Hillary’s Billionaire Minstrel


Black billionaire Bob Johnson, CEO and founder of the internationally embarrassing Black Entertainment Television, took his turn serving as a blackface minstrel for Hillary Clinton at a South Carolina black church.

Sounding like the fictional Pierre Delacroix in Spike Lee’s Bamboozled, he lodged the following bomb at Barack Obama, As an African American, I am frankly insulted that the Obama campaign would imply that we are so stupid that we would think Hillary and Bill Clinton, who have been deeply and emotionally involved in black issues, when Barack Obama was doing something in the neighborhood, that I won’t say what he was doing in the neighborhood but he said it in his book…”

His allusion to Barack Obama’s youthful indiscretion with drugs, discussed in his book “Dreams of My Father,” is unmistakably clear despite his later denial.

After smearing on another coat of burnt cork and adjusting his snappy corporate minstrel costume, he defended Bill and Hillary against their unjustified and racially patronizing comments that inflamed prominent African Americans like House Majority Whip James Clyburn and former Gore Campaign Manager Donna Brazile. He characterized as crazy the thought that “these two people would denigrate the accomplishments of civil rights marchers.”

In one fell swoop, Johnson unraveled Bill’s and Hillary’s damage control efforts of this weekend. After his remarks were disseminated to the media, they were immediately challenged by the Obama campaign.

They issued a statement from former state representative “I.S.” Leevy Johnson of Columbia, an African American and one of the first blacks elected to the legislature since reconstruction.“It’s offensive that Senator Clinton literally stood by and said nothing as another one of her campaign’s top supporters launched a personal, divisive attack on Barack Obama,” former representative Johnson said. “For someone who decries the politics of personal destruction, she should’ve immediately denounced these attacks on the spot.”

Senator Clinton said on Meet the Press that, “I don’t think this campaign is about gender, and I sure hope it’s not about race. It needs to be about the individuals. Each of us is running for the highest position, the most difficult job in the world. And, you know, I am, I think, very clearly someone who’s gone through a tremendous amount of criticism, you know. That’s fine. I’m more than willing to shoulder that. I think voters and viewers can draw their own conclusions when they watch whatever it is that we are doing.”

We damn sure can draw our own conclusions. Hillary’s calculated actions and those of her surrogates deliberately use criminal stereotypes about black men to raise suspicions and doubt about Obama. Her transparent efforts to manipulate folks into voting for her does not speak well of her or her blackface minstrels.

Lastly, her use of Bob Johnson, a corporate vampire willing to sell out black folks on social security, sends an unmistakable signal to brotha’s like me that another Clinton term will lead to a further evisceration of the social safety net with powerful corporate minstrels like Johnson enlisted to play defense against the financial interests of their own people.




40 thoughts on “Hillary’s Billionaire Minstrel

  1. Native Son

    Bob Johnson is the last person to talk about anyone being dishonest. The Obama campaign is not the reason why some African Americans were offended by what Hillary Clinton said; they heard the speech and drew their own conclusions.

    They didn’t need Obama’s campaign to express their objections. There are many black people from Democratic Congressman to avergae citizens expressing outrage over what Hillary said.

    The comment Johnson made about Obama’s drug use was low. Why didn’t he bring up Bill Clinton being dishonest about having sexual relations with an intern? Or better yet, why didn’t he mention how he fooled black people into thinking that BET would be cable network that black people could be proud of? This is a clear example of how some in the black community like to bring others down; the crab in the barrel mentality. I am frankly insulted that Bob Johnson was dishonest when he created Black Entertainment Television, or as I call it; Bootleg Entertainment Television.

    Johnson claimed that BET would be a one stop shop for news, entertainment and politics. The network would address issues of the black community. Well we all found out that was a lie. BET became the safe haven for exploiting common negative stereotypes of black people. He made billions off of exploiting black people.

    Clinton stuck her foot in her mouth, and no matter what she meant to say, she said it and people commented on it. Instead of taking responsibility for what she said or meant to say, she is too busy trying to blame the Obama campaign for adding fuel to the fire.

    The bottom line is this: Support a candidate because you believe in their plans for the country; not because you are in some type of pay back mode. You see some black people, especially some in the older generation, feel that since the Clintons supported some issues that affected the black community that we owe them our lives. That we owe them favors for as long as we live; and I say that is complete BS. We paid the Clintons for what they did, by voting for Bill Clinton during his run for second term in office; we don’t owe them a thing now. I applaud the Clintons for their service to this country, but that doesn’t mean that black people have to sign over their first born just because the Clintons supported causes that affected African Americans.

