Chris Christie: an imminent threat in 2016


Cory Booker, Chris Christie

I’ve got a confession to make: I’ve got a bug up my ass about Chris Christie.  He scares me in a way that no Republican does.  It occurs to me that as Mitt Romney sinks into the quicksand of evasive, duplicitous bullshit of his own making, Chris Christie would be having a much better go of it this year against President Obama.  Although I’m loathe to writing the following words, I must acknowledge that Ann Coulter, the High Priestess of Hate, was right when she said, “If you don’t run Chris Christie, Romney will be the nominee and we’ll lose.” And lose they will this year. Hallelujah! Thank you, Jesus!

The governor of New Jersey isn’t a wooden establishment patrician that lacks a common touch. He is a relatable everyman that has a broad appeal, which keeps me up at night.  If he’s smart, he’ll use Ann Coulter as a battering ram and bridge to the fringe crazies she’s made a fortune from as a best-selling author.  Her support alone makes him viable and his recent cozying up to a racist assclown like Steve King indicates he’s quite serious about exploring a run in 2016. I miss the good ole days when “imminent threats” were dealt with by preemptive war.  Chris Christie is an imminent threat to Democratic designs on the White House in 2016 and we need to declare war on his ambitions. Now!

That’s where Cory Booker comes in.  The only way to head off Chris Christie in 2016 is to defeat him in 2013. I’m not one of those who believe Christie won’t run for re-election. He loves the power too much and New Jersey has one of the most powerful governorships in the nation. There’s no better way to position oneself on the right than to vanquish an ambitious Negro for power.   If he’s smart, Christie will assemble some of the best GOP talent in 2013 and their job will be to amass a huge war chest and a landslide victory in preparation for 2016. I remain unconvinced that Christie is beatable in 2013, but I know full well that Cory Booker is the only contender that could pull off that heavy lift.

Booker, if he’s also smart, will assemble the best talent the Democratic Party has to offer and will turn 2013 into a marquee race and opening skirmish for 2016.  All he has to do is sell his party on the necessity of defeating Christie and eliminating him as a future threat. He should be able to do that by sweet talking some heavyweight Obama bundlers into helping him out. Get your popcorn, people. This race is gonna be the fun one to watch.

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  1. I’d actually quibble on one point. It isn’t just Booker’s job to turn taking down Christie in 2013 into a marquee race and opening skirmish for 2016 … it’s the professional left’s job, it’s the job of netroots, it’s the job of the activist left writ large. After all, taking too long of a nap post 2008 gave us Christie in the first place and getting distracted by shiny objects (cough: Christine O’Donnell) during 2010 while Rove and Co were doing the opposite and by trying to kill Jack Conway’s and Kamala Harris’ political prospects in their cribs left us in a situation where Booker could drop Christie and we’d still have Rubio and Haley to deal with. Without collectively jumping up and down on the scale, I don’t like the looks of 2016 chances.

  2. Ultimately, keeping the Oval Office in decent hands in 2016 depends on the performance of President Obama. I believe he’ll rise to the challenge, but as 2000 taught us, Democrats don’t always get the credit they deserve. Christie is the kind of smarmy mothafucka that will appeal to a lot of weak Democrats and wishy washy Independents that claim disappointment in whatever Obama accomplishes in a second term. He’s the chief threat in 2016 and must be eliminated or weakened by any means necessary.

    • Don’t get me wrong. Agree that Christie posses the most substantial general election and threat in 2016 and that he therefor needs to be stopped in 2013

      My issue was only with your framing of the effort necessary to defeat him in 2013. You see, I think progressives in general are too fond he/she/they need to frames and dangerously hesitant to embrace “we need to” frames (Ezra Klein for instance bristled at even the suggestion of “we” framing last week). Now that wouldn’t wouldn’t be a problem if the right felt the same way, but they don’t. They’re going to go all in as a movement to get both Chris Christie and VA’s Ken Cuccinelli elected in 2013 and to protect Haley, Mead, Martinez and Sandoval in 2014. It’s simply my feeling that we (the left, progressives, etc) need put just as much collective effort into defeating them. Doing so is simply too important to leave to Cory Booker or even President Obama as individuals.

    • TripLBee

      No. Jeb Bush is the biggest threat in 2016. America’s collective memory is short and they’ll forget about his brother. But Jeb is married to a Latina. His children are brown and bilingual. And no Republican can win the White House without substantial Latino support. He is the only one who has a shot.

    • Don’t feel bad to be in agreement. Agreement is a good thing. If u wanna disagree, write up a post about Masto vs. Sandoval. That won’t end well for progressives because like Martinez, Sandoval isn’t vulnerable.

      • You aren’t wrong. But the thing is, none of them are vulnerable. Even Booker vs Christie is 50/50 at best. And even though I suspect our big 2014 bench building opportunities are going to be in CA and (fingers crossed) TX, I think more progressives should know Masto’s name and being paying attention to knocking of guys like Sandoval. I mean, it’s not like we can do much about Rubio other than wait.

  3. TripLBee

    2012 is the last Presidential election for the foreseeable future that the GOP has any shot of winning. And as it stands they are going to lose to a black guy with a Muslim name who has presided over the worst economy in 80 years. That’s how bad it’s become for the GOP. By 2016 the demographic tide of brown folks will rise so high that no Republican will have no chance of winning the White House.

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