Juanita Bynum speaks out


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She aired her dirty laundry on a national stage, first as a victim of divorce and dead-end affairs and now as a victim of domestic violence.

National Pentecostal evangelist Juanita Bynum, 48, went public with her pain Tuesday, sharing yet another chapter in her tumultuous life story.

The tough-talking pastor, who has survived a divorce, a nervous breakdown and life on welfare, broke her silence two weeks after her second husband, Bishop Thomas W. Weeks III, allegedly beat, stomped and choked her in a hotel parking lot.

In a room with flashing cameras, Bynum said she has forgiven Weeks for the alleged attack and that her ministry will take a new twist because of the pain she has suffered.

“Today, domestic violence has a face and a name and it is Juanita Bynum,” said the pastor.

Weeks, 40, is facing charges of felony aggravated assault, felony terroristic threats and two misdemeanor counts of simple battery in connection with the Aug. 21 incident. The charges against him carry a maximum possible sentence of 27 years.

The bishop, who moved to metro Atlanta in 2006 to launch Global Destiny Church with Bynum, told his congregation that the devil made him attack his wife. Weeks was released on $40,000 bail from Fulton County Jail on the day he turned himself in to police. He is due in Fulton Superior Court on Friday.

Bynum said she was speaking about the incident Tuesday because she didn’t want her fans or colleagues to view her as a “damsel in distress.”

She said she intends to keep all her obligations to her ministry, including serving as host of an international talk show airing on Trinity Broadcasting Network.

A few hours after her 10-minute news conference Tuesday, Bynum was expected to appear as a special guest on TBN’s “Praise The Lord” program, a Christian talk show featuring ministers, gospel artists and other newsmakers. Fans learned of her appearance on Bynum’s Web site and began showing up at TBN studios in Decatur about noon to get a seat.

Bynum initially had planned her news conference at TBN but changed the location to the InterContinental Hotel in Buckhead. She stood poised with her hands clasped in front of her, wearing baggy jeans and a pink Daytona Beach sweatshirt. A diamond wedding band sparkled —- from her right hand.

Bynum would not speak about the future of her marriage to Weeks. The couple wed in an elaborate ceremony in 2002. They had been separated for several months before the alleged attack.

“This is such a difficult moment for me,” Bynum said. “First, I want to go on record and say I forgive my husband and I wish him all of the best.”

The pastor said while some of her supporters have kept quiet about the incident, she does not intend to move on with her ministry as if the attack never happened.

“Relationships are what they are, [they] have their difficult moments,” she said. “… This has changed my life forever.”

Born in Chicago, Bynum was reared in the charismatic Church of God in Christ, a denomination that has a history of female evangelists. She married in her early 20s but within a few years divorced. After years of moving from being a beautician to a Pan Am flight attendant to joblessness and food stamps, she came into the Pentecostal ministry.

She gained popularity nationwide more than a decade ago for her messages of female empowerment and for her popular “No More Sheets” sermon on breaking free of sexual promiscuity.

Bynum said that after the alleged attack she was holed up with family feeling “weak and helpless.”

But Tuesday she said she won’t keep quiet on the issue of domestic violence.

“This isn’t a religious issue, it’s a social issue,” she said.

Bynum would not say whether she would participate in the prosecution of her husband or discuss her feelings about him. She said she is focusing on her new ministry. “Instead of a victim, I want to become an advocate,” she said.

22 thoughts on “Juanita Bynum speaks out

  1. renee40

    I sincerely hope that the men in that community step and call this “bishop” out. He has some issues it is clear, but I will lose respect for Mrs. Bynum if she fails to follow through on these charges. She will send a strong message either way. Let’s all hope or pray for the best outcome. P.S., we all know that Juanita is not the first woman this man has battered. These churches need to call him on it, and don’t allow him to get away with “the devil made me do it” defense!

  2. Veronica A, Carter

    I listen to you today on TBN I just don’t know what to
    say about our men of God.Your husband said that saten
    made him do it.If this was his first time doing this I
    might can understand what he is saying only you know
    what went on behine close door.Whatever you decide to
    you ask God to help you with it for we all have did some ugly things in our life.I have been there but I got out it is a ugly thing when someone say they love
    us but hurt us.Thank God for giving us a heart to forgive and you said you did that may God bless you!

  3. star1

    Praise the LORD! Juanita is getting a divorce! She is on her way to Oprah’s for the Barack Obama fundraiser. She said she will try to speak with him about domestic violence. AMEN! GOD is still on the Throne!

