Obama receives over 44,000 donations since April 1


The Obama campaign sent out the following e-mail:

Dear Brotha,

stand up and be countedSomething remarkable is happening to our campaign right now, and I wanted to share with you the terrific news.

You’ve already heard that after everything was counted and double-checked, we reported to the Federal Election Committee that an astonishing 104,000 donors gave over 25 million dollars to the campaign through March 31st.

What’s happened to the campaign since then has been even more remarkable.

In April alone, over 37,000 people have donated to the cause — almost 90% of them for the first time.

On the eve of the first candidate debate this Thursday night, the keepers of the Washington status quo are nervous. Those invested in keeping things as they are have a hard time grasping that a movement made up of people who want a new kind of politics can actually change things.

Now’s the time for every person who supports Barack Obama to make one thing perfectly clear: we’re here, we’re serious about change, and we’re going to be heard. When people come together one by one, astounding things can happen. This is just the beginning — we can continue to grow this movement, but it’s up to you.

I want to thank you for being part of the amazing showing in the first quarter. But I also want you know that the pundits are betting that people like you won’t continue to be a force for change.

Everyone is watching today — will you show that we will only grow stronger by making a donation now?


We’ve seen what happens when the will of the people is swept aside.

Corruption and incompetence paralyze our government, America’s ability to lead the world is diminished, and the fundamental fairness of our society diminishes to benefit the privileged few.

We need a movement of ordinary people to elect our next president because, for so many of us, what our president does is personal.

Here’s an example of what I mean. On Monday, Barack laid out a foreign policy vision that captured why rebuilding America’s moral leadership in the world is personal for him.

That day we asked for the same from you; what we heard back were thousands of powerful, incredibly personal reasons why we need a new era in America’s foreign policy.

We’ve heard from retired soldiers and diplomats about the decades of work undone by this president’s recklessness and failures. We’ve heard from family members of servicemembers in Iraq who want their loved ones out of harm’s way. We’ve heard from ordinary Americans from every region and every walk of life who want to once again feel the pride of knowing that our president is truly the leader of the free world.

That’s why we need a movement behind our next president. Only by electing a president accountable to no one but the people will we restore America’s global moral leadership.

Some people don’t believe it can be done. But you can show them the way by making your donation and demonstrating that this campaign is a movement of people willing to step up and take personal responsibility for change:


So far in April, over 20,000 people have donated to the campaign over the Internet — and for more than 18,000 of them, this was their first donation to the campaign.

It’s not just happening online. Our movement continues to grow everywhere: on April 14th over 20,000 people rallied with Barack in Atlanta, Georgia, the largest political rally in that city’s history.

People like you are proving that no matter what any pundit says, this campaign isn’t about what happened already — it’s about what’s going to happen.

More people are going to be involved than ever before.

People like you will have more power over the process than ever before.

And, if we succeed, we’re going to elect a president who answers to the American people for a change.

Thank you.


21 thoughts on “Obama receives over 44,000 donations since April 1

  1. rikyrah

    Count Mama and Myself among those donations. Every little bit helps…LOL

    Especially when you’re trying to keep up with The Borg Queen. 😉

  2. yogo

    He’s already won the fundraising race hasn’t he? Seems like everyone’s got a poll and they all say different things. I don’t see Hillary’s nomination as inevitable; Obama’s got people jumping ship to work for him. He’s looking good right now.

  3. rikyrah

    He’s already won the fundraising race hasn’t he? Seems like everyone’s got a poll and they all say different things. I don’t see Hillary’s nomination as inevitable; Obama’s got people jumping ship to work for him. He’s looking good right now.

    I wouldn’t say he’s won the fundraising race. I say it keeps him in the game and gives him a chance to compete.

    I’d also tell anyone who gave money to Obama to give money to Edwards, because
    1. I like his stances.
    2. I want him to stay in this as long as Elizabeth’s health will allow
    3. I think a 3 person race helps Obama.

