficult time.  


4 thoughts on “On Thanksgiving

  1. Well, I will say some prayers for Rep. Carson. I asked a few weeks ago if someone knew what was up with her health. Cancer sucks; plain and simple. My prayers are with her family.

    While Thanksgiving is the farce that it is, for me it’s about family and food and being left alone after you’ve cooked for everyone else, and let me do whatever I want to do.

  2. Skeptical:

    [quote]We’ve set aside this holiday to give thanks for racism, manifest destiny, white supremacy and the gross military, economic and political inequality which is responsible for this land of plenty.[/quote]

    I can’t help but notice that despite all of the deeds done by the Europeans to the Native Americans – you no doubt have a document that resides in the county court house (or the landlords leasing office) that gives you the right to reside at the plot of land that USED to be theirs. The Native American of today is safe as long as he doesn’t come to YOUR DOOR and dare to suggest that the land that you now occupy is a part of his sacred grounds and demand that he receive possession of it at YOUR loss. No doubt an “Indian Beat Down” would take place at your hands if indeed a Native American were to have you to live in line with your rhetoric.

  3. Rikyrah, I think I mentioned here that Carson will sick and had had a number of health ailments for the past few years. I just hope her successor will not be a House Negro happy to hook up with the CBC.

    As for Thanksgiving, SB, I have to beg your mama for her recipe for pumpkin cake with caramel sauce (I just received the “Firm” workout kit in the mail), LOL. I had a pumpkin bread pudding at dinner this year with the caramel sauce and whipped cream (good God, it was the bomb)and my family threw down with the monkey bread, roast turkey and fried turkey, sweet potato pudding, roast lamb with wild rice dressing, filet mignon, seven kinds of salad, five types of cheese, and eight desserts, including a chocolate tort designed to put the worst chocaholic into terminal arrest.

    What can I say? My co-worker and her hubby are seriously into the “gourmet” thing…

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