  2. Yo Skep,

    Couldn’t agree more, homey! If there was EVER a brother who needed to get snatched up by The Drop Squad it’s Bob Johnson’s a$$. My crew has been rumblin’ about Hillary’s shabby tactics since the NH primary and I can’t believe that ol girl would reach into the oil pit and pull out Billionaire Bob’s a$$ to actually *help* her campaign. How can you help not question her judgement after that ridiculous ruckus?

    Tight post, man!


  3. When you trot out the House Negroes to tell us not to be voting for de Black Man, you have made your entire campaign about RACE.

    The Borg Queen can’t have it both ways. Either she stops getting the Big Dog to fight for her by injecting race into the conversation, or she shuts the hell up and fight Obama on the issues.

    I’m not an Obama fan – if I had my way, it would be Edwards or Kucinich because they speak and address the issues I’m concerned about, and they’re not talking about extending the war or bombing Pakistan, like Obama is doing right now. But the man is a brotha, and I don’t like the fact that the Clintons believe Black people owe them something.

    They owe Lani Guinier, Joycelyn Elders and Mike Espy some big damn apologies for slinging them under the bus when it became politically expedient. Like Paul Mooney says, “You want to sign and dance with us, but you don’t want to go to jail with us.”

    And that’s where the difference is. The Clintons have the complexion for the protection, and Obama doesn’t.

    Trotting out Bob Johnson to tote water for her has really burned me and I haven’t watched BET since they interviewed O.J. after his murder acquittal, because that network became the Source awards with all that Negro Bullshyt, shuck and jive minstrel shows Johnson ran. If I could get it off my cable network, like Fox News, I would.

    Hillary Clinton is demonstrating she is a manipulative bitch who doesn’t qualify to be President of the United States. While this country is ready for a woman or a Black Man to become President, the Borg Queen continues to demonstrate that she’s not THE ONE for the job.

    And the House Negroes toting water for her will star in their own TV series called “Desperate House Nigras” starring Harold “the Dark Sith” Ford as Stepin Fetchit, and featuring John Lewis as Rastus, Stephanie Tubbs-Jones as Mammy, with guest Star “Champagne” Charles Rangel as the Slave Catcher, who whips those unruly Nigras back into their places.

    Just shoot me, now, okay?

  4. I dont even know where to start. So I wont.

    You have summed it up perfectly. I just hope that African-Americans will see this for what it is.

    What upsets me more is the media narrative, if you dont strike back in the same negative way then you get beat by the opponent.

    People need to wake up and realize pundits are entertainers and not journalists.

    That is all.

  5. Andrea

    When is this guy going to leave our lives alone? First BET, then he shut down Emerge, and then he gave us Who’s Your Caddy? under the title of his production company, Our Story Films. Then this.

    He is one determined person out to destroy what is left of us.

    I thought he was a Republican BTW! But oh…wait…he is a Republican when wanting to not pay estate taxes and a Democrat when it is benefiting to him to have a Democratic-appeasing-the-right politician in office. Then, he is what seems to be an independent in wanting to start a conservative Black party mostly comprised of Washington Black elites. (I don’t know what happened to that project but I remember reading their platform in their own newspaper. I believe it was a mere two years ago when everyone Black was turning Republican to gain some traction with the Republicans since they seemed invincible and on a winning streak.) Sounds a lot like the same ‘ole opportunistic Bob Johnson is up to his messy tricks.

    The thing is: I bet he did not announce to that audience in that church of his political maneuvering among all parties and splinter faction groups like we Washingtonians know of him and how he does around the beltway . People don’t know outside of the city how our people get down up here. South Carolinians and others around the country are not privy to some of his moves around Washington. Nor do they know what surrogacy is and especially that it is used on Blacks audiences more than any other because we are like sheep that have to be shepherded by celebrity impression. If people knew his political behavior they would realize he is fraudulent acting as if he cares about “the people”.

    He has not done anything altruistic ever to at least fake that he cares. How can anyone consider using him to stomp for them when he lacks the interest of anyone other than himself and those he wants around him?

    He knows the lay people of Black Churches are not as sophisticated and connected to know his M.O. and he played them well in shaming their intelligence by playing the devil’s advocate.

