Going through the motions


The candidates are just going through the motions now because this thing is over and done.  I’ll tell you like the revival preacher told me at my home church in July.  “Obama’s gonna win.  You can shout now.”  The electoral college map as represented below is clear.    A landslide is brewing and nothing will likely mitigate the damage to the Republican Party.

Senators McCain and Obama are starting to engage fully now without laying too heavy a negative glove on each other.  The economy is front and center and it does nothing but help Obama.  The longer they discuss it, the more he strengthens his hand.    A half-hour in an we still are talking about the economy.  McCain isn’t doing anything to change the game.  His mild criticisms are neither pointed nor compelling.

53 thoughts on “Going through the motions

  1. Angie

    To me, tonight was the same old-same old. Nothing new was discussed. And I don’t think nothing new was accomplished.

    However, I did like Obama’s response to the question from the internet that asked something about sacrifice from all Americans. His answer was great.

    Besides that, I was bored by the debate. But I blame the moderator and those that selected the questions.
    How can we get to the nitty gritty if the questions are lame and don’t cut to the core? How can we really learn about the candidates positions if they are asking them the same dog on questions? Frankly, I’m sick of the duplicate discussions.

    But with that being said, I don’t think that this race is over. I don’t think that the Obama camp should relax and start counting their chips. It’s a long way from Nov. 4th. And I think we need to brace ourselves for some nasy, ridiculous rhetoric to drip from the devilish lips of McGramps and the heartless, robot with lipstick that’s running on his ticket.

  2. Some random observations:

    Obama’s closing statement, and his tough talk on Pakistan, were very effective in blunting the mudslinging, terrorist-by-association of recent days. He came out tougher on terror than McCain did, virtually daring McCain to bring up the sleazy campaign talk memes. McCain would not go there. Obama thoroughly “punked him down” on the issue and I think destroyed any effectiveness that strategy had. Not that they won’t stop doing it…

    This played like a re-run of the first debate, except they were moving around. McCain looks even older when he hobbles around. Most people who haven’t made up their minds yet do so on purely esoteric reasons, and McCain does not project well, he looks and sounds ancient. Seeing this, and realizing that the job of president ages people that much quicker, should give pause to anyone who thinks that Palin might not quite be ready to step in there. Which is just about everyone.

    Why does McCain keep trumpeting about Iraq? It’s a lose/lose issue for him and he doesn’t seem to realize it.

    Obama missed a good opportunity when he didn’t ask McCain why isn’t he telling Bush how to get Bin Laden, since McCain kept insisting that he knows how to get him. He also missed a good opportunity in talking about how McCain has voted to cut veteran’s benefits, after McCain acted so chummy with the Navy guy.

    The economy dominated the much of the evening and McCain can only lose on that issue. Even the foreign policy thing is not a winner for him. People want us to get the hell out of Iraq now. Obama found his footing and can compete with McCain on the subject and reassure any doubters that he can at least talk the talk. But overall, the economic meltdown will put the stake through the heart of Republicans this election and even the sleaziest tactics can’t save them.

  3. Chi

    I remain extremely cautious…
    These republicans are seriously desperate & terribly underhanded and will stop at nothing-
    I pray so hard…and I trust God…

  4. Koz

    Obama thinks debates are like beauty pagents. He thinks he can sit there and look pretty and answer every tough question with “World Peace” and people will fall under his spell. I guess it’s true, because you are all mezmerized. Too bad there is no swimsuit competition you could say he won that too.

    If he wins I won’t be mad because I’ll still have to go to work the next day. The problem is I’ll have to start paying part of my hard earned money to people that don’t work – to cover their government healthcare, socialism at it’s best.

    The other problems with an Obama presidency, gays will marry, infants will die in their mothers womb, criminal won’t die for their crimes, our guns will be taken away and any attempt to criticize this President and you will be labeled a racist.

    He reminds me of an encyclopedia, he is full of words and speeches, but mostly he just sits there on the shelf and does nothing.

  5. RisingTide

    Just pray that we have an election, folks. If we do, Obama’s gonna win it.

    Times are bad, and even koz up there doesn’t know that his job will be gone within the month. Course, I figure he hasn’t heard of the term commercial paper, either.

  6. Koz

    Oh such gloom and doom, you act like every job in the USA will be gone (and I know what commercial paper is). I’ll tell you we’ll lose many more jobs due to Obama than McCain. When Obama raises taxes on small business and as a double whammy requires them to have government healthcare for all their employees (and pay for it or pay a fine), many people will be out of work because employers won’t be able to afford to have extra employees. He wants us to be so gullable to think that most small businesses don’t make 250k per year and won’t be taxed…oh wait nevermind you all already swallowed it hook line and sinker.

