We want you, Negro


Dear Brothas and Sistahs,

If you would like to waste Sunday mornings traversing around the country with Bill Clinton on his fruitless quest to regain the fawning favor of churchgoing African Americans-we want you, Negro. Apparently not satisfied that he has forever burned his bridge to the black community, the forty-second President is in desperate need of Negroes to travel with him and show the chronically stupid among us that voting for Miz Hillary is still “all’ight.” That’s where your dumb ass comes in. If you’re not thoroughly embarrassed to be seen with and for the Clintons, please give the campaign a call. All expenses and meals will be paid since Hillary kicked in $5 million before Super Tuesday.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a crackhead, homeless, an ex-con, or a sycophantic member of the Congressional Black Caucus (We’ll pay y’all extra). All are welcome because we are desperate as hell.

Please be aware of the proper dress code. Tattered clothes, handkerchiefs, and blackface makeup are welcome because they help to identify you as the shameless plantation minstrels that you are. You will be photographed repeatedly with the President for our undercover propaganda campaign to fool those stupid enough to believe that the campaign still has any black grassroots support.  Should the media wish to interview you do be sure to split your verbs and coon for the cameras because it lends the right touch of authenticity to our little deception.

In addition, if you have any children, please bring them. Black children are the classic Negro props White politicians have been photographing themselves with for over a generation when they don’t have a damn program to assure them of a future. In the first Clinton Administration we threw millions of black children into poverty and off of welfare to appease white suburbanites-expect more of the same the next go round.

So please join us on our journey to political irrelevancy and oblivion and call 1-800-BLACK FOOL because Hillary Clinton will be ready on day one to do absolutely nothing for the black community.



Maggie Williams, Head Negress In Charge

26 thoughts on “We want you, Negro

  1. She fired her other campaign manager; don’t be fooled. That chick got her in trouble with Black People and it’s too late to tell Bill to dial it back a notch.

    What’s bothering me is the “superdelegate” mess, set in place in case the people reject whom the media and the establishment has decreed gets the Democratic nomination. We might say “Barack”, but the superdelegates will act like the Electoral College and give the nod to the Borg Queen if we’re not careful.

  2. I used to be a member of the church where BC attended services two weeks ago. I know from personal experience that the Reverend in question has little integrity and character. To be specific, this man appeared in a hip-hop video, has repeatedly and unsuccessfully run for Bishop in the A.M.E. Church, and will do anything to draw attention to himself to booster the dwindling church attendance at his church. I believe that because larger and more prominent Los Angeles churhes like West Angeles and Faithful Central declined BC’s request to speak, this church by default got the chance to host BC.

  3. First of all, this is on point.

    Second of all, SB, I’m getting sort of pissed with Tavis. Have you heard about his shenanigans?

    HELL NO, Obama shouldn’t go to the State of the Black Union.

    Last year’s was nothing but a haterade fest against him.

    Some tv commentator pointed out that Obama does better when he’s able to get out and connect with the voters. That’s when he moves people. They also noted that’s why Billary wants Obama to debate – to keep him away from the voters.

    I can see this lunacy now. Obama, having to ride that fine line, while Hillary gets to spout free one-liners that get cheap cheers.

    Make no mistake, this is about turning Obama into the BLACK CANDIDATE.

    Don’t ever forget – Black folk were forgotten and expendable, because she had that Hispanic firewall…remember?

    But, suddenly, Obama’s gaining in the White vote, specifically pulling away from her with White men, pulling up strong with White women, the Black vote is voting against her like she’s George Bush, and the LOWEST percentage of Hispanic vote Obama received on Super Tuesday was 35%.

    That was the LOWEST.

    He won HALF of it in Connecticut.
    60% in Illinois
    40% in Colorado, New Mexico, AND Arizona.

    Listening to Roland Martin, who is from Texas, he totally believes that Obama can get 40% of Hispanics in Texas…..IF Obama seriously campaigns there.

    This Tavis garbage is hateration on steroids. Obama already set out his plan for New Orleans…get your Black butt to a computer, Tavis, and download it.

  4. Rikyrah, if Roland said that about Texas, Obama better be renting an apartment in Dallas and camping out for the next few weeks.

    I’m in DC now, and I can say it’s looking good for him in the Chesapeake – I saw Obama and Bill here in Alexandria this weekend – and had to chuckle, because Obama was looking smooth, and Clinton was looking anything but the first Black President.

    I will be pulling that lever tomorrow before I head to the 9-to-5 plantation and it’s definately for the “O” man. I know my colleagues have issues with Barack, but they also know they will really have issues if the Borg Queen gets the nod.