    This is definitely a brokered alliance. Hillary leans to the right and is known to appease the right so why would he not stump for her?

    As well her campaign is supported by all the Establishment types that looked the other way when Bob Johnson was taking us down to build his empire. Completely duplicitous, I would think this was desperation by the Washington Black Establishment also coaxing him to protect them. Don’t under-estimate the quiet fear in DC now among Blacks that had it good not understanding what change will mean for them. This contingency strike screams Washington worry in the “I wanna’ keep my job the way it is, my position, and my station” fears of change. Whereas a lot of Black Establishment players and members were brought to Washington by Jesse and got phat and settled on the Clintons, they held on through the Bushes to want Bill to return some type Messianic way.

    Someone who appeases to the Establishment whether a Democrat to Bob is still better than Obama, Hillary’s…I mean his opposition…who might not broker with him and that clique of his. Obama’s youth movement pushed by younger Gen X and Y Whites and Others is a threat to changing the dynamics of the Washington Party Establishment with long-time older Dems and Independents that were waiting for some catalyst of change.

    Some of the same people that were in Washington when Bob got his start when he was working on the Hill are the same people that built their careers climbing the ladder by way of the Black Establishment and Clintons. These people want to stick around as long as they can for they feel they have not had enough time to do all the damage they could do to us. They want a just a little more time to monopolize our lives with their false leadership that they are doing all of their destruction for…us.

  6. “another Clinton term will lead to a further evisceration of the social safety net”

    That’s EXACTLY what is going to happen thanks to this rotten system of campaign finance bribery. We get to pick our poison, either her or a Republican. No thanks, that’s not a choice.

  7. Denise

    I really don’t think Senator Obama gives a damn.

    And why should he? Hillary is essentially energizing lots of black folk for him. Meanwhile, he’ll reap all the benefits with pep rallies, high-profile Negro canvassing, and not one substantive message to SC blacks.

    Again, you can’t make this stuff up! 😆

  8. Chesapeake

    Good call, Brotha. I gotta come to the Clintons’ defense on this one (well, sorta). Bob Johnson is a grown man worth billions of dollars. Whether or not the Clintons put him up to saying what he said, if he had any level of decency, he would have declined. But the clown, who started, perpetuated, pushed, and profited from that mess on BET, the scourge of our representation, exibited (again) that he has no decency. He most probably lone rangered and performed this trick on his own.

    Not only is Bob Johnson fraudulently wearing a badge of credibility to criticize Obama and defend civil rights work (as tenuous as the connection of the workers is), he was so distasteful that he took this crap into the church … the pulpit! Although worship of God is expressed in many ways, there is no connection between his purpose and statement and deifying and worshiping God. It’s time to kick out and keep out the thieves from the temple, and especially the pimps from the pulpit.

    Finally, we are dealing with a serious dysfunction (another one) in black America … that is, specifically, this need to “out-black” each other. It’s reared its head in this primary, and one of the parties trying to be the “head negro” is white. She even has people like Bob Johnson, Andrew Young, et. al., trying to assist her in “out-blacking” Obama.

    It is nice, for a change, being fought over for support. But both Obama and Clinton are making mockeries of the Civil Rights successes, Martin Luther King, Jr., and our race with this petty bickering. I hope that there are supporters in both their camps telling them to quit!

  9. Rick

    “Hillary’s calculated actions and those of her surrogates deliberately use criminal stereotypes about black men to raise suspicions and doubt about Obama.” — Skeptical Brotha

    A play straight out of Bush Sr.’s use of the Willie Horton ad against his democratic opponent ahead the 1988 presidential election.

    But maybe I too am imagining things…just like everyone else!

  10. blacksurvival

    Hillary’s comments of lately lends credence to something Gov.Huckabee said during the debates.It seems to me that she is trying to gine us someone to vote against instead of something to vote for.
    Give us the black community the facts on what you
    intend to change in this skewed one sided perspective of a society.Hill made the unfortunate King comment I heard this racist spew come out of her mouth so now how is it O’s fault.
    Furthermore what I saw in Hill’s grandstand boohoo in New Hampshire a deep racist feeling that a Black Man is actually beating me,THIS CAN’T BE!Oh yes it was real,the adacity of the black race to think they can acomplish this.A cry for the white calvary to turn this thing around. And they did.
    To me Obama is a hero for just taking the stand,I don’t know if I agree with him on everything,but we need at least after 240 years of white perspective major veiw from the other side.REMEMBER HAROLD?