  4. Sagunda Black

    My hope is that this unfortunate event will serve as God’s way of uncovering the hypocrisy in the church world. Ms. Bynum is NOT the first victim of domestic violence resulting from the hands of a so called “man of God” who blames the devil and the victim for his mental and physical cruelty, homosexuality and adultery. This is the same theme and ill of society that should not be tolerated, covered, excused and ignored in the church. Faith without works is dead. What is done in the dark will come to the light. These men need help beyond their prayers and sermons. They have been trained and socialized to be angry, dishonest, demeaning, insensitive, disrespectful and turn the other way as countless abuse women (mentally, physically and verbally) in the name of Pastor, Bishop, Apostle. They have a code of double standard and silence. They need to STOP COUNSELING and BE PROFESSIONALLY COUNSELED, learn gender sensitivity, anger management, problem solving and how to live HOLY and treat women with respect.

  5. Told ya she’d be back with an even more powerful ministry.

    Any man standing in line to succeed Weeks better come correct or step off.

    And she should forgive her husband; but that doesn’t mean he won’t be her ex-husband. Follow through with the charges and hope that while he’s in the BIG HOUSE, he gets the counseling he desperately needs, cause you know there’s a sista somewhere thinking she can change him if she gets him (yeah, even though it’s on the record that he beat his wife – but that never stops a silly sista from thinking “that won’t happen to me because I’m not Juanita…”)

  6. sagereader

    I hope she has people who can counsel her as she deals with this, because domestic violence IS a religious issue.

  7. concerned sista

    this is most unfortunate, my few words are these: out of every experience there is the potential to learn grow and move on. whatever we go through in life is not for us only but for the benefit of those that will come within our sphere of influence.

  8. Henriette .I

    When I saw the prophetess crying on TBN I was asking my self if she is in spirit, this morning I was surprise to kwnow that the Bishop her husband beat her I was very choked How a pastor a man of God, christian can can be like a lion. That pastor must get delivrance please because is possessed. what exemple? please people of God don’t see that men but the strong men in him. Let’s pray for him. Prophetess
    we love u and JESUS is with u, divorce is not biblical do you know that your are a servant of God

    May God fortifie you.
    Sister Henriette-LOUANGE (from South Africa)

  9. I do hope and pray that both parties can be healed thru this tough situation. Domestic violence is a very terrible thing! Our vantage point is from the outside and we can not or will not know all that has happened to lead to this point. I do know that there are three sides to every story: her side, his side and the truth.

    This incident has been used by the satan as another tool to discourage those that could come to the knowledge of Christ. Let us all pray that the Lord will turn this situation out for his benefit and men and women will call upon the name of the Lord and be saved!!

  10. Wake Up

    It would be helpful for the public to see the clips from the Women on the Frontline Conference just prior to this incidence, aired. Mrs. Bynum was in rare form. She was going on and on about how she was going to be on the cover of Forbes Magazine. How she was about to launch nine (9) new businesses. How preaching was not something she was going to do the rest of her life. How she “tricked” everyone and preaching got her a name and that she has every intention on using to get rich! Truly I was vexed when this “show” was going accross the airwaves. But the WORD says Pride goes before destruction,a haughty spirit before a fall. Then came the fall! Now graciously she forgives her husband and domestic violence has a new face and name. This is now her mantle, her purpose, but it’s not a religious issue. These people are NOT true christians, their doctrine (oneness) is not of the true Lord Jesus of the Bible. There are many false christs these days!! We are to judge a tree by the fruit it bears. They are out to make a reputation and a name for themselves. They have mastered the christianize language. But anyone who studies to show themselves approved, knows that it is just a bunch of “spiritual talk” that equates to mumble-jumble of scriptures. Rightly divide the word of truth is what anyone who honors/fears the Lord will do, scripture is the final authority. We will be judged by it so we really need to get it right. A house that is built of the wrong foundation will fall. Now all of a sudden this is a social issue when the prophet who speaks for God mouth has been shut for ten (10) days!

