Nancy Pelosi’s agenda as Speaker


Nancy Pelosi’s assent to power is complete as she assumes the office of House Speaker.   It places her second in the line of succession and places in her hands more legislative power than any woman has wielded in the history of the United States. She has called the Iraq war a “grotesque mistake” and for the resignation of Donald Rumsfeld.  However, she has also said that she does not intend to cut off funding for the war.   To me, that is inconsistent.  What more clearer signal could the people have sent than to elect a democratic congress that ran on platforms of redeploying U.S. troops.   She has said that we have sent our troops to fight “without a plan to prevail” We know the President’s so-called “Surge plan” will fail.  I thought that was why she so aggressively supprorted Jack Murtha for Majority Leader because he courageously and articulately laid out a common sense plan for redeployment.  She has much to prove and little time for indecisiveness. I wish her well and admire her skills as a politician but I remain, as always, skeptical.