  11. Rick

    re: Where are the Other Black Men?

    If we as black men begin to stick up for one another and resist the negative influences that devalue our self-esteem and our image as men — just as we are doing here, just as our black women often do for each other, just as white women often do for each other, just about as any other group often does for each other — then people would think twice about attempting to profit off devaluing our image in the future. They do this because they can get away with and no one holds them accountible for their actions.

    It’s always nice to see someone like a Kerry, or an Edwards on TV standing up to defend Obama yesterday.

    I was particularly overjoyed that Michelle, his wife, is fighting for Obama right by his side. I love a woman that stands by her man.

    But when are we as black men collectively going to STAND UP, take back, and restore our image? Let’s do it now. Skeptical Brother, thank you again for helping to raise our collective consciousness about the issues that affect us. This is a matter I care about very deeply.

  12. Bay

    Has Harold Ford come out and said something about Obama? I must have missed that one but I’m not suprised it it’s true. He’s repulsive, a young version of Bill Clinton minus the intellect.

  13. Yes, Harold the Attention, Money, Power-Grabbing Ho has crawled out from under his rock to climb on the Borg Queen’s wagon, trying to corral us uppity Negroes back to Clintons’ plantation:


    If you can stomach the blue collar ReThugs, that is.

    But honestly, if Bob Johnson is the best Hillary can do to counter Obama’s Oprah connection, Oprah and Obama wins. She’s done more to galvanize Blacks into either supporting Obama, or at least Edwards.

    And Edwards is angling for an Obama-Edwards ticket. He didn’t get his shot at VP, thanks to Kerry wimping out on the recount back in 2004. Plus it would serve Kerry right to slap Edwards in the face like he did with endorsing Obama – there was a more tactful way to do that, which, being John Kerry, he managed to FUBAR, as usual.

    But if the Borg Queen wins, and Obama accepts the VP invite (which I don’t think will happen, because Michelle will be too pissed to encourage him to mend fences with the Black Community that way), I’m writing in Edwards in protest, or at best, I will be voting for Cynthia McKinney on the Green Party ticket.

    Either way, I’m voting my principles on this one. I’ve held my nose and voted for the following since 1980, and got my feelings straight hurt:

    1980 – Carter over Kennedy (and Carter was nice, but Kennedy would have gotten more of the job done)

    1984 – Mondale (crushed by Reagan in a landslide)

    1988 – Dukakis (and I held my nose knowing Poppy was going to get the nod anyway – Willie Horton finished him off and he wasn’t in that strong a position, anyway)

    1992 – Perot almost got my vote until he uttered those fateful words before a Black Audience (“You People…”). I had to go with Clinton at that point.

    1996 – Clinton (and I didn’t need to hold my nose – no way I was voting for Bob Dole).

    2000 – Gore (and for the same reason as Clinton) he got robbed by Diebold.

    2004 – Kerry (and I was holding my nose, cause Howard Dean was my first choice and he was eviscerated before the primaries got to California. By then, Kerry was the only one left on the ticket. For me, it was Dean, Edwards, Kucinich at the Cali convention).

    So, as you can see, with the exception of Clinton, I’m tired of holding my nose to vote Democratic when I know they’re going to screw over my interests. Obama, maybe, but Hillary Clinton? No way in hell…

  14. Befree

    I agree with everything you said SB about Bob except “youthful indiscretion with drugs” I’m not sure cocaine meets that characterization. I think that’s a bad message when people call it”youthful indiscretion with drugs”. But I cosign on your words about Bob.

  15. Rick


    You might be interested to know that Paul Krugman, in his NY Times columnist page today – had some flattering things to say about Edwards and his stance on economic policy:

    Krugman writes:
    “On the Democratic side, John Edwards, although never the front-runner, has been driving his party’s policy agenda. He’s done it again on economic stimulus: last month, before the economic consensus turned as negative as it now has, he proposed a stimulus package including aid to unemployed workers, aid to cash-strapped state and local governments, public investment in alternative energy, and other measures.”

  16. Chesapeake

    Rick, read it, loved it!

    Read also Edwards’ leadership on how to discuss race: “Race plays an enormous role in the economic conditions of Americans. We can pretend it’s not true but decade after decade of slavery followed by decade after decade of segregation, followed by decade after decade of discrimination has an impace. It has an effect….The average net worth of black families is about $8,000; white families is about $80,000. Let me tell you, we’re not moving in the right direction.”