    He also says 95% of Americans will get tax cuts. LOL. 45% of Americans don’t pay taxes anyway. It sounds like wealth redistribution to me, you might know it better as Socialism.

    As an added bonus he’ll try to reinstate the unfairness doctrine and we won’t even have a sane voice on radio or tv to keep us alerted to his big government programs.

  7. How’s your 401k doing, Koz? Laissez-faire capitalism ain’t doing so well these days is it? You seem like one of those cranky old geezers still ranting about FDR and the New Deal.

  8. imhotep

    Actually the closer Obama gets to taking this thing to the (white) house, the more I’m rethinking whether he should take the job or not. Who would want to be President now? There are 3, 4 more shoes to drop on the economy, depression is staring US in the face, WWW3 could jump off at any moment. Gas will rise again. Obama will have to be perfect in every way just to get through the first 2 years without the GOP screaming bloody murder at every miss step. The american people will crucify him on the smallest infraction. But one thing that impresses me about him from the very beginning, MAN, he’s smooth as silk. He faked McLame out with that silky smoothness and did the Ali shuffle; Mclame hopped up out his chair at an attempt to deliver his quip and Obama uppercut him on the Bomb Bomb iran stuff, It’s like he got McLame to stick his chin out and Obama KO’d him. Beautiful. The intellectual footwork is too quick for McLame, he was staggering, wandering, whatever you want to call it. McLame is done.
    His only play left, McCain’s Hail Mary so to speak… Call Obama the N-word terrorist drop the mike and walk off the stage. The fat lady is warming up…Shananana, Shananana, hey, hey goodbye!

  9. Koz

    I agree, unfortunately Obama has won. Shananana, Shananana, hey, hey goodbye is right – goodbye to freedom. With the Senate, House and POTUS all in Democrat control there will be more social programs than we’ll be able to count. I think I’ll go and quit my job, get fat and lazy and let the government take care of me.

  10. Koz

    How do you know that I’m not already? LOL Just kidding. I pop-up on this blog occasionally to throw a little excitement in the mix, but I really like all you guys no matter what our differences are. Obama seems to be a good guy too, and no matter who is elected the world will still go around and the sun will still come up, I just won’t like it (at least not for 4 years).

  11. TripLBee


    Obama is not going to raise the corporate tax rate so small businesses will not be paying more taxes under his plan. The point he has made repeatedly is that the vast majority of small business owners make less than $250,000 a year, therefore they will be paying the same or less in taxes under his plan.

  12. imhotep

    Koz, you won’t have to quit your job, because they’ll lay you off soon, thank your Republican cronies for that. Its amazing to me how many people fear Obama’s presidency but are so unconcerned about the president who has been raping you for the last eight years and want to to keep doing it right to his last day.

  13. Chesapeake


    It’s hypocritical that republicans describe Obama’s health care plan as socialist (which it’s not) when you guys are considering a truly socialist plan for the US: buying stakes in private banks! C’mom, now – this is a play out of the nationalization school of socialism. At this point, Bush is morphing into Chavez.

    I’m not overly critical of the consideration – especially if the government is going to take advantage of the current prices and is going to act as a shareholder and push changes in it’s stakes – however, republicans have to own up to the fact that a mixed economy is now necessary because y’all have directed the markets to the current state of greed and oppression.

    Even if you don’t own up to it, you are, in fact, making the adjustments. Republicans have opened the government up for business. Go figure.

  14. Koz

    I don’t agree with the idea for government to own a stake in failing banks. I think they are wrong to do that.

    BUT as far as who got us in this mess here is a nice little video for you:

    And as far as this from TripLBee above the vast majority of small business owners make less than $250,000 a year please take another look at that statement. From factcheck.org – McCain is right about one thing. Many small-business owners would indeed see their taxes go up if Obama is elected and raises the top income-tax rates. According to a survey from the National Federation of Independent Businesses, about eight out of 10 small-business owners responding to the poll report that they are organized legally in a way that would require them to pay taxes on their business income as individuals, rather than as a corporation.

  15. TripLBee


    Man. This is getting repetitive. Why don’t I spell it out for you and for whomever made the ludicrous assertion you quote. I WAS A SMALL BUSINESS OWNER!!!!! My revenues were north of $250K but the tax code for small businesses is so incredibly favorable—you can fully deduct damn near anything—that whatever is left over is often, perhaps almost always almost zero. When you further consider that your frigging salary is deductable, then there’s almost never a need to pay any taxes. Anyway, if you want to believe McCain’s fantasies that is your right. I will no longer attempt to inconvenience you with tax codes or other facts.