  4. Rick

    Washington post site had some interesting thoughts about what to expect from tonight’s debate:

    will folks gang up on HRC because she’s the front runner? or is Obama the biggest target because he has the most momentum?

    my prediction: Edwards will come out looking the best this evening. Why? 2004 debate experiences; raw debating skills (former trial lawyer); and at least for this evening, he won’t have to absorb 7 other candidates’ hardest blows trying to take him out! (unlike what Obama and HRC are up against tonight).

  5. yogo

    I think the other candidates have to knock HRC down and they’ve been doing this so far. Then the next target is Obama.

  6. dblhelix

    I agree with yogo. First her, then Obama.

    It is interesting, because some pols in my state have been quietly saying that they are worried that the current circumstances are just a set up for the eventual white male. We are a looooong way from the nomination.

    I also agree w/ Rikyrah #3 — Edwards is currently drawing from the more conservative whites.

    Also agree w/ Rick — I think Edwards will weave the local environment into his Two Americas theme w/ some success — I think people are tired of ‘fundraising’ being topic #1, and if Clinton/Obama act a bit too cautious, Edwards might come across as some balance providing some relief at this time.

    Too much agreement today! Need some controversy.

  7. rikyrah

    I am a political junkie. I’m already tuned into MSNBC. I love that they’re having the debate at a HBCU, and they added their flavor to it…LOL

  8. Rick

    TONIGHT’S DA NIGHT (excerpt)
    Whut? Thee Album, 1992, Redman

    Redman: Mic check…I can get smooth to any groove; relax the tounge, let my mic take a cruise around the planet…pack ’em in like Janet Jackson…she’s askin’ if I can slam it.

    *** Red gets interrupted ***

    SISTA: Yo Yo Redman, man, WTF man??…get the f__k off that punk smooth *ish man…Get with that rough *ish man…You know how we do.

    *** RED continues ***

    Redman:Mic check…I walk around the street with a black tech 9 by the waist line, kickin the hype *ish …(song continues)

    Obama did “ok”, in my opinion. He has a tendency to be a bit abstract at times and would benefit by relating to his audience in more concrete terms (i.e. more specifics; more “meat”). For example, a better response would have been: “Yes, if we are attacked in two places, we will find them and hunt them down.” I think Hillary did best in this regard (or at least on that question. Clear, decisive. Unwavering. I saw Hillary in that regard as a potential Commander in Chief. Come on Obama, show us what you got! Get off that punk smooth *ish! Get with that rough *ish…Hillary is bringing it.

  9. Rick

    dblhelix: in general, so was I (although Hillary did just a lil better than I expected). can’t put my finger on it, but something seemed like it was “missing”.

  10. I have to admit that I didn’t know where Rick was going in his comment. But after the lyrics, I got it.

    I absolutely agree with Rick about Obama being to abstract and soft. He needed to bring the pain. He was way too calculated for me. I wanted him to talk with specifics.

    Tonight, I was more convinced that Obama is not as confident as I would like him to be. I need him to step it up and answer those questions with confidence, specifics, and conviction.

    HC actually did a good job. I was slightly impressed. But I’m still on Obama’s team.

    Hopefully, the brother will ramp up his game and speak with some heart. If he doesn’t toghen up and answer his questions with conviction, he might as well hand the ticket to HC.

    Edwards seemed a little distracted and emotional. I pray the best for him and his wife.

    Now that JM is in the race for the republican ticket, who do you guys think will be the front runner on that side?

  11. Rick

    thanks for the benefit of the doubt, Angie! 🙂

    (I agree with you 100% on your other points. haven’t followed the gop too much lately. just hoping rudy doesn’t win!)

  12. rikyrah

    Now that JM is in the race for the republican ticket, who do you guys think will be the front runner on that side?

    We have to wait to see if Fred Thompson gets into the race. If he does…all bets are off.

  13. rikyrah


    I had to read it several times.
    I GET IT.


    Yeah, I’m tired and slow right now.

    I’m feeling you.

    And, I understand you and Angie completely.

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