  11. I pray for the whole situation. I’m waiting to hear the “Other Side ” of the story. Every story has Two Sides. There are so many blanks in the story. But with all that is considered, the BIBLE teaches that a MAN should love his wife as Christ Loves the church. No man has the right to abuse another person. Therefore it is not only a social issue but it is also a CHURCH matter. The Churh is a body. The body of Christ. I pray that God will continue to expose all forms of abuse in the Church. This is only the beginning with the Week’s conflict. When God gets angry many things will begin to happen. Weeks has a demon in HIM. That demon needs to be cast out. Violence comes straight from Hell. Juanita Bynum Weeks was a target just as so many other women in our society to these aliens. But I must say what devil trigger the demon in HIM. Is it that the woman of God needs some form of deliverance also? She is a PROphet… Didn’t God show any of this to her before hand? Oh! the word did say that the devil is a roaring lion seeking whom He may devour. That if he “could” he would fool the very elect of heaven. Not that he could if you are elected for heaven. So, What other demons are in operation here? Church can YOU see!!!!

  12. Pay Attention

    Okay, I just have to say that Ms. Bynum’s motives are all wrong. God is not happy with her! And yes, I do believe that we need to hear the other side of this story. I am not saying that the Bishop is right for what he did, but I am pretty sure that the attack was not unprovoked. I just don’t agree with the image that Ms. Bynum and other individuals are portraying of the church. It makes us all look bad, and gives those that do not know Christ as their Lord and Savior, the wrong perception. She has used this incident to spin it into yet another business opportunity. I mean, her main job is supposed to be souls, saving souls to the kingdom. It seems like her only motivation is her pocketbook. A prophet would have known that man had a problem a long time ago. But then again how could the “prophet” see that if she has a problem herself! What is done on the dark shall come to light, and I really hope that the true Juanita Bynum shall come to light!

  13. Marquiepta Odom

    understand what Evang. Juanita Bynum is going through because I was her. I pray for her strength, direction, and protection. I went through 5 years of silent abuse. I never told anyone about the mental and physical trauma I was going through. One day I decided no more and planned to kill my ex-husband. I thank God that he didn’t allow me to do it. I realize now God had work for me to do. God healed me and set me free. I had to do a self-check up. I asked God to show me my inner self. What was in me that drew me to an abuser? What are the signs of an abuser? How can I avoid an abuser? I had to make sure that I would not cross the same road again. I minister to women that are in or have been vicitms of this crime. I realize that men are victims too. Even as I type this email another victim is being vicitmized. I pray that the Church steps up and deal with the real issues that plaque the Body of Christ. I end by saying, the Church must rise up and stand on the walls!

  14. lefty1222

    There is three sides to this story, her side, his side and God’s side – that is the side that we must all cling to and believe. No one deserves to be beat on, No one. The issue I have is that they were preaching these “feel good” messages and yet their lives were not where it should have been. It’s like a drug addict teaching others about getting off of drugs and yet they are still smoking the pipe. They should have taken a break from the ministry to get back to what God called them to do. You have to take care of home first. We must open our eyes and stop letting people lead us who are not worthy.

  15. TAJ johnson

    My heart go’s out to both of you. What ever you were going through before it get to this point, you should have seen the white, yellow and red flag. The next question is WHY didn’t the both you get help? This is a very, very painful thing to dill with. Please PRAY before you do anything. Remember who you and who’s watching “GOD”

  16. Sassy

    Romans 14:4 (New International Version)

    Who are you to judge someone else’s servant? To his own master he stands or falls.
    And he will stand, for the Lord is able to make him stand.

    1 Peter 4:15
    But let none of you suffer as a murderer, or as a thief, or as an evildoer, or as a busybody in other men’s matters.

  17. Kevin Muran

    It is unfortunate when we witness the Devil trying to destroy us! As much as these two powerful man and woman of God, they are still you flesh too! As they preach the goodnews they are actually preaching to themselves too!!!
    I respect them both and just want to share with the readers that be builders not demolishers! Send a message of building and encouragement and not of destruction doing a blame game!
    People are quick to judge and already those that are not born again are the ones quick to say something about the church! Listen Jesus is on His way right now and if you have not repented you are going to HELL, it does not matter that you think there is a Bishop who put His hands on his wife. Seek God now more than ever before because this is nothing but the devil trying to get some attention.
    God is watching and believe me He is the Truth! I refuse to let the Devil have his way.
    I pray for both Evangelist Juanita and Bishop Weeks! May HIS GOODNESS prevail over this matter. The Devil is a liar. The husband is the head of His Wife! Husband love your wife and Wife be obedient to your husband! That is The Word and it WILL NEVER EVER CHANGE!

    I pray for God to have His way!

    May you All get Revelation from the WORD right now!

  18. One should always place themselves in the indiviuals shoes that they are conversating on and then they will see their misfortune in a different light.

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