    But, that “Superdelegate” shyt is giving me heartburn…

  5. NuPolitico

    This morning on the TJMS, Obama defended himself against Tavis’ allegations against him:

    I’m a little disheartened by unevenhandedness with the way Tavis is going after Obama. Go after Hillary with the same vitriol. Tavis stresses accountability whenever he talks about Obama. Ok, cool. He argues that the Clintons have shown support in the black community. Tavis, this isn’t 1992! What have the Clintons done lately?

    In Bill Clinton’s attempt to appear hard on crime, he instituted mandatory minimum sentencing laws that skyrocketed the disproportionate amount of black men behind bars! Accountability? After Iowa, Hillary attacked Obama for being against mandatory minimum sentencing. Clintons, what have you done for else lately?

    Speaking of accountability, why didn’t Tavis go after Hillary for not chastising Andrew Young’s statement that Bill is more black “because he’s been with more black women than Barack”? Tavis, last time I checked, misogyny and ill treatment of black women IS NOT part of the covenant with black america. Andy Young’s ignorance is the same mindset that Bob Johnson used to justify his peddling of black negative images into the innercity, white suburbs, and around the globe via BET.

    Accountability? Tavis is demanding that ever candidate show up to the State of the Black Union in two weeks, else he threatens to publicly humiliate and take to task whoever DARES not to show up.

    Actions speak louder than words. Villify Obama because he don’t jump when someone tells him to; embrace Hillary because she is pandering to you by attending the SBU.

    Accountability? Tavis, are you holding Kwame Kilpatrick’s feet to the fire? You endorsed him afterall. Kwame is one of the worst types of black men. He had the ability and power to improve the plight of blacks in Detroit. Instead he squandered it by coverups, lies and mismanagement.


  6. Rick

    I’m fascinated that Hillary will be there in New Orleans for the State of the Black Union in late February. Perhaps Tavis will raise some of the questions that were mentioned above. But why is Hillary stepping into that potential hornet’s nest in the first place?

    My thought is that Hillary knows it’s too late to patch things up with the black community in time to meaningfully sway our votes during this democratic nomination process…Not with the whole Chesapeake states with its sizable black population ready to vote for Obama tomorrow.

    No. If she wins the nomination, she knows she will need to find ways from now until November to get blacks to turn out to still vote for her in the presidential election. I think that’s why she’s going. She’s thinking ahead to November…

    Will it work?

  7. from TPJ:
    But, that “Superdelegate” shyt is giving me heartburn…

    From Rick:
    No. If she wins the nomination, she knows she will need to find ways from now until November to get blacks to turn out to still vote for her in the presidential election. I think that’s why she’s going. She’s thinking ahead to November…

    Will it work?

    These two are related.


    Um, no, it won’t work.

    Come on, people. Does ANYTHING rile Black folks more than changing the rules in the middle of the game?

    Not feeling it.

    If she wins it through SuperDelegate chicanery, then I won’t sit out voting in November – I’m pulling the lever for McCain.

  8. Sometimes, you just find funny shyt on the internet:

    What if?
    Hillary’s superdelegates start defecting to Obama?

    Isn’t it odd about Obama’s numbers? Once people get over the threshold of supporting him, they’re all in. Once you go Barack you never go back.

    I just thought that was hilarious.

  9. Rick

    rikyrah, what if she wins through superdelegate chicanery and a “deal” is worked out behind closed doors so that Obama is on the ticket as VP?

    would you still pull the lever for McCain?

  10. From Matthew Yglesias at The Atlantic.com:

    Maine for Obama
    10 Feb 2008 06:33 pm

    Back in October 2007, Clinton was beating Obama in Maine by a hilarious 47 to 10 margin, but it seems he’s carried the state today, once again by a large margin.
    My understanding, though, is that this doesn’t really count because it’s a small state,

    much as Utah doesn’t count because there aren’t many Democrats there,

    DC doesn’t count because there are too many black people,

    Washington doesn’t count because it’s a caucus,

    Illinois doesn’t count because Obama represents it in the Senate even though Hillary was born there,

    Hawaii won’t count because Obama was born there.

    I’m not sure why Delaware and Connecticut don’t count, but they definitely don’t.

    Realistically, Clinton seems to have difficulty winning anywhere she can’t mobilize racial polarization in her favor. Obama has, of course, deployed polarization to his benefit in a number of states (South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, and Louisiana most notably) but he’s also dominated the states with very few black voters.

    UPDATE: I forgot about Missouri. Obama’s win in Missouri, of course, doesn’t count because the state was called too late.

  11. Chesapeake

    Tavis’ moves may be just part of a larger effort to slow Obama. Clinton has started taking on the role of providing “solution to the issues.” This really is her best shot at diffusing Obama’s movement because she cannot match the presentation that Obama makes. That door is now wide open to her. This is where Tavis and other Clinton surrogates come in.