  16. Koz

    You don’t have to get repetitive, and don’t care how you ‘work’ the tax system, that doesn’t change the fact that he is going to raise taxes.


    Here are some more facts for you on a different subject, he doesn’t care what stage of life a baby is in, as long as it’s still in the womb it can be killed (one of the links has a video of BO and I’m sure you’ll all drool over it, the later links directly to a porn site :):


  17. Chesapeake

    I used to like John McCain, but he has changed to someone I don’t recognize. He is too old and established to have allowed the extreme right to influence him like it has. It’s a shame, but his campaign is no different than Bush’s in ’00 and ’04. I would never have imagined him to resort to the gimmicks (nominating Palin, “suspending” his campaign) and smears that are now his trademark.

    I support Obama, but I’m surprised at and disappointed in McCain.

  18. Chesapeake

    I used to like John McCain, but he has changed to someone I don’t recognize. He is too old and established to have allowed the extreme right to influence him like it has. It’s a shame, but his campaign is no different than Bush’s in ’00 and ’04. I would never have imagined him to resort to the gimmicks (nominating Palin, “suspending” his campaign) and smears that are now his trademark.

    I support Obama, but I’m surprised at and disappointed in McCain.

  19. Chi

    Oh Angie…I saw that today too and it simply broke my heart…I tried to find a video of it and couldn’t …Thanks for sharing-

    And he was clearly surrounded by so many who “love” him…notice the adoring glances…

    Surely all that hate directed at Barack Obama, couldn’t possibly ever be directed at him…he’s afterall one of them…all republicans…

    Yes, the hate is simply reserved for that other black man Obama…

  20. Chi


    Someone said of Mccain:

    He’s just like your wooden stair case…You don’t know you have termites till you fall through-


    Thanks for sharing this link…I searched for it all day unsuccessfully-

    My heart bleeds for this most misguided man…No amount of money and/or bid for acceptance is worth this-


  21. RisingTide


    Okay, so you know that not all American jobs will be gone.

    Try this one:

    Most small business owners will be happy to vote democrat this year. Ask Lamont — entrepreneurs have this boundless confidence that they can keep on getting more of our money — so long as we got it! And all that health care? You OBVIOUSLY don’t own a small business — they don’t get the same deals as the big ones. We’re talking paying over a thousand dollars a month per employee. Getting the gov’t group discount will be a GODSEND … for them and Detroit. Haven’t you been paying ANY attention to who is actually lobbying for universal healthcare??

  22. Koz

    Oh and while I’m thinking about it. I agree with probably most of you that insurance companies are greedy and probably evil too.

    But the answer is not for the Feds to take over healthcare.

    The answer is to regulate healthcare.

    Under a Koz administration I would take these steps and others.

    First do away with group policies. The only group would be your family not a company. This would drive costs down because no one would be buying if prices weren’t competitive and affordable.

    Open it up so insurance companies could compete across state lines.

    Immediately make all insurance companies non-profit.

    Require every american to have healthcare. Employers would not have to pay like they do now since their are no group policies.

    Insurance companies must accept everyone no matter what pre-existing conditions they might have.

    Bye-bye medicaid and medicare but those that are too young, to old, too disabled or too poor would receive government subsidies (similar to medicare) to pay for their insurance.

    Thats not all I would do, but you get my drift.

  23. Koz

    Not at all.

    The difference is he wants government to Run the healthcare system.

    I just want government to set the rules.

    We all know that government can’t run anything unless it’s into the ground (education, social security)

  24. TripLBee


    No. Obama does not want the govt. to run the healthcare sector. Like you he is proposing a govt subsidy and oversight that guarantees healthcare coverage for all Americans.

    Also, I don’t think comparing the McCain/Palin events to Klan rallies is the least bit over the top. These affairs are essentially all white and they are filled with people who are calling for violence against Obama. If that’s not a Klan rally, then I don’t know what is. McCain and Palin are completely in the gutter. Mercifully they are going to lose in a landslide. If there is any justice their political careers will be ruined.

  25. Angie

    Trip: I couldn’t agree with you more. What’s so ridiculous about these GOP rallies is that McGramps is now having to defend Obama. He’s having to tell these crackpots that Obama would be a good president and that they wouldn’t have to be afraid. Ain’t that a blip? McGramps actually having to defend Obama at this own event. It’s a shame that Palin and her followers, the Joe-Six pack crowd have taken this whole thing this far.