    -Excerpt from speech given Friday, 1/11, at Penn Center – one of the first schools in America for freed black slave, and a key meeting place for Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and other key leaders.

    Attach these comments and the venue to his policy proposals – that’s how we talk about race.

    Please convince Obama and Clinton to quit the bickering and get down to some real talk.

  17. Bob Johnson is lying.

    This cannot be construed as anything other than a refernce to Obama drug use:

    “As an African American, I’m frankly insulted that the Obama campaign would imply that we are so stupid that we would think Bill and Hillary Clinton, who have been deeply and emotionally involved in black issues when Barack Obama was doing something in the neighborhood that I won’t say what he was doing but he said it in his book.

    And to say he was referring to his career in office, with a straight face, concerns me the most. If Hilary has any integrity she would admit the obvious, apologize and distance herself from him and anyone else who lies on her behalf.

    She will not though. He is nothing but a ‘token’ black supporter to her.

  18. Rick

    Hi, Chesapeake,
    You have me now wondering if Democratic voters will get so frustrated by all this that Edwards finds a way to make this a 3-way race again. In any event I have some questions for both Darth Vadress (aka Hillary Clinton) and Obama if I were moderating the next debate:

    first, for Hillary – “If you were elected president, how in the world could you govern and work with the opposition party in Congress to pass legislation when you are not just a lightening rod for Republicans…BUT, you’ve demonstrated this knack for alienating members who represent a major base of support??”

    And, for Obama – “You propose to unite America, including Republicans, Democrats as well as Independents. But, how in the world would you propose to do that when there may be interests in either party to keep things divided and separated? In other words, how do you build a coalition to govern with entities that don’t want to be part of that coalition.”

    Those are the main questions I would have at this point.

  19. john in california

    First, I’m Dennis Kucinich supporter, I’m white, and I am over 60, so I think I have some distance from the passions I see expressed above. Wether all the anger over the back and forth is justified, it will, in the end, hurt Obama. A lot of his young, white and female support view Obama primarily as someone who has gotten beyond the racial divide of the older generation. If Obama or his surrogates start calling the Clintons racists, this might work up support in S.C., but will lose much more in the west. The best thing for his supporters to do is STFU about racism and attack about policy. As far as Bob Johnson is concerned, he strikes me as just another Rupert Murdoch, that is a cynical exploiter of the dumbest members of the human race. Having him speak for her should be what is attacked, not his lightly veiled reference to Obama’s drug use. And Donna Brazil? Remember what she did for JJ and Gore. Keep her a million miles from the campaign.

  20. john in california

    If you want to see who I think should be front and center making the case for Obama vs Clinton, go to realnews and scroll down to the interview with Susan Rice, Obama’s Foriegn policy advisor. She may be a little hawkish for my taste, but she is very effective. She should be going on the Sunday bobbleheads, making the case for Obama.


  21. Rick

    Obama statements in Nevada today…
    Source: NY Times

    After speaking to hundreds of Nevada voters at a rally here, Mr. Obama urged Democratic voters not to become embroiled in racially-charged or motivated discussions.

    “If I hear my own supporters engaging in talk that I think is ungenerous or misleading or in some way is unfair, I will speak out forcefully against it,” he said. “I hope the other campaigns take the same approach.”

    On a day that initially was devoted to speaking about the economy, he held a nine-minute news conference. Before taking questions, Mr. Obama mentioned his rivals by name and praised them.

    “I think that I may disagree with Senator Clinton or Senator Edwards on how to get there, but we share the same goals. We’re all Democrats,” Mr. Obama said. “We all believe in civil rights. We all believe in equal rights. We all believe that regardless of race or gender that people should have equal opportunities.”

  22. Charlie Rangel attacks Obama.

    Strikingly, though, one of Clinton’s supporters, New York Rep. Charles Rangel, was sharply critical of Obama in an interview during the day. “How race got into this thing is because Obama said ‘race,'” Rangel, the dean of the Congressional Black Caucus, said on television station NY1.

    Either he doesn’t read, or he’s going senile. Anyways, he needs to take his Handkerchief Head behind somewhere and sit down.


  23. Rick

    You are welcome, TPJ.