    I agree with rikyrah. Obama should stay away from the SBU. The setting doesn’t suit him. He has not won a debate, yet. Rather, again as rikyrah said, he should stick to his winning formula … stirring up the masses.

    Tavis normally means well. But in this instance, he is setting his buddy Clinton up to talk about the Covenant in front of a C-Span audience that will be highly rated. The audience and panels will be civil with no obvious slights and might even be more pro-Obama; but, just the presentation of this opportunity for Clinton will give her a boost. She’s better prepared. Clinton will likely shine unless Obama takes time off to seriously prepare. Per rikyrah, that’s time away from motivating and inspiring America.

    It seems that the SBU is like “calling Obama out.” And the problem is that because Tavis is so supportive of Clinton, and a bit of his “pride” has taken some of the space of the “good” of the Covenant, Tavis and his crew may come out loud, strong, and wrong against Obama if he’s absent. Then we might see an uglier side of the diversity among black folk. Thus, bet on Obama being there against his better judgment because he does not want that kind of conversation and division. None of us wants to see that, at least not before December.

  12. Cliff

    I was once a scared to death Negro. Now I would rather be a safe Negro than a scared to death Negro. A safe Negro is not a radical Negro.

    Nowadays the safe Negroes and the radical Negroes are coming together, but I don’t think that there is any room for this type of mentality,

    “If weez trys ta’ take ova theys gon’ kill us.”

    On the contrary, a safe Negro will at least give the opportunity for an approach to a black man in an authoritative position, even it is the highest position in the world.

    “Should the media wish to interview you do be sure to split your verbs and coon for the cameras because it lends the right touch of authenticity to our little deception.”

    The scared to death Negro becomes happy with a few crumbs, and can’t see a world that is not controlled by those who don’t look like them.

  13. PTCruiser

    Maybe, just maybe, Senator Obama can turn an appearance at Tavis Smiley’s State of Black America show into his Sistah Souljah moment. Br. Tavis needs to find something else to get worked up about. Black folks are not demanding that Obama attend Tavis’ theatrical production.

  14. Angie

    A couple of things…
    A. If Obama wants these votes here in Texas, he needs to get out here, bring his wife, Oprah, and whoever else he can use to drum up the support. Obama needs to generate both awareness and support here in Texas. So far, many of the people I know here in Texas are behind HC. But it is only because of familiarity. If he comes down here and introduces himself and allows Texans to experience some of the Obama magic, I know he can get the votes he needs here. But by all means, he has to get out here NOW. They don’t need to let anymore time go by.

    Secondly, I’m stunned by this whole Tavis Smiley nonsense. It’s amazing to me the shameless hateration that’s coming from certain blacks.

    A couple of years ago, I went to the SBU. Tavis made it a point to try to humilate those that did not show to event. Al Jackson comes to mind…
    Tavis thinks that his little access to television and radio affords him the authority to try to force anyone to submit to his game. If I was Obama, I wouldn’t bow down to the brotha. But on the other hand, maybe Obama should go, and show all of so called “Black America” how ridiculous HC really is. Tavis thinks that he has a lot of influence, but really he doesn’t.

    My two pennies,

  15. Angie, Tavis was correct to call out Alphonso Jackson on his non-appearance at the SOTBU in Houston back in ’06, because he’s a handkerchief head for Bush, who actually showed up in Houston to attend, then got a call from his “boss” and was told not to show at the hate-fest that would be going on.

    But when you say: Tavis thinks that his little access to television and radio affords him the authority to try to force anyone to submit to his game. you are spot on, and I whole heartedly co-sign.

    Tavis is a marketeer trying to act like he has political influence. He’s still wearing that egg on his face from hosting that event in Jamestown, VA last year (and it had to be moved to Hampton when Blacks in the Chesepeake raised hell about celebrating slavery – cause that’s what having it at Jamestown was all about).

  16. Angie

    Trust me, PTJ, I didn’t have a problem with Tavis calling out Al Jackson. I knew what that was all about. You’re right, Jackson was in town, watching the event in his hotel room, rather than manning up and coming to the event. But I said that to say that Tavis has no problem using his platform to supposedly “call out” those who HE has issues with. I’m sure that he will not hold back this time.

    However, Tavis has to be careful with this. I’m like Denise, who I think said that this entire stunt of his is sure to backfire. He will find himself in the same doghouse that BC is in when it comes to black folks.

    I hate that Tavis is using this entire game to pretend like he is so concerned about “black folks”, as he likes to put it, but all the while, the brotha is lining his pockets. This is all about money and influence. And for some reason Tavis in all his attempts to appear to be “down” is falling for the same Kool-Aid that SJL has fallen for. They think that drinking out of the Clinton cup will afford them with some kind of magic influence and access. But all it’s doing is giving them that diamond studded label of being a “sell out.”

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