    So far, since the election has been going forth, I have not been that afraid for Obama’s life. Yes, I’ve always known that his blood splattered on the ground would be the reward for some of these racist clowns. But for some reason, I’ve always had faith that everything would be alright. However, the closer we are getting to Nov. 4th, I’m starting to get nervous. In fact, I feel that fear now even as I type this.

    One thing I have to remember though is that God has not given us a spirit of fear. So, I need to shake off this feeling and just pray for Obama, his family, and even his staff and all of their families. I have to believe that God will not allow any of those nuts to harm him.

  26. Cliff

    “I’ll tell you like the revival preacher told me at my home church in July. “Obama’s gonna win. You can shout now.” The electoral college map as represented below is clear.”

    SB, too early to get excited, they may change the rules. 🙂


  27. akech

    This man is the reason why (a) the USA jails are filled with innocent black men (b) African ruling elites are killing their own for bribes.

    The above link reminds me of this link:

    In 1961, Mobutu was very happy to manhandle his own prime minister, Patrice Lumumba, without thinking. It never occured to me this would be happening in 2008.

  28. It may be looking pretty good, but It ain’t over til it’s over. This sort of “inevitability” talk more often than not simply keeps people from going out to vote. WE don’t want that.

  29. Rick


    Angie, about two weeks you asked me what I thought was needed to address the economic crisis and I responded that what was needed was a plan to inject capital into the banking system. Well, by accident, the administration is finally considering taking this course of action. I say “by accident” because this wasn’t part of the original Paulson proposal and wasn’t added as a possible tool until Congress added it to the original plan during the deliberations that followed.

    But even still — a full two weeks later — the Administration’s latest pronouncements are still unclear, muddled, and meandering. I think it would have worked better to restore confidence if this revised plan to inject capital directly into the banks was implemented two weeks ago, from the very beginning. Now, I’m not so sure that it’s not too late for this plan to work without even more drastic measures needed to accompany it. Paralysis. and wasted time.

    It’s time for a change indeed.

  30. RisingTide


    Okay. I’d sign onto your healthcare plan (wall street ruined america’s healthcare). But it don’t cover those homeless vet-panhandlers too well. Would you kick them outta the country?

    Three programs the GOVT did ON TIME AND UNDER BUDGET: USGS, NOAA, and National Weather Service. Funny how Santorum tried to break the only part of the US gov’t that actually worked. I say let the scientists run the gov’t, as they’ve got an abiding distaste for bureacracy. Anyone who hates having to take time out of their jobs to be the gov’t hasta do better than people who actually like that bullshit!

    I’ma introduce you to something I think you’ll like: Advanced Liberalism — roughly speaking, it’s the job of the gov’t to enforce rules so that entrepreneurs can compete.

    Please, for the love of God, vote Conservative this election — that’s Obama, by the way. Don’t he act just like Lincoln? Just check out his transition team!

  31. Hey SB,

    1. Krugman won the Nobel Prize for Economics

    2. Are you going to see the Oliver Stone movie on Shrub?

    3. Rachel Maddow bitchslapped David Frum on her show tonight.

  32. Chi


    Please lets not give this piece of crap and its author any more hits than it deserves…Apparently, he’s been doing these anti Obama hit jobs for quite a bit and he’s just another one of those…

    Says his name is “Paul R. Hollrah” and here’s how someone on Wiki describes him:

    About — Paul R. Hollrah
    Paul Hollrah is a fairly prolific writer of on-line political commentary with a seemingly extreme right-wing view. He apparently lives in Missouri and is listed as a former “Presidential Elector” from Kansas, for maybe two terms.

    I exchanged some email with Paul to gently challenge the facts in his recent, “Say What, … Barrack?” [sic] piece which appears in some Red-White-and Blue, neocon websites such as “The Conservative Voice” and the “Lincoln Heritage Institute,” which don’t provide any open forum mechanism for questioning their writer’s facts or assertions and don’t provide any means of permitting questions or presenting other views.

    At first he provide me with a somewhat brief, but self-flattering, biography attributed to his unnamed “editor” which suggests he is elderly.

    As our exchange continued, he grew increasingly hostile to my prodding him to research and recognize the false premise of his essay.

    Finally, I asked if he would look at the information I would send him to correct the record, and he told me: “If I was wrong about that I’ll readily admit to having made an error.”

    I then sent him the August 1960 TIME magazine article which destroyed his entirely fabricated article denigrating Barack Obama’s claimed heritage.

    His retort to my 4,000+ word email, was to correct my one minor spelling error and to tell me to: “Screw your apology!”

    WOW! Presidential Elector ..two terms ..go figure

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