    Rikyrah, also check the excerpt below from the AP article you posted above. If this is true, then it’s extremely troubling:

    Next up for the Democrats were precinct caucuses Saturday in Nevada. There, Clinton’s supporters awaited a court ruling on a lawsuit seeking a last-minute change in rules they agreed to months ago. Their objective was to prevent several caucuses along the Las Vegas Strip, where thousands of Culinary Workers Union employees — many of them Hispanic or black — hold jobs.

    The rules were approved in March, when the former first lady was the overwhelming national front-runner in the race. But the union voted last week to endorse Obama, and the lawsuit followed.

  24. Cliff

    “If there was EVER a brother who needed to get snatched up by The Drop Squad it’s Bob Johnson’s a$$.”
    Yes Sir, Tyrone

    It is definitely time for him to be Dropped. Where are you at Bob? Shaking it over here boss.

    60 minutes interview 1995, my own interpretation of his words,

    “As long as they continue to watch this, I or my network is not responsible, because they are the ones who are watching it, and they are the ones who support it.”

    For real.

    Okay, let’s examine this type of mindset. You say that you are not responsible, but you did nothing to stop your network from producing a sexualized culture of freaks, who just happen to be from your race.

    Wasn’t a fast enough pace though, it was not producing satisfaction for the revenue for the enemy’s pockets.

    Only a little over a million in marijuana and “Gin and Juice” a year, only a little over million HIV cases a year, only a little over a million in profits of pornography a year, only a little over million child support cases a year.
    Viacom wanted to increase their GNP (Incarceration and Deaths of Black People), and gave him a little over a billion in 2000 (but with the stocks to match).

    “You need to help us increase our GNP, not enough of you’re people are dying, we need to step up the pace, take this billion, give me your network.”

    Bob Johnson: Yes Sir.
    “As well her campaign is supported by all the Establishment types that looked the other way when Bob Johnson was taking us down to build his empire.”
    Andrea is was not just his empire that he was building, their GNP is worth way more than a billion, but I feel ya’.

    Fast forward to 2008.

    “We need you to stop someone who’s threatening to not to accept our resources, we can count on you, as we’ve counted on you before, correct.”

    Bob Johnson: Yes Sir.

    “Whereas a lot of Black Establishment players and members were brought to Washington by Jesse and got phat and settled on the Clintons, they held on through the Bushes to want Bill to return some type Messianic way.”

    My Sista, a Slavemaster in some of our minds is worth way more than a Messiah.

    “As an African American, I am frankly insulted that the Obama campaign would imply that we are so stupid that we would think Hillary and Bill Clinton, who have been deeply and emotionally involved in black issues.”

    Where are you at Bob?

  25. Just give Bob Johnson the lamp; Field Negro already has him on the lawn.

    He will light up so the Drop Squad can get him for this shyt.

    And Rikyrah, the Borg Queen must be on to the tracking incidents blog up – she’s trying to dial it back. But, you can’t un-ring a bell, can you?

  26. My understanding is Hillary was a Republican and “Goldwater girl” and that Goldwater was against integration in the south or pro-Jim Crow. I do not know much about Johnson, except I admired him for his success in life and have even contacted him asking for his support of Obama.

    I know we are supposed to look beyond skin color, but I now think he is a disgrace to ‘black’ or African/Americans. Laughing and smiles from the rich with their power over the poor and struggling. Can not say I ever had admiration for Hillary, but she lost my respect with her coldheartedness to females and children in Iraq.

    “…injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” MLK junior

  27. mikehaydock

    How can alluding to Obama’s own words, an admission he smoked pot and snorted coke, be characterized as an attack?

    First I don’t find his admission all that damaging since anyone born after 1945 could have easily written that sentence. Second I find his protesting any reference to it by proxy as equally disturbing as Hillary using Johnson as an attack shill…

    None of the jokers running in either party are presidential timber. This is like watching the election of a Millard Fillmore.

  28. maryblu

    That remark by Bob Johnson was another ploy by the Clintons. Notice as each caucus or primary is close and Obama is ahead in the polls that out comes the Clinton guns?

  29. Silk.E!

    What else can be said?

    Sambo Bob sold out Black people in exchange for a billion pieces of silver. Are we really surprised?

    Bob is just being Bob.

  30. wellwell

    We need to ask if Hillary Clinton will push for reparations for slavery. Will the cost of the near mythical 40 acres and a mule be borne by my generation? I saw her in a public debate when she was running for senator of New York and she was asked if she was in favor of reparations and she said she was not! Now that she is running for president she needs to be asked if her views on this issue have changed!

  